Chapter 11 - MAKING UP

Giles shifted uncomfortably, looking out of place. Music blared from a cheap stereo and college students milled around like cattle. To his right, a pompous fool was recounting his version of Machiavellian politics at the top of his lungs. Rupert had to bite his cheek to keep from correcting him.

“You OK?” Willow shouted to be heard over the general din.

“Fine. This party is, well it’s quite.”

Willow shot him one of her ten-thousand watt smiles and covered her ears to indicate she couldn’t hear him over the noise.

The volume dropped as a ballad played.

“Dance?” asked Rupert, since he felt it expected of him.

“All right,” agreed Willow.

“Hey hottie. Dump grandpa here and give someone from this century a try,” interrupted a tall, muscular man of maybe twenty.

“Excuse me sir, but - - -“

”You’re excused Gramps. I’m Walter, you’re that Rosenberg chick. Hear you swing both ways. My girlfriend and I would be up for it. What you say?”

“Who keeps spreading that around?” Willow half whimpered.

“Sir, the lady is with me, and I do not like your innuendoes,” countered Giles.

“Rupert, It’s OK, let’s just go,” soothed Willow.

By now the altercation was attracting a crowd of onlookers.

“What’s your problem, Gramps? Spend too much time hanging out by the schoolyard? What you gonna do when this one turns twenty, trade her in for two ten year olds?”

“You are a crude, uncultured buffoon.” Rupert took Willow’s hand and started towards the door.

“No loss. Who wants to shag some lesbo-slut-bitch that pays her way with a sugar daddy anyway? Buy that on the street anytime I want.”

Giles let go of Willow’s hand.

“Rupert no!” she screamed.

Rupert spun, driving his fist into Walter’s xiphoid process, following the blow with an uppercut. The oaf lifted off the ground then crashed to the floor unconscious.

“He can’t do that to Walt!” yelled another large man. Three men, who could have been clones of the first, rushed Giles. He side stepped the first, allowing him to run into the wall, the second he caught with a kick to the back of the knee. As he regained his fighting stance from the kick, Rupert picked up a chair and broke it over his third attacker’s head. The man went down. Turning he slammed the side of his fist into the back of the neck of the man he’d kicked. He fell to the floor. The man who’d run into the wall stared at Giles.

“And then there was one. Do you feel your level of skill is sufficient?” asked Giles.

“Umm. No problem here.” The oaf moved into the crowd.

“If there is anyone here with first aid training, I would suggest arranging these three in a semi-prone position. They should, in time, recover.” Rupert moved to Willow’s side.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she snapped.

“Willow,” Rupert looked stricken.

“You have been awful all evening. You didn’t even try to enjoy yourself. I’m going home.”

“Willow, love, he insulted you.”

“So now I’m a helpless little girl that needs daddy to fix things every time someone says something mean? You aren’t my father, Rupert.”

“I never tried to be.”

“Could have fooled me. Oh Willow, isn’t pop-up video rather beneath you. Oh Willow, I’ve learned that blah de blah blah.” Her eyes flashed and her face hardened. “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“Of course not, but - - -”

“Drop it. Just drop it!” Willow stomped towards the door, Rupert trailing behind her.


“Leave me alone, Rupert.”

“At least let me walk you to your dorm. I have to know you get there safely.”

“I’m a big girl,” Willow paused and a spiteful part of her took control, “Giles!”

Rupert stopped dead in his tracks and watched her move away. It was like that one word, once a term of affection, had frozen his heart and soul. An icy spear passed through his chest and he felt a physical ache. He wondered if this was what a heart attack felt like. Forcing himself he followed Willow, keeping her just in sight until she reached her dorm. Protecting his love even though she’d just cast him aside. Trembling, he made his way to the car where he sat and screamed.


“She’s never here on the weekends,” whispered Buffy as she opened the door. The sound of sobbing assailed her. “Willow?” she called.

“B... B... Buffy,” breathed her friend.

“Oh God. Change of plans. You two go to Riley’s. I’ll come by later if I can.”

“Hold on, I thought it was a group sort of thing?” challenged an unknown male voice.

“My friend needs me,” countered Buffy.

“Yeah well, so do I.”

“I don’t think this is going to work out. Sorry to have wasted your time Jeff,” said Riley’s voice.

“God damn perverts anyway,” snapped Jeff.

“I’ll call later,” said Buffy, she kissed Riley then entered her room.

“Will, what is it?”

“Willow sat up on her bed, a shadow against the deeper shadows in the room. Buffy turned on the light. The redhead’s eyes were puffy and moist with tears.

“Oh, Buffy. It was awful.”

Buffy sat on the bed next to Willow. “What happened?”

“Well you know how there was that big party at Alpha tau. Well, I took Rupert and from the start he like just stands there. Hardly talks to anybody. It was like I brought my father to the party. Then he gets in a big fight and knocks three people out.”

“Giles picked a fight?”

“Well, they did call him Grandpa, and they said I was a slut. I... I... I mean, like, maybe I can understand the fight, but why’s it so hard for him just to try and fit in? And he’s always treating me like I’m a little girl.”

Buffy looked at her friend, half shocked. “Will, Giles can’t fit in. He’s, Giles! It’s like, hello, he hasn’t been twenty in a while.”

“So I can’t be.”

“Will, that dream date you shared with me. Could some twenty-year-old have done that for you? Made you feel that way? And I’ll tell you something, he didn’t treat you like a little girl then.”

Willow sniffed. “He was very sweet that night. It’s hard Buffy. Most of the time we’re so in tune, it’s like we just know what each other needs, then he goes off and it’s like we’re miles apart.”

“Will, you can’t have everything.”

“What cha mean?” Willow sniffed, grabbed her pillow and hugged it.

“Giles treats you great, right?”


“He’s sophisticated, smart, knowledgeable.”


“What was Ripper like?”

“We don’t discuss his past that much.”

“I’ll tell you. Ripper was mean-spirited, cruel, ignorant and out for whatever he could get. Will, part of who our Giles, your Rupert, is, is his age. His experience. Drop him in a room full of strange, college kids what do you expect him to do?”

“Doesn’t mean he should father me.”

“No it doesn’t, have you told him he does it?”

“No, he should just know.”

Buffy snorted. “Giles is the fathering type. Wish my dad were, but Giles is. You gotta let him know when he does it.”

“Oh Goddess, Buffy. I called him Giles. I just spat it out at him like we were over and he wasn’t anything special to me anymore.”

Willow wept again and Buffy held her.


Rupert dragged himself up the stairs and collapsed onto his bed. His whole body trembled.

“You’re a fool, old man. You knew it would end. She’s half your age for Gods’ sake. How could I have been such a twit? Classic mid-life crises there, Giles. Why didn’t I just buy a sports car, get drunk and wrap it around a tree? Gods, why did I have to fall in love? Why did I have to fall in love with her?” He clamped his eyes tight shut, but it did nothing to stop the tears. He pulled her pillow close, hugging it, inhaling her scent as it felt like his world collapsed in upon itself.


“Willow, we’re going now!” Buffy held her weeping friend at arm’s length.


“Gi... Rupert’s.”

“Suppose he doesn’t want to see me. Suppose he was so hurt he hates me. Suppose - - -.”

“Willow!” Buffy gave her a little shake. “Willow! Stop supposing. Two people I love are bleeding right now, and there’s only one way to stop it. Come on.”

“Buffy I - - -.”

Buffy held up a finger. “I’ll carry you if I have to.”

Willow stood.


The door to Rupert’s opened with a creak. The place was in darkness.

“He’s sleeping. I’ll come back tomorrow,” remarked Willow.

Buffy’s steel grip on her arm prevented her escape. “If he’s sleeping, you can wake him up.”

They entered the condo and Buffy half dragged Willow up the stairs. A strange muffled sound echoed into the hall. It wasn’t the cry of physical pain Buffy was familiar with but a subtler sound that spoke volumes of despair. A cross between a sob and a groan. She’d only heard it once before, when she’d checked on Giles after Jenny’s death. It was as deeply disturbing this time as it had been then, only this time she could help. Willow looked at Buffy who pointed towards the door.

Willow nodded and stepped into the bedroom.

“Rupert?” she called.

“Willow,” replied a half-choked voice.

Willow vanished into the room and Buffy went downstairs to wait.


