Chapter 6 - I LOVE YOU BEST

“The important thing to remember, when you’re comparing disparate systems, is not to get too bogged down in details,” explained Rupert. He sat on his couch while Willow sat in one of the easy chairs, alternating between two books.

“I think I get it. OK, so the Heart Chakra, that’s obviously ties into Tifareth, the moral centre, personal connection to the divine will. The Basel Chakra is the creative energy, but it just doesn’t seem to fit with Kether.”

“Remember, love, the two systems grew up in isolation. Kether ties in more with the Crown Chakra.”

“But that’s a purely spiritual nature. It’s not a intrinsically creative force,” Willow’s brow wrinkled as she tried to draw the connection.

“Remember Kether is the first swirling. Think how everything pre-exists on the spiritual planes.”

“I see. Yes.” Willow’s eyes lit up with comprehension and she proceeded to match the Brow with Chokmah and the Throat with Binah.

Rupert watched her, a bemused half smile on his face.

Willow looked up and caught him staring. “What?” she asked.


“Have I got dust on my nose again?”

“You’re perfect.”

Willow glanced at her wardrobe, a knit sweater and a simple knee length skirt.

“I’d hardly say perfect. I dressed to be comfortable because I knew I’d be studying. Do you mind?” Willow grinned sheepishly.

“Mind?” Rupert looked a little stunned. “Willow, Love. I love you best like this. Watching you work through a problem, the way your brow wrinkles, then the shine in your eyes when you figure it out. You are perfect!”

Willow smiled and felt a blush rise to her cheeks. She knew she was more confident since she started dating Rupert, but sometimes she still felt like a love sick fifteen year old.

“Penny?” asked Rupert.

“Just in a time warp.”

“We live on the hellmouth, that is not necessarily the best of expressions.” Rupert’s smile took any sting out of the words.

Willow closed the books. “Two hours. Time for a study break.”

“Certainly. Would you care for something to drink?”

Willow stood, stretched then walked over to Rupert, settled sideways on his lap and threw her arms around his neck. “Nope sir.” She kissed him and his arms went around her, holding her close. The kiss ended and Rupert rested his head against her shoulder, just holding her. He felt her lips brush the top of his head and the warmth of her body cradled against his own.

“So if the Basel Chakra doesn’t relate to Kether it must relate to Malkuth. Physicality, the physical act of creation.”

“Uh ha,” breathed Rupert as Willow’s hands made circles against the material of his shirt.

“And the Mantra for the Basel Chakra that governs passions is La.”

“Laaaa,” Rupert demonstrated as he gently ran his fingers over her buttocks.

“And the Heart Chakra that deals with love and the higher emotions is Yim.”

“Yimmm.” Rupert ran his fingers through her hair. Willow very deliberately squirmed on his lap.

“Yimmm,” she repeated. Then she chanted in a silken voice. “LA Yimmm LA Yimmm LA Yimmm.”

Rupert chuckled and kissed her, halting the chant.

“Upstairs?” asked Willow, smiling sweetly.

“Wherever you want, Love.”

“Anya is covering for me, so I can stay. Let’s go to bed.”

Willow stood and, taking Rupert’s hand, walked with him up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Rupert pulled Willow gently to his chest and kissed her deeply, his tongue tasting the sweetness of her mouth. Willow broke the kiss and snuggled in, resting her head against his chest. Hugging him with one arm she undid the buttons of his shirt.

“I’m glad you’re spending the night. I sleep better with you beside me,” admitted Rupert, who then helped pull Willow’s sweater off.

“Me to. I mean, with you beside me.”

Rupert snorted.


“Best not let your mother see you without a shirt on for a few days.”

“What, why? Oh.” Willow looked at her skin that showed ample evidence of their pre-study session activities in the form of little red hickeys. She smiled and gently rubbed Rupert’s groin.

“Whatever would she think I came here to study?” she teased.

Rupert’s reply was to kiss her. While they kissed he undid her skirt button and zip. The skirt fell to the floor, bunching around her legs.

“Let’s get in bed,” suggested Willow. Rupert hurried to shuck his clothes while Willow slipped out of her underwear and slid in under the covers. Rupert soon followed and pulled her close against him, front to front. His hand gently strayed over her slender form.

“This is so nice,” purred Willow, who began exploring her lover’s body, tracing her fingers over solid muscle and occasionally brushing them along the length of his hardening shaft.

“You’re always wonderful,” breathed Rupert.
“So are you, but this is nice. Sweet, slow. How do you know my moods so well?”

“Has to be some advantage to being a wizard, Pet.” Rupert ducked his head under the covers and very gently took a nipple into his mouth.

“Careful, they’re still a little tender,” cautioned Willow but the attention was so soft she felt nothing but pleasure.

Rupert slid his hand up her inner thigh and gently pressed against her vaginal slit. He knew what he wanted and needed. He massaged her only long enough to feel her moisture building. Leaving her nipple, he stuck his head above the covers. The pink flush of her arousal was just beginning to tint her face.

“Are you ready, Love?” he asked.

“Ha hu. Rupert?”


“I like it when you call me Love.”

“The name suits, Love.” he kissed her then, taking a condom from the night-stand, put it on. Positioning himself at her opening he slowly eased into her.

“Rupert. My Rupert,” she breathed as he began a slow steady rhythm. The loving was easy, more intimate than the games they played, and for both fulfilling in a very different way. Their lips intertwined in long, slow, languid kisses.

“Willow. I love you,” breathed Rupert.

“Willow tightened her grip around him. “I love you too, Rupert. Stay inside me forever.”

Rupert smiled and gazed into her eyes. “I do have my limits.” He kissed her.

“Then just stay.”

Rupert felt tears sting his eyes. The beauty below him was everything he’d ever dreamed and more. He felt the fear of his age creep up and wondered how long he could hold her, or if he should even try. He looked into those earnest emerald eyes and saw in them a mirror of his own doubts and fears but something more. A gentle resolve to face them.

“For as long as I can, my lovely Willow. For as long as I can,” he replied.

The languid loving continued, touching, talking, building so slowly that when Willow gasped in orgasm it caught them both by surprise. Rupert felt her nails dig into his back and the little crescents of pain added to his sensation, pushing him over the edge. His orgasm seemed to last forever and he gazed into the beautiful face beneath him for every second of it.

“Willow?” Rupert was still nestled inside her and he took his weight on his elbows so he didn’t crush her beneath him.


“How difficult would it be for you to commute to the university from here?”

“Oh, on my bike, twenty minutes each way. Why?”

“I was just thinking...”

Willow’s eyes grew panicked. “Oh... Rupert...I mean... Well... We haven’t even told my parents yet and well.”

Rupert kissed her but failed to school all the disappointment out of his face. “And it’s too soon for you to think of moving in.”

Willow looked sad. “Rupert?”

“Yes, Love.”

“I do love you. It’s just, well. I’ve only been away from my parents for one school year. I’m just not ready to live together yet.”

Rupert brightened. “I like that word. I like that word a great deal.”

Willow smiled. “Which one?”


Rupert slid his now flaccid penis from her, removed the condom, and lay close beside her.

“One thing I could use?” asked Willow.


“A second drawer. We’ve almost filled the first one with things I can’t wear out of the house.”

Rupert snuggled in against her, spooning. “I’ll buy you a dresser. Of course, I also get to buy you the oriental silk robe.”

“You are wicked.” Willow smiled, turned off the night-stand light and pressed tight against her man.

“Good night, Love.”

“Night, Rupert. And, Love, yet means yet, just give me some time to be nineteen.”

“As long as you need.”


Rupert turned the sausages in the skillet. He was dressed in a full-length, brown terrycloth robe. Willow stood at the other end of the kitchen counter wearing what was fast becoming her casual dress for when they were together, one of his button down shirts and nothing else. She was making the tea and setting the table.

The doorbell rang.

“Can you see who that is, pet?” asked Rupert.

Willow emptied the kettle into the pot then checked the peephole.

“It’s Buffy,” Willow almost squealed. The distance her friend had kept for the three weeks since she informed Xander and Anya had been a source of concern. Willow pulled open the door.

“Buffy, come in. We’re just about to have breakfast but we can put some more on, can’t we, Rupert?” enthused Willow.

Buffy took Willow in at a glance and cringed. “God, Will, don’t you two do anything else.”

“Buffy,” snapped Giles.

“OK, OK. Look, Will, I just got my residence notice. If we want to miss the lines we better apply early. That’s if we’re still rooming together?”

“Of course we are, Buff, best friends. Nothing’s gonna change that.”

In the kitchen Giles unobtrusively set a third place at the table.

“I need you to sign the form then.” Buffy held out the triplicate piece of paper.

Willow took it and scribbled her name in all the right places.

“Great, I’ll run this over to the campus.”

“Wait up, I’ll get dressed and join you.”

“That’s OK, I...”

“Breakfast is served.” Giles deposited three plates of fried eggs, sausages and toast on the table.

“I really can’t,” objected Buffy.

“Please, Buff, it’s already made. Good food shouldn’t go to waste,” pleaded Willow.

Buffy glanced from the entreating face of her friend to the welcoming expression on her ex-watcher.

“Oh, OK. Sausage and eggs. You people eat like this all the time you’ll just have to sit on the vamps to take them out.”

Willow and Giles smiled as they took their places at the table.

“We burn it off,” remarked Willow.

“Will, things I don’t want to hear,” grumbled Buffy returning her fork of sausage to her plate.

“I... er... I didn’t...”

“I’m sure Willow was referring to our new sport. We’ve joined the Sunnydale fencing society and train three nights a week. Willow is becoming quite proficient with a foil. Though your epee and saber need more work, dear.”

“Umm... yeah... fencing, Like sword play. Thrust and parry and thrust and. Oh.” Buffy hastened to shovel food into her mouth and tried not to blush.

“Exactly,” remarked Giles.


As Buffy and Willow walked to the university they chatted and soon it was like old times.

“I gotta tell you, Will. After that thing with Tara I was kinda wondering about changing roommates.”

“Buffy, why? Don’t you trust me?” Willow sounded hurt.

“I love you, Will, you know that, but I love Xander too and I don’t want to share a room with him.”

Willow snorted. “I can just imagine Anya’s reaction.”

Both women chuckled. “Buff, don’t worry. It was a mistake, I was so broken up about Oz leaving, and she was there saying all the right things.”

“Sorry I wasn’t there for you.” A silence fell between the two women as the various meanings in those words were sifted. Willow was the first to break it.

“So am I, Buff. It might have worked with us, but I have Rupert now and you have Riley, so I guess we’ll never know.”

“Holy God, Will. I didn’t mean.”

“Hey, Wicca girl here, remember. Rupert’s been teaching me how to hear what people don’t say.”

“Could you stop calling him that?”




“Let’s talk about something else. This is way too of the heavy,” suggested Buffy.

“OK. When’s Riley coming back?”

“One more week. God, I’ll be glad to see him.”

“Feeling the lonely?”

“Big time. Oh don’t let me forget. I have to buy batteries after we drop off the form.”

“Batteries, got it. Your flashlight’s going dead?”

“Err... aww... Yup that’s the that and, hellmouth you know, gotta be prepared.”

Chapter 7 - VIDEO FUN

Buffy couldn’t believe she was doing this. She stood in Riley’s closet dressed in the gauzy black negligee Willow lent her. It pulled a little tight across her breasts but with an extra piece of black ribbon they’d managed to do up it’s single tie. She watched the room’s entrance by holding the door open a crack. Finally Riley stepped in carrying a large box. Buffy licked her lips, anticipation already causing moistness to form between her legs.

Riley set the box on the floor and pulled out a video tape. Buffy waited, in her fantasy he was laying on the bed and she wanted it to be just right.

“Buffy,” whispered Riley as he popped the tape into the machine. The T.V. screen on his dresser, at the foot of the bed, filled with the image of two people having sex and gasps and moans issued from the speaker.

He’s away for months, just gets back, then instead of looking for me, he watches a porno? Buffy thought angrily.

Riley undid his pants, kicked off his shoes and lay back on the bed.

Buffy shifted her attention to the screen then, recognizing the couple, threw open the door.

“You... I... tape, Riley, could have asked!”

“Buffy, it’s not what you think... Wow.” Riley’s gaze took in the slayer’s scantily clad form and his mouth dropped open.

“I think you have a tape of us, and no one told me I was being filmed,” snapped Buffy.

Riley forced himself to look at her face. It was not an easy task. “They didn’t tell me either. Professor Walsh had the entire dorm wired. This is only part of her personal collection. We found them while we were sifting through the rubble. Most of them were destroyed, I kept the ones of us. Thought I should ask you what you wanted done with them.”

“Damn it, Riley, you knew nothing about this?”

“Nothing, I swear!”

“Buffy turned around and watched herself of the screen. “It’s an interesting keepsake of our time together. Is this the only copy?”

“As far as I know.”

“OK, you’re forgiven. Is the camera still in place?”

“It’s built into the wall but the feeds are disconnected.”

“Could you hook it up to your VCR?” Buffy’s eyes were now glued to the screen, narcissistically enjoying her own performance.

“You’d really want to?”

“You were watching it. Might be fun.”

Riley breathed a sigh of relief and let his eyes wander over Buffy’s taut body, clad in the filmy black robe. Her breasts seemed to strain against it, demanding release. “You look fantastic.”

Buffy preened as Riley climbed off the bed, tossed off his shirt and took her in his arms.

“This is more the reaction I expected,” she remarked then he crushed his lips against hers. His hands slipped under the robe caressing her body and her heat began to rise.

“God yes, I’ve needed this for months,” she admitted.

“I’ve missed you so,” Riley panted and started fumbling with the tie on the front of the negligee.

“Easy. It’s a loaner.” Buffy pushed his hands away and undid the knot holding the garment in place.

Riley lowered his mouth, kissing between her breasts then working his way slowly up to her nipples. All the while, one hand rubbed gently over her lower back and the other teased it way up her thigh.

Buffy looked at the screen. The image showed her and Riley in a torrid sixty-nine. Her own voice groaned out in pleasure from the speaker. She sighed as her memories blended with her present and Riley stroked his fingers over her sex. She traced her hands over his back and through his hair. Reaching down she slipped a hand under his chin and forced him to rise from her breasts.

“Beds were made for a reason,” she observed.

“A very good one,” he agreed and shucked his pants. His erection sprang out and Buffy grasped it.

“Got you where I want you.” She tightened her grip and guided him to the bed. She laid him down with his head at the foot so she could face him and still see the screen. The image now showed her straddling Riley on a chair, slowly working herself up and down on his shaft.

“Remind me to send flowers to Maggie’s grave,” she hissed. Taking a blue condom from the box on the night-stand, she rolled it over his penis and mounted him. With agonizing slowness she sank down until his entire length was buried in her.

“Buffy,” he breathed and began massaging her breasts. The speakers sounded with a cry of ecstasy just as Riley used his finger to stimulate her clitoris. Buffy added her own cry to the voice on the tape then collapsed against him.

“Spent?” he asked.

“Hardly.” She leaned back and massaged his testicles. Slipping her finger a little lower, she pressed it against his anus, eliciting a moan.

“Such a good Iowa farm boy,” she cooed.
Riley sat up and took one of her breasts into his mouth, while with his free hand he reached back and massaged her anus. Riley eased his finger past the opening and slowly made a circling motion.

“Haven’t forgotten a thing have you,” she breathed as she felt herself building towards another orgasm. She kept riding him while his finger worked her nether hole. The image on the screen showed them doing exactly the same thing. Buffy’s eyes were glued to the sight. Her breathing came in gasps.

“Oh Riley, Now.”

Riley drove his finger into her, up to the knuckle, and pumped it in and out. Her hips were a blur, then she screamed biting his shoulder to muffle her cries. Riley gasped at the pain and felt his seed explode into the condom. Slowly he extracted his finger and lay back on the bed, Buffy a dead weight against him.

“I missed you,” she commented.

“I could tell,” he agreed.

They lay in silence for a long time.

“Where’d you get the negligee, it is something else.” Riley trailed his arm up her side and began tracing patterns over her skin.

“Borrowed it from Willow.” Buffy smiled and began teasing his pubic hair, being careful not to touch his shaft.

“Didn’t think Tara...” Riley played with her hair, enjoying the silky feel.

“They broke up.”

“Thank God! You know I have friends in the lesbian alliance.” Riley reached around and massaged her lower back, pulling her close so his flaccid penis rubbed against her Venus mound and her breasts pressed into his chest.

“Hmm. Rising to the occasion are we.” Buffy could feel him hardening between them. “And those girls that are always hanging around you better be part of the Lesbian alliance, or you’re in big trouble.”

“Now, Buffy, shouldn’t pigeonhole people for their sexuality. Lots of people are Bi.”

“Really, how interesting. Of course I prefer this.” Reaching down she took his hardened penis in her hand and gently stroked it. “Anyway you were saying.”

“Buffy, I can’t talk if you’re going to.”

“Should I stop?”

“God no!” Riley reached out and ran his fingers along Buffy’s vaginal slit pushing first one then two into her. She was still moist from their previous session. Buffy increased the pace of her stroking.

“Let me in,” pleaded Riley as he worked his thumb against her clitoris and pumped all four fingers into her.

“No. I want my friend Franklin in there.” Buffy pulled the larger of her two vibrators out from underneath the pillow where she’d hidden it. “You can use the back door.”

“You. God, what have you done to me?” Riley pulled away from her and slipped down taking her clitoris in his mouth as he pumped his fingers in and out. With his other hand he toyed with her anus which slowly loosened. First one finger, then two, then three entered her nether hole.

“Here.” Buffy’s voice sounded sultry and strained as she held out the lubricated condom to him. Riley took it and slipped it over his penis.

Buffy positioned herself, feet on the floor, leaning over the bed and lay the vibrator where Riley could reach it.

Riley moved behind her, positioning the head of his penis at the opening of her anus and pushed in. For a second her muscles resisted then he slid easily in. Reaching around he massaged her clitoris. As he slowly pumped back and forth into her rectum.

“Hmmm. OK, help Franklin,” Buffy cooed. Riley took the vibrator and turned it on, then reached around her to work it slowly into her vagina.

The sensation of Riley’s penis stretching her anus and the vibrator humming in her vagina caused lights to dance in front of Buffy’s eyes. Riley synchronized the motion of the toy and his hips, slowly and steadily building on her passion. His other hand alternated between pinching her nipples and playing with her clitoris.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!” she breathed as the room descended into a white haze.

“I love your tight, little ass. I want to fuck you until you can’t come any more. I want to shoot my wad up your tight, little butt. I want Frank to pump you until you can’t see straight. I want, I want Arreeggg Haaaa,” Riley groaned.

Buffy howled as her orgasm hit. Her knees failed her and she and Riley fell onto the bed, the vibrator still humming within her.

Pounding sounded on the door followed by an angry voice. “Damn it, keep it down or sell tickets for God’s sake. I’m not putting up with another term of this shit!”

Buffy tensed her muscles pushing Frank out and leaving him to fall to the floor. Riley just lay tight against her.

“Pull out, lover,” ordered Buffy.

Riley complied then removed the condom and threw it in the trash.

“You are the most decadent woman I have ever met. And I love every second of it,” Riley collapsed onto the bed beside her, sweat dripping off him.

“Hmmm, nice to hear but it’s not true.”

“Can’t think of anyone else.”

“You’ve met Willow.”

Riley chuckled. “Willow, don’t hold that Tara thing against her. I was going to tell you before. My friends from the alliance, they told me she was a player. Joined their group and started working her way through. Only interested in putting another notch on her garter belt and willing to say anything to do it.”

“Figured as much.”

“Yeah, she talked to me about us three doing it together you know.”

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Didn’t figure you’d want to hurt Willow, and it was near end of term. I was hoping they’d end it over the summer.”

“You’re sweet.” Buffy rolled over and kissed him. “That’s not the decadent bit. You should see the lingerie that girl has. And you won’t believe this. She’s dating Giles.”

“Giles? Old Giles, British, wears a lot of tweed?”

“Sick huh?”

“Wow, Old horse has a few laps left in him, I guess.”

“Riley! This isn’t funny. Willow, well he’s ancient.”

“He isn’t exactly on par with the pyramids,” soothed Riley.

“It’s sick but I can’t tell them anything. I figure it’s just Willow trying to convince herself she isn’t a lesbian. I mean, like it would matter. Giles is just convenient. She’ll figure out she really wants a woman soon. By then they could both get really hurt though.”

Riley wrapped his arms around Buffy. “I don’t know, Buff.”

“I do. It’s a horrible mistake and I can’t stop them from making it.”

“Look, I have a friend who does volunteer counselling for the alliance. Why don’t I ask her to have a word with Willow?”

“Would you? Riley, you’re the best.” Buffy kissed him then, pushing him onto his back, started playing with his penis.

“I don’t think.” she silenced him with a kiss.

“Exactly!” she commented, then moved down to lick his shaft. Two minutes of dedicated tongue work later she was unrolling a condom down his length and swallowing him whole.

“Oh,” breathed Riley.

Buffy pulled her mouth away. “Riley, honey, rewind the tape and hit play would you?” She lowered her mouth over his shaft once more. Riley scrambled with the control and soon the screen filled with images of their first encounter. Sitting up, Buffy mounted him, facing the screen with her back to his face. She slowly pumped her hips up and down. Riley lay flat on his back, spent, unable to do more than groan as she used him.

“No fair using slayer powers,” he whispered in a lucid moment.

“But don’t you just love it?” Buffy leaned back and pulled the smaller of her two vibrators from under his pillow, unrolled a lubricated condom along its length and turned it on.

“Is Riley a good little Nancy boy?” she asked.

“Oh yes, anything,” he replied.

“Does Riley want his back door filled? I mean, fingers are nice but I think this will be even better.”

“Oh Buffy. Please.”

Buffy smiled enjoying the sense of power this gave her. “Ask for it nicely.”

“Please fuck me up the ass like the Nancy boy I really am.”

“She pressed the tip of the vibrator against his anus and slowly worked it back and forth smearing the lubricant around then easing it in.

“Awww,” he breathed.

She synchronized the thrust of the vibrator to her decent on his shaft. She locked her eyes on the screen and watched as Riley stroked her breasts and helped her out of her jeans. Her orgasm built slowly as she used her free hand to stroke her clitoris and imagined a warm mouth sucking her breasts. Riley’s anus clamped down hard on the vibrator and he groaned. Buffy slammed down on his penis and drove her fingers against her clit. Her orgasm washed over her. Extracting the vibrator, she lifted off him. The almost dry shot in the condom told her it would be a while before he was ready to go again. She teasingly licked the condom on his penis, enjoying the taste of her own juices.

“Stop, oh God, stop. I can’t,” Riley breathed. She looked up. His head was lolling on the pillow and his body was coated in sweat. Buffy took a deep breath and smiled. “Sometimes I love being the slayer.” She slipped up beside him and pulled a cover over them both.

Chapter 8 -MEMORIES

Willow entered her dorm room. “Hi Buffy, Riley, um, I don’t know you but, hi anyway.” She remarked taking in the couple who sat on the bed and the muscular, dark-haired woman of maybe 25 with an attractive face and large, brown eyes sitting at Buffy’s desk.

“I’m Andrea, Buffy thought we might have something in common.” The new woman stood and held out her hand to Willow.

“Oh. Buffy?”

“Will, Andrea knows what you’re going through. She can help you sort things out.” Buffy took Riley’s hand and headed for the door.

“You have a very good friend in her.” Andrea returned to her seat.

“The best, but I don’t get.”

“I know you’re a lesbian.”

“What? No! I mean... I’m not... Really.”

“It’s OK, Willow. I’m a lesbian too.”

“Look I’m.”

“Don’t worry. I’m in a committed, long-term relationship. I’m not here to pick you up or anything. Buffy said you were going through a rough time accepting yourself and thought that we should talk.”

“I’m not a lesbian. I like men. I have a boyfriend.”

“Denial is the first stage. You know just because you had a bad experience with Tara doesn’t mean all woman will be like that.”

Willow sat on Buffy’s bed wearing an expression like a deer caught in headlights. “Someone else who knows about that. Great, just great. I should just sow a scarlet L to my sweater!”

“I know it can feel like that. Your experience with Tara isn’t all there is to it though. My lover and I have been together for three years and I love her more today than when we first moved in together. You see, Willow, it’s OK, you can have a real relationship with a woman.”

“I... I don’t want a relationship with a woman.”

“I know it can be confusing, to feel differently than everyone else, but the people who really care about you will accept you.”

“This is all about Rupert and me! I can’t believe she did this.”

“What?” asked Andrea.

“I’m sorry. Buffy doesn’t approve of my boyfriend. She’s convinced herself that I’m only using him because I don’t want to be a lesbian.”

“Aren’t you?”

“So I dated Tara for a few months. Does it have to define the rest of my life?” Willow shouted and slammed her fist into the mattress.

“Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on a lot of things.” Andrea leaned forward in her seat and stared at Willow with earnest eyes. “Answer me this, honestly, if it was just you, no bigotry, no family to disappoint, no one to upset, which would you choose to spend your life with, a man, or a woman. Think about it and be honest.”

Willow stared into the other woman’s eyes, seeing compassion and understanding and maybe a hint of sadness buried deep. “A man. I like men, the way they smell, the feel of muscle under my hands, even the way they think, though I’m still trying to figure that one out.”

“Give up. My mother tried for thirty years and never got it. If you’re being honest with me, you’re right. Your friend has things totally backwards.”

“I’m sorry she called you out here for nothing.”

“I have an aerobics class in the gym in a few minutes anyway. Look, either your friend is screwy, or you’re in denial. If it’s the second one here’s my card.” Andrea opened her purse, pulled out a business card and passed it to Willow. “If you ever need to talk things out, just call.”

“Thank you, but I really do like men, and I love my boyfriend.”

“Rupert. Like the bear?”


“What does Buffy have against him?”

“He’s older and, well when her mother moved here he was our school librarian. He kinda became like a father to her.”

“Electra complex. Don’t let her get to you. My Dad is fifteen years older than my Mom. Thirty years and still together. Best het. couple I know.”

“Thanks Andrea. It was really great meeting you.”

“You to, Willow. You know it’s a pity Buffy got it wrong.”


“I have a friend, and the two of you would look just adorable together.” Andrea smiled as Willow shifted uncomfortably.

“Little doubts?” asked the older woman.

“I guess, I mean last year...”

“Little doubts are natural, everyone has them. I love my wife, but I still see every Harrison Ford movie that comes out. Men look so good with a bit of character in their faces. Just be honest with yourself.”

Willow smiled feeling an incredible warmth for this stranger. “Thanks.”

“Gotta go. Aerobics. Talk to your friend before she does something really stupid.” Andrea moved to the door and left the room.

“Buffy, resolve face, you are going to pay for this,” Willow muttered when the door closed.


Mixing the herbs and spreading them under the bottom sheet of Buffy’s bed, then inscribing the signs on the floor surrounding the bed took several hours, then Willow turned off the lights and crawled under her covers. About midnight the door creaked open. The sounds of stealthy movements crossed the floor but Willow lay still.

“Poor Willow, must have been awful for you trying to figure out how to tell Giles. Better sooner than later. You’ll be happier now,” whispered Buffy’s voice. The bed springs creaked.

“Must be the new detergent,” whispered Buffy, as the sent of various herbs filled the room.

Willow took three deep breaths, slipping into a trance, then reached out with her mind.


“What? What’s going on?” demanded Buffy. She existed in the middle of a field of mist, with no sense of up or down, right or left.

“Buffy, don’t be afraid, or maybe be a little afraid. You deserve it after the way you’ve treated Rupert and me.”

“Willow, where are you?” called Buffy.

“All around you. You just won’t accept that Rupert and I can love each other, so I’m going to make you accept it.”

“Willow, will domination.”

“Is bad. No, Buffy, I’m sharing something with you. I’m going to share one of my favourite days with you, and you are going to accept it.”

“Willow, what are you talking about?”

“You won’t be able to change anything, just feel what I felt, see what I saw.”

The mists vanished and Buffy stood in front of Gi... Ru... Gi... Rupert’s door. A pale hand turned the knob, and she stepped in.

“Rupert,” called Willow’s voice.

“Down in a moment, Love. Are you ready to go?”

“Just about.” She moved into the downstairs bath and gazed into the mirror. Willow’s reflection stared back at her. She fiddled with her hair and Buffy tried to move, to pinch herself, but couldn’t. Leaving the washroom she saw Rupert standing in his living room. A gentle warmth seemed to fill her chest at the sight and she smiled. Her gaze followed the line of his buttocks and she felt pleasure at the sight. Buffy’s mind tried to scream but it was held prisoner.

“You will experience this, Buffy. You can’t fight it, so just relax and let it take you.” snapped Willow’s thought.

“We should hurry, the display is quite extensive,” remarked Rupert.

“I love the group of seven. It’s like they touched the spirit of the land and put it on canvas,” remarked Willow.

“Isn’t that the point of surrealism?”

The discussion continued as they walked to Rupert’s car, and during the drive into LA. Buffy was lost to the content, as the two lovers seemed to use a verbal short hand of assumed knowledge and background that was completely foreign to her. She felt Willow’s joy at being with a mind that could challenge her. At learning things in casual conversation and a kind of delight when she made a point against one of her lover’s arguments and he would hold his head at a slight angle smile and say “I shall have to think about that,” which she knew was his highest praise. Buffy felt a joy in Rupert’s presence and an innocent enthusiasm she hadn’t known since before her parents split.

They reached the museum and went in. The pictures brought a sense of wonder, a feeling of beauty Buffy didn’t understand but had no choice but to feel.

Hours later she and Rupert sat at a table in the museum cafeteria, with buttered scones and tea.

“No one could figure out why the experiment kept solidifying. Then I asked the teacher which class had used the equipment just before us. It was chem 101. I remembered an experiment from last year where we’d used chromium as a catalyst. I looked it up and sure enough, there it was. Add chromium to the mix and it polymerises. The other class hadn’t cleaned the equipment properly. I think the prof was about ready to kiss me,” said Willow.

“You have enough older men in your life already,” observed Rupert with a smile.

“I have all the man in my life I want.” Willow took his hand across the table.

A middle-aged woman approached from the other side of the room. “I just had to say. You two are so adorable. I’ve watched you all morning. It is so nice to see a daughter be so affectionate to her father. My son hardly gives me the time of day.”

Rupert’s face darkened and Buffy felt a deep sadness well up from inside Willow. Half of it was for Rupert expression, half for the years they might not have. Then something happened, a courage and resolve that were like tempered steel chased up after the pain and pushed it down.

“We, um... well, actually,” began Willow.

“Thank you. Willow and I are very close. A great number of common interests,” interrupted Rupert.

“It’s so nice to see,” the woman returned to her table.

“Rupert, we could have - - -”

“To what end, love?” A warm feeling pervaded her at the use of the title.

Rupert kept speaking. “This way she walks away happy and, it doesn’t hurt us at all.”

“I just wish people wouldn’t assume.”

“We know and the people we love know. That’s enough. On that, have you thought about telling your parents about us?”

“Goddess no. They’re still sitting Shiva for uncle Marty. Let’s let it go a little longer.”

“Of course, Pet.”

“The afternoon passed much as the morning in the sheer joy of new knowledge. Buffy had never experienced a museum like this. A place of wonder filled with things to occupy the mind. The closest she had known was her ice skating.

Before the museum closed Willow and Giles retrieved packages from his car and ducked into the washrooms. Buffy watched as Willow changed into a burgundy evening-gown that hugged her slender form, leaving one shoulder bare. The gown had a slit up the leg to allow free movement. She stared at herself in the mirror, adding a hint of makeup and understated earrings.

‘God, she is gorgeous,’ thought Buffy, while Willow examined her appearance. Exiting the washroom she saw Rupert in a conservative blue suit that showed off the broadness of his shoulders and his lean buttocks. The Buffy mind took a second look along with the Willow.

The drive to the restaurant was once more filled with the incomprehensible intellectual short hand. The restaurant was a little hole in the wall. Giles ordered in French and poured the wine. It was crisp, clean, biting the tongue. Not the sweet soda-pop favoured by college boys, but a mature wine. Willow savoured it as she listened to Rupert.

“The consulting business is booming. I never thought there would be such a demand for an anthropologist/ archeologist in Sunnydale. It seams like everyone and his brother has some artifact they want identified. I’m also starting to develop a reputation in LA. Your idea of me renting an office in Angel’s building and doing a once a week session has paid off magnificently. I’ve been able to remove several rather nasty pieces from circulation before they could cause trouble.”

“That’s great, Rupert.” Buffy felt Willow’s pure admiration. An almost hero worship, except it was tempered by an understanding of the man’s faults.

The food arrived, each bite a blending of texture and flavour. Willow ate slowly, savouring it. A classical piece played over the sound system and the candle light flickered. She caught Rupert gazing at her, and she could feel a blush colour her cheeks.

Buffy wanted to feel disgusted but couldn’t. Her friend’s joy was too absolute, the moment too perfect.

The meal done, they walked a block to a club where a muscular bouncer dressed in a sports jacket and slacks held back a long line of people.

“We’ll never get in. We can just go home,” suggested Willow.

“Nonsense. The night is young and you are beautiful. That dress looks magnificent on you. You deserve to dance,” Rupert walked up to the bouncer.

“Tell Mr. Pennyworth that Rupert Giles is here, would you?” he asked.

“Look, buddy, the lines there for a reason.”

“So true. And if I must borrow a cell phone and call Bobby, I will. However, it would probably make both our lives easier if you simply contacted him for me.”

The bouncer paused to think then picked up a phone inside the door, a minute later he lifted the rope.

“You and the lady are to go right in, Mr. Giles. A table is being prepared for you.”

“Thank you.”

“How’d you do that?” asked Willow. Buffy was impressed but Willow felt more a curiosity about this new wrinkle in the man she loved.

Buffy couldn’t deny the emotion any more, Willow truly loved Giles. The thought sent a shudder up her spine.

“Not enough. Oh, Buffy.” Willow’s thought echoed through the memory-scape.

The memory continued.

“Bobby lived in London before moving to LA. Some time ago he ran afoul of a rather nasty poltergeist. I assisted in dealing with it.”

A hostess met them at the door and led them to a table in front of the stage.

“Rupert.” A pale-skinned, rotund man with a round, red face pushed his way through the crowd that had gathered to await the first act.

“Bobby,” replied Rupert.

Bobby stopped. “So good to see you. I heard about your consulting firm. Can’t think of a better man for it. And this is?” He indicated Willow.

“Miss Willow Rosenberg, please meet Bobby Pennyworth.”

Willow held out her hand and Bobby caught it up and kissed it lightly. “The pleasure, my lady, is all mine. Rupert always had an eye for beauty.”

Willow blushed and Rupert took her hand reassuringly.

“I must dash. The band is absolutely mad. Performers, always wanting the moon and expecting me to give it to them.” Bobby moved off through the crowd.

“Don’t mind Bobby, he fancies himself a lady’s man,” explained Rupert as they took their seats.

Soon the band came on. Music rolled over the crowd. Taking her hand, Rupert led Willow onto the dance floor. A slow dance played then a fast. They returned to their table winded and to the waitress’s surprise Rupert ordered soft drinks. Willow noticed other younger women with older men.


Willow examined her makeup in the lady’s room’s mirror.

“Hi,” said a statuesque blonde who was maybe 25, dressed in a short skirt, blouse and wearing too much makeup.

“Hi,” replied Willow smiling.

“You’re the one with the cutie aren’t you?” asked the blonde.

“I guess. Rupert. I mean, he is pretty hot in that suit.”

“Way to go, girl. Mine wouldn’t be hot if you left him in a sauna for a week.”

“Oh. That’s too bad.” Willow turned to face the woman.

“The price you pay. So what’s yours.”

“Excuse me?”

“Mines a lawyer. Low eight figures. Figure another six months he’ll leave wifey, hang around for the waiting period, then it’s Mrs. Fat Bastard.”

“Oh well. Rupert is an artifact consultant.”

“Much money in it?”

“He does OK.” Willow finished reapplying her makeup.

“Don’t tell me you’re with that fossil because you like him?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Girl, you have a lot to learn.” The blonde left the room.

Buffy felt Willow’s confusion and a hint of sadness but then Willow thought of Rupert and these were replaced with a sense of relief.

“No, poor woman, you do. Only reason worth dating someone is you want to be with them. A prostitute by any other name.” Buffy watched Willow shake her head in the mirror as she processed a measure of shock at her friend’s assessment.

Rupert was waiting at the table and they danced. Later they left the club and walked to his car.

“Happy?” he asked.

“This whole thing has been wonderful, Rupert. But it’s not me.”

“It’s not meant to be, Love. I love you, everything about you. This is a treat. Tomorrow we’ll go back to being ourselves.”

Willow snuggled in under his arm for the rest of the walk to the car. The drive back to Sunnydale was pleasant. The CD player soothed them and the conversation was easy. Even the Buffy mind could follow it.

“Have you seen enough, Buffy?” demanded Willow’s thoughts.

“Will, I know you feel for him, but he’s too old.”

The door to Rupert condo opened and they stepped in.

“I smell like a tobacco factory,” remarked Willow’s voice.

“I’ll draw us a bath,” offered Rupert, with a twinkle in his eye.

“Hmm, sounds nice.”

The Buffy consciousness fought to break free but it was no use. “Will, No! I don’t want to be here for this. You can’t expect me to.”

Rupert went upstairs and Willow peeled off the evening gown and removed her jewelry. She traced her hands along her sides and massaged her small, perfect breasts. She climbed the stairs, stopping only long enough to pull several condoms from Rupert drawer, before moving on to the bathroom. Rupert was bent over the tub. He’d removed his jacket and tie. She tossed the condoms on the counter and embraced him from behind, trailing her fingers over his bulge.

“Guess who?” she breathed.

Rupert turned in her embrace. “Beauty.”




“Willow. And I was right on all three.”

She kissed him and their tongues intertwined. Her fingers fumbled with his shirt buttons. Breaking the kiss, he quickly threw the smelly clothes into the hall.

Willow ran her fingers through the warm water in the tub and slipped in.

“This is delicious. I’m going to be sore tomorrow from all that dancing.”

Rupert slipped in behind her. She leaned back into him. His arms embraced her, and they lay like that for a long time, just enjoying the closeness and the warm water.

Bending her knees Willow shuffled forward and dunked herself. Her hair flowed around Rupert’s penis, stroking it with a thousand tiny strands. She kissed its head before surfacing.

The Buffy mind was awash in emotion not her own. Warmth like she had never known, contentment, love, security and a slowly growing passion.

Willow sat up. “Wash my hair for me?” she asked.

Warm lips kissed the nape of her neck. “Shampoo.”

She passed him the bottle of her brand he kept for her. Strong fingers massaged her scalp. Soothing and exciting at the same time. Lather built and soon those hands were spreading it over her shoulders. They stroked her breasts, using the suds as a lubricant. Willow closed her eyes, allowing the hands free reign as they caressed and washed her. A bar of soap was drawn over her torso as fingers played over her body. A finger stoked her clitoris, eliciting a small moan. She turned her head and a languid, tongue-entwining kiss followed.

The Buffy mind couldn’t believe what she was feeling. Her heat was like a slow fire eating its way over her entire body. Every centimetre of skin was an erogenous zone as those memory hands played. It was a passion that reached deeper than anything she had ever known. It warmed her through to the very heart, the very soul.

Willow reached behind herself and grasped Rupert’s erection. She slowly ran her hand along its length and pulled back the foreskin.

“Awww,” a voice sounded in her ear.

“Like that do you?” She kissed him, then dunked herself removing the shampoo and soap.

“Your turn,” she added after surfacing. She stepped out of the tub while Rupert dunked himself then she climbed in behind him.

His back was solid muscle, and she couldn’t help but scrape her fingernails along the line of his shoulders.

“You don’t even know the meaning of the word fair, do you?” remarked Rupert.

“Depends on the situation. Would you want me to right now?” She reached around him and grasping his erection.

“Gods no!”

Grabbing the shampoo she poured out a generous portion and began rubbing it into his scalp. Soon her hands were running over his body. The act of pleasuring him excited her almost as much as when she had been the recipient.

“Stand up,” she ordered.

Rupert stood and with meticulous care she washed his genitals and lathered the anal cleft. Her fingertip brushed against his anus.

“Careful, Love. Not into everything you know.”

“Glad to know it.” Willow gently masturbated him using the soap as a lubricant.

“Your turn.” Rupert helped her to stand and they fell together kissing. They parted and he soaped her lower body, caressing stimulating. Reaching behind him he pulled the plug and turned on the shower. Warm water beat down on them, washing away the soap. Rupert stood caressing her then lifting the shower-massage off the clip he set it to beat. At first he only played it over her skin then he slowly made circles around her vulva before directing the spray against her clitoris.

“Haaa huuu ahhhh, Rupert. Oh Goddess, ha ha ha.” Rupert directed the spray away.

“Liked that did you?” His smile was pure lust.

Somewhere, lost in sensation, Buffy thought, I am buying one of those.

“Oh, Rupert.” she kissed him, her body pressed tight against his, their arms entwined. Somehow the water was turned off. Rupert took a towel from the rack and began gently and slowly drying her. The roughness of the towel became a caress. He drew it over her sex then knelt using his tongue. She bent her knees allowing him wider access. He embraced her slender leg bringing his fingers to her slit. As his tongue massaged her clitoris his fingers probed her vagina.

“Stop, unless you want me to come here and now,” she gasped.

“Not done teasing yet.” Rupert stood and passed her the towel.

“You.” The single word carried a thousand promises and a thousand threats. She began patting him down, paying special attention to his genitals. She ran her tongue over his nipples, eliciting a gasp. His hands ran through her damp hair. She went lower, pulling back his foreskin. She licked the head of his penis, avoiding the opening, then kissed its back lovingly.

“Comb my hair?” she asked.

Rupert was leaning against the sink counter to maintain his feet.

He picked up a comb. She moved in front of him, pressing her backside into his groin. He gently pulled the comb through her damp hair with one hand, while the other stroked her vaginal cleft.

She could feel her juices building, replacing the lubricants the cleaning had removed. Rupert threw the comb down, spun her around and kissed her hard.

Fumbling beside her she grabbed a condom and pushed away from him. Putting it in place took only seconds then she threw her arms around his neck and hopped, wrapping her legs around his waist. His lips crushed hers and she felt the head of his penis at her opening. The kiss broke.

“I love you. Gods, how I love you,” he breathed, as he carried her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed.

“Come to me, my love. I need you,” breathed Willow. Rupert entered her. The teasing already had them on edge. They drove against each other, panting, forgetting everything except their need and their partner. Willow gasped, her orgasm rolling over her like a tidal wave. Her mind exploded and lights danced before her eyes. She gazed up at Rupert and her heart filled to bursting. Nothing else mattered. The only real thing for her at that instant was him and, she sensed in him that she was all there was in his world as well. Her orgasm ebbed before his struck but watching his pleasure was a joy in itself. Finally it ebbed. He fell against her taking his weight on his elbows.

“Willow, my Willow,” he breathed.

“Rupert.” Willow, ran a hand through his still damp hair.

The Buffy mind felt her friend’s contentment, her satisfaction, her joy. Buffy wanted to weep, in part for the sheer beauty of what she felt, in part for this most wonderful and intimate of gifts Willow had shared with her, and in part for envy, because she had never known such a deep reaching passion or peace.

“Now do you understand, Buffy?” Willow sat up on her bed. Daylight was creeping in through the windows.

“God, Willow. That was beautiful. Is it always like that for you and Ru... Giles?” Tears stood out in Buffy’s eyes.

“Not always, but often enough. I love him, Buffy, and I know he loves me. We touch each others minds and hearts through the magic, but the love is what makes it happen.” Willow smiled. There were dark circles under her eyes from the effort of maintaining the spell.

“I never knew how slow we seem to you.”

“Not slow, Buffy. It’s just, Rupert and I. We speak the same language. We don’t need to explain things to each other. We - - -”

“You’re both brilliant. I’ve never really understood what that meant until now. Thank you.”

Buffy sat beside Willow and hugged her. As she did this the tail end of the memory surged up inside her. She moved back and gazed into her friend’s face. Their lips inched together, touched. Their tongues met. Buffy’s hand moved towards Willow’s breast but the redhead caught her wrist and broke the kiss.

“No, Buffy. Last year it would have been wonderful, and who knows, we might have made a life. I have Rupert now and you have Riley and cheating is cheating, no mater what gender you do it with.”

“I love you, Willow.”

“I know, Buffy. I love you too, but there are lots of types of love.”

Buffy backed away and stared at her friend. She couldn’t forget the image of her in the evening gown. “I can’t believe I’m so attracted to you. I’m not...”

“Of course you are, just a little, so am I, just a little, most people are. But it’s not our time and we both prefer men.”

“You are so beautiful. Ru... Giles is so lucky. And you know, I think you’re lucky too. I’m sorry I was such a pain.”

“You’re my friend. Slack comes with the job.”

Buffy smiled, hugged Willow like the sister she was and went to shower off the aftermath of the shared memory.

Willow picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hello,” spoke a groggy voice.

“Rupert, you have anything pressing this morning?”

“Willow? No, No appointments until one-thirty. Why?”

“Honey, would you draw us a bath? I’m skipping my morning classes. I’ve had a very tiring night.”

Chapter 9 - OLD FRIENDS

Joyce pulled into the driveway of the three bedroom, two story house. Exiting the car she pulled out the shopping bag and examined the garden of arid condition plants that had taken the place of the front yard. While the houses to either side had brown expanses of dying lawn, this was rich and green.

“Joyce, come on in,” called a sweet alto that sent a warm shudder up her spine. Joyce looked at the door. Carol stood in the doorway. Her slender, small-busted body was dressed in a pattern blouse and a tie-die, wrap skirt. Her gray-streaked, black hair fell to just below her shoulders and her gypsy face held an inviting smile.

Butterflies the size of bats flopped in Joyce’s belly. She smoothed the line of the knee-length skirt she wore then smiling to herself, undid the third button of her blouse. “OK, Joyce, you know why you came, you know what you want, and you’ve done it before, so stop being silly,” she muttered and headed to the door.

“You look fantastic,” commented Carol, as she ushered Joyce into the house. The door closed and the two women stood shyly facing each other.

“Don’t quite know the rules,” admitted Joyce.

“Same as always, Kitcat.” Carol stepped up to Joyce, took her in her arms, and kissed her on the lips.

Joyce dropped the bag and returned the kiss, parting her lips. Their tongues touched, entwined. Joyce let her hands roam as they necked, pausing to squeeze her friend’s buttocks through the material of her dress.

Carol giggled.

“What?” Joyce broke the kiss but still held the other woman tight against her.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to squeeze by butt. You always liked doing that. You really haven’t changed have you, Kitcat? Come in and have a glass of wine, we have all afternoon, there’s some catching up to do.”

Joyce grabbed the bag. Her friend took her by the hand and led her into the living room where two glasses of chilled white wine waited on the coffee table.

“I love the peach flavoured lipstick.” Carol settled on the couch facing Joyce.

Joyce took the hint and kissed her friend. This time she relaxed into it, letting her body lead her. She fondled Carol’s small breasts through her shirt.

“One advantage of being petite, gravity doesn’t have as much effect. I bet you still look great topless,” said Joyce.

Carol nuzzled Joyce’s ear then sat back saying. “You’ll get to find out in just a little while. Is that the cream I asked you to pick up?”

“Yes. Had an awful time finding it. Only one shop in Sunnydale carries it.”

“Can’t get it in LA at all.”

Carol opened the bag and stacked several plain plastic containers on the coffee table. Each was labelled Forever Young skin maintenance a D.H.T product.

“This stuff must be pretty spectacular,” observed Joyce.

“Gives me a rash. My sister sent me a jar last spring. I tried it and my skin went all blotchy.”

“Then why?”

“Frank has a lot of scaring from the accident. They tend to stiffen up. He tried using it, figured one cream was as good as any. I’ll tell you, Kitcat. I don’t know what this does for wrinkles but it clears up a scar like nobody’s business.”

“That’s good. Maybe it will make Frank feel better about himself.”

“On that, I have news.”

Joyce tried to pay attention to her friend’s words but her eyes kept straying to the bit of cleavage displayed by the open buttons of her blouse.

“Come on, Flipper. Spill. It’s been a long time for me and while I don’t want to rush you, I’m horny.”

Carol laughed. “Exactly the same words you used when you came back from that field trip.”

Joyce smiled sexily. “As I recall absence did make a lot of things grow fonder.”

“OK, I’ll fill you in. It’s wonderful news. Where to start. About two months ago Frank started getting these horrible pains in the groin.”

“Oh, Carol, poor Frank. After all he’s been through since the accident.”

“You don’t get it. We finally got him in to see the specialist a week ago. After the accident they thought the nerves were too badly damaged to grow back. It came down that Frank couldn’t feel anything in his penis, there was a lot of other damage, but that was the worst. The pain is from the nerves growing back. He’s healing.”

“That’s wonderful,” Joyce sipped at her wine as she processed the information. “Umm, does that, I mean. Us?”

“Oh no, Kitcat. I still fully intend to make you groan like our first time. Frank likes it when I tell him about my adventures. Poor dear, it’s the closest he’s had in the last four years.”

“So how long? Will he be fully, well you know?”

“Doctor said it would take about two years for the nerves to grow back. Frank will never have a normal erection again, the damage was just too severe, but they can put in this implant that will keep him permanently erect. The hormones make up for the rest.”

“That’s wonderful, Flipper.”

“I’m getting my husband back. I’ll tell you, Kitcat. Lady friends are nice but nothing takes the place of a good man.

“So that’s the big news in my life. How about you.”

“Oh nothing.”

“What ever happened with that Willow girl?”

“Last I heard she and Buffy made up. Willow is still dating Giles and Buffy’s done a complete 180. She thinks it’s really cute and as long as they’re happy. Honestly, sometimes I just don’t understand my daughter.”

“Sure Buffy wasn’t jealous?”

“Of Giles?”

“Or Willow, or both. Remember how I was when you dated that Roger character.”

“That was just to make my mother happy. You knew I was all yours.”

“Still made me crazy.”

“Buffy and Willow aren’t like we were.”

“Like Buffy would tell you. ‘Hi mom, by the way, I’m a lez and my roommate is my lover.’ Not likely Joyce.”

“I think you’re off base on the girlfriend thing but the jealousy part. Buffy is possessive.”

“Takes after her mother.” Carol slipped along the couch taking Joyce into her arms and running her fingers through the other woman’s hair.

Joyce smiled as she stroked her friend’s back. “Me?”

“Remember Burt?”

“He was trying to take advantage of you when you were drunk.” Joyce inched her lips closer to her lover’s.

“You threw him out a second story window.”

The woman’s lips met. Joyce started undoing the buttons of her friend’s blouse. At first she fumbled with them hopelessly, then she remembered she had to reverse from what she was use to.

“You are out of practice,” observed Carol, when she came up for air.

“I’m sure it’s like riding a bike.”

“Let’s take a shower together. I always wanted to have you in the shower but with the other girls on the floor.”

“I always wondered how many were like us.”

“Never know.” Carol stood and taking Joyce by the hand led her to the master bath. The shower stall was enormous and had a multiple select nozzle and a hose.

“Buffy bought me one of those just a couple of weeks ago,” remarked Joyce, on seeing the shower head.

“Really. Come here, Kitcat. Just relax and let me play,” ordered Carol.

Joyce smiled remembering their old game and stood perfectly still.

Carol moved behind Joyce burying her nose in the nape of her friend’s neck and inhaling.

“You smell so sexy,” she commented as she reached around and one by one undid the buttons on Joyce’s blouse. The garment was soon on the counter top. Carol nibbled and kissed the length of Joyce’s spine from where it disappeared under her skirt up to her skull.

“MMMM, nice,” observed Joyce. Her butterflies were calm now and she was just enjoying the sensations.

Carol reached around and stroked Joyce’s nipples through her bra.

“You didn’t wear the cut away?” Carol sounded disappointed.

“Business meeting.” Joyce turned her head over her shoulder.

Carol covered Joyce’s lips with her own. Their tongues met. Carol massaged one breast and let her hand stray over Joyce’s belly. It was almost as flat as she remembered.

Joyce turned in her lover’s arms and ran her fingers over her friend’s breasts. Carol’s blouse hung open and Joyce reached inside it to find she wasn’t wearing a bra. She tweaked a nipple and Carol groaned into her mouth. Carol’s hands fumbled with the button on Joyce’s skirt, then the zipper. Joyce lovingly undid the tie on her fiend’s skirt; both garments fell to the floor.

Joyce stepped back and looked at Carol. The body was lean and fit while the skin had the dusky hue that so excited her. Thin, almost invisible lines remained to say she had carried a child and there was a tracery of laugh wrinkles around her eyes. “You are even more beautiful now than back in college.”

Carol smiled as she assessed her friend. “So are you.” They came together and in seconds Carol had stripped off Joyce’s bra and panties. Lips locked, hands caressing warm flesh, they moved into the shower stall.

“OK, Flipper, water sports were always your area,” remarked Joyce. Reaching down, she hooked a finger over Carol’s clitoris and brought her mouth to her friend’s breast, suckling gently.

“Kitcat, Hmmmmm, Nice but kiss me.”

Kitcat stood and locked herself into a passionate kiss with the other woman. Flipper reached back and turned on the water. A warm spray fell down drenching both of them and their lips entwined and bodies pressed tightly together. Carol lowered her mouth to Joyce’s breasts and sucked each one in turn, biting very gently as she did so.

“Oh yes. No one ever did that like you,” breathed Joyce.

Carol gently stroked her finger over Joyce’s vaginal slit, initiating a low moan. Standing she kissed Joyce while crushing her fingers against Joyce’s clitoris and cupping her Venus mound in her palm.

“I have a treat for you.” Flipper took the shower-massage off its clip and set it to beat, then played it over her lover’s body.

The sensation of the warm water pounding against Joyce’s nipples brought a warm glow. Carol moved the unit down over Kitcat’s abdomen finally playing it along the edges of her vaginal slit.

“Oh God. Carol. More,” Kitcat moaned.

Carol parted the vaginal folds with her fingers then played the water jet along its length, pausing an extra beat at the clitoris.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.”

Directing the spray further back Carol played it over Joyce’s anus even as she lowered her mouth and sucked rhythmically on her lover’s clitoris. Joyce moaned. Carol brought the water jet forward once more and played it across Joyce’s sex, this time adding her fingers to the mix in a slow steady pumping motion.

This went on for about a minute before Joyce cried out.

“Ahhh uoo he ha hea ha.”

The orgasm’s intensity left her reeling, and she leaned against the wall panting while she got her balance.

“Enjoy that?” Carol wore a cat who ate the cream smile.

“God yes. What are they teaching Buffy at that university?”

Carol held her and they kissed long and slowly.

“Your turn.” Joyce reached for the shower-massage.

“U u. I want your tongue. Just your tongue. It’s been so long. I remember how good you were.”

Joyce blushed. “OK, let’s go to bed then.”

Pulling a towel from its rack Carol began to dry Joyce, caressing away the moisture and stroking it along her genitals. Joyce felt her arousal beginning to build again by the time she took the towel and went to work on her friend. In minutes they lay together on Carol’s king sized bed. Joyce kissed her friend and ran her hand over her breasts before reaching lower. Carol kissed back but other wise lay still accepting of all Joyce’s ministrations. Taking Carol’s hand Joyce sucked each of her fingers then scraped her teeth along the under side of Flipper’s wrist before kissing her way up and over her shoulder ending at her mouth. She moved to the other arm and repeated the process.

Reaching down Joyce pressed one hand into her lover’s sex and began stroking her.

“Kitcat. My Kitcat,” breathed Flipper the last twenty-two years lost to the moment.

“Flipper,” whispered Joyce, who suckled her friend’s nipples then in a slow shower of licks and kisses worked her way down to her vagina.

“Oh yes. Do me, Kitcat. I need your tongue.”

Joyce smiled wickedly and lightly flicked her tongue the length of her friend’s slit.

“Auuu,” breathed Carol.

Joyce worked her way further down the leg.

“No. Tongue, now!” complained Carol.

“When you’re ready, young lady, not a moment before.” Joyce worked her way down to Carol’s toes then started back up again. This time she slipped a finger into the friend’s sopping vagina and sucked gently on her clitoris before starting down the other leg.

“You tease. You tease,” breathed Carol, who alternated between holding her head up to watch and throwing it back to better enjoy the sensations.

“Tease and please,” whispered Joyce, as she started up her lover’s inner thigh. Reaching her sex she parted it with her tongue and lapped along the length of her, like a cat eating cream.

“Ummmmmm. You haven’t forgotten anything.”

Joyce smiled and made a circle with her tongue around Carol’s clit as she pushed a finger into her opening.

“Oh yes,” cried Carol.

Joyce settled in licking and sucking her friend who moaned with each new variation. Finally Joyce found her head locked tight between her friends thighs as a near scream filled the room. Joyce brought her finger against the top of Carol’s slit and she ran it up and down her length.

“God no. No more, Kitcat. Oh God. I forgot how good you were,” breathed Carol.

“It’s a gift.” Joyce crawled up the bed and lay beside her friend. The two women cuddled each other enjoying the post coitus intimacy.

“Are you sure this is OK with Frank?” asked Joyce.

“Of course it is. It saved our marriage.”

“Come again.” Joyce checked the clock on the night-stand. “And I mean that both literally and figuratively if you have the time.”

Carol smiled and kissed her lover. “After the accident things got kinda rough for Frank and I. Frank didn’t feel like a man any more and we couldn’t make love. I got frustrated and truthfully, Kitcat, I turned into a real bitch. Don’t tell Frank I admitted it though. Everything was falling apart, then Frank caught me masturbating one day. I was reading true lesbian stories.”

“Don’t know it.”

“Tacky, little, paper-back magazine but some of the writings OK. Anyway, Frank and I talked. I think for the first time since the accident. He told me he thought he could handle me being with a woman because it seemed less dangerous to him.”

“That’s silly,” Joyce snuggled in enjoying the warmth of Carol’s body.

“He knows it, but the old chimp drives are still pretty strong in the testosterone challenged. A week later I met Amanda. She’s this big professional, man hating, I’m a dyke make something of it, Wyman type. Wanted sex, nothing fancy, no talk of relationships or emotional involvement, just hot torrid sex. We got tested and started getting together. It’s been interesting. She’s kinda like a talking vibrator.”

Joyce snorted.

“Well, she is. We have sex, we come, then she gets out of bed and goes back to work. It’s almost like masturbation, but there’s another warm body there.”

“Sounds cold.”

“It would be except for Frank.”


“You see, one time she was over and Frank was here. Seems she didn’t mind performing for an audience. I think it added something for her to think she was boffing this man’s wife in front of him because he couldn’t do it any more. A real power trip. After she left Frank crawled into bed beside me and, Joyce, it was beautiful.”

Tears sprang into Carol’s eyes and Joyce just held her.

“He held me and whispered how much he loved me and touched me. It was just like it had been before the accident, after we’d made love. So now sometimes he watches, sometimes he goes out. I’m not a bitch any more and I learned something.”


“Frank and I do most of our talking in bed. After we finished we always talked and that’s how we cleared the air. I know this isn’t perfect, but if things were perfect that damned drunk wouldn’t have front ended Frank in the first place.”

“You know, Flipper. If Frank wants to cuddle you on one side afterwards, I’ll take the other.”

“Planning on coming back, are you?”

“Special friend’s require a hands on approach. Besides, I always liked Frank,” Joyce kissed Carol, feeling a satisfaction she hadn’t known for far too long.


Buffy walked down the hall towards Riley’s room. A tall skinny man dressed in black and sporting a scraggly goatee called her. “Buffy.”

“Yes,” she stopped allowing him to catch up to her.

“I just want you to know I’m going to another dorm, before I do, can I have your autograph?”

Buffy recognized him as Riley’s next door neighbour. Her face reddened. “Funny. Real funny.”

She turned on her heel and marched into Riley’s room without bothering to knock.

“Are you crazy man? I’ve heard stories about that chick,” said a bulky, football-player type with sandy hair.

“I’ve heard more than stories. All last term, I just can’t stand it anymore. Guys like Riley, why do they always get the hotties?” He moved back into his room, completely oblivious to the way a pretty, blonde girl standing quietly further down the hall watched his every move.

Buffy threw herself down on the bed and let her anger seethe. After several minutes she examined her surroundings and opened the note on Riley’s night-stand.

“Sorry Buffy,

They shifted my TA group. I’m going to be late. Tried to call but if you’re reading this I guess you didn’t check your messages. I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Love Riley.”

“Great,” grumbled Buffy. Reaching under the bed she fumbled around in the box there until her hand came upon a video tape. She put it in the machine then laying on Riley’s bed, hit play.

The T.V. screen filled with the image of Riley’s room. The door burst open and Riley entered. He was lip-locked and groping a tall, slender brunette with shoulder length hair.

“Riley, you got some splanin’ to do,” Buffy grumbled. As she shuffled forward and popped the tape. A date was written on the label. ‘Oct 3, 1999.’ Buffy puffed out her cheeks. “All right then, maybe I won’t feed you your own balls, Mr. Finn. But why did you keep it? She do something for you I don’t?” Buffy muttered as she put the tape back in the machine.

On screen the couple broke their embrace. The brunette had a pretty face and wore a tight, black, leather mini-skirt and matching halter. Riley was in his standard T shirt and jeans.

Riley trailed kisses along the brunette’s throat as his hands squeezed her tight buns. Gripping the halter, he pulled it up and over her head. Her breasts were small and firm with little pink nipples.

“Come on, Riley, never took you for the double A type. I mean, like Willow is bigger than that,” grumbled Buffy. She watched her lover tongue the brunette’s nipples and rub his hand against the front of her mini-skirt.

The brunette pulled off Riley’s shirt and they held each other skin to skin, kissing all the time. Riley massaged her lower back then undid the clasp on the mini-skirt and lowered its zip. The skirt fell to the floor. The brunette stepped out of it and while Riley watched slowly removed her pantyhose.

Buffy moved closer to the screen. Something was wrong with the picture but she didn’t quite know what.

Riley dropped his pants and stood wearing nothing but his boxers. Once more he took the brunette into his arms, kissing down the length of her body until he came to her panties. He rubbed the front of them and kissed over a lump there. Before Buffy could react, he’d pulled them down revealing a penis and testicles.

“Holy God! Riley!” gasped Buffy as her lover’s image proceeded to tongue the penis growing out of the brunette’s groin.

Riley took each of the testicles into his mouth in turn as he stroked the shaft with his hand.

Buffy watched enthralled. She could feel herself growing damp. Almost without thinking she began unbuttoning her blouse.

Riley stood up, kissing the brunette who dropped to his knees and pulled down his boxers. The brunette proceeded to nibble along the length of Riley’s shaft. Riley’s breathing became unsteady. He pulled him up, slamming his mouth against him. On screen their tongues could be seen stroking each other as they pulled apart. Riley picked the other man up and lay him on the bed, his penis sticking straight up. Opening the drawer Riley pulled out a lubricated condom. His friend reached over and began playing his fingers around Riley’s anus.

Buffy tossed her jeans onto the floor followed by her underwear. She felt her own heat and could literally smell her arousal. The scene being played out before her was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen.

Riley rolled the condom over his friend, then straddled him, bringing his anus down on its head. His hips eased down. The camera angle allowed Buffy to see the shaft ease into her lover’s rectum. When it vanished, Riley bent forward and kissed his lover then started slowly rocking his hips back and forth.

Buffy’s fingers played over her sex. She felt her face flush and the sound of blood pounded in her ears. The door opened and Riley stepped in. Seeing Buffy, he pushed it closed.

“Gee, Buff, nice surprise but...” The words died on his lips as he took in the image on the screen. “I can explain, I...”

Buffy leapt up grabbed him and threw him down on the bed. She pounced, landing straddling him, grabbed his shirt and with a single heave ripped it off his back.

“You horny little faggot! I’m going to ride you, Nancy boy. I’m going to take that girly dick of yours and ride it until it falls off.”

Riley looked stunned and fear coursed through him as she moved down his body, undid his pants and pulled them down. His underwear followed. On the screen he still rode the brunette. Buffy tongued his penis, licking along its flaccid length and nibbling around its head, all the while watching the screen and massaging his anus with her fingers.

“Buffy,” groaned Riley.

“Tell me what its like, Nancy boy. Tell me, was it nice with that meat up you?” demanded Buffy. She moved to the drawer and extracted two condoms and her larger vibrator.

“Buffy, no! It’s too big,” pleaded Riley.

“Too big for my girly man,” snapped Buffy. “Take it like the woman you are, Riley.”

She unrolled one condom over his shaft and the other on the vibrator then mounting him, she positioned the vibrator and eased it in.

“Oww Oww Oww,” complained Riley, as it stretched him then she slowly started pumping it, matching the rhythm Riley set on the screen.

“Enjoy that, my girly man. You like it up the ass do you? What’s it like Riley to be such a woman? To take it in and ride it hard? Tell me.”

“God, Buffy.”

“I said tell me!” she squeezed his testicles just a little too hard.

“It, I loved it. Riding up and down on that hard shaft, feeling it fill me, knowing that at any second it could burst and come would explode up from that beautiful dick.”

“Good Riley. Good Girl. So you like riding dick.” Buffy continued to use him.

On the screen the brunette arched back then collapsed on the bed. Riley pumped his hips a few more times then fell forward kissing him. A few seconds later Riley pulled away and removed the condom on his friend. The brunette smiled and positioned himself over the edge of the bed. Riley slipped on a condom and moved behind his friend. A moment later his hips were moving rhythmically back and forth. On screen he reached around and played with his lover’s penis and testicles with one hand while pinching his small breasts with the other.

“I’m going to make my girly man come, then you’re going to gobble sperm like the sexy lady you are. Fuck me, woman,” breathed Buffy. She’s lost count of the number of orgasms she’d had.

On the screen Riley collapsed against the brunette’s back then pulled out. The brunette smiled and lay back on the bed, hard again. Riley pulled another condom from the drawer and unrolling it over his lover’s shaft, deep throated him.

“So you like to suck too. What a special girl you are. What a horny woman for me to use. Be very good and I’ll let you drink your own sperm you horny little slut girl,” stated Buffy.

Riley groaned. His anus constricted so tightly Buffy couldn’t move the vibrator. She pushed down on it changing the angle, bringing it fully against the sensitive spot inside.

Riley screamed, grabbed her hips, bucked then lay still fighting for breath. Buffy extracted the vibrator then very slowly lifted herself off his penis. Pinching it around the base she removed the condom, being careful not to lose any of its contents. On the screen Riley was mouthing the brunette’s testicles as he worked the shaft with his hand.

Buffy brought the condom to Riley’s lips.

“Open up, my girly boy. I told you you’d get a treat if you were good.”

“Buffy, I...”

“Open.” Buffy reached down and twisted his nipple.

Riley opened his mouth. Using her fingers, Buffy pushed the condom inside out, dumping Riley’s still warm ejaculate into his mouth. Riley accepted it and swallowed.

“She swallows too. What a good girl,” said Buffy who lay down beside him and watched as on the tape the brunette came with Riley’s mouth wrapped around his penis.

Buffy grabbed the remote and hit stop.

“OK, I’m ready to talk if you are,” she opened.

“I... Buffy. I haven’t been with anyone but you since we started dating, male or female.”

“I really believe that Riley, or else I would have crushed your balls. I think I have a right to know some things about my boyfriend though.”

“Now I’m your boyfriend.”

“You know I like to dominate. God, that tape is so hot. Seeing you do those things. My Iowa farm boy, all so innocent and pure, turned out to be what?”

“I like women, Buffy.”

“Kinda got that since we’ve been dating.”

“I... I like men too. I’m Bi.”

“And your play mate?”

“Erica, Eric and I grew up together, went to the same schools. Well, one day when we were fourteen we were out in the barn and he had this porno magazine. We started reading the stories to each other. One of them was about two guys sucking each other off. We tried it. In high school I started dating girls, Eric just didn’t. Eric and I would get together two or three evenings a week. He never felt right as a he. Once I got my license, we’d vacation together. That’s when he started dressing like a woman. When he went to university she just shifted full time and became Erica. She’s even looking at hormone therapy.”

“Wow. So you’re.”

“I’m with you now. That tape was from before we started dating. She dropped by to say hello.”

“Some hello.”

“It doesn’t mean anything.”

Buffy considered. “No, Riley, it does. Can you be with just me and not start itching for a man?”

Riley stared into her face. She was lovely and he loved the softness of her, the sheer femininity, but inside he knew the answer.

“Wanting something doesn’t mean you have to have it.”

Buffy nodded. “We’ll just have to find a man we can agree on. No rush. Actually, looking could be a lot of fun.”

“What? Who?” gasped Riley.

“Riley, I get turned on just thinking about you and another guy. I want to watch, then I want to join in. My good little Iowa farm boy with his kinky little secret.”

“God, Buffy, You are decadent.”

“Aren’t I just. And to think it wasn’t that long ago I was going to see if Willow would join us as a treat for you. Now I see Xander would have been a better choice.”

“Do you think he would?”

“Pleaeese. He might, but it would be just to get to me and besides, he and Anya are together.”

“Too bad.”

“You like Xander?”

“He’s cute.”

“Finding a third could be more difficult than I thought.”


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