Title: J&PG "The Dinner"
Author: Robin2 ( zivafemme@yahoo.com )
Rating: 18
Summary: Long erotica. Porn with small plot. Giles and Willow are together but something threatens their bliss.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns all BtVS characters. I'm making no $ from this. I merely do it because I owe a huge debt to a friend.
Note: To Q
Disclaimer:All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon and Fox. I'm using them for my own pleasure. And that totally came out wrong. I'm (obviously) making no money from this. It's just my way of havin' a little fun

"The Dinner"

"I don't understand why you two had to plan this for your only day off, that's all I'm saying," Giles explained. He pushed himself from the counter's edge and poured another glass of wine. "And if I'd known that he'd put your cell phone number on bloody fast dial I wouldn't have bought you the phone."

He glanced down and then looked again as Willow's bottom wiggled enticingly in front of him. Perhaps, Giles raised a brow at the thought, he could arrange it so they wouldn't hear the door and Sir James would quietly disappear. Forever.

"If I didn't have the phone then who knows how long I would have been stuck on the side of the road," she reminded him as she pulled the bread from the oven. She inhaled the garlic aroma and smiled. "Thank goodness James was home."

Giles growled but covered it with a quick swallow of wine. Yes, thank goodness James had been home. He himself had merely been battling a nest of vampires feasting on the residents of Sunnydale's Shady Glen Nursing home.

"I shall have to thank him for that," Giles managed hoping he didn't sound as bitter as he felt. It was true, though, James had saved the day or, night, rather. Giles did owe him that much gratitude -- except it wouldn't have happened if he kept normal office hours. What truly had raised his hackles was the expensive dinner that had followed the ‘rescue'.

He flashed a quick grin at her raised brow.

"Besides," she continued as she emptied the sheet of bread into a basket. "We didn't know this was going to be my day off." She smacked his hand away from the bread. "Would you stop that and make yourself useful?"

Giles groused a bit more then settled into preparing the salad. James had kept her so busy that she'd barely had time to pack a box, let alone do half the things they'd planned. Unused and now outdated tickets to the Dodgers hung on the refrigerator as a reminder of last night's thwarted activity. Next to them hung the invitation to an art showing they'd almost made it to. He jabbed viciously into the bell pepper. And now this.

Willow put her hand over his and stilled the paring knife. "Whatever it did, I'm sure it's sorry."

She slipped in between the counter and him and wrapped her arms around his neck. For a moment he considered holding on to the irritation but as usual he found it next to impossible. Willow could be very persuasive.

Giles let the knife drop to the cutting board and felt the blood rush away from his brain. He grasped her small hips and pulled her into him. Their foreheads met and tension eased from his shoulders. He dipped his head and nibbled around the small gold earring she wore.

"We could turn off the lights," he said between bites. Her sharp intake of breath urged him on and he pressed his growing erection into her belly. He lowered his voice suggestively. "Pretend we're not here."

Willow leaned her head to the side giving him an all access pass to her long creamy neck and Giles dove in. He considered marking her but thought better of it. It was a juvenile sign of possession and he was, after all, above that. Surely anyone with sense could see that Willow and he were together.

Willow pressed into him and Giles threw all conscious thought aside and lifted her, urging her legs around his waist, and blindly searched for small kitchen table. He set her down on the table then slid her forward until she molded to him. He cut off Willow's groan with a kiss that demanded a response. He swept his tongue over her teeth and then through the sweetness her mouth offered.

His cock surged against the binding denim as she tugged his shirt free and tugged at his belt. Giles pushed Willow's skirt even farther up her shapely thighs and hooked his fingers through the flimsy lace. An odd combination of controlled desperation guided his movements and narrowed his thoughts to one destination. He needed to be inside her, to make her tremble as much as he needed to breathe. Willow belonged to him. The lace broke easily and he pulled it aside just as she lowered his zipper and released him. Giles bucked against her silken grip nearly losing control as she chewed her full lower lip in concentration.

He whispered her name and then licked and nibbled the rise of her breasts all the while urging her closer. She slid forward opening herself to him and Giles groaned as he rubbed against her slick heat. The intoxicating scent of her perfume mingled with her arousal and unable to stand no more teasing Giles reached between them and guided himself just barely inside her when her anxious cry stopped him.

"What?" he asked still not believing what he'd heard. Another man's name? Surely Willow wouldn't...

"James," she repeated as her shaky hands buttoned her blouse. She pushed him away and then pushed her hands through her hair.