Willow fell into Rupert’s arms, and he held her for a very long time, as if convincing himself she was more than dream.

“I’m sorry, Rupert. I should never have called you, well you know.”

“I’m sorry I ruined your evening,” replied Rupert.

Willow broke their embrace. “We need to talk.”

“Yes, we do, but come to bed. I want to be able to hold you while we do.”

“I want that too,” she agreed.


Buffy lay on the couch listening to the soft murmur of voices from the bedroom. She wasn’t sure when she nodded off, but the voices were still going when she did.


“Buffy, breakfast,” called Willow.

“Not the cafeteria again. Pancakes should not require stake knives to slice,” Buffy growled then opened her eyes. For a second the strange ceiling fazed her then she remembered.

“Will, you and Giles?”

“Better than ever, thank you, Buffy. You were a very good friend to us last night,” explained Rupert. He stood by the couch dressed in his brown robe. Buffy focussed on Willow. She wore a black robe of oriental silk, that ended just below her buttocks.

“One of these days you’re going to have more lingerie than regular clothing,” observed Buffy.

“A thing to be wished for and dreamt of,” added Rupert.

Willow blushed and moved towards the kitchen. A golden dragon was embroidered onto the back of the robe.

“So you guys got everything worked out?” Buffy took a seat at the table.

Rupert deposited a plate of flap jacks in front of her.

“Pretty much,” said Willow. “No more frat parties. I don’t like them that much anyway.”

“And we’re going to go to the university fencing club, instead of the Sunnydale fencing society. So Willow is less isolated. Perhaps I can make some new younger friends. It has happened before,” added Rupert.

“So you got it worked out.”

“We talked.” Willow hugged Rupert around the neck where he sat at the table.

“And we’ll keep talking.” Rupert slipped his arm around her slender waist.


It was late afternoon. Rupert lay on the picnic blanket with Willow. Birds fluttered in the trees overhead and the air was sweet with green growing things.

“Glad we did this.” She gazed into the rustling leaves.

“As am I. We don’t spend enough time outside.”

“Vampires, not the best place at night.”

“But it’s safe enough during the day and there is a certain freshness to it.”

Rupert rolled over so he was beside Willow, facing her, and kissed her. He slipped his hand along the seam of her coverall leg.

Willow kissed him back until his hand pressed into her groin. Her eyes went wide and catching his wrist she pulled it away. “Rupert, someone might see.”

“I know.” he grinned wickedly.

“We could get caught. It’s illegal.” She glanced around the clearing’s edge.

“So is jay-walking. I’ll pay the fine,” Rupert snaked his hand under her coverall and began massaging her breast.

“They’ll put it in the papers, my reputation, which I’m finding out isn’t what I thought, but hey, will be ruined. My parents will...”

Rupert silenced her with a kiss. She melted into him.

“Oh Goddess, you’ve corrupted me,” she breathed, her hands straying to his groin.

“Who was it that suggested tying each other up?” he asked.

“Like hey, I’ll never tell.” She kissed him.

Rupert unclipped the top of her coveralls and snaked his hand down to her sex. The sun caressed the leaves above them and squirrels ran around the clearing’s edge. The kisses rained fast and furious. She kissed along his throat and, untucking his shirt, ran her hands over his back. The danger of being caught coupled with the beauty of the woods made a heady spice.

Rupert stood and helped Willow out of her coverall and underwear before dropping his own pants. Laying her back down, he rolled on a condom he’d had in the picnic basket and entered her. Kissing her passionately, he began slipping in and out of her moist channel. Their breathing quickened and he had to stifle her small groans with his mouth. A breeze played across the clearing and something rustled in the bushes.

Willow felt the warm sun caress her face. Bits of blue sky showed between the leaves. Rupert held her and was inside her and it felt right. Even the niggle of fear that they might get caught added an edge. Her orgasm built, with each thrust of her lover’s hips, until it washed over her. She tried to cry out but Rupert’s mouth clamped over hers, his tongue probing even as his penis drove into her.

She allowed the pleasure to take her. She moaned softly into his mouth then collapsed spent. Rupert continued to ride her and soon she was running her hands across his chest. His body tensed and once more their lips locked, only this time she swallowed his moans.

He rolled off her and, after a moment, pulled off the condom and scrambled for his pants.

Willow pulled on her coverall then snuggled into his side.

“You were right,” she remarked.


“It does add spice.” They kissed long and slow, happy in each other’s presence.


Xander watched, feeling guilty and aroused. Anya just enjoyed the show. They were crouched in the bushes by a woodland clearing and Giles and Willow were unknowingly performing for them.

Giles pulled on his pants and plucked a leaf out of Willow’s hair, using it as an excuse to caress her face.

Xander backed away from the clearing and Anya followed him.

“We shouldn’t have watched,” whispered Xander, when they were out of earshot.

“Oh, come on. That was fun. Giles has a big one.”

“Hey, like keep comparisons to a minimum. Fragile male ego here.”

“Oh, Xander, yours is, cute.”

Xander closed his eyes and shook his head. “I was born to be abused.”

“They look good together.” Anya brushed some dirt from the legs of her jeans.

“Hey, some things I don’t want to see. I’ve known Willow since we were pre-school. I mean, we took baths together.”

“And now she takes baths with Giles. You could compare notes.”

“Let’s drop it. Do you think we’ve given them enough time to think we didn’t see anything?”

Anya ran her hand up under Xander’s T-shirt. “We could give them a little longer.”

“Honey, outside, people might see.”

“Like we just did. I don’t mind.” She grabbed his crotch.

“Oh, here we see Xander Harris once more thinking with the small head instead of the big one.” Xander pulled her close and kissed her. His hand fumbled with the button on her jeans while the other squeezed her buttocks.

“It’s the head I like better.” Anya undid his fly then stepped away from him. This will be easier. She took off her running shoes removed her own pants and panties then put the shoes back on.

Xander followed her example. She led him to where a dead fall created a kind of shelf, then leaning on the tree, she presented herself to him.

Xander was still erect form his unintentional voyeurism and moved up behind her. Spreading her nether lips with his fingers, he positioned himself and thrust forward.

Anya gasped as he entered then pressed back against him.

He bent at the waist, bringing his still clothed chest up against her back and reaching around to caress her clitoris. His other hand rubbed her breasts through her clothing.

Anya began speaking. “Just think Xander. Willow and Giles might be hiding in those bushes right now, watching. Wondering what it feels like for us. Bet she thinks you have a hot little butt. Pumping back and forth like this. I wonder if they can hear me talking to you, telling you how good it feels. How every time you push in it stretches me, then how I slide back tight and warm and wet. How the cool breeze against my legs is making them all tingly and sensitive. How you’re making the material of my bra rub against my nipples and they feel like they’re going to burst.”

Xander groaned and picked up the pace.

“I bet they’re watching. I bet they knew we were watching them. Remember how Willow writhed. Wasn’t that worth seeing and Giles driving in. Hmmm, hard and fast, just like you. Driving in and out, in and out.” Anya arched her back pushing her neck up beside Xander’s and turning her head. They kissed and the warmth in her genitals spread up her spine, swallowing her body in a quick intense orgasm.

Xander felt her clench and thrust harder. He groaned into her mouth as his seed shot deep into her. Finished, he leaned against her panting.

“Get out, Xander. Better get dressed before we get caught.”

“I thought you didn’t care about that?”

“That was then. I’m not horny anymore. You did your job, so now we get dressed. It’s how it’s done.”

Xander shook his head and pulled away from her. Minutes later they were dressed and headed back to the clearing with Willow and Giles.

“Will, G-man,” called Xander as they burst into the clearing. Willow sat up from her place in the crook of Rupert’s arm.

“Xander, Anya?” Willow stood up and held a hand out to Rupert. He took it climbing to his feet.

“Yuper. That’s us, here for the first time, been looking for you, let you know as soon as we saw you.” Xander walked up to the blanket.

“Xander, while you are of course welcome, is there a reason for you being here?” asked Giles.

“Mrs. Harris is disgusting,” explained Anya.

“Anya, that is hardly a healthy attitude for dealing with someone who may be a future in-law,” observed Rupert.

“Well, she is. All covered in boils. Looks like this sailor I worked on. His wife wished that he’d develop a bloody pustule for every time he cheated on her. I really had trouble making them all fit, then I decided that I could put several up his.”

“Ewww, Anya, really a thing I don’t want to hear,” remarked Willow.

“Agreed,” added Giles.

“Definitely,” said Xander.

Anya lifted a brow and shrugged.

“Your mother has some form of skin condition?” asked Giles.

“It’s awful, all over her face. Big red splotches. It doesn’t seem to be getting worse, but Vogue cover it isn’t,” explained Xander.

“Well... that is cause for concern, but would she not be better served by a trip to the dermatologist?”

“She was using this. Weird vibe off it and since your ex-watcher guy and Wicca girl I thought you could take a look at it.” Anya held out a pot labelled Forever Young Skin Maintenance, a D.H.T. product.

Willow took the pot, opened its lid and sniffed. She touched the tip of her pinky finger to the cream inside then hurriedly wiped it on the blanket. “Not good. No where near good. Not even the same country as good. This is down right bad.”

“Did it cause my Mum’s rash?”

Willow held up the tip of her pinky. A blister was already forming.

“My Gods. Willow, are you all right?” demanded Rupert.

Willow returned the lid to the pot and passed it back to Anya. Closing her eyes she concentrated. The blister seamed to glow and a minute drop of something luminous fell to the ground. It struck a dead leaf which turned green as they watched.

“OK, I am now officially freaked,” remarked Xander.

“This is obviously some kind of mystical potion. I fail to see why someone would distribute a product for facial care that causes blemishes though,” said Giles.

“It worked great on my aunt Sally. She looks ten years younger. She gave it to my mother to try.”

“Sally’s the one that likes rye straight up with a twist of lemon, right?” asked Anya.

“Right. And now that we have yet again disclosed the worst kept secret of the Harris family.”

“We’ll need to examine this more thoroughly. Can you get us access to the equipment in the university’s chemistry lab?” asked Rupert.

Willow pulled a set of keys from her coverall and selected one. Xander stared at her bemused.

“What?” she asked.

“Will, how do you do it?” He gestured towards the keys that provided her with access to most of the university’s restricted areas.

“Profs like me.”

Rupert grinned at her.


Willow turned off the Bunsen burner and lifted her safety glasses. The fractional distillation was complete, leaving only a thin, glowing residue in the beaker.

“What have you found?” Rupert sat on a stool at one of the student benches in the chem lab. Willow worked at the teacher’s bench.

Xander and Anya lay on Giles’ picnic blanket, their arrhythmic snoring causing the glass in the cases at the back of the room to tinkle.

“It’s pretty much what you’d expect. An aloe vera base, hyacinth, rose and vanilla oils. There are some strange amino-acids too. Almost like there’s an animal component, but they don’t serve a chemical purpose. Basically the cream puffs up the dead skin cells and that makes it look like the wrinkles go away but then there’s this.” Willow pointed to the tiny amount of glowing material in the beaker.

“And?” asked Rupert.

The volume of Xander’s snoring increased.

“I can’t take this anymore. He’s worse than you are after eating in a smoky restaurant,” complained Willow.

“Me? I will have you know, I do not snore,” objected Rupert.

“So why does the putty on your bedroom window keep loosening? You shake them loose.” Willow smiled at him and her eyes twinkled.

Rupert smiled back. “Well, at least I don’t talk in my sleep. What is a Hefalump, Love?”

They looked at each other, it was their moment. For an instant the hellmouth didn’t exist. Then Willow sighed. “Wake them up, would you? Between him doing base and her treble, I can’t concentrate.”

Giles moved to the back of the room while Willow continued to examine the contents of the beaker. Lowering her safety glasses, she took a scraping of it on a glass rod and ignited the Bunsen burner. As she moved the drop in for the flame test it shifted on the rod and fell on top of her notes.

“Rupert,” she gasped, and backed away from the lab table.

“What, Oh my word!” exclaimed Rupert. Where Willow’s notes had been a pine sapling stood.

“What’s with the tree?” Xander yawned and scratched at his side.

“Xander, it’s not nice to make fun of Willow because of her name. You told me that,” countered Anya.

“The tree on the table, Sweetheart.”


“I believe we have done as much as science can do with this,” observed Rupert.

“With you on that one,” agreed Willow.

“So research mode. I mean, come on guys, this is my Mom we’re talking about,” observed Xander.

“It could reach much father than that Xander. Much farther,” explained Giles.

Willow hastily returned the equipment to storage then, picking up the sapling and the beaker with its glowing residue, she followed Rupert out of the chemistry lab.


Xander yawned and looked from the book in his lap to the clock on the wall. Three A.M. . They had been at Giles’ all night, scouring his resources for the source of the glowing residue.

He shifted his gaze to where Anya sat cross legged on the floor, examining another dusty, leather-bound tome. He smiled.

Sometimes it’s a little weird, but boy Harris, you finally did get yourself a hottie, he thought. His gaze left her and focussed on the couple on the couch. Giles sat staring into a book on his lap, one hand holding the page while his left arm fell lightly over Willow’s shoulders. Willow worked her laptop scouring the web for information, but her shoulder pressed into Rupert’s side. Each was in their own world, yet they were so obviously together it made Xander’s heart ache. Stay happy, Will. He pushed down a little surge of jealousy and returned to his research.


Sunlight was creeping through the windows when Willow looked up from her lap-top.

“Rupert, Love,” she called.

“Hmmm,” he responded, lost in his book.

“Willow to Rupert, I need more than a grunt.”

“What is it, Love? I was reading a fascinating entry about Namtolak demons.”

“I finally got a hit on the web. A Tibetan monk suggested we look up Mora demons. They aren’t in any of the online data bases.”

“Hmmm, yes, Moras are very rare. They generally dislike this plain of existence. If memory serves, they say humans smell unpleasant and taste worse. Let me think. Oh yes.”

Rupert stood with a groan, as his muscles protested their long inactivity. Moving to his bookshelf he pulled out a disused volume and opened it.

“You got something, G-man?” Xander stood and moved to the ex-watcher’s side.

“Aww here, let me see, used as assassins, Blah Blah Blah, ultimate evil, Yack Yack Yack. You know, it always amazes me the council has never attempted to create an abridged version of these medieval manuscripts. Those old monks were a wordy bunch.”

“A project for when you retire, love,” remarked Willow, with a weary little grin.

“Not a bad idea actually. Thank you, Pet.”

“Giles, my Mom’s face is at stake here,” objected Xander.

“Of course, here it is. The blood of a Mora demon is highly regenerative. It is a sovereign tonic against all injuries. Good lord!”

“What?” asked everyone else in the room.

“There is an account here of a Sir Galimine, who fought and killed a Mora but lost a leg in the process. A small amount of the demon’s blood caused the leg to regenerate and he... Oh well, my.”

“So why use this in a skin care product?” asked Xander.

“Xander, think, wrinkles happen as skin cells age, regenerate the cells no more wrinkles,” said Willow.

“It may well go farther than that. These are powerful energies, one can only speculate at the side-effects,” added Giles.

“I’m calling home, finding out how my mother is,” said Xander.

“Rupert, I think I can mix up a cream that should help draw out the demon energy,” suggested Willow.

“An excellent suggestion, love. Earthing herbs in a Mars base.”

“And a Jupiter influence, to force order on the interaction.”

“My spice cabinet is at your disposal.” Rupert bowed and pointed towards his kitchen. Picking up a book of correspondences, Willow moved to the kitchen table and began pulling bottles out of Rupert’s cupboards.


Willow sat naked on the edge of Rupert’s bed trying not to nod off as she listened on the phone.

“That cream you made worked great, Will. As soon as Mom put it on the burning stopped, and the blemishes are already disappearing. She’s going to make you a cheese cake when she’s better.”

“That’s great, Xander.” Willow stifled a yawn.

“You must be pooped. Let Giles know that I’ll bring Buffy up to speed.”


“Sleep tight, Will.”

“Nighty-night.” Willow returned the phone to its cradle and snuggled in under the covers. A moment later Rupert emerged from the bathroom and crawled in beside her.

“Rupert, I’d love to, but - - -” explained Willow as he pulled her close.

“Shhhh. Lots of time after a bit of sleep, Love.”

Willow closed her eyes and pressed her back tight against him.

“This will be the first time we’ve gone to sleep together without making love. Does that mean were getting bored with each other?” she mumbled.

“Never! It means we’ve been up all night. I love you, Willow.”

“I love you too, Ru-pert.”

Rupert felt her body go slack in his arms and heard her breathing slow and steady. He closed his eyes and joined her in slumber.


Spike huddled in the closet. When he’d ducked into Angel’s old mansion he thought he’d found a safe place to spend the day, now he wasn’t so sure. When he’d started checking the place over he’d spotted them but kept himself secret, then he saw the Mora demon chained in the back room surrounded by corpses, all of them male and mutilated. He’d hidden, and now he peeked out through the crack at the door’s edge fearful he might not see another night.

In the middle of the starkly furnished room Harmony and Drusilla lounged on a king-sized mattress on the floor.

“Dru wants to play. Miss Elisabeth wants to play too,” said Drusilla as she reached under her doll’s dress and pressed a finger into its groin.

Spike felt himself start to harden at the sight of Drusilla dressed in a black cat skin leotard.

“Terry said we had to wait until she got back from picking up dinner,” countered Harmony. She was wearing a scoop necked blouse with a lace frill and tight jeans.

Spike felt himself grow harder still.

“We could play now and she could join us when she gets here,” offered Drusilla.

“I wouldn’t like that. Am I not I worth waiting for?” spoke a silken female voice. Terry entered the room. She appeared to be a petite Oriental woman, maybe twenty, with a china doll beauty. She was clothed in a black knee length dress that hugged her slender small busted form. Her calves were solid muscle and ended in high-heeled pumps. She wore a string of pearls around her neck and was carrying a shopping bag. A dark haired teenage male followed her into the room.

“You said you wanted to make out,” said the youth.

“Oh, but we do, dear little boy.” Drusilla climbed off the mattress.

“All four of us?” The youth’s voice broke in fear, but he took a step towards the mattress.

Bleeding Sod figures he’s hit the bloody jackpot, thought Spike.

Harmony climbed off the mattress and moved to Terry. “He’ll be just right,” said Harmony who kissed Terry full on the lips, making a great show of caressing her breasts for the youth’s benefit.

“Oh God, You chicks are wild,” said the youth. Drusilla moved to his side and slid a finger over his crotch.

Breaking her kiss with Terry, Harmony moved to the boy’s other side. The two female vampires wrapped their arms around him grasping each other’s hands so he was trapped between them. Drawing their faces together they shared a tongue-entwining kiss.

Terry moved in front of him and, dropping to her knees, undid his pants. She ran her tongue along the length of his shaft like it was a lollipop then took his testicles into her mouth

“Oh God, that’s so hot,” breathed the youth.

In an instant, without breaking the kiss, the two female vamps transformed into their bestial visages then each drove her fangs into the artery on either side of the boy’s throat. Terry bit down hard and jerked back with her neck, emasculating the youth.

He screamed but the undead strength of the vampires held him in place. Terry chewed and swallowed then, ignoring the blood spurting from his wound, took his penis in her mouth and bit down, tearing it free of her victim.

Harmony and Dru each grabbed one of his nipples and twisted until the skin tore and pulled free.

The youth’s screams echoed through the mansion. Then his lifeless corpse fell to the floor. Terry stood and held her arms out to the two vampires. They embraced her and began licking the blood from her face and neck like mother cats cleaning a kitten.

Spike shook his head and thought. Bloody hell. Even happy meal there didn’t deserve that. Dru you always knew how to make ‘em squeal, Pet, but this new bitch is something else.

“Yummy,” remarked Drusilla.

“One less male chauvinist pig to treat us like sex objects,” remarked Harmony.

“Power to the sisters!” whispered Terry.

Harmony dropped her vamp face and kissed Terry. Terry caressed the blonde vampire’s breasts while Harmony’s fingers worked their way up Terry’s thigh.

“It’s starting. I can feel it,” Harmony said with a smile.

“Me too, I want to play too,” said Drusilla. The two other women started kissing Drusilla, lips and caresses flowing amongst the three of them. Terry turned her back and Dru undid her zipper planting kisses down the length of her spine while Harmony locked lips with the beautiful oriental.

If I only had some bleeding popcorn, thought Spike as he watched.

Terry stepped out of her dress, revealing that she was naked underneath it. There was an odd swelling under the curls of her Venus mound. She moved behind Drusilla, reached around and caressed the taller vampire’s breasts. Harmony moved in front of Dru, kissing her and rubbing her crotch. Grasping the zipper tab on the back of Drusilla’s cat suit in her teeth, Terry pulled it down then slowly peeled the garment back until it was around Dru’s waist. Terry showered kisses over the cold flesh of the vampire’s shoulders. Harmony brought her lips to Drusilla’s breasts and suckled her.

“Harmony, Terry and Dru, Ohhh,” breathed the dark haired vamp. Terry knelt and slid her hand up between Drusilla’s legs, pressing into her sex. Dru moaned, a deep lusty sound like a mournful wail from the grave.

Terry gripped the bunched material of the cat suit and with a single pull, dragged it down around Drusilla’s ankles . Dru stepped out of it and turned to face Terry.

Terry stood and kissed Drusilla, running her tongue into the vampire’s mouth.

“I can still taste him,” commented Terry, when they broke the kiss.

“Want to taste you,” pleaded Dru.

“Now Dru, we mustn’t neglect poor Harmony, how would she feel?” countered Terry, who turned her attention on the blonde.

Sodding-A, girls. Add the slayer to the mix I’d be a real happy camper, thought Spike as the action heated up.

Terry and Drusilla flanked Harmony, each caressing one side of her body, kissing up one side of her neck, nibbling one ear. Harmony, although she didn’t have to, breathed hard out of habit. In unison Terry and Dru grabbed the sides of her shirt and lifted it off, exposing her breasts. They fell upon the milk white orbs, licking and sucking. Drusilla’s fingers were the first to press into Harmony’s groin while Terry played with her buttocks. Dru undid Harmony’s jeans’ button and pulled down her fly. The blonde vamp wasn’t wearing any underwear. Reaching in Drusilla stroked Harmony’s clitoris.

“Dru, little Dru,” breathed Harmony. Terry’s face reddened and she pulled down Harmony’s pants and reaching in from behind plunged her fingers into the blonde Vampire’s vagina.

“Oh Terry. Terry, Do it hard, hurt me,” gasped Harmony.

“I’m ready,” remarked Terry. She stood up and the two female vamps fell to their knees before her.

Spike did a double take from his hiding place. The Oriental woman’s groin now sported a complete set of male genitalia. The penis was monstrous, easily ten inches long, and as big around as a coffee cup. Heard of bleeding switch hitters but never one that brought her own bat and balls. What the bleeding hell is she? he thought.

Drusilla and Harmony started licking and sucking the monstrous growth. Harmony would take the shaft into her mouth while Drusilla would mouth the testicles then they would trade places. Harmony slipped a finger up and behind the scrotum and began fingering a hidden opening. Terry massaged her own breasts and arched her head back in ecstasy.

“Stop,” ordered Terry.

The vampires stopped.

“Who’s first?” asked Terry.

“Oh, me first,” called Dru.

“Me, no me,” demanded Harmony.

“Who to chose,” Terry masturbated the end of her penis. Harmony slipped two fingers up between Terry’s legs and began a steady pumping motion.

“That’s nice. Maybe it should be a contest. Who ever makes the Wyman come first gets to play with the boy toy.”

“Witch,” snapped Drusilla who pouted.

“Don’t call me that. I was never a witch. I was a sorceress. Why should I follow something like the wiccan read or obey the rule of three. Azuzes gave me power because she knew I’d serve her well. Just for that I’ll take Harmony first.”

Harmony moved up to Terry and kissed her deeply, fondling the demon’s breasts with one hand and her slit with the other.

“Lay down,” ordered Terry. Harmony complied.

“Dru, sit on her face.”

“No,” pouted Drusilla.

“Dru, sit on her face.”

Spike felt the seductive power behind the command even though it wasn’t directed at him. He knew if it had been, he would have been helpless against it.

Drusilla leapt on to the mattress and positioned herself over Harmony, facing Terry. Harmony went to work with tongue and fingers making Dru gasp and moan.

“Good, Dru.” Terry moved between Harmony’s thighs and drove her stolen penis into the blonde Vampire.

That voice. This ain’t no place for anything born with balls. She caches you Spike, old man, you’re a goner, he thought.

“Yes, Terry,” breathed Dru then she gasped again. Harmony gasped and Terry and Drusilla kissed. Six hands fondled over each other’s breasts and clitoris while Terry pumped back and forth.

Harmony moaned into Dru’s vagina. Terry pushed Drusilla back off Harmony’s face. Pulling out of Harmony, Terry moved the length of the blonde Vamp and drove into Dru. Harmony stayed in position and began tonguing and fingering Terry’s slit, which opened behind the stolen scrotum.

The beautiful oriental face filled with rapture and from where Spike hid, he could see the teeth turn into small pointed needles designed for tearing flesh. Terry bent down, biting Drusilla’s breast hard enough that the black blood of the vampire welled into the wound. Dru screamed in a mixture of pain and bliss, then she collapsed onto the mattress.

Damn, when am I gonna buy a bleeding camcorder, thought Spike.

Terry continued to pump in and out until she cried out her orgasm. She pulled back from Dru. The stolen genitals fell off onto Harmony’s chest and shrivelled into a dry husk. The blonde vampire picked up the desiccated organ and carried it to a jar in the corner where she added it to a collection.

“That was very good. We Wymen need no men,” observed Terry.

“Wymen power!” called Harmony.

“Wymen are nice,” purred Drusilla, who still lay on the mattress.

A beeping sound exploded through the room.

“Bloody Hell!” Spike glanced at his alarm watch. His sunset wake up call had just sounded.

“What?” gasped Terry and Dru in unison.

Terry closed her eyes and a look of concentration creased her brow. “The closet. A spy,” she snapped.

Drusilla leapt at the closet and wrenched the door open. Harmony joined her a second later while Terry moved to the corner of the room.

“Spike,” breathed Drusilla, a vacuous smile filling her face.

“Spike,” spat Harmony.

“He’s an agent of the male oppressors here to stop us,” snapped Terry.

“Are you really, Spike?” asked Drusilla.

“Don’t know what you mean, Pet. I just wanted a place out of the sun, only just got up.”

“He’s lying. Did you enjoy the show male? Did you like seeing how little we Wymen need your kind?”

“No need to get testy. I’ll just be on me way and you can get back to your fun.”

“Kill him,” ordered Terry.

“Sorry, Spike, but the male oppressors must die,” said Drucilla.

“This will only hurt a little, unfortunately. You should have taken me to Paris like you promised,” added Harmony.

Spike bolted past them.

“Stop,” commanded a voice that sent an erotic shudder up his spine and almost made him orgasm on the spot. He was powerless to disobey. “Turn around,” ordered that delicious deadly voice.

Spike obeyed.

“A vampire male, no use to you, my loves, but I can feed off him as well as a warm blood. Maybe we will let him go after that. Let him be proof of what will happen to those who oppose us,” said Terry. She licked her lips then displayed her needle-like teeth. “Pull his pants down, my loves.”

Spike watched horror stricken as he ex-es approached. Mustering all his will power he screamed. The sound echoed though the mansion. The binding command snapped. Jamming his fingers into his ears, he bolted for the door.

“After him!” snapped Terry. The move had caught her by surprise. Spike reached the outside an arm’s length ahead of Harmony and Dru.

“Stop you imbeciles,” ordered Terry’s voice as Spike disappeared down the street.

“But, Terry,” objected Drusilla.

“Put some clothes on then chase him down. I’ll get dressed and come with you.”


“Bloody great, why do I ever come to Sunnydale?” Spike asked himself as he ran towards the only place he might find help.

Chapter 14 - ANNOYANCES

When Willow and Rupert awoke, it was late Monday afternoon and a quick check of the mail-box revealed what they had both been wanting and dreading for over a week.

Willow opened the letter with her name on it. She was certain of the answer it held, but she still had butterflies the size of bats. Rupert sat beside her on his couch, an identical letter in his hand. He’d opened it but hadn’t yet pulled it from the envelope.

“Well... I guess this is well... hmm?” he remarked.

“Guess so. Why doncha open yours up?” asked Willow.

“It is rather intimidating, isn’t it?”

“This is silly.”

“On three then.”

“On three.”




They both pulled out the letter and read the result then together slouched back into the couch.

“Negative,” breathed Rupert.

“Me too,” said Willow.

Rupert turned to her and their lips met.

“You know something, Rupert,” opened Willow.


“I hate condoms.”

“So do I.”

“Shall we?”

“I have something special in mind. Give me a minute to get everything together?” Rupert kissed her then moved into his kitchen.


Rupert did up the scarf around Willow’s left ankle and traced the line on her inner leg up to her vaginal slit, where he lightly parted her lips then pulled away.

“You tease,” she remarked with a smile. Her firm young body lay face up, spread eagle across his bed. Silk scarves secured her at ankles and wrists.

“Isn’t that the point?” Rupert moved up the bed and kissed her. “Now I get to play!”

Picking up a silk scarf he let it trail over her skin. Licking its tail against her nipples then pulling it down over her abdomen and legs. Bringing it to her vagina, he let the material part her folds and gently drew it back and forth over her.

“Rupert! That’s cheating.” Willow strained against her bonds.

“All’s fair.” Rupert allowed the scarf to trace up her slit one last time before removing it. Picking up a paint brush he dipped it into a jar of cherry syrup. He gently suckled and teased her nipples then pulling away, painted each one with the mix.

Willow felt the velvety bristles of the brush and the cool touch of the syrup, they sent a shock up her spine. Her already moist vagina began to drip.

“Rupert. Maybe you should just untie me,” she pleaded.

Rupert smiled then painted a line down her body. He circled her navel with the mix before moving on to her vaginal cleft. Using the fingers of one hand to part her lips, he ran the moistened paint brush around her clitoris then lightly over it.

“Goddess. Rupert, don’t, it’s too much!” she breathed, straining against her bonds.

Rupert, ignored her repeating the process.

“Oh Goddess, Rupert. Rumpelstiltskin, for Gods’ sake, Rumpelstiltskin.”

Hearing the safety word Rupert smiled and backed off the level of stimulation. This time he only painted around her clitoris, then drew the brush down the length of her sex.

“Love me, Goddess, Rupert, please.” Willow arched her back in frustration as Rupert finished painting her vagina. He lowered his tongue to the base of her cleft and began licking up the mix. Tracing his way around her hole. The cherry syrup blended with her own sweetness and she was sweeter than he’d ever imagined. Working his way up slowly, he drew her clitoris into his mouth and sucked, ever so gently, while working a finger into her moist hole.

“Rupert, Now, Rupert. I’ll get you back for this,” threatened Willow. Her voice held a strident quality Rupert liked.

Leaving his hand to play with her sex, he licked his way slowly along the trail of syrup ending at her small, beautiful breasts. He suckled one then the other as he probed her with his fingers.

“Rupert, now. Please? I want to feel you not a damn condom.”

Rupert kissed her and positioned himself at the opening to her hole. He pressed in with just the head of his penis and leaning back reached down and toyed with her clitoris.

Outside the sun was setting but he was oblivious to everything except the young beauty beneath him.

“Rupert, I’ve been teased enough,” she breathed.

“Have you really?” he asked, his accent at its most sophisticated.

Willow tried to buck with her hips, to force him to press in more. Rupert grinned and decided to take pity on her. He slid in the rest of the way. The sensation of her tight walls gripping him skin to skin was excruciating bliss. His heart was filled. Reaching up he undid the slip knots on her wrists. She wrapped her arms around him. Their lips and tongues entwined. Her orgasm struck almost immediately and she arched her back, giving herself over to it.

“Rupert. Oh Goddess, Rupert!”

Rupert watched her, taking in every second of the show. When she finished he undid the slip knots on her ankles and rolled onto his back. She mounted him slowly, sliding his entire length deep inside her.

“I love you, Willow.” He gazed into her eyes knowing how inadequate the words were. She smiled down at him and met his gaze. Somewhere the bond they shared clicked. Wizard and Witch, mentor and student, loved and beloved, all came together. The boundaries between them vanished as their spirits followed their flesh, joining as one. The universe unfolded and gazing at it, they saw each other, how they filled the voids each held. Like in the first day when God and Goddess conjoined and the cosmos was born, they slipped together. A union, making both greater than the sum of their parts. The physical act of love went on but it was secondary to the joining of mind and soul, empowering it, allowing it, but less in intensity and importance.

Willow knew his love for her, felt how it flowed up from that timeless spark that was the essence of her lover. Felt the echo of other lives spent loved and loving.

Rupert knew her love. Its depth and well springs. How it flowed though her to him and how it defined them both. He glimpsed other faces long gone but still remembered. A pretty blonde, an aged man, a Japanese maiden. Others and all were her and all had loved him.

Rupert’s orgasm coursed through them both, triggering Willow’s own release. The wash of sensation that had empowered the bond now broke it. The moment of clarity and pure joy flowed away leaving them holding to each other even as they clutched at the memory.

Willow’s lips met his and he held her. The merging was over but they both sensed a thread connecting them like a distant echo of what they had just experienced. Slowly Rupert softened within her.

“I’ll tell my parents tonight,” said Willow, after a very long peaceful silence.

“If necessary I will look into renting a larger place so you can have a study room. Whatever it will take so we never spend another night apart.”

“Whatever it takes. I love you too much to keep you hidden.”

A crash sounded from downstairs.


Spike ran like death itself stalked him. Dru and Harmony had almost caught up to him twice already. He knew he could take them, but all they had to do was delay him long enough for the demon to catch up. He knew he couldn’t face her voice again.

First things first. Ditch the ex-es, he thought.

Turning down a well-known street he bolted towards the only place he though he might find help. Glancing back he saw Dru and Harmony at the street corner. They ran after him like the hell beasts they were. He reached Giles’ door a mere ten feet in front of them. Not bothering with formalities he threw himself against the door with all his vampiric strength, it gave way and he was in the ex-watchers living room atop a pile of wood chips.

Drusilla and Harmony slammed to a stop in the doorway.

“Sorry, gents,” Spike shot over his shoulder as he headed for the stairs. He could smell something warm and living in the bedroom. “Giles, get your lazy watcher ass out of bed I got trouble and...”

Spike burst into the bedroom to find Willow in the process of climbing off Rupert. His glance took everything in, from the scarves to the naked forms of his two erstwhile allies.

“Bloody hell. Talk about getting ‘em young and training ‘em right. Giles, old man, I’m bleeding impressed. To think, I fancied her me-self.”

“Spike!” snapped Rupert.

“Sorry governor. Try never to get in the way of another man’s pudding, but we got trouble.”

“Could, um... well... could you turn your back?” Willow pulled up a sheet to cover herself.

“No time, lovey. Dru and Harmony are at the door and they both want me dusted.”

“While I can only sympathize with why your old flames might consider that situation an improvement, I fail to see the problem. They have never been invited into my home, so you are quite safe,” answered Giles.

Willow had managed to collect her clothes off the floor and was dressing under the sheet.

“Not quite that lucky. They’ve taken up with, and I mean taken up with, some demonic bitch. A dame named Terry. Really big hate on for anything with a penis.”

“Terry.” Willow stood straightening her sweater. “Doesn’t sound like one of your regular demon names.”

“I didn’t get her bleeding business card. All I know is that’s what Dru and Harm called her and she wants to bite off my Jollies.”

“What?” asked Giles.

“It’s how the bitch feeds. She bites off a chap’s Happy camper then grows one for herself.”

“Good lord. You saw her do this?”

“With my own bleeding eyes. Now will you get up and help me before Spike does a brass monkey imitation?”

“Rupert, what’s he talking about?” Willow furrowed her brow trying to figure out what the two British males were discussing.

“Apparently the demon emasculates its prey and ingests the organs.”

“Sounds like a strange kind of weenie roast.”

“Willow!” gasped Rupert and Spike in unison, both cringed.

“Sorry. I know it’s a guy thing. I’m taking Spike downstairs. Join us when you’re dressed,” said Willow.

“Is there anything else we should know about this demon?” asked Rupert as he pulled on his pants.

“Yeah, her voice. It’s like a freaking wet dream and you just want to do what she says.”

“Interesting. Very well, you had best go downstairs. I have to collect some things that might prove useful.”

Willow led the vampire into the living room and stared at the shattered door.

“You’re paying for that,” she commented to Spike.

“You the lady of Watcher man’s house now?” asked Spike.


The clear simplicity and unexpectedness of the answer silenced the vampire.

“Hello, Willow,” called Drusilla from the doorway.

“Willow, long time. Terry said to give you a message from Tara if I ever saw you.” Harmony smirked. “‘Slurp’. How are you enjoying university without her? How’s that all important reputation?”

“Goddess, even the vampires know. It was an experiment, it didn’t work out, will you people let it go!”

“You and, oh this is too much. First you go all lollipop then you boff the watcher. What happened when Wolf-boy finally got lucky, throw some kind of bleedin’ switch?” commented Spike.

“Spike, should I invite them in?”

“Now come on, love.”

“Only one person calls me ‘love’ and he’s upstairs. Call Oz Wolf-boy again, I’ll throw you to them myself,” growled Willow.


“Invite us in for a drink, Willow. It’s the polite thing to do,” breathed Drusilla.

“Yes. Terry would love to have you with us, if you ‘came’ around to our way of thinking.”

“Which is?”

“Oh just the truth. Wymen are the superior sex. Men should be annihilated. Only a few kept for breeding.”

“I think my gender might have something to say about that.” Rupert descended the stairs, a pair of swords in his hands.

“Sorry, Love, it was suppose to be a Yule gift but I think it will come in handy now.” Rupert passed Willow one of the blades. It was a foil but the blade was made of heat tempered oak, edged in a silver alloy steal.

Willow tested its balance. “Rupert, it’s lovely, Thank you.”

Rupert grinned and took up a fighting stance with his own sword. “Now ladies, you are not welcome here, I suggest you leave.”

“How pompous.” Terry moved to stand between her two vampiric girlfriends.

“Terry?” asked Willow.

“Willow, you are even more lovely in person than in your pictures,” Terry licked her lips suggestively.


“Oh, nothing too distasteful. Just some shots of you and Tara when you stayed over in her room. I instructed her to mount a video camera where it had a clear view of the bed but wasn’t too obtrusive. It’s amazing the price those kinds of tapes can garner among college boys.”

“Goddess, tapes! That’s why everyone thinks...”

“Wonderful isn’t it? Not having to put up with men harassing you. You can thank me later.”

“Be gone hell spawn,” commanded Giles.

“Oh, do be quiet.” Terry’s voice took on a satiny quality. “Better yet, human, come here. I think my girls and I would enjoy a snack.”

Rupert took a jerky step towards the door then another.

“Rupert, no!” yelled Willow. She grabbed his arm. He stopped moving.

He grasped Willow’s hand. “I deny you. I refuse you. I cast out any power you have over me.”

“Willow, dear girl. Come to me, we can have fun. I’m sure Tara taught you how to please a woman,” instructed that same silky voice.

Willow listened to the words but they had no effect. “You have no power over me,” she said quoting the first thing that came to mind, the movie “labyrinth”.

“Tara did say you were special. Did you know I had promised to bring her mother back through a temporal fold if she brought me another powerful mortal? She failed me though and had to be punished.”

“What did you do to her?”

“Do you really care?”

“Of course I care. I don’t love Tara, it doesn’t mean I can’t care about her.”

“Let go of your man and I’ll tell you. Come with me and I can even reunite you. There is still a part for a powerful mortal in my plans.”

“No!” said Willow.

“Oh, very well. I’ll tell you anyway. I left her in a Japanese bordello. American blondes fetch top dollar there. It seemed a fitting punishment that she cater to men’s base and disgusting lusts for failing all Wyman kind the way she did.

“But enough of this.” The voice once more took on the silken intonation. “Spike, come to me.”

Spike lurched towards the door. Willow grabbed at his arm but he kept moving towards the beautiful demon.

“Is this a private party or can anyone join?” asked Buffy’s voice from the other side of the door. Before there was time to reply, Drusilla was knocked to the ground by a spinning back kick.

“Aww, the slayer,” said Terry. “Stop fighting, Slayer.”

Buffy froze in place. Her heart pounded and she felt a lust like nothing she’d ever experienced before. The oriental woman was so beautiful. So sexy, Buffy wanted to rip Terry’s clothes off in the courtyard and give herself to this stranger.

“BUFFY NO!” screamed Willow as her friend undid the top button of her blouse and stared at Terry with a sultry heat in her eyes.

“Bloody hell! It’s her voice. Sodding drowned her out,” yelled Spike. He dove at Giles’ stereo, cranked the volume and hit the first CD button he found. Everyone slapped their hands over their ears as the intro to Man of La Mancha blasted through the condo and into the courtyard. Willow and Rupert rushed out, swords in hand. Buffy shook her head, grimaced at the noise and launched a kick into Terry. The demon was knocked to the ground. Seeing their leader injured Harmony and Drusilla rushed to her side and each grabbing an arm, hastened away. Rupert clamped his hands over his ears, returned to his home, and turned off the stereo.

“Turn that damn noise down!” bellowed a voice from one of the other units.

Willow’s ears rang as she made her way back into the condo.


Buffy sat on her bed beside Riley, facing Xander who sat on Willow’s bed.

“So Willow and Giles were going to catch some Zs and get back to the research. That’s as much as we know so far,” explained Xander.

“Like, I really believe those two are going to get any sleep,” remarked Buffy.

“Buffy,” said Riley and Xander in unison.

“Oh come on. I’m way past the they can’t be together thing but let’s face it, they act like a pair of jack rabbits with a lifetime supply of Viagra.” Buffy stood and started pacing the floor. “One thing for sure. We have one of those Mora demons running around my town. I better call Angel.”

“What? Why?” Riley looked astonished.

“One time I went to see him and one attacked. He knew exactly how to take it out. I want the 411 on this thing.”


Outside the window the sky was descending into full night and the phone rang. Buffy picked it up.


“Giles, what?”

“I’ll bring Riley and Xander.”

“What! Really?”

“Right, I better come alone. Hold the fort.”

Buffy hung up. “I gotta go. Big bad at Giles.” she pulled out her slayer bag and extracted a pair of stakes.

“We’ll back you up,” offered Riley, coming to his feet.

“No way. Giles says there’s some sort of fem-demon there that leads men around by their cahoonies. You guys stay here.”

“Sounds just like any other pretty girl,” remarked Xander.

“Xander,” snapped Buffy as she headed out the door.

“We’re not going after her?” asked Xander.

“She said to stay here,” replied Riley.

“And you always do what she says?”

“It makes life easier.” Riley smiled at him then looked at the floor, a slight blush touching his cheeks.

Xander shook his head. “So how’s classes?”

“They’re classes. How’s your career search going?”

“Actually, Anya had a suggestion. She thinks I should look into massage therapy.”

Riley looked up and scrutinized Xander. “You give massages?”

“For years. My Mom gets these terrible backaches so she made me learn.”

“Umm, this may sound kinda weird but would you massage me? I have this pulled shoulder muscle. And it would give us something to do until Buffy calls.”

“With you on that one. OK, I’ll need some oil.”

Riley hid his grin by pulling off his T-shirt.

“Buffy keeps some baby lotion for after she shaves her legs on her dresser.” Riley indicated the bottle.

Xander went to collect the bottle and Riley took the opportunity to strip off his pants and underwear. He couldn’t believe he was doing this but Xander was one of Buffy’s dearest friends, and who better to make up their third if he was willing? He also had to admit if he had met Xander first it might have been a coin toss as to whom he started dating.

“Wow. Big guy. When you say massage you mean massage,” remarked Xander when he saw Riley laying face down and naked on Buffy’s bed.

“Didn’t want to risk getting oil on my clothes.”

“Good idea.” Xander pulled off his shirt before squeezing a generous portion of oil onto his hands. He began by stroking them over Riley’s shoulders. Kneading the muscles and working his neck.

Riley groaned as the tension began to release. He let his mind wander as Xander’s strong hands worked over the muscles of his back. He imagined those hands working down his back and they slowly did even to the point of massaging his butt cheeks. He longed for Xander to slide his thumb down his crack and rub his anus, spreading oil over it. He dreamed of Xander stepping back and the sound of a zipper dropping then the feel of a hard shaft pressing into his hole. Riley humped his hips against the covers rubbing his erection into the sheets.

“Wow, big guy, keep her calm there, can’t work on a moving target.” Xander’s hands pressed into the muscles of Riley’s legs.

Riley forced his hips to remain still as he imagined Xander sliding in and out of his hole at an ever increasing rhythm. He imagined the pressure driving his own penis back and forth on the sheets. Xander worked first one leg then the other then moved to Riley’s arms. Riley opened his eyes and found himself staring at Xander’s crotch. Xander worked the muscles of Riley’s arm and Riley dreamed of reaching out and opening that fly. He had a perfect fantasy image of Xander’s penis, long and lean with a drop or pre-come on its end and twin egg sized balls. Perfect for running his tongue over. Sweet to swallow. Riley inhaled, catching a hint of his masseuse’s cologne. It added to his excitement and he wondered what it would be like to bury his nose in Xander’s pubes, holding his shaft deep in his throat. He wanted to kiss the tip of his penis and slowly slide his lips over the head until he could flip his tongue around it in the warm wetness of his mouth. He wanted to slowly let his lips inch down the shaft while he played with the younger man’s balls and fingered his tight little ass. Xander moved to the other arm and began working the muscles.

Riley turned his head. He imagined the outline of Xander’s erect penis in his jeans, he thought of mouthing it through the younger man’s briefs. His mouth was dry and his breathing heavy.

“OK, roll over,” ordered Xander.

Riley bit his lip. The moment of truth had arrived. He rolled over, his erection straining straight out from his body.

“God. Riley, Man, I’m sorry. I... I... I didn’t mean. I mean I’m not and even if I was Buffy and,” Riley surged to his feet, grabbed Xander and kissed him, forcing his tongue into the younger man’s mouth. Xander kissed back then pushed away.

“It’s OK, Xander, I am. Buffy knows. We’ve been looking for a third and I like you for the position. Actually I like you for lots of positions.” Riley reached down and tickled Xander’s crotch.

“App umglim na, No! No, thank you, Riley.” Xander stepped back, but he couldn’t deny his arousal.

“Your lips say no but he has other ideas,” Riley pointed to where Xander’s erection made a bulge in his pants.

“No,” added Xander more firmly. “Look man, I’m flattered, and sure, curious as hell.”

“So indulge you curiosity. Haven’t you ever wanted to touch another man? Here’s your chance. I won’t tell.” Riley stepped towards Xander who stepped back.

“No. Like maybe if it was just the two of us and hey if Buffy came as part of the deal I’d really think of giving it a whirl, but there’s Anya. Sure she’s an ex-vengeance demon with a twisted view of men, but she’s my girl. I’m not going to hurt her.”

“She never has to know. You and me, here, now. If it works out we can sort things out and bring in Buffy later. You can try it and Anya will never know.”

“I’d know. I’m not a kid anymore, I have to act like a man and Riley, this ain’t it. So thanks, but no thanks.”

Riley sighed. “I think I’m figuring out why I like you so much, Xander.”

“Not the most comfortable area right now, buddy.”

“Can we pretend it never happened?”

“With you on that one!”

“Finish the massage.”

“No more games?”


Riley settled on his back on the bed and an uncomfortable Xander Harris poured oil into his hands to prove that bygones were bygones. Riley logged the feel of Xander’s hands as they worked over the muscles of his chest for later reference. Fantasies had to start somewhere.


“And I made the guys stay behind because she might gain control of them. I’m so embarrassed. I was ready to do the triple X thing right in the courtyard,” grumbled Buffy. She paced back and forth in Giles’ living room.

“Hey, I told Watcher man here her voice worked on women. But did the bleeding sod listen? No! Too busy getting his rocks off with Red ask me.” Spike lounged sideways in one of the easy chairs.

“You did no such thing. Besides it was Buffy’s natural resistance as the slayer that I was relying on, not her femininity.” Giles stood up from his place on the couch.

“And, like hey. Giles and I are not too busy to get details right.” Willow sat on the couch.

“All-over each other. Silk scarves on the bed posts,” remarked Spike.

“Will, what is it with you and tying him up?” asked Buffy.

“I didn’t. I mean. This time. Well... Spike burst in and. Oh.” Willow blushed crimson.

“You didn’t, that means that. Oh Willow. We are going to talk!”

“Yes, well if we have thoroughly discussed the topic of what two consenting adults do in the supposed privacy of their bedroom,” grumbled Giles.

“Yeah right. Got ya. Who broke the door?” asked Buffy.

“Spike did,” said Willow.

“You’re paying for that,” observed Buffy.

“What is this, bleeding Daddy, Mommy and Daughter? I’ll pay for the bloody door. Now can we figure out how to keep mister Happy where he belongs.”

“Could be an improvement, Spike. Losing a gram or two of fat might do you good.”

“Funny slayer. More than you and your Nancy boy could handle.” Spike ran a finger suggestively over his groin.

“Riley is not a Nancy boy! He’s military, tough, strong.”

“Oh come on, love.”

“This is stupid. Will, call Xander and Riley, they’re at our dorm room. Have Xander call Anya. She might have some idea of what we’re up against.” Buffy picked up the largest section of the door and leaned it against the wall.

“On it,” agreed Willow who moved to the phone.


Nearly an hour later Xander and Riley entered though the broken doorway.

Xander ran straight to Anya, who sat on the couch, and threw his arms around her.

“Xander!” said the ex-demon. “What have you been doing?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all. Riley wanted a massage, just a therapeutic massage, like you say I should look into as a job. A man can give another man a massage, it doesn’t mean anything,” babbled Xander.

Buffy glared at Riley who smiled sheepishly and shrugged.

Anya patted Xander’s shoulder, stood up and moved to Riley. “You can’t have Xander. You can have Buffy all you like, but you can’t have Xander.”

Spike doubled over laughing.

“What is it?” asked Willow, looking confused.

“This is too bleeding rich. Slayer and poof boy, then poof boy goes after Xander.” Spike said the last name with a southern twang.

“Oh come on, Spike, Buffy and Riley are... Riley is... Well he likes girls which means he... Oh Goddess, Buffy. I’m so sorry!” Willow’s mouth dropped open as she moved to hug her friend.

“Will, it’s not what you think. I know. I like it. It’s kinda like two for the price of one,” Buffy was blushing furiously.

“Bloody hell!” Giles sat heavily on the couch.

“It’s OK, Giles.”

“No it bleeding isn’t! Buffy, you’re like my own daughter. It’s hard enough to make a relationship work with two people. The difficulties faced with three will only be that much greater.”

“Yeah, Buffy. Suppose Mr. Switch hitter here decides he likes Xander better than you?” said Willow.

“He can’t have Xander!” Anya was cradling Xander against her chest.

“Right, no Xander for Riley. Oh God!” said Xander.

“Will, Pot and Kettle. Suppose Giles decides he likes someone who saw classic Star-Trek in first run.”

Willow looked mopey as she considered. “Oh, all right then. So Riley, this new or you been at it a while?” Hearing her own words she blushed.

“Children, as much as I’m enjoying this, and believe me, I am enjoying this. I can hardly wait to tell Angel his little Buffy is dating an English driver. There is still the issue of keeping my jollies attached.”

“For once, and this is almost as frightening as the day’s other revelations, I agree with Spike.” Giles lifted his head out of his hands.

“Silly question, why are we protecting Spike? He is a vampire.” observed Riley.

“At least I know which side my bread’s buttered on, mate,” snapped Spike.

“Enough,” yelled Buffy.

“It unfortunately isn’t just Spike. He reports seeing the Mora demon at the old mansion where the... ‘ladies’ were staying.”

“Those bitches had him trussed up like a Christmas turkey.”

“Hold on, so what you’re saying is, we have three Fema-Nazi, lesbian, bitch demons from hell, bleeding another demon to make a beauty cream that makes some women break out,” summarized Xander.

“OK. I think we have the what, now with the why. Willow, you figure anything else out?” Buffy led Riley over to one of the easy chairs, sat him down, and deliberately took a position on his lap. Anya shook her head and everyone else held their comments.

“We didn’t have much time.”

“Bloody right, from what I saw,” commented Spike.

“Spike, really. The matter wasn’t that pressing until you crashed through my door,” countered Giles.

“Spike broke the door?” said Xander.

“Yes, I broke the bleeding door.”

“You’re paying for that.”

“Bloody hell!”

“OK, Will, Giles, check out that cream. Figure out what it does. Is there anything else you can think of?” ordered Buffy.

“I, this is probably completely silly,” said Willow.


“Well when that Terry demon told Rupert to come, he was doing it, until I touched him then she ordered me and nothing happened. When she called Spike I grabbed him and he just kept walking.”


“Terry, short Malaysian, voice like hot steamy sex?” asked Anya.

“Give the girl a prize,” said Spike.

“You know her?” asked Buffy.

“We worked together. There was this one time a woman wished her husband would know exactly what women go through. I did a sex change. Turned him into a ugly old thing and had a company of troops knock her up.”

“The point,” suggested Xander, as the men in the room shifted uncomfortably.

“Terika showed up after me, to ‘comfort’ the woman. Showed her a whole new kind of satisfaction. The woman started luring men back to her place and Terika would feed off them. They convinced the other women in the village to kill their husbands. By the end of the year there wasn’t a male left. I stopped going there after that. I didn’t do cheating lesbians. Though they kept calling.”

Xander sat up and pulled a little away from his girlfriend.

“Yes, well hmm,” said Giles.

“So where’d this demon come from? I haven’t read anything about her.” Willow paced as she assimilated the information.

“She’s new. Started out as a Tibetan sorceress in the sixteen hundreds. An invading army gang raped her. She followed them, killing each one in very inventive ways. Azezes recruited her.”

“Azezes?” asked Giles.

“Patron demon of abused and defiled women,” explained Willow.

“Willow, how do you know that?” asked Buffy.

“After Oz left I felt really bad and I did some reading. Just reading, that’s all. Her invocation is really simple but well I, oh bad thing.” She gazed at Rupert.

Rupert looked back and lifted his arm. She moved to his side and sat beside him. He hugged her shoulders showing he was unafraid. She smiled and snuggled into him.

“So this bitch wants to kill all men?” demanded Spike.

“As painfully as possible. She wants women to hate and revile men, blame them for everything. Turn to each other for all their comfort and support. She wants women to realize they’re better off without men. She generally has a point.” Anya smiled whimsically.

“Hey!” objected Xander.

“I didn’t say she didn’t go too far,” countered Anya.

“That brings us back to why Giles and Willow were immune to her voice,” said Buffy.

“They’re in love,” offered Xander.

“Really, Xander, it is a lovely romantic notion but hardly practical,” objected Giles.

“Why not?” said Buffy.


“Think Giles. She had you until Willow touched you. You were touching Willow when she tried to take her but when she tried for Spike, Willow touching him did nothing.”

“What she said G-man. That makes me think,” said Xander.

“What?” Willow sat forward on the couch.

“That cream. My Mom and dad, they fight but they always make up. My Aunt Sally, and this stays in this room, she slaps around my Uncle Joe. She’s broken broom handles over his back, kicked him in the crotch. Poor Joe is black and blue half the time. My Mom says she thinks Sally’s cheated on Joe with his boss. Not how you treat someone you love.”

“A woman abusing a man. Come on Xander,” countered Buffy.

“Happens a lot. Sometimes in my demon days, I felt almost sad for a man. But you do your job,” said Anya.

“OK, so touching your sweetie might protect you from her voice. I think I’ll still go with ear plugs. No offense Riley,” said Buffy.

“We need to find out more regarding the potion. If it is part of a larger plan, we must understand its ramifications,” said Giles.

“Bleeding hell. It’s simple. Kill the ball-biting bitch, end story. I’ll whip Harm and Dru back into shape and we can all call it lunch,” said Spike.

“Spike, Terry has great power, even if you were to kill her, could you rely on her staying that way?” asked Giles.

“So then, guvnor, what’s the plan?”

“Anya, Willow and Giles stay here, check out that cream. Riley, Spike, Xander, we’re getting ear plugs and checking the mansion,” ordered Buffy.

“I should come to the mansion,” said Willow.

“Will - - -,” began Buffy.

“If that’s where they’re mixing the cream I need to see it. I need to feel the energies, Buffy. I know you think Rupert and I didn’t work on the cream before but you’re wrong. We did as much as we could. I need to see the place it was made.”

“OK, Will, you’re with us.”

“Be careful, love,” said Rupert.

“Always am.” Willow kissed him and followed the others out the door.




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