Title: J&PG "The Gala"
Author: Robin2 ( zivafemme@yahoo.com )
Rating: 18
Summary: A long erotica. Porn with some plot. Giles and Willow finally get together but what they have is threatened.
Notes: To Q
Disclaimer:All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon and Fox. I'm using them for my own pleasure. And that totally came out wrong. I'm (obviously) making no money from this. It's just my way of havin' a little fun

"The Gala"

Giles riffled through the small mahogany box and pulled out a set of cuff links. He sat on the edge of the bed struggling to capture and link the actual cuff when he heard the soft thump of Willow's feet on the steps. He looked up expectantly. He adored how fresh and sweet she looked straight from the shower – especially all bundled up in his robe... with nothing on underneath. A familiar sensation radiated from his groin and Giles shifted as Willow rounded the corner. Her hair and makeup were already done he noted with a small twinge of disappointment.

"We're gonna be late," she said her expression showing definite signs of distress. "I'm practically in charge of this whole shindig... and we're gonna be late."

She shrugged off his robe and Giles swallowed. That was certainly new. Green lace panties and bra set revealed more than it hid and Willow's skin, scrubbed pink from the shower moved like satin underneath. Forgetting his cuff link task Giles let his hand fall loosely to the mattress. He would, as Xander was fond of saying, definitely be trying some of that. He frowned. Or was it getting? Either way....

"Giles," Willow said her tone making it clear it wasn't the first time she'd said his name.

He jumped and tried to pretend he hadn't been... fantasizing. "Hmmm?"

"My dress?"

Giles nodded. "It's lovely."

Willow dropped her hands to her side and laughed. "It's in the closet. Could you get it? I've got to figure out how these garters work."

"Being as the picture you just painted has ensure that I shall be in a... state... the rest of the evening –" he started.

Willow rolled her eyes but blushed adorably. "Maybe I'll just get it myself," she said and started past him. Giles caught her arm and pulled her to his lap and buried his head in her silken lavender scented neck. This, he decided, was bliss.

"We're late," she reminded him but lifted her chin to give him better access to her neck. Not raised a fool Giles took full advantage.

"So what's another twenty minutes?" he mumbled as he tasted his way across her collarbone. He pulled away long enough to determine if it was a front clasp or back clasp bra. Willow wiggled against his arousal and he grunted.

"That's all?" she teased. "Twenty minutes?"

"Less if you keep moving like that," he warned but soon found himself kissing air and missing the weight of her slight body on his thighs.

"You are a very evil woman," he informed her in measured tones as he watched her disappear into the closet. Rattling hangers accompanied her giggle and he fell back on the mattress and blinked at the ceiling. The fates were cruel.

Willow reappeared in the doorway wearing what appeared to him to be a thin green slip.

"Since James can't make it, I have to be there. Just need to find my earrings and I'm ready."

Giles rolled his head to the side and grinned. It was endearing that she was excited enough to not only wear two sets of under clothes but forget her dress as well. "So you're going without your dress then?"

Willow balanced herself with one hand against the doorframe as she slid one foot into an impossibly sleek heel. Finally her shoe cooperated and she straightened to her full height.

"Gi-iles," she said and rolled her eyes. A smile spread across her lips. "This is my dress."

Giles felt his eyebrows shoot upward before he had a chance to censor himself and the role of jealous boyfriend was summarily revived. She looked... too lovely to share.

"You- you -you're taking a wrap? Yes?" he managed hoping he sounded concerned instead of concerned. Willow smoothed the thin material around her svelte waist and hips then smiled and squinted in tolerant confusion.

"It's August," she reminded and then moved before him. The unzipped and still low cut back exposed the curves and shadows of her back. Willow peered at him over her shoulder her large eyes innocent and expecting. Giles swallowed. "Zip me?" she asked.

Unable to resist temptation Giles stood and kissed the partially exposed shoulder. Willow's shoulders shimmied and he smiled and kissed her again this time drawing the tip of his tongue past the trail he made.

"We could stay home," he whispered only encouraged by her sighs. He toyed with the tiny zipper and the edge of its hem caressed his fingertips as they grazed her back. "In bed?"

Willow giggled and he forced a scowl. "That wasn't supposed to be funny." Still he stepped back and pulled the zipper shut. Willow held her arms out from her side and turned for inspection.

"S'okay?" she asked chewing on her lip obviously self-conscious.

Giles tilted his head to the side and smiled. She had no idea just how attractive she was – be it tonight in a designer formal or yesterday in baggy jeans and a bleach- stained t-shirt.

Giles ran his hands up her arms and placed a quick and soft kiss on her full and stained lips. "You are lovely and every man there is going to wonder how a berk like me got so lucky."

Willow ducked her head at the compliment and busied her nervous fingers with his buttons. "And all the women will wonder just how I landed Jude Law," she returned the compliment. Despite himself Giles felt a pleased blush crawl up his neck. He flashed a quick and embarrassed smile and then had to look away.

"W-we should go... before I forbid it," he said.