Giles's blood ran cold and he felt his jaw tighten. "Excuse me?"

"Oh, goddess," Willow said. She jumped off the table and tried to smooth the telltale wrinkles in her skirt. She glanced up at him her cheeks flushed eyes guilty wide and waved her hand toward his rapidly fading erection. "James... he's here... at the door?"

Giles growled and pulled himself together. Of course James was there.

"I'll get the door," Willow said. She snagged her ripped panties off the floor and nearly jumped from her skin as the doorbell sounded again. "You- you finish the salad?"

Giles shook his head, caught her arm, and pulled her to him. Despite her state of fluster he'd never seen her more beautiful.

"I will get the door," he soothed. Not only was Willow not in any state to greet their guest, he was the man of the house. He needed to show it as much as James needed to be shown. He turned her toward the stairs. "You go fix yourself."

The bell sounded again. Willow looked over his shoulder and then nodded and stepped away. She paused and looked back to him her expression untrusting. "You'll be nice?"

Giles tried to look offended. "Of course."

She grinned then took the steps two at a time. Giles let the doorbell sound once more before he made the short trip to the front door. He inhaled deeply then exhaled as he grabbed the handle and pulled open the door.

So, thought Giles as he bit down on his cheek. There stands James the great. Holding flowers and a bottle of wine.

James smiled, extended a hand and introduced himself. His grin, large and wolfish, set off shifty eyes and a weak chin. "James Pader," he said, "Willow's expecting me."

Giles smiled and gave the man's hand a firm squeeze and shake. "We both were, actually. Rupert Giles," he introduced himself and then eyeballed the flowers.

James laughed shook his head. Thick brown hair fell over his brow. "These are for the lovely Willow," he said giving the flowers a shake.

Giles's smile tightened and he cleared his throat. The lovely Willow.

James handed Giles the bottle. "And this is for you."

Giles smiled his thanks and stepped aside in a silent invitation. He looked at the label as James passed and nodded in appreciation. Beringer 1989 Private Reserve. Not bad. Perhaps there was more to James than had met the eye so far.

"Nice place, Robert," James said and shrugged off his jacket.

Giles gave him a tight smile. Then again, perhaps he'd overestimated his guest. Willow's footsteps slapped against the stairs. Both their gazes turned toward her approach. Despite his annoyance Giles felt a genuine smile on his lips.

"Willow," exclaimed James. Without looking back he shoved his jacket in Giles's unsuspecting hands and was out of arms reach before Giles had registered the small coup.

Giles blinked as James held out his hand to her and helped her down the last few steps then leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "You look absolutely lovely." He settled his arm around her shoulder. "Doesn't she look terrific?"

Regaining his senses Giles stepped forward and took Willow's hand drawing her away from James's too friendly embrace. He smiled down at Willow who was still flushed and then let his smile grow cold as he turned to face James. Willow's delighted expression stopped Giles's icy retort.

"You brought flowers?" she asked. Her face lit up even more. James nodded and handed them to her.

"Beautiful roses for a beautiful assistant," he announced.

Willow blushed. Giles gritted his teeth and then opened the closet. He was certain now that life in Sunnydale was an official level of hell. The black jacket dropped to the floor, covering last night's mud encrusted shoes. He plastered a smile on his face and turned to face his company.

She held the flowers to her pert nose and inhaled. "This was so sweet." Her eyes widened when she caught sight of the bottle Giles held. "Wine, too?"

"I was raised a gentleman," James said. He flipped his bangs again and gave Giles a conspiratorial wink. "A lady invites you to dinner, you bring her a gift."

Giles raised his hand to cover his cough. He gestured toward the couch then caught Willow's waist and pulled her into him as he led the way. "Drink?" he offered over his shoulder.

James put his hands to his hips and shook his head. "Seldom touch the stuff."

Giles nodded. Of course he didn't. Giles turned to Willow. Her animated expression softened his briskness. "Wine, darling?"

James's laugh interrupted her answer. Giles turned his head in search of the funny.

"Are you sure, Wills? After what happened last night?" He wagged a finger at her. "You still owe me a bottle."

Giles cocked his head to the side. It was Wills now, was it? He quirked his brow. Willow's laughter eased into a suppressed grin. She bit her lip.

"Something happened last night... Wills?" he asked struggling to keep his voice pleasant yet couldn't resist emphasizing the pet name only her closest friends used.

"This girl has to learn to hold her alcohol," James answered. The smile never left his mouth. Giles felt all remains of humor drip away but kept his face neutral.

"I dropped a bottle of champagne," Willow explained hurriedly. "It was in front of my dinner and when I -

"The one I'd been saving for that breakthrough moment," James interrupted.

"Well... you snuck up behind me," Willow accused her grin nearly as wide as James's.

The two of them bantered back and forth a few more times before Giles let go her hand and turned to the bar. "I'm getting a drink," he decided.

"And while you're doing that," James said. "I'll help Wills with dinner." He put his hand to Willow's back and headed her toward the kitchen. Giles set his jaw and inhaled deeply. Wills indeed.

"Did I ever tell you about the time I slalomed in the Italian Alps?" his voice trailed back to Giles.

Giles rolled his eyes skyward. Dear Lord, he prayed, please no. He forced another smile as Willow looked over her shoulder.

"You comin'?" she asked

"Might be a bit crowded," he declined. "I'll set the table."

It had been nearly impossible to ignore Willow's laughter but Giles was a man of temperance and control. He positioned another dinner plate. Obviously she enjoyed James's company. There was no sin in that he tried to convince himself. There were several women he found amusing. Of course, he didn't invite himself into their homes... but that was neither here nor there. No, thought Giles as he examined the tines of a fork, this was entirely different.

Another peal of laughter, this time male and female intermingled changed his mind. He dropped the fork on the china and sauntered into the kitchen. His rehearsed casual, ‘what's going on in here?' died on his lips as Willow and James clung to each other in hysterics.

"What's going on in here?" he asked. His throat constricted and his voice broke part way through.

Willow pulled the back of her hand across her weeping eyes and burst into another fit of giggles. She waved to James.

"One of those you had to have been there things," James assured between gasps for air. He put his hands to his hips and whooped at the ceiling then looked to the stove. "I think the pasta's done."

"I wish I had been there," Giles muttered as he deliberately wedged himself between them and reached for the strainer. He did not like James.

*** Giles broke a piece off his bread and popped it in his mouth as James regaled them with stories of his past as an extreme athlete. Surely no man in his right mind would hurtle himself down a mountain on just a bicycle? And certainly Willow wouldn't actually buy into this git's stories?

"Wow," Willow said. She leaned on the table and rested her chin on her palm. Her eyes sparkled in the dimmed lights. "That is something I've always wanted to try."

Giles raised an eyebrow. "I would say that life here in Sunnydale is extreme ... wouldn't you?"

Willow furrowed her brow at him then turned back to James. "Why'd you stop?"

Taken aback by her ‘shush face' Giles could do little but swirl the regrettably delicious wine in its glass.

"Yes," he parroted. "You could have been killed. Why did you stop?" He grunted as Willow's heel made contact with his shin.

"How about you, Rupert?" James asked. "Surely you have a few adventures under your belt. I'll bet you've seen a lot of action."

Giles brought the glass to his lips and raised his brow. "None that I can share," he answered cryptically. Let the inflated bloke choke on that, he thought and swallowed the remains of his drink. "Please. Continue. You're fascinating."

Willow pushed back her chair. "But don't say another word until I get back with coffee, okay?"

Giles caught her hand in his. "Need help?" he offered. Please?

"Nope," she cocked her pretty head to the side and smiled. "Won't be a minute."

Giles turned and the warm fuzziness she'd given him faded at James's expression. Predatory. Lustful. Filthy. He'd been watching Willow's backside. Giles cleared his throat and pinned him with a steely glare. James's ‘don't mind me' grin slipped easily into place.

"She's great," James said with an appreciative nod.

"Yes," Giles agreed coldly. "She is."

He leaned forward in his chair. It had to be said. After a night of watching another man touch and now ogle his girlfriend the obvious needed to be highlighted. "You do realize, don't you... that Willow isn't... available?"

"You guys aren't saying anything, are you?" Willow called from the kitchen.

"You have my word," James called back. He clasped his hands on the table and licked his lips. "You know, Rupert, you've been very generous to open your home to us, but Willow and I really do have work to do."

Giles felt the hair on his neck rise and he straightened his back. He'd been dismissed. In his own home and by a filthy pillock who had avoided his direct question.

"And while we're talking about work," Giles said careful to keep his tone level with James's. If that was the way he wanted to play, then fine, Giles was more than game. "Perhaps you'd consider letting up on the hours. You're wearing her out."

A rattling tray warned of Willow's approach. James looked expectantly to the kitchen.

"Coffee," he exclaimed as she carried the tray through the doorway and set it carefully on the table. "Wonderful. We've got a long night ahead of us."

Giles's smile stopped the instant the front door shut. Finally, that pompous half-wit bastard was out of his home. Still brewing over the goodnight kiss James had given Willow Giles cleared his throat and snagged an empty glass from the counter. Clearly she was enamored of James's questionable charms.

"He's nice, isn't he?" Willow asked. She moved to the table and started stacking the mounds of spreadsheets she and James had worked on. When she looked up for confirmation Giles lifted his chin.

He grunted and locked the door. Of the many adjectives he'd found to describe James Pader, nice wasn't one of them. Arrogant, underhanded, slimy, and yes, smarmy, but nice hadn't made the list.

"Giles?" Willow asked. "Everything alright?"

"Certainly," he answered with a quick nod then disappeared into the kitchen and set the glass in the sink. He grabbed the sponge and scrubbed viciously at a dot of sauce. Why wouldn't everything be grand? A young, moderately handsome, rich, and supposedly intelligent man had set his filthy sights on his girlfriend. Giles felt positively buoyant.

Willow leaned against the doorway. "You sure ‘bout that? 'Cause you haven't looked fine since about...six."

Giles looked up from the obliterated spot. "Funny how that coincides with Mr. Pader's arrival," he noted then attacked another spot. Willow's giggle pulled him up short.

She sauntered across the kitchen and perched on the edge of the table. She swung her legs in lazy circles a gentle smile played at her lips.

"Well... you didn't see how he looked at you," Giles defended himself hating that came out so petulantly.

Willow rolled her eyes and grinned. "There were no looks."

Giles looked up from his task. "I'd say ogled is the more appropriate term."

"If I didn't know you better," Willow started.

"I'm not jealous," he cut her off. But Giles knew better. He was insanely jealous that another man would look at his Willow, let alone make ‘moves'. Giles grunted and pushed aside the unproductive thoughts. It was better to just let it be. They crept back in. In your own home no less. "I'm...-"

Willow stretched then leaned back on her locked elbows and spread her legs just slightly. Giles moistened his lips and tried to concentrate elsewhere. He was offended... angry....

"Frustrated?" Willow asked with an innocent tilt of her head. She.

Giles stumbled over the dot of sauce as she pushed her breasts upward in the stretch. Absently he scratched his cheek and felt the ire withdraw. "W-well, we were... interrupted. Rather rudely I might add."

"C'mere," Willow said as if she were coaxing a pouting child to her side. Giles smirked but obeyed. How she did that, made everything but the two of them disappear, he didn't know. Right now he didn't care and he settled himself between her legs and dropped his hands to her hips.

"You don't need to be jealous," she said as she toyed with the buttons on his shirt. Her soft voice lessened the gentle accusation. "Even if James were... trying something, which he's not... I'm yours."

Giles fought the chagrined smile. She'd read his mind. "I- I'm not jealous," he lied.

Willow lifted her brows and a smile played at her full mouth. "Oh, you're not?" she teased.

Giles shook his head but kept his gaze on her lips. They shimmered.

"'Cause it's kinda cute," she continued.

"Well," he demurred as a blush crawled up his neck. "Maybe I am a little..."

"Maybe a lot?" she whispered her mouth coming closer to his. Despite himself Giles fell in with her nod. He couldn't deny his jealousy any more than he could deny the need to bury himself in her warmth.

She lifted her sweet mouth and he didn't hesitate to claim it. She tasted of the night's wine and he drank deeply. This was better. Much better. He'd much rather be doing this than brooding. Willow brought his hand to her breast and he teased her nipple taut through the silken blouse. Her moan vibrated through his mouth and he answered in kind. They broke the kiss, breathless, eyes glittering before their lips met again.

Willow gripped his shirt and pulled him closer as her tongue darted and hid from his in the subconscious game of hide and seek. Giles sought and conquered as he busied his hands removing her blouse. He lowered his head to taste and nibble at each inch of silken skin another opened button revealed. Willow trembled under his ministrations then caught her breath as he unclasped the thin white lace demi-cup bra that concealed her from him.

Giles closed his eyes and groaned under his breath as his fingers brushed her taut dusky nipples. His cock pushed painfully against the confines of his slacks. Willow's body was exquisite. He cupped one breast in his hand and rubbed his thumb across the tightened but and lowered his head and suckled one sweet nipple, laving it then tugging gently until she gasped.

She whimpered when he pulled away but it soon turned into another groan of pleasure, a sound that nearly sent him over the edge, as he kissed up and along the gentle slope of her neck. Giles paused over her pulse, tasting salt and vanilla. He used his lips to pull at the skin and then bit hard enough for her to feel but not to break the skin. Willow shuddered and squirmed and he gripped her tiny waist, pulling her wet heat even closer to his arousal, torturing them both.

Willow tugged his shirt free of his pants then worked frantically at his zipper and button. "Please," she gasped. She tightened her legs around his thighs, grinding into him reigning kisses across he neck and chin. A surge of primal recognition shot through Giles. She wanted him. Her body craved his as much as he craved hers.

Giles groaned at the excitement of his epiphany and clutched at her skirt. The fabric wrinkled under his grasp and he slid his hand under the hem and along the outside of her lean smooth thigh. He kept a slight grip and felt the muscles give under his touch. Willow clung to him sighing and moaning as he found new places to explore. Needing to see her face, to watch the change in her eyes, Giles leaned away and studied the emotions and wants that transformed her sweet face into that of the seductress. Slightly parted and swollen lips encouraged him and housed the trembling sighs that begged him to go further, to take what she offered.

He pulled away long enough for her to release his straining erection nearly growling in need as she slid her hand down its length. He pulled his hands over the tops of her thighs and then past the wet silken panties. Pushing the thin material aside Giles pulled his thumb up until he massaged the slick engorged bud. He smiled as Willow groaned and rocked into the pressure. These were sounds she made only for him. The pulse at the juncture of her thigh pounded against the spread of his fingers.

Willow gripped his forearm then guided his free hand to her hip and to the tiny ribbon that held her panties around her hips. Giles tugged the dainty bow loose and the material fell slack.

"Now," she begged.

Giles nodded and slid her to the edge of the table until the tip of his length nestled just inside her tight folds. He sucked in air through his teeth in a struggle to keep control and then pushed forward filling her for a moment and then nearly pulling out. Willow gasped and pressed her heels into the back of his thighs urging him on. He kneaded her breast with one hand and held her hip with the other as within seconds their bodies fell into a rhythm so ingrained and unique to them that it left no doubt in Giles's mind that they were destined for each other.

A dark thought crept from the dark recesses of his mind, indignant at first and then furious that anyone would try to destroy what he and Willow had built. James's look had been openly filthy toward her.

Giles grunted with effort and thought and thrust into her heat again. She called his name and buried her head tighter into the crook of his neck. A lustful power surged through him. He was making her cry out in pleasure. No one else had loved her as he did and no one ever could. Willow was his. The need to claim what was his overrode all other thought and he suckled at her neck, nibbling until the skin broke under the pressure, marking her, letting everyone -- anyone who might still wonder know that Willow belonged with him. She cried out quietly and pulled back with a question in her eyes.

Giles heard the one word that raced through his head leave his mouth. "Mine," he whispered in a ragged voice. Their gazes met and when her eyes lightened in understanding he lowered his mouth back to her neck kissing and licking until she trembled and moaned.

Giles clutched her close, burying himself deeper with each stroke, whispering and coaxing as the walls around him tightened and then pulsated. Willow cried out and clung to him as her entire body shuddered her release. He joined her moments later driving deeper with each spasm.

He gasped for breath and squeezed his eyes closed against her heaving chest, no longer thinking, just feeling. Willow was everywhere, holding him; hands fluttering over his back, loving him, and calling him back from the blissful abyss. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted his head to her shoulder. He pulled back and frowned at the bruise he'd caused over her jugular. Though small it was angry and red and accusing. He'd hurt her. In his primal need to show the world what he considered his he'd lost control. He was no better than any other man who leered at her.

Willow pressed her small soft hand to his cheek coaxing his gaze away from her neck and to her face. He blinked afraid of what he'd see in her eyes. When his efforts to avoid her gaze became obvious she captured his chin between both palms. Giles's heart stuttered and then bloomed at the love he found in her gaze. It consumed his soul and forgave his weakness. He faltered a smile and she returned it. Their lips met in a tender kiss.

Gently, he lifted her into his arms, carried her to their bed, and made love to her again, slowly, worshipping her, giving all that he was, holding back nothing. When at last she cried out his name and he hers they lay in each other's embrace until they slept.



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