Chapter 16 - ANSWERS

Joyce smiled warmly at Carol and Frank. Frank was a rugged looking man with thinning brown hair. His shoulders were still muscular, but the cut of his blue sports jacket and matching pants failed to hide the extra twenty pounds he’d collected around the middle since college. He smiled back, the action causing the deep lines around his blue eyes to sink in.

“Come on,” said Joyce. She was dressed in a powder blue satin shirt and a darker blue wrap skirt that showed off her stocking covered legs from the knee down. She’d left the top three buttons of her blouse undone and it kept showing glimpses of cleavage. This coupled with the way her nipples dented the fabric had kept her guests’ attentions rivetted on her. She took each of her friends by the hand and helped them off the couch. Turning she grabbed their hands again and led them to her bedroom.

“You’re sure Buffy won’t be coming home?” asked Frank.

“Trust me, Buffy is so busy with college I might not see her until end of term,” confided Joyce. “Frank, I hope the chair is comfortable. I would have brought a lounger from downstairs but I just couldn’t carry it.” Joyce indicated a cushioned office style chair she’d positioned in front of her bedroom drapes. Late afternoon sun backlit the curtains.

“You shouldn’t put yourself out for me, Joyce. I appreciate you letting me watch.”

“It’s nice you’re concerned, Kitcat.” Carol pulled Joyce to a stop and kissed her gently on the lips. Carol wore a cream dress that hugged her slender form and a hint of tasteful makeup.

“God, I’ve missed that,” confided Joyce.

“Lots more where it came from.”

Frank slipped free of Joyce’s hand and took his seat.

The two women embraced, kissing. Their tongues came together and Joyce squeezed Carol’s butt cheeks.

“Hmm, still like that,” said Carol.

Joyce looked at Frank who sat quietly watching. “What do you think, Frank? Is the show off to a good start?”

“What? Joyce, I, Lovely. Just lovely.”

Joyce broke her embrace with Carol. “What’s up? Why are you so stiff? Carol told me you did this before.”

“With Amanda I’m only allowed to watch. Sit and keep silent. She won’t even say hello to me when she comes in,” explained Frank.

Joyce sat on the corner of the bed. “I’m not just going to ignore you, Frank. You’re my friend and I’m sleeping with your wife, for God’s sake.”

“Kitcat, It’s how Amanda wanted it. Maybe we three need different rules,” explained Carol.

“Damn straight.”

“What would you be comfortable with?”

“Hmmm. Frank, what would you like?” asked Joyce.

“Me? This is Carol’s and your time. I can’t, well you know, participate,” he replied.

“Why not?” asked Joyce.

“You know why.” Frank looked dejected.

“Frank, right now no one in this room has a functioning penis. Carol and I are still going to play. Maybe you can’t receive but if you like, and Carol agrees, you’re welcome to help me make love to her.”

“You mean it, Kitcat? You won’t object if Frank joins us?” breathed Carol.

“If he wants to. You’re his wife for pity’s sake.”

“I think I’d like that,” remarked Frank in a nervous voice.

“On one condition. If Kitcat agrees? Frank gets to help pleasure you too. It’s only fair and with arms and legs going everywhere it could avoid accidents,” said Carol

“You sure, Flipper? I don’t want to wreck our friendship.”

“I love you, Joyce. I know you won’t try and take Frank. Sharing might be fun though.”

“OK. Frank, why don’t you come here and help undress us,” suggested Joyce. She then stood up and pulled Carol to herself. Their lips met and she let her hands roam.

Carol caressed Joyce’s breasts through the fabric of her blouse, causing the satin to slip over her nipples like liquid silver.

Joyce’s breathing increased as she stroked along her friend’s sides, feeling her firm slender form.

A new pair of strong hands added to the caresses. At first these touched the women almost fearfully but as the moments passed they became more daring.

Carol broke the kiss and as Joyce watched, Carol pressed her lips to her husband’s. Their tongues entwined and she placed her hand against the back of his neck locking him in place.

Joyce took the opportunity to step away and move to Carol’s back. She took Flipper’s zipper in hand and inched it down, kissing along the dusky woman’s spine. Joyce paused only long enough to undo the clip on her friend’s bra before she pulled the zipper the rest of the way down. Reaching into the dress Joyce cupped her friend’s breasts and rained kisses along her shoulders and the nape of her neck.

Carol found herself sandwiched with her husband, his lips pressed to hers, and Joyce behind her. The heat of it was almost too much and the fulfilment of having them both pressed against her was exquisite. She had never felt so loved. Frank reached down and pressed the material of her dress tight over her Venus mound. His strong fingers dimpled the dress into her cleft, and he pushed it up against her clitoris. She humped her hips against his fingers. Wanting more, she pushed away from both her lovers and let the dress slide to the floor.

“You are so beautiful,” breathed Frank.

“Isn’t she,” agreed Joyce.

Carol smiled and stepped out of her panties. “OK, now it’s your turn Joyce.”

Carol embraced her friend then reaching out, caught her husband by the arm and pulled him into the embrace. Carol kissed Joyce then breaking the kiss, pulled on the back of Frank’s head until his and Joyce’s lips met.

Carol’s kiss was sweet, soft, sending a thrill through Joyce, Frank’s came as a surprise. There was an electric quality, an urgency barely masked by a gentle veneer. She felt one of Carol’s hands stroke her right breast while one of Frank’s caressed her left. The contrast again was exciting. Carol’s touch was light, knowing exactly how to treat a woman’s nipple because she had her own. Frank’s was heavier, more insistent, but with a ruggedness to the act that added an edge.

Carol’s other hand squeezed Joyce’s buttocks. She felt her wrap skirt loosen around the waist and fall to the floor. Frank’s broad fingers traced up her inner thigh coming to her stocking tops. He placed his fingers on the border between stocking and skin, his rough fingertip causing the hairs on the back of Joyce’s neck to stand up.

Carol unbuttoned Joyce’s blouse, allowing her fingers to trace over her nipples after each button. Joyce breathed hard and crushed her mouth into Frank’s.

Frank’s fingers travelled up Joyce’s thigh. He paused upon touching her sex and broke the kiss.

“God, she’s wearing crotch-less panties and stockings,” he breathed.

“That’s my, kitcat,” Carol half whispered into Joyce’s ear. “She always liked to dress to tease.”

“Tease and please.” Joyce once more brought her lips to Frank’s.

“And how,” agreed Carol, who pulled Joyce’s blouse off her shoulders, revealing the half cup bra with the nipple holes she wore. Carol kissed over Joyce’s shoulders and spine, then down to her anal cleft. Reaching forward she caressed Joyce’s vaginal slit, only to find Frank’s fingers already there. instinctively Frank moved his hand forward, working on his new lover’s clitoris while Carol probed Kitcat’s vagina with a single digit.

Joyce was awash in sensation, but a small clear part of her mind couldn’t believe she was doing this. She ignored it but still broke her kiss with Frank.

“Frank’s turn,” she breathed.

“I umm, leave my shorts on,” he agreed but there was fear in his eyes.

“We’ll see.” Joyce moved to his back while Carol took his front. Carol kissed her husband who had already shucked his sports jacket. Joyce let her hands play over his cotton clad chest, occasionally brushing Carol’s breasts as she did so. Carol, knowing her husband’s limitations, hastened to undo his pants. They fell to the floor leaving his boxers in place.

Joyce undid his shirt one button at a time stroking her fingers over his nipples and nibbling at his back through his shirt as she did so. The shirt fell to the floor. Frank stood in nothing but his boxers, necking with and caressing his wife.

Joyce moved behind Carol and knelt, snaking a finger into her friend’s vagina. She slowly pumped in and out. Liquids literally dribbled down Flipper’s leg.

“Kitcat, Frank, Oh God, I want you both so badly,” breathed Carol.

“Lay her down on the bed, Frank,” ordered Joyce.

Smiling, Frank picked up his wife and lay her in the middle of Joyce’s bed. Carol kissed him. Joyce moved onto the bed and kissed Carol on the mouth before trailing kisses down her neck. Frank mimicked Joyce on the other side of his wife. Joyce’s eyes met Frank’s at the base of Carol’s neck. They kissed then continued their happy work, following a slow line down to Carol’s small firm breasts. Each took a nipple into their mouth and while they did this each stroked a hand along her firm body. Frank’s was the first to reach her sex. He gently parted her nether lips and ran his finger along her length. Joyce’s hand touched his then moved on to caress the top of Carol’s thigh.

“I have an idea.” Joyce pulled away from Carol, opened her dresser and pulled out Bob.

“Frank, you use this on Carol, slow and easy. Remember we have all day. Carol, do you remember two hungry kittens?”

“Kitcat, you are amazing.” Carol brought her sweat drenched body up on all fours. Joyce slipped in underneath her friend and ran her tongue over Flipper’s clitoris.

“Oh God, you’re good,” gasped Flipper.

Frank had a confused expression but Joyce reached up and turned on Bob then guided Frank’s hand so he placed the vibrator’s tip at the opening to his wife’s vagina.

“Slow and nice,” cautioned Joyce, before she buried her mouth in Carol’s slit.

Frank held the vibrator then gently eased it into his wife. She gasped at the joint administration. He watched as Carol lowered her mouth to Joyce’s dripping sex. He dreamed of what it must be like as he slowly slid the vibrator in and out. As he became accustomed to the rhythm and the groans of the women he added to his game, licking his way along Carol’s lower spine. Reaching forward he caressed first his wife’s diminutive breasts then her lover’s larger nipples.

Inside Frank something clicked. He realized that Frank Mulligan, eunuch by accident, was having the fantasy that every man dreams of and so few get. An icy thing inside that had eaten at his identity since the accident melted. He felt like a man. The pace of his kissing and licking increased as he matched his actions to the women’s moans. He knew it was impossible, but he almost felt a stirring in his loins.

Carol cried out, her muscles contacting so hard they nearly expelled the vibrator. “Oh God, yes, Kitcat, you are so sweet. Frank, oh God, Frank. I’m so glad you finally agreed to do that for me. Thank you, darling.”

Bending down, Frank kissed Joyce, tasting his wife’s juices on her lips then moving to his wife’s face he kissed her. Joyce’s juice was sweater and less tangy than his wife’s.

“Me now, please,” pleaded Joyce.

“Give me that, darling. I’ll take bottoms if you’ll take tops.” Carol took the vibrator from her husband. She moved down the bed and turned so she was facing Joyce’s sex. She ran her tongue along the soaking folds of flesh, pausing to flick the clitoris. Gazing up the bed she could see her husband kissing Joyce and stroking her nipples. The vibrator hummed as Flipper eased it into Joyce’s hole.

“Ummmmmmmmm,” Kitcat’s moans were clear despite the mouth pressed tight against her own. Carol pumped the vibrator in and out faster as she sucked and nibbled Joyce’s clit. Frank kissed a trail from his new lover’s lips to her nipples and suckled her before returning to her lips and starting over again.

Carol stroked her pinky finger over Joyce’s anus, adding to the stimulation.

Joyce bucked, a deep throated wail coming from her lips. Carol release the vibrator for fear of hurting her and it was expelled. Kitcat writhed, sweat dripping off her. Carol and Frank moved back to watch the show and their hands came together, an odd sense of achievement radiating from them both. Finally Joyce stilled and lay breathing hard. Very gently, Frank pulled her to one side of the bed. Carol crawled in next to her holding her close and Frank crawled in next to Carol.

“Take those off, Frank. No secrets here,” said Carol.

Frank nodded and removed his boxers. The scars from the accident formed lines of white and pink cris-crossing his groin. His penis was a shrivelled thing with a mass of scar tissue at its base and his scrotum was empty and shrunken. He crawled in next to his wife and their new lover and wrapped the former in his arms, while letting his hand rest gently of the thigh of the latter.

“I love you, Frank,” whispered Carol.

“I love you too, Carol,” echoed Frank.

“I love Kitcat here as well, you know.” Carol looked down at the, at most, semiconscious Joyce and smiled.

“I don’t see a conflict. I always thought Joyce was cute. Always liked her.”

“Good because if we can have what we just had with Joyce, I’m breaking it off with Amanda.”

Frank sighed contentedly. “A marvellous idea.” The three warm bodies cuddled each other. Outside the sun had set and Sunnydale was being itself once more.


Willow pulled back her hand just in time to keep it clear of the spreading puddle of vomit. She was on all fours, her head in the corner of what had been the vampire’s bedroom in the mansion.

Xander leaned heavily against the wall, his skin a greeny yellow. His breathing shallow and fast. Riley stood in the middle of the room, unconsciously clutching his genitals. Buffy stood in the doorway to what had been used as a cell, staring and shaking her head. Spike searched for smokes amongst the heaped mutilated corpses. Each body had been male but was missing its genitals. Several had been ripped to pieces and a couple had been drawn and their intestines spread like garlands around the room. There was an air tight gasket mounted on the door frame that had kept the stench in the room until Buffy opened the door.

“This is sick,” Buffy commented.

Willow made a gurgling sound, gave a final dry heave, then fought her way to her feet. She swallowed, rifled her pockets for a piece of gum and put it into her mouth.

“Let me by, Buffy,” she half squeaked.

“Willow, you don’t have to,” said Buffy.

“I do. That work bench in the corner is where they mixed the salve. Goddess, this is sick. I need to see it up close.”

“Come on, Red, I’ll give you the old heave-ho.” Spike moved to the door. Before Willow could object he’d picked her up and was carrying her through the carnage.

“Pity the bloody sisters kinked buggered off.” Spike set Willow down on the clear bit of floor in front of the work bench. Several beakers occupied the bench, a measuring cup and some popsicle sticks. Willow tried to sniff the beakers but the stench in the room was too much. Her stomach threatened to come up again, she forced it down.

“Gods and Goddesses, this is bad!” She could feel the residual energy from the potion’s creation. There is something male here but twisted. When you were here before did you see anything?”

“Bloody too much. I’ll have a bloody woody for a month after the show those bitches put on.”

“Not that!” Willow’s skin tried to pink but the gray of her pallor was too deep.

“What you want me to say, Love?”

“What you saw and don’t call me love.”

“I’m a Brit, Pet. What do you expect?”

“Don’t call me pet. You said that Terry grew, a well, a man’s set.”

“She grew a fucking horse’s set. I ain’t ever seen anything like that without four bloody legs.”

“What happened to it?”

“It got used, Pe, Willow.”

“I mean afterwards?”

“Fell off, turned black and shrivelled up. Knew a leper once had the same problem.”

“Spike!” Willow heaved but there was nothing more to bring up. “What did they do with it?”

“The Leper’s?”

“The lady’s! After it fell off.”

Spike considered. “Weird bit there. Harmony put it in a jar with a bunch of others. Strange kind of trophy but then again Harm is a strange kind of girl. She use to like it when I.”

Willow’s guts came up, this time leaving another small puddle on the floor.

“Let’s get you out of here, Pet.” Spike picked her up and carried her to the door.

“Thank you, Spike,” she said. “Don’t call me pet.”

“Whatever you say, Love.”

He set her down and Willow was too woozy to say anything.

“We done here?” asked Xander. His colour was no better.

“I.. I am,” said Willow.

“Not much more to be seen,” agreed Riley.

“We motor. You OK, Will?” asked Buffy.

“I think I have it figured out, Buff. It’s pretty sick but I have to check some things back at Rupert’s and brush my teeth.”

“I want to check on my Mom. Dru knows where she lives and I don’t trust that Terry bitch to leave her on the side lines.” Buffy half carried Willow from the mansion. The other’s followed with many a worried, backwards glance.


Xander stopped his old rust-bucket of a car outside Joyce’s house. Buffy and Willow climbed out.

“Be just a sec,” said Buffy.

“I’ll just brush my teeth. You sure it’s OK?” asked Willow as she followed Buffy to the door.

“Will, It’s a toothbrush, not the national debt. New ones are in the cupboard over the sink.”

Buffy unlocked the door and stepped in. Willow moved to the bathroom. Collecting a brush took seconds and as she cleaned her teeth, she examined the products on Joyce’s counter. Her eyes grew wide as they fell on an all too familiar pot of ointment. She spat and burst out of the bathroom, sprinting up the stairs calling.

“Buffy your Mom has,” her voice failed as she skidded by Joyce’s room. Buffy stood just inside the door stunned into silence. Joyce lay naked in bed with an attractive middle-aged man and woman. All of them were blushing furiously. The man had a sheet pulled over his groin.

“Buffy, Um, Mrs. Summers, er, we, er, well, nice to see you having friends over. I, er, that is, Buffy, Umm, Hi,” sputtered Willow.

“Willow, would you please take Buffy downstairs?” asked Joyce, her voice steady with just a hint of strained tolerance.

“Um, Yeah, sure thing. Nice meeting you all. Umm, Bye.” Willow grabbed Buffy’s arm and pulled her from the room.

“I, I, I, Mom, Aunt Carol, Uncle Frank. I, um, God!” sputtered Buffy once Willow pushed her down on the couch.

“Must run in the family,” remarked Willow.

“Will, that’s my mother. With a woman. With a man at the same time. Two at once. My mother!”

“Buff, think. Like I mean, high on the freak meter I know, but suppose you and Riley, you know, like find a third. Which, by the way, you have no right to comment about Rupert and I playing games anymore, cause that’s like way kinkier than anything we do. This way like, Sunday dinner’s an in.”

Buffy glared at Willow. “My Mom, two at once, a woman. God, Willow. I feel like my world’s coming apart. She always told me to wait. I mean like forget the gross out factor. She should know better. And Aunt Carol and Uncle Frank. The Mulligans were kinda like second parents to me.”

“Buff. The woman thing? I mean, we almost...”

“That’s different. We’re not, well...”

“Too old? Watch it Buffy, remember who I’m dating.” Willow took a seat beside Buffy.

“Young lady, you are going to start knocking when you come into my house.” Joyce descended the stairs, tying a robe.

“Mom, Like, Aunt Carol, you said back in college, but um...”

“Carol and I renewed our acquaintance. Honestly, Buffy. Why is it you think you can charge into my house whenever it strikes you? You hardly ever visit, then when you do you don’t bother to call first.”

Buffy looked stunned.

“Mrs. Summers, there’s a problem. We... we came to make sure you were safe,” explained Willow.

“Oh my. Again? What is it this time. The new mayor some kind of an evil sorcerer?”

“Not as far as we know. That wrinkle cream in your washroom. Don’t use it.”

“What the? Oh, that’s Frank’s. He’s using it to treat some scars.”


“The gentleman upstairs. Carol’s husband. Carol and I were well, Willow I think you can understand this even if Buffy can’t. We were lovers in college.”

“Aaa, why can I understand?” Willow rubbed her temples dreading the answer.

“That Tara girl and you. By the way, I am so glad you ended it with her. She was just not right for you. Rupert is a much better match. I’ve been meaning to have the both of you over for dinner.” Joyce settled into the living room chair at the end of the coffee-table.

“Mom! Don’t hit on my friends!” gasped Buffy with a horrified expression.

“Oh! Willow, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean you’re cute but I understand that you and Rupert probably wish to stay monogamous.”

“I didn’t take it that way, Mrs. Summers.”

“Joyce, dear. You make me feel a million years old calling me, Mrs. Summers. You see, Buffy, Willow didn’t take it that way. You have a dirty mind.

“So what’s so dangerous about this cream, should Frank worry?”

“He should be okay. Only women have to worry. He might get, well... Things might work better down there,” offered Willow.

“It helps male sexuality,” remarked Joyce.

“It can. It would heal any injuries.”

“God, Willow, that’s wonderful. Frank was in an accident some time ago and, well... he’s had difficulties in that way ever since. What would it do to a woman?”

“Make her hate men enough to kill them.”

“Oh my. Carol used some of it on her face.”

“Did she break out?”

“Why, yes.”

Willow sighed. “If the woman already loves a man it makes her break out. The spell can’t fight the real emotion.”

Buffy stopped her jaw from opening and closing like a beached fish’s and spoke. “Mom. Are you crazy? Threesomes. What’s next, pictures in swingers magazines?”

“Buffy, my involvement with Carol and Frank is none of your concern,” snapped Joyce.

“You’re my mother.”

“Yes and we have been over this before. I am also Joyce Summers, divorcee. I’m entitled to a social life.” Joyce smoothed the line of her robe.

“Mom, what would dad say?”

“Frankly, Buffy, I don’t care what your father would say. He didn’t want me and I’ve found someone who does. Actually two someones.”

“It’s not normal!”

“Buffy, Pot and Kettle,” snapped Willow.

Joyce held up her hand to silence Willow. ”Buffy, I’m a little tired of your attitude. Maybe this isn’t the best way to tell you, but I’m fed up with you expecting everyone to be what you want them to be and live how you want them to live. Well, young lady, I won’t. Your mother is bisexual and I have a wonderful girlfriend who I am discovering I still love after a twenty-two year gap. I don’t know how things will go with Frank, but he is a sweet man and if we’re both lucky we may just learn to love each other, if things last long enough.

“Yes, Buffy, I like women and men and even if Carol and I break up, I won’t go back to pretending.

“You either love your mother or you don’t. My sexuality shouldn’t make any difference to you. It’s not like you’re a little girl that’s going to face name calling anymore. Now, young lady, you better get use to who I am because I’m not sneaking around or hiding things.”

“Mom!” gasped Buffy.

“Joyce, umm, We, I mean Buffy and I have to go. Big brewing evil,” offered Willow.

“Of course, dear. Be careful. Buffy, call your mother sometime.” Joyce turned on her heel and started up the stairs.

“Will, My Mom, She.”

“Come on, Buffy. Things to do.” Willow put Buffy’s arm over her shoulder and helped her to her feet.

“I, she, Mother. Dad.

“She still likes men, Buffy. She’s just expanding her options.”

“But she’s so old.”

“Buff, she’s not dead yet. Take it from me, age has advantages.”

“Oh God, Will. I don’t need anymore mental images right now.”

“Oh, Buffy, grow up.”


“What’s taking them so long?” grumbled Xander as he waited behind the wheel of his car.

“You know women,” commented Riley from the back seat.

“Um, Yeah. All my life. So you hear about the Maple-leafs?”

“Crappy team.” commented Spike who sat in the front passenger seat.

“Yeah, well... I like to pick one I know’s gonna loose, that way I don’t get disappointed.”

“Never did the hockey thing. Baseball, now that’s my game,” said Riley.

“Obviously, you like to play with bats,” observed Spike.

“Oh.” Xander shifted uncomfortably.

“Xander. Homosexual men like sports as much as Heterosexual. You’re not proving anything,” advised Riley.

“Bloody right. If you two want to be alone I’ll take a walk and you can steam up the windows,” offered Spike.

“Hey.” Xander held the steering wheel in a death grip.

“Spike. I should have fried you when I had the chance,” growled Riley.

“What, and miss me charming personality? Bet you get wet just thinking about me.”

Riley smiled reached over the seat and trailed his hand over Spike’s chest. “Maybe I do, want to join me in the back seat?”

“Bloody Hell!” Spike jumped out of the car.

Xander collapsed against the steering wheel, choking back laughter.

“Come off it, Ball boy, this ones gone bloody randy. He’ll be out to shag the watcher next thing,” snapped Spike

“I’d never do that to Willow. Willow on the other hand, I could be tempted.”

“Shut up, Riley!” Xander stared into the back seat. There was fire in his eyes.

“Bloody right!” added Spike his face vamping.

Riley pulled back gazing from the mortal to the monster and, for the moment, not knowing which was the more dangerous. “Just kidding guys.”

“Not funny, Riley! Willow’s lost one love already. Don’t fuck with her. Giles is good for her and that’s all any of us needs to know,” snapped Xander.

“What Happy Meal said. Touch her and you’re lunch, Switch Hitter,” added Spike.

“Here they come.” Xander watched Willow half carry Buffy to his car.

“What happened?” asked Riley when Willow pushed Buffy into the seat beside him before climbing in after her.

“Mom, Aunt Carol, Uncle Frank. Together. Naked.”

“What’s the what?” asked Xander.

“Just take us to, Rupert’s. Buffy needs to focus.”

“Is she all right?” asked Riley.

“She’s just learning she isn’t the centre of the universe,” observed Willow.

“Oh bleedin’ hell, we’re in it now. Cranky slayer alert.” Spike took his seat wearing a disgusted expression.


Willow crushed the birth control pill between the mortar and pestle, then spread it out on the glass reaction tray and added a touch of the cream. She was once more at the teacher’s desk in the chem. lab. Rupert sat at one of the student desks scouring several tombs he’d brought with him. The clock over head read four A.M.. Buffy shuffled into the room, looking like she’d just woken up.

“Anything?” she asked.

“Just about to test it. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” said Willow.

“Every time I try I just keep imagining Mom and Carol doing the wild thing while Frank watches.”

“You know, he may have been an active participant,” observed Giles.

“Giles, ewww. I mean it doesn’t work since his car accident anyway.”

“Buffy, and people say I’m, how do you like to put it, ‘up tight.’ Men are no more restricted to penile vaginal intercourse than women are.”

“Giles, please! We’re talking about my mother here.”

“Yes, Buffy, a woman of considerable passion. You should give her her due.”

“Rupert,” cautioned Willow.

“Of course, love. Thoughtless of me. You are of course far superior for me, but it does not change the fact that Buffy should allow her mother her due.”

“My God, the whole town is going perverted.”

“Buffy,” growled Willow. She diluted the mix on the tray with distilled water and put a drop of the mixture on several different test strips.

“Not you guys. You guys are different. Special. I mean, I was wrong about you two.”

Taking off her safety glasses and plastic gloves Willow moved to Rupert’s side and put her arm over his shoulders. He hugged her around the waist and they both trained tired eyes on Buffy.

“Maybe, Buff, you should think like that more often.”

Buffy looked at the floor and Rupert stood.

“I finally found a reference to Terika. Reviler of all men. Liberator of woman kind. It would seem that Xander’s guess was correct. She has no power over a man and woman in love, so long as they maintain physical contact. There was another interesting notation. It would seem that at one time in the past Terika became smitten with a eunuch from the royal court of China. She used her demon powers to restore him to function. Her mistress, Azezes, went mad with rage. Terika was immediately imprisoned for five years. She is strictly banned from doing anything that might benefit a man in any way, as a condition for her retaining her demon powers.”

“Great, so all we have to do it get the lesbian, bitch, ball buster from hell to help out the men in the old folks home, then have big mommy demon show and she gets spanked. Of course that leaves us with big mommy demon,” said Buffy.

“Azezes is more a exterior force. She works subtly, doesn’t like getting her hands dirty. That’s why she recruited Terika. If Azezes were summoned she’d do what she came to do and leave. Probably, we could hope, with a little luck,” explained Willow.

“Far as I see, not a lot of use. Terika gives ball buster a whole new meaning,” remarked Buffy.

“Hmmm.” Taking Rupert’s hand Willow led him to the lab table and examined the test strips. “Yupper. I’m as smart as they say I am.” Willow preened.

“What is it, Will?” asked Buffy moving to look at the test results.

“Androgens?” asked Giles.

“Arousal response specific,” replied Willow.


“Bio chemical with magical catalyst.”




“None. Temporary effect.”

“How long?”

“Three, four days after exposure.”


“Adrenal catalyst.”

“Increase aggression.”

“Hallucinogenic as well.”

“Nasty. Psychotic break?”

“After prolonged exposure.”

“Wow guys. Recap with subtitles for the brilliance impaired,” interrupted Buffy.

“OK, Buff. You really should have taken Chemistry and Biology,” said Willow.

“Fine Arts Major, Will.”

Both Willow and Rupert rolled their eyes ceiling ward. Sciences both hard and soft agreeing on a single principle regarding the value of arts majors.

“In brief. The biological component of sexual arousal is believed to come from a set of sexual hormones. In the male these are collectively known as Androgens and - - -”

“Will, Sorry Giles but...”

“Boy hormones, make boys horny for girls. Girl hormones, make girls horny for boys. This cream turns certain girl hormones into boy hormones, so girls become horny for girls. At the same time it makes them angry and a little crazy. So the girls don’t like boys sexually or emotionally and they start seeing them as the cause of all their problems.”

“So the girls go ape and start killing the boys,” summed up Buffy.

“Exactly,” agreed Giles.

“How come some boys like boys or both?” asked Buffy.

“The amounts of the hormones vary from person to person. Both male and female trigger hormones are present in everyone, it is simply a matter of their concentration,” explained Giles.

“Then there’s the whole nurture thing that skews it one way or another. A man may have a mixed arousal response, let’s say his biological preference could be summed up as liking 60% woman and 40% man. If he’s in a monogamous relationship you would expect it to be with a woman but he may still prefer men because his mother was a, well... bitch.” Willow blushed a little at the language. “This whole bit is cutting edge. We’re making theories to fit the evidence, they aren’t necessarily right. How Terry figured a way to make this potion is way past me.”

“Me as well, Love.” Rupert hugged Willow around the shoulders.

“OK. Practical time. How do we stop Sunnydale from becoming the new Lesbose?”

Willow looked at Rupert who returned her gaze and shrugged.

Chapter 17 - LOVE’S TEST

“OK. First thing we have to do is find them,” Buffy paced back and forth in Giles’ living room. The door had been hastily repaired with a sheet of plywood and some nails.

Willow sat on the couch slumped against Rupert, snoring softly.

“Buffy, I really think that sleep is in order,” remarked Giles.

“He may have a point.” Riley sat in the armchair, a cup of coffee in his hand. “You guys have been at it all night.”

“No time,” said Buffy.

“Buff, why not let us look? You, Willow and Giles can catch some Zees,” offered Xander. He and Anya lay under a sleeping bag on the floor.

“Bloody right. You lot clear off and I’ll take the couch. Need my beauty sleep,” said Spike.

“Flirt,” Riley deliberately winked at Spike.

“Slayer, call off your Nancy or I swear.”

“Fine. Fine. Will, and Giles go to bed,” ordered Buffy.

“Oh, are we playing group domination games now? I know where you can get this wonderful leather corset and whip combination,” remarked Anya.

“I, Anya, not now.”

“I’ll get the address later,” remarked Riley.

“Riley!” said Buffy.

“What! Won’t kill us to check it out.”

“Can we make any more noise, people?” Willow opened her eyes and sat up.

“Sorry, Will,” said Buffy.

“Cute snores,” commented Anya.

“I do not snore.” Willow stared at Rupert for support. He suddenly found the arm of the couch fascinating.

“OK, so. Riley, Xander, Anya and I do the search thing. Rest of you get some sleep.”

“Buffy, I think you should forgo the search until you have rested,” cautioned Giles.

“I’m the slayer. I’m searching. Where to start though?”

“If they’re still making the cream, they need to be around a lot of death,” offered Willow.

“Great, with the number of graveyards in Sunnydale that narrows it down to a needle in a hay barn,” remarked Xander.

“The bodies would have had to have been men. At least mostly,” added Willow.

“Not much help, Will. Graveyards is pretty much graveyards,” observed Buffy.

“Oh come on. Lest yee bloody forget. Bleeding kids don’t know bleeding history.” Spike shook his head in disgust.

“Quite right, Spike. My Gods, I agree with him again. Willow, love, remind me to take my temperature later,” said Rupert.

“Of course. It makes perfect sense,” added Riley.

“What?” asked the rest of the scooby’s in unison.

“Lest we bleeding forget. Veterans, children. Men who fought and died to keep old Adolf from popping round. Not that he and I had any real beefs. Then jolly old Korea and ‘Nam. Lots of fun kiddies.”

“A veteran’s graveyard. Mostly men. Of course. There’s one out on route six. My gramps lobbied to have a Jewish section incorporated,” offered Willow.

“It’s a place to start,” agreed Buffy.

The group split. Willow and Rupert started up the stairs.

“Think you two can shag quietly? I’ll be bleeding trying to sleep?” demanded Spike.

“Spike, you are a pig,” observed Rupert.

“Maybe I am old chap, but I know a lucky man when I see him. Be happy Red, I’ll be back when watcher man bites it. Hope you still have your figure,” whispered Spike who then lay on the couch.


Willow emerged from the bathroom to find Rupert in bed, flat on his back, snoring. She smiled at him and considered letting him sleep but tired as she was, she needed to be held. Joyce’s declaration had dragged up some old fears and she needed to lay them to rest.

Silently she crept to the bedside and eased the sheet down. She smiled, glad that Rupert slept naked. Kneeling between his legs she caressed his scrotum. His flaccid penis twitched and his breathing caught. She kissed the head of his penis and reached between her own legs, gently fingering herself as she licked the length of his shaft. He began to harden and she took the soft organ into her mouth, sucking gently. It began to grow and the feel of it coming to life between her lips was an incredible turn on. There was a power in how she could command her man’s reaction. In how he was so vulnerable to her manipulations. She looked up into Rupert’s eyes that stared back at her. She let his now rigid penis slip from her mouth.

“You’re dreaming, Rupert. It’s just a dream. So Shh,” she whispered as she climbed up his body and mounted him.

He whimpered as she slid down on him. Her moist walls hugging him. His hands ran over her slender body and cupped her beautiful face. She slid along the length of his shaft in silence. She stared down at him. No scarves secured him but she knew, at that moment, she had a mastery over him that was absolute. It tasted like a heady wine but she also knew she paid for it by giving him the same mastery of her.

The feel of his shaft as it stretched her only to be drawn out to stretch her once more was exquisite. He brought his lips to her nipple and she cradled his head against her breasts. She stroked his back. An animal musk rose off him that flooded her senses and she let her mind go.

Rupert fell back on the bed, gazing up at her. He mouthed her name silently and she smiled. Her orgasm built and crested, she arched her back thrusting her small firm breast into his waiting hands.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh haaaa uwwwwww,” she breathed breaking the silence. Rupert arched his back beneath her, his mouth falling open in a silent scream of utter bliss. She felt his final thrust then his hot seed flowing into her. He collapsed back onto the bed, pulling her lips to his. They kissed then she lay on top of him.

“Literally a dream come true,” he whispered.

“Oh?” asked Willow.

“I’ve had that one since you were seventeen. Before I always felt guilty.”

Willow kissed him. “Now?”

“Happy, In love. Willow, I...”

She kissed him again. “I’ll be right beside you when you wake up.” She lifted off him. A brief interlude with tissues followed then she settled with Rupert spooned tight against her back. In minutes they both slept with smiles on their faces.


Xander and Anya walked through the graveyard, hand in hand. They’d checked three crypts and a sewer entrance already and found nothing.

“I’d rather be shopping,” complained Anya.

“We’ve discussed this before. We help our friends.”

“We need different friends.”

“Anya!” Xander glance around to be sure no one had heard.

“Well, it’s always slay this, research that. I want to have fun.” she pouted.

Xander looked at her. She had a very pretty pout and he kissed her.

“Remember that time in the park?” she asked.

“Anya, this is a graveyard. Like, Tres freaky.”

“It’s just a bunch of dead people.”

“News flash, humans get a little touchy about that.”

“Too bad, it might have been fun. Did you hear that?”

Xander cocked his head. There was an odd groaning sound. Following it, he found a sewer grate hidden behind a clump of bushes. He peered in then opened the grate. Holding Anya’s hand, he descended into the passage, soon coming to a side branch. Leaning into the opening he saw a naked Harmony lounging on a couch with a naked Drusilla lapping at her sex.

“We found them,” he whispered, eyes nailed to the two vampires.

“Are you sure of that?” spoke a soft, satin voice from behind them.

Xander turned and rushed the demoness. “Stop,” she commanded and Xander groaned as a wet stain appeared on the front of his pants. He stood like a statue.

“I’d heard you lost your power centre. Poor dear, reduced to dealing with mortals. And men at that,” remarked Terry as she examined Anya. “At least you’re a pretty little thing. Come with me and we’ll have some fun, after I feed.”

Anya moved towards Terry.

Xander closed his eyes. It was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but he refused to listen to the voice. His arm twitched. The muscles rebelling against every command. Teeth gritted, lungs heaving, he finally forced movement into the protesting limb. His hand shot out and grabbed Anya’s arm.

“Very impressive, male, but only love cancels my power. Lust doesn’t count,” observed Terry.

“Heads up, chicky. Just cause a guy doesn’t say it, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it.” Xander lashed out with his fist, knocking Terry to the ground.

“Oh, Xander,” breathed Anya, a joyous expression on her face.

“Run,” ordered Xander. He half dragged Anya behind him as he sprinted away. “Buffy, Over here,” he bellowed.

The Slayer appeared from behind a copse of trees and ran towards her friends.

“The earplugs don’t work,” warned Xander as they drew closer.

“Where?” demanded Buffy.

“Behind those bushes. Terry and at least Harmony and Dru, though I don’t think they’re alone. Down the sewer.”

“Call Giles. I’m going after them.”

“You need, Riley. That is, if you love him,” said Anya.

Riley approached from the far side of the graveyard. “Come on,” was all Buffy said grasping his hand.

Xander sprinted towards the nearest phone.


Clutching Riley’s hand, Buffy descended into the sewer access and followed the main passage to the branch. She peeked into the side passage. About a dozen woman, ranging from thirty to sixty, lounged in a chamber done over in lace and cushioned couches. Harmony and Drusilla sat together on a couch, their lips locked and tongues entwined.

“Looking for me?” asked a satiny voice from behind Buffy.

Clutching Riley’s hand she turned.

“You. Nice little orgy you have here.”

“You can join it you know. Haven’t you ever been curious?”

“Only about how you’d look with a broken neck.” Buffy lashed out with a kick.

“Stop,” commanded Terry. Buffy froze in place. Riley threw a punch. “Stop,” Terry commanded again. Riley’s punch connected. Terry fell back against the sewer wall.

“Help me,” she called to the women in the chamber.

“Oh shit!” Riley threw Buffy over his shoulder and ran towards the exit.

“Come back to me, Buffy,” ordered Terry.

Buffy struggled and fought against Riley, twisting free and running into Terry’s embrace. Riley clamped his hands over his ears and screamed as he made a break for safety.

Chapter 18 - RESCUE

Buffy kissed Terry. They were the same height, which intrigued her. She felt soft female hands caress her breasts and buttocks as her clothing was gently removed.

“Good slayer. You will give and receive pleasure here and enjoy it. Your secret fantasies will come true and you will know the joy of wymen. You will surrender your will to me and I will grant you bliss,” commanded Terry’s satin voice. Her lips returned to Buffy’s and their tongues intertwined. Drusilla caressed Buffy’s breasts.

“Shouldn’t we go?” asked Harmony.

“Go?” Terry reluctantly broke the kiss. A thirty something woman with large breasts and a touch of a belly moved to Buffy’s side and began running a finger over her sex.

Buffy gasped and pressed into the stranger’s hand.

“Her friends.”

“Without the slayer they are no threat. Soon the slayer will be ours completely. Won’t you dear?”

“Yours, Oh yes, Yours,” Buffy mumbled in a daze.

Taking Buffy’s hand Terry led her to a couch and laid her down. Harmony, let Buffy taste you,” ordered Terry.

Harmony positioned herself over Buffy’s mouth while Terry brought her lips to Buffy’s sex and circled her vagina with her finger. Drusilla tongued Buffy’s nipples and the thirty something woman ran her hands over the slayer’s body.

“Oh haaaaa,” breathed Buffy, as she was teased by so many hands at once she could not keep track of them. Sensation became a blur of pleasure. Hands caressed her vaginal lips, toyed with her clit. Terika motioned for Harmony to move and positioned herself to sixty-nine the slayer. Drusilla slid two fingers from one hand into Buffy’s vagina and one from the other into her anus while Terika tongue lashed the slayer’s clitoris. Harmony licked and stroked Buffy’s legs, concentrating on spots under the knees and around the ankles.

Deep inside Buffy a voice screamed that there was something she had to do, but it was powerless to act. She slid into sensation as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her. She reached down and caressed Terika’s breast, thrilling to the feel of another woman’s body. Terika tensed and Buffy exulted as warm juice touched her tongue. She stopped but Terika ground her vagina against Buffy’s chin and Buffy once more went to work tongue-ing the demon as yet another orgasm washed over her, driving her mind deeper into a whirlpool of mindless sensation and obedience to the Wyman whose warm body writhed on top of her.


“This way,” said Xander. The sun had just dipped below a line of obscuring trees at the cemetery’s edge. Spike climbed out of Giles’ car trunk. Willow and Giles both carried the swords he’d contracted for them. Xander had donned a bandoleer with stakes in each loop. Anya hefted a portable stereo and Riley carried the Tazer rifle.

“You OK, Riley?” Willow examined the man’s stricken expression.

“Terry took control of her. She doesn’t... We need to get her out of there,” he commanded.

“We will,” comforted Willow.

They moved across the yard, the couples holding hands in the centre, while Spike and Riley took up flanking positions. Nothing attempted to stop them. They reached the sewer opening and descended into the cavern.

Buffy stood in the passage. She was dressed in black leather pants and a matching halter. She scowled as they approach.

“Buffy,” called Willow.

“Traitor,” snapped Buffy in reply.


“Buffy, we came to rescue you,” stated Riley.

“I don’t need any man. You’re all parasites,” she snapped.

“She’s been influenced in some way,” stated Giles.

“She is mine. Just as you all soon shall be,” started the silky voice they had all come to dread.

“Now,” ordered Giles.
Anya hit play on the stereo. A crescendo of noise echoed out.

A flood of female vamps poured into the passage. Buffy leapt at Riley, aiming a savage kick at his head. He ducked it but ignored his opening to strike.

Willow and Giles released each other’s hands and took up fencer’s stances. A female vamp, half a head taller than Willow, charged her. Willow lunged, ducking below her attacker’s grasping hands and driving her foil into its heart. The silver steel parted the undead flesh allowing the wooden flat of the blade to come in contact with the still heart. The vampire exploded into dust.

Giles feinted towards the vamp to his left then brought the blade around in a quick arc, decapitating the one on his right, before springing clear of the first one’s grasp.

Xander dove in, ducking below a vamp’s guard and driving a stake home. Not waiting for the vamp to dust, he pulled a second stake from his bandoleer and moved to another target.

Spike threw a punch, shattering a female vampire’s jaw. The second punch drove into her chest shattering her ribs and his hand pulled out holding her heart, she dusted.

The music went dead.

Buffy landed a kick on Riley, plummeting him into unconsciousness.

“Stop fighting and be still,” ordered Terry.

Everyone complied.

Anya groaned where she lay on the ground. Drusilla stood over her. “Too loud. I fixed it. Mrs. Elisabeth doesn’t like loud music.”

“Good, Dru, now run along and play.” Terry turned her attention to her captives. “Naughty, naughty, especially you, Willow, after all my efforts to recruit you. Oh well, all’s well that ends well. Four healthy meals and two additional recruits. I will enjoy this. I think I’ll leave your mind alone, little witch, until you see how I treat your precious man. He should make a lovely treat.”

“What do you have to say, to that?”

Willow smiled at the implied permission to speak. “I say, Azezes queen of hate, reviler of men, avenger of women. Rape’s daughter, hate’s sovereign. I call to thee from this place of male death. This ground where dead men lie, as woman from woman born I call thee. Appear.”

Silence fell upon the chamber. An electric crackle filled the air. There was a thunderclap and she appeared. Many breasted with skin like a python, and the face of a temptress. Stubby cow-like legs and tentacles for arms.

“Terika, what is this?” demanded the greater Demoness.

“My prisoner summoned you, mother.”

Azezes turned on Willow. “Why do you call me?”

The demon’s breath was like rotting flesh, and its eyes glowed with an unholy red light. Willow trembled but, marshalling her courage, she forced her voice to be steady.

“I.. I just thought you should know your daughter’s been at it again. She’s been helping men.”

“No. She lies,” snapped Terika.

“Look at Frank Mulligan. Her cream is healing him,” said Willow.

“No. It can’t be, this is.”

“Use your sight. Or look into my heart, know the truth of my words.”

Azezes’ eyes took on a distant quality. “You defy me again. I give you power the likes of which you could not dream and you restore males.”

Azezes wailed, the ground itself trembled then, in a cloud of stinking sulfur, she and Terika vanished.

“What the? Oh, oh, oh God,” breathed Buffy shaking her head.

“Dru, Harmony, we’re going to have a bleeding talk,” bellowed Spike. The two female vamps glanced at him and hurtled down the passage with him in hot pursuit.”

“Now, slayer, it wasn’t all bad,” said one of the remaining vamps. Buffy leapt, driving her feet into the vamp’s face. Turning she pulled two stakes from Xander’s bandoleer and drove them into two separate vamps. In seconds the remaining vamps were dust.

“I’d call that a day,” said Xander.

“There is still the matter of the Mora to deal with,” corrected Giles.

“It’s in here,” said Buffy, leading the way into the side chamber. Six human women sat huddled on the couches, clutching cushions to themselves, trying to cover their nudity, and looking confused.

“Buffy,” asked Riley.

Buffy froze, a tremor running through her. “When we’re finished,” she replied.

A door opened off the main chamber and Buffy stepped in. In the corner was a workbench, a box of the finished ointment rested against the wall. On the bench the ingredients were arraigned. The Mora demon slouched against chains set in the wall, seeming half dead.

“It doesn’t seem that dangerous,” said Anya.

“Must have been drained recently,” agreed Willow.

“I don’t care, just let me get a rock. Angel said smash the gem eye and it’s toast.” Buffy moved towards where a loose brick had fallen from the wall.

With a roar the demon reared up. No longer held by Terika’s suggestion, it threw its full strength against the manacles. The chains burst, it lurched out and grabbed Willow. She screamed.

“No!” Rupert leapt with a speed even the slayer couldn’t match, driving down with his sword against the demon’s arm. The silvered steel bit deep. The demonic hand fell away, a jet of glowing blood shot out, catching Rupert in the chest. Willow tucked her chin and pushed down, slipping free of the now handless grip. She dove clear. Buffy threw the brick. It flew across the room and struck the beast in the forehead. With a wail of despair the creature vanished into smoke.

“Is everyone all right?” demanded Buffy.

“Yes. I believe I,” Rupert stared at his sword. Where the demon blood had touched it a young oak tree grew. “Oh my Gods.” He began tearing at his clothes, throwing them to the floor. His over coat was fast becoming a slab of raw meat and his shirt a cotton plant.

“I think I was in time,” he remarked.

“For what?” asked Xander.

“Nice pecs,” commented Anya.

“Mine,” said Willow.

“The blood, there is no telling what it would do to a mortal creature in its pure form,” explained Rupert.

“OK, so now the slayage is done,” said Buffy.

“Done,” agreed Giles.

Willow wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the light, but Rupert’s chest seemed to glow.

“Then we should go,” said Buffy.

“Ummm, Buff. You may not want to hear this but, Frank. Well... in a way he saved us and he needs the ointment to heal. Shouldn’t we...?” Willow indicated the crate.

“Oh God. Do what you want, Will. Riley, take me out of here,” said Buffy. She moved into the circle of his arms.

“My touch didn’t protect you,” said Riley as they left the sewer.

“And mine did you. Riley, I’m sorry. I, I don’t know anything. Terika, she, oh God Riley. It should have been awful. It should have been the worst thing I ever felt but I liked it. Riley, I don’t want to be.”

Riley kissed her. “Like me? I still love you, nothing changes that.”

“But I don’t love you. Or she wouldn’t have.”

“Shhhh. I’ll just have to try harder then won’t I?”

Inside Buffy a bit of ego melted. Too late for the battle but perhaps in time for her life. She kissed Riley and rested in the circle of his arms.

“This could be very interesting,” she remarked.


Willow was getting ready to head out the door.

“Could I have a minute?” asked Rupert as he stepped from their kitchen to their living room.

“You already had lots of minutes earlier,” she flirted and smiled.

Rupert took her by the hand and sat her down on the couch. “You still haven’t told your parents about us.”

“I know... but... well.” Willow looked sheepish.

“I know the age difference is a concern, but it is putting me in a awkward position. You see, in some ways, I am a conservative man and I should really have obtained your father’s blessing before doing this.”


Rupert knelt on the floor and held out a small antique box. “It was my grandmother’s. I sent for it months ago and if you will have me, it will be yours.”

Mouth open, Willow opened the box. Inside was a simple gold band with a small perfect diamond in a platinum setting.

“Willow Rosenberg, would you become my wife?” asked Rupert.

Her reply was to throw her arms around his neck, holding him with a strength he didn’t know she was capable of. She slipped the ring onto her finger and smiled wordlessly at her man.

“Tonight we tell your parents,” said Rupert.

Willow nodded.

Chapter 19 - HAND FASTING

Willow snuggled against Rupert in their bed.

“We really should get up, love,” he commented.

“But this is so nice.”

“Your father will be by to pick us up in an hour.”

Willow snorted. “I was so afraid to tell them because of the age difference, then look at what happened.”

“That ‘Thank God she isn’t a lesbian’ line did come as something of a surprise,” agreed Rupert.

“I’m getting use to it. I still keep finding bootleg copies of that tape.”

“Today should put all doubts to rest.”

“Mine died a long time ago.” Willow kissed Rupert then crawled out of bed. “Didn’t you have a scar there?” She traced her finger over a section of his chest.

“Must have faded.”

“OK. Dibs on the shower.”

“Don’t use all the hot water.”


Rupert stood before the altar in the circle. The June sun shone into the clearing and the wind tossed the branches of the surrounding trees. Riley stood in the east as the air quarter, dressed in a light blue robe. Xander to the south as fire in bright yellow. Buffy stood west for water in sea green. Anya north for earth in a rich brown. The guests were gathered inside the circle. As weddings went it was small, only seventy attendees but for a hand fasting the crowd was huge. Wesley had come from LA and stood outside the circle, staff in hand, as summoner. The priest and priestess, two plump forty something people whose style and attitudes marked them as hippies who never lost the faith, stood behind the altar. Cordelia stood behind them in a light cream robe, holding the ritual text, acting as handmaiden.

The circle had been cast the lord and lady summoned and the door opened.

Music played and Rupert turned to see Willow approach. She walked in on the arm of her father, wearing a simple robe of Isis blue and a garland of wild flowers upon her head. The sight of his bride took Rupert’s breath away. Her smile reached out like a search light, bringing joy to whomever it touched, but her eyes were for him alone.

Willow stepped into the circle and Wesley hastened to close it behind her. Rupert stood before the altar wearing a robe of Osiris green. On his brow was a simple circlet of gold. To her he looked like every hero of myth and legend brought to life. Her father walked her half way up the path, symbolizing the years he had cared for her. He then stepped aside. Willow strode forward alone, marking her progress through life as a complete individual, then she reached Rupert. He took her hand and they knelt before the altar.

“Be seated,” spoke the priest.

The guests sat in the chairs at the circle’s edge, none knowing quite what to expect.

“We have come here today to mark two people’s love. In the dawn of time there was primal mater, the innate force, Kether, whatever name you would give it,” spoke the Priestess.

“Primal matter split becoming Chokmah,” said the Priest.

“And Binah,” added the Priestess.


“And female.”

“And so it descended, a pillar of severity and a pillar of mercy.”

“But these principles were incomplete and thus they joined. So was born the middle pillar, the principle of balance. Tifareth, Yesod and Malkuth in alignment with Kether,” spoke the Priestess.

“In our lives so this principle must reign. Man to Woman, Yin to Yang. In this is love. And love in all its forms, for in us all exist both,” said the Priest.

“As from the earliest recorded histories, we now come together to celebrate this mystery. In Willow and Rupert is the continuation of the Gods’ and Goddess’ eternal union. They in living flesh enact that which was the source of all creation.”

“Heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul and flesh to flesh, for as long as love doth bind them.”

“Stand children of the Gods and speak the oaths you will use to bind two as one.”

Willow and Rupert stood and faced each other.

Rupert spoke. “Sweet Willow, Before you I was a shadow, incomplete and not knowing I was incomplete. As your name sake, you have been my shade in the heat of the world, a relief to my pain and a font for my joys. I love you, I respect you, I like you, and I will always cherish you, no matter what the shifting sands of time hold for us.”

Willow spoke. “Dear Rupert, You taught me what the depth of love is. You have protected me, tutored me, held me when I wept and laughed with me. You are my other. Each complete alone, but so much more than the sum of our parts together. I love you, I respect you, I like you, and I will always cherish you, no matter what the shifting sands of time hold for us.”

“You may exchange the tokens,” said the Priest.

Rupert held out a gold ring inscribed with a sun burst. Willow, a silver one inscribed with the triple moon. Each put the ring on the other.

“I now pronounce you man and wife,” intoned the Priest and Priestess in unison.

“Well go on, kiss.” added the Priestess when the newlyweds seemed loath to do more than hold hands and stare into each other eyes. Rupert pulled Willow to him and they kissed long.

Xander wept openly, his heart moved by the scene.

The standard wine blessing followed with Willow and Rupert performing it along with the Priest and Priestess, then the Gods were dismissed and the circle opened.


“That was beautiful you two, just beautiful,” gushed Joyce when she reached the bride and groom in the reception line.

“Thank you,” said Willow. “I’m so glad you came.”

“Wouldn’t have missed it for anything. You know you two are very important to me. But, Oh Rupert.”


“Perhaps you should slow down with the Grecian formula a bit. You’re losing the gray fast enough it’s noticeable.” She winked at him and moved on.

“You don’t use Grecian formula,” remarked Willow.

“Must be my vitamins.”

The next guest came up, stilling all conversation.


Buffy sat by the bar that had been set up at the edge of the clearing, chatting with a slender Negro woman in a red evening gown that showed off her muscular legs. Her eyes were a deep chocolate and her skin so smooth it begged one to touch it. Every so often the blonde would stroke the other woman’s arm or touch her knee while making a point. Rupert and Willow slow danced on the far side of the clearing, in a world of their own. Riley and a muscular Negro man danced near them as did Frank and Carol.

“Buffy,” interrupted Joyce’s voice. Buffy turned to look at her mother, both women seemed uncomfortable.

“Sally, would you excuse us for a moment?” asked Buffy.

“Sure, Buff. I’ll check on the boys. Leave them alone and there’s no telling what they’ll get up to.” Sally kissed Buffy on the lips before moving towards the two dancing men.

“So, Buffy, I see some things have changed,” opened Joyce.

“Mom. I’m sorry. I kept expecting everyone to live up to what I thought they should be, not letting anyone be who they were.”

“So who is my daughter dating? I mean, she is lovely but, I’d like to meet her. I’m sorry about Riley.”

“No need to be, Mom. Sally and John are the couple Riley and I are dating. It’s early days.”

“Buffy! My little girl. Young lady!”

“OK, Mom, I said I was sorry. How are Frank and Carol?”

“Good. Willow gave us that box of salve and when she told us what happened, we bought up all we could get. It’s amazing Buffy. Frank still needs hormones, but the scars are almost gone and it’s working. Turns out he knows how to use it.”

“God, Mom. OK, so like maybe were both outside the box relationship-wise, but you’re still my mother.”

“OK, Buffy. Would you mind if I told you I’m moving to LA?”

“With Carol and Frank.”

“It makes sense, Dear. I’ve been commuting every weekend and Jenny is going off to college in September, so it just seams reasonable.”

“You’re a cute triple,” observed Buffy.

“I think so. I must admit, you have rather striking taste yourself. Must run in the family.”

Buffy smiled and hugged her mother.

“Funny you know,” observed Joyce after a time.


“Willow is in the most traditional relationship of everyone.”

“Xander and Anya.”

“Please, an ex-vengeance demon. Buffy, this is a very odd town.”


Xander knelt in the grass holding out the ring. Anya stared at him stunned.

“Will you?”

“Of course,” she threw herself on him kissing him frantically. Pushing away she slipped the ring onto her finger. “We need to set a date.”

“I was thinking next year so I can finish the massage program.”

“OK, I wonder if Willow and Giles would mind if we use this place. There is so much to plan. Oh let me see.”

Xander looked on bemused as his fiancee babbled uncontrollably.


The door opened, and Rupert carried Willow over the threshold.

“I love you, Mrs. Giles,” he said as he sat her on the couch and turned to close the door.

“I love you too, but don’t tell my husband.” Willow smiled at him. “Your hair is darker. Rupert, you don’t have to try and look younger for me. I love you, just you, as you are.”

“Must be a renewed sense of life. Wait here while I set up the bedroom.” Rupert raced up the stairs.

“Suspicious, Willow moved to the leather bound volumes on the book shelf. It only took her a minute to pull out the one she sought. She began reading then shouted, “Rupert!”

“Love,” called the ex-watcher. They met each other on the stairs, Willow book in hand.

“You should have told me!” snapped Willow.

Rupert looked chagrined. “I don’t really know how far it will go.” Taking her hand he led her to the bedroom. Candles flickered around the room and champagne sat cooling in a bucket on the night-stand. Blue satin sheets covered the bed and a bowl of ripe strawberries sat beside the champagne.

“Rupert, it’s lovely,” breathed Willow.

He kissed her.

“Oh no,” she commented. “You won’t distract me that easily. What haven’t you been telling me? The book says Sir Galimine lived into his nineties. Back then that’s beyond belief.”

“It’s the Mora demon blood. It... Willow, I don’t know how long it will last. The few accounts I found say it will slow down, reverse, then eventually stop all together.”

“Say it, Rupert. I need to hear it to believe it.”

“I’m aging backwards. There is no way to tell how long, I do not know how much of the blood touched me or how quickly it will wear out.”

Willow kissed him. “So I may eventually have to decide if I want to be with a younger man?” she smiled and it was pure mischief.

“I do not believe it will come to that. Sir Galimine received a considerable dose and the process only extended his life by, at most, thirty years.”

“How ever long, Rupert. How ever long,” Willow kissed him, this time the kiss lingered. His hands stroked along the side of her hand-fasting robe. Rupert allowed himself to savour his young beautiful wife. Breaking the kiss he reached down and lifted the robe over her head. He gasped and stood back admiring what it revealed.

Willow was dressed in a lacy, white body-suit that only partially concealed her breasts and Venus mound. It hugged her breasts up and together creating an enticing cleave. Her white stockings were held up by garters that connected to the body-suit. She smiled at her husband.

“Think your new found vigour is up to it?” she asked and winked.

“Gods, Willow, you are so... I don’t know what I did to deserve you but Gods, I am so glad you are mine.”

“Always, Rupert, Always.” She moved to him and nuzzled his neck as she reached down and lifted up his robe. It became tangled around his arms and she took the opportunity to run her tongue over his nipples.

Rupert groaned, threw the robe to the floor and pulled his wife hard against him, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. The rough lace of her body-suit scraped against his chest. The sensation was like fingernails toying over his skin

Willow pushed away and with a coquettish smile, sat on the bed and picked up her champagne flute.

“To us?” she held the glass up in a toast.

Rupert shucked his underwear, revealing his hardness, and lay on the bed beside her. He picked up his own champagne glass.

“To us.”

They intertwined arms and drank. As she pulled away, Willow deliberately tipped a stream of champagne down Rupert’s front. He gasped with the cold then again with the warmth as her tongue and lips followed the trail. He hissed as the cold effervescent liquid fell against his genitals and Willow’s tongue lapped him clean. He stared at the beautiful redhead.

Reaching down, he pulled her head up until he could bury her lips under his own. He guided her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and moved behind her. His kisses worked down her neck then over her shoulders. One by one he undid the clips down the back of the body-suit, following the path of exposed skin with lips and tongue.

“I though you liked me in lingerie,” breathed Willow.

“Unwrapping a gift can be half the fun.” Rupert continued to work his way down her spine.

“Half?” cooed Willow.

“Well... perhaps not ‘half the fun’.”

He undid the last clip and moved around to her front. He slowly pulled down the lace, kissing and caressing every exposed inch of his love as he went.

“Rupert, you are such a tease.” Willow ran her hands over his back. Reaching down she caught the tip of his penis in her hand and gently moved the fore-skin back and forth.

“Ummmm. You are a fine one to talk.” Rupert eased the lace down to the top of her Venus mound. “Stand up.”

Willow obeyed and Rupert eased the body-suit down onto the tops of Willow’s thighs. His tongue probed the front of her vaginal slit, flicking over her clitoris and he slowly undid the clips supporting her stockings.

“Haaaa,” Willow arched back allowing his tongue fuller access.

Finishing with the clips, Rupert pulled the lingerie down, being careful to leave the stockings in place. He ran his hand up her stocking covered legs as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue.

“Rupert, My Rupert,” whispered Willow as the sensual slippery feel of his hand tracing up her stockings sent a shudder up her spine.

Rupert stood and laid her back on the bed. Picking up his champagne glass, he kissed her then poured a trail from the nape of her neck to her clitoris. Willow gasped as the cold fizzy liquid struck her clit.

Rupert licked his way down, pausing only to spill a tiny splash over each of Willow’s nipples and suckle them clean. His tongue trailed down her abdomen over her Venus mound and into her sex. He suckled her clitoris and traced a finger back and forth along the length of her slit.

“Oh Gods, Rupert,” she grabbed his head and tried to force his mouth tight against her slit. Rupert pulled away and spilled more champagne over her sex.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she gasped and he licked her clean. Kissing his way up her body Rupert deposited his flute on the bed table before kissing her lips. Their tongues intertwined and he slipped the tip of his penis into her. Leaning back he rocked back and forth, entering her no more than a couple of centimetres. He licked his thumb and worked it over her clitoris.

“Rupert, Rupert, Rupert. More, more,” she whimpered.

“Are you sure, Mrs. Giles?”

Willow wrapped her legs around his and pulled herself down. The satin sheet lubricated the move and she drove herself onto his length.

Rupert gasped and drove into her. His mind was empty of everything but her. Her face was his world. Her love his reason for being. He saw his Goddess in her eyes and his heart melted at her touch.

Willow moaned as her husband drove into her. No thought intruded. She gazed into his eyes and saw her God smiling back at her. Her heart sang with his touch.

They orgasmed together, each building on the pleasure of the other, eyes open gazing at each other’s faces. The pleasure went on, until it became an exquisite agony they cherished. Together they loved. Willow counted the creases around Rupert eyes, seeing each as a medal, a year lived, growth made.

Rupert stared into Willow’s smooth youthful face and saw hope, the promise of all tomorrows. He sensed in her echoes of what might be, of children still unborn and a life lived well. He loved her and that said it all.

Minutes later they lay entwined in each other’s arms, whispering sweetly.

“So, Rupert, what are the strawberries for?” she asked.

Rupert smiled. “You are incorrigible.”

“Think you’re up to the challenge?” Willow reached a hand down and played with his flaccid penis.

“You know, love. I believe I am,” said Rupert. Picking up a strawberry he placed it against her lips and kissed her, sharing the fruit between them.



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