The drinks were free, his dress shoes weren't pinching, the woman on his arm brought him jealous glares that puffed his chest, and James Pader was nowhere to be found. All in all, Giles thought, an excellent night. He smiled to Willow and then returned his attention to the would-be investor's wife while Willow charmed the investment from the rich couple's checking account.

Willow turned to him as the couple excused themselves and nudged his shoulder. "And James said it couldn't be done," she said smugly. She bounced on the balls of her feet. "He's obviously blind to my charms."

Giles took a drink hoping to swallow any snide comment then set his drink aside. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist. "You were perfect," he said and brushed his lips over hers.

Willow beamed. "I'm like... Schmoozer Girl."

Giles quirked his eyebrow. "You haven't been a girl in a very long time," he said. He adjusted his hold easing her closer. "Trust me. I notice these things."

If it was possible Willow's eyes shone brighter. "Really?" She leaned back and looked up at him.

"Really. And as beautiful as you are tonight, so does every other man in this room," Giles said. He smirked at a passerby who stared a little too openly and then kissed her again, this time splaying his fingers across her silken back in a ‘she's mine' territorial display.

Willow's lips parted for him and he took advantage of it and dipped his tongue in for a taste. A mixture of champagne, the fruit she'd nibbled, and her own Willow sweetness greeted him and when she wound her smooth arms over his shoulders and pressed in closer Giles felt his body stir.

Willow, slightly breathless, looked up at him with darkened eyes. A lazy smile spread her still moist lips. "Wow," she whispered.

Giles pressed his arousal into her belly delighting in the blush it drew. Willow cast a self-conscious glance at the people who milled past them, but she instead of pulling away she brushed against him slowly but firmly. The friction pulled more blood from his brain. It was a brutal contrast of innocence and sexuality. Giles inhaled through his nose and glanced up to the ceiling begging for some control.

Before he could properly embarrass them both he pulled away and smiled down at his love. "Perhaps we need some air?"

"Hmmm?" Willow asked still caught in the spell they'd woven.

Giles tugged at his collar and then nodded toward the large glass doors that separated the outside from the in. "The veranda is lovely," he said. She blinked and he leaned in to her ear and teased, "Or I could make love to you right here."

"Here?" she asked jumping back. He watched her eyes as the rest of the room came back into focus. Bright red she smoothed her dress and faltered an apologetic smile at the man she'd backed into. Giles bit back his laugh.

"Here?" she asked again.

"It's a bit more public than I like..." he let his voice trail off enjoying the thrill of open seduction. Well, as open as propriety would allow.

Willow grinned and took his hand. Smiling at the guests who called to her but not stopping Willow led them through the dance floor and out the double French doors. Content to follow Giles returned the nods of the acquaintances he'd made throughout the evening but his mind was on nothing less than tasting her kisses once more.

The planter garden that scented and adorned the veranda added to Giles's arousal as Willow pulled him past the doors. The lush ferns and flowers made tempting pockets of privacy and filled his head with visions of a naked Willow beneath him... and astride him. Giles cleared his throat. Under normal circumstances he would never consider such a display, but being with Willow, the champagne, the party, her dress – they all combined and nudged his adventurous side to the forefront.

Willow leaned her back on the concrete balustrade and rested her elbows casually at her side supporting her weight as her green eyes twinkled and drew him closer.

"You do realize that this is very naughty, don't you?" he teased as he settled his hands around her slender waist. The tips of his fingers nearly met at the small of her back and he gave her a small tug toward him. "Us out here-" he kissed her lips.

Willow opened her mouth to him and leaned up on tiptoes pressing her body into his. She grasped his lapel and pulled him tighter and Giles dipped in further, tasting her and coaxing more. His erection shifted and then nudged forward as Willow's pelvic bone brushed past him. Giles moaned quietly into her mouth and then forced himself to pull back afraid that any semblance of control would disappear if their kiss lasted one second longer.

Willow's cheeks and chest flushed a delightful pink as she caught her breath and gazed up at him with eyes that had always hypnotized him. Sparkling before they were now smoky. Forgetting his earlier resolve of control Giles took another kiss, this one slow and easy.

"You are incredible," he breathed when it ended. Willow's blush deepened and she tried to look down at her feet but Giles caught her chin with a crooked index finger and brought her gaze back to his.

"It's not that difficult, really," Willow tried to say and then cleared her throat. "I mean... I just made a few calls –"

In awe of her humility Giles shook his head. "The party is lovely," he agreed, "but I'm talking about you. You're the woman that other women wish they could be."

Red hair skimmed her near bare shoulders as she shook her head but Giles interrupted the protests he knew she had on the tip of her tongue. "Promise."

Willow smiled and looked up at him from the corner of her eyes. "You're just saying that ‘cause you're my boyfriend," she demurred.

"No," Giles corrected. He took her hands and bent his knees so that he could look straight face to face. "I'm saying it because it's true."

He nodded to reassure her and her eyes lit up and his heart warmed. As if on cue Giles felt his arousal nudge against her belly. He rolled his eyes at his body's betrayal and then at her knowing grin. Good Lord, how old was he again?

Willow lifted her brow in an innocent arch but trailed her hand down his buttons stopping just after his belt.

Giles gritted his teeth in an effort to remember that as secluded as he felt it was merely French doors and some skillfully placed potted plants that kept the world from intruding. He pulled her closer leaving her no doubt how excited he was. Willow lifted her mouth in offering and as he sucked and nibbled on her lower lip he felt her butterfly light hands slide between his jacket and his slacks and trace his pocket.

She pulled him closer and molded her small hand against his arousal cupping him. Slowly she rubbed him through his pants and Giles feared for his dignity as blood pounded through his body. A shudder ran through his shoulders and she broke their kiss. Giles leaned forward chasing her lips content o float on the fringes of bliss but her soft voice danced over him.

"You like that, huh?" she teased.

Giles opened her eyes and blinked her into focus and then swallowed and nodded. "You have no idea," he rasped and then licked his lips and leaned in closer. "I'm going to have to repay you for this, you realize."

The pink edge of her small tongue snuck out from behind her teeth as she considered his promise.

Giles nodded with already a dozen images of them together, naked, and not just in their bed formed in his brain. Halfway to her ear to whisper exactly how he intended to repay his debt he heard the telltale click of opening doors. Giles stopped short and cleared his throat. He raised his brow and winked at Willow. They'd come just this close to getting caught. She blushed and reached her nervous hands to smooth his wrinkled shirt. The gentle smile he reserved just for her stopped cold as a familiar voice sliced through the mood.

"Willow. There you are," James exclaimed. "And Mr. Giles as well," he concluded with less enthusiasm.

Giles bit down on the inside of his mouth and begged the gods for strength. Of course James would show. The night had been nearly perfect. Couldn't let that happen. He glanced over his shoulder and tried not to glare – too badly.

"Mr. Pader," he acknowledged in the most civil tone he could muster. From the corner of his eye he saw Willow smooth her hair. Her furious blush rivaled her red head and he moved to block her from James's view, giving her a chance to compose herself. Giles cursed James again and this time added the man's damnable timing to his list of hates.

Willow cleared her throat and stepped from behind Giles.

"You're supposed to be in Texas," she said although her tone held anything but displeasure.

Giles resented the pleased smile she gave James. The pillock hadn't even earned it. He forced a neutral scowl as both James and Willow leaned forward and kissed cheeks. Although Willow's touched air James's clearly did not – and was there a really a need for him to hold onto her arm? Giles glared at the sight and then stifled a cough as James explained how quickly he'd sealed yet another investor and then hopped the next flight home.

"Couldn't let my best girl go it alone," James joked and then threw an arm around Willow's shoulders.

Willow blushed at the perceived compliment, but Giles coughed again. She wasn't that bastard's best girl, she was his and the nerve of that... poncy bugger to imply otherwise. Giles tightened his jaw and he thought he'd nearly snap it when James reached out and touched her neck.

"Did you hurt yourself?" he asked. "You're bruised."

Willow put her hand to her neck and tried to discreetly smooth the makeup she'd used to cover the fading love bite. A bright blush crept to her cheeks. She stepped away and Giles cleared his throat. It hadn't been his finest moment and thank you very much Mr. Pader for noticing.

"Willow, Luv, I believe you have some news for... him."

Willow looked up with a start her fingertips still dancing across her neck. "News?" she repeated and then her face brightened. She smiled and turned to her boss.

"The Kolbes?" she asked. Giles felt his ire soften at the quiet pride he heard in her voice. James raised a questioning brow and she continued barely able to contain her smile. "In for three million," she announced. Her eyes twinkled with delight and Giles felt her victory all over again.

James opened his mouth in shock and leaned forward and around Willow effectively shutting Giles from their mini-celebration. "You're kidding?" he said and then threw his head back. "Of course you're not kidding. You're amazing."

"Just a little bit amazing," Willow allowed herself. She held her hand out to indicate Giles. "I couldn't have done it without Giles –"

The softness in Giles's heart leapt clear as James smirked over his shoulder. "Store manager strikes a coupe, huh?"

Store manager. Giles pursed his lips and let the sting sink in. Like he was nothing more than a teenaged manager of a struggling hamburger stand. Giles paused considering a myriad of responses but in deference to Willow's moment he merely nodded and murmured, "Something like that, yes."

Fortunately or un James was already on another topic before the last word left Giles's mouth. The younger man t-peed his hands before his lips and then took Willow by the hand.

"I'm going to borrow Willow for a few. There are some more potential investors I want you to meet with." He squeezed her shoulder and smiled at Giles but it didn't quite meet his eyes. The only thing Giles saw was a challenge. "She quite the lucky penny, eh, Robert?"

Before Giles could correct him James had Willow nearly out the door. Willow looked back at Giles and shrugged her apology.

"You'll be okay?" she asked. "I'm sure it won't take long."

Giles smiled and nodded assuring her it was fine with him and when she turned her back he raised a tempered brow at James.

"Won't be long," James said with a smooth smile. "Have a drink."

Giles muttered under his breath watching as James put his hand to the small of Willow's back and steered her through the crowd. Giles swallowed and inhaled deeply. A drink was definitely in order.

Minutes passed and one flute of champagne turned into two lowball glasses of scotch. Neat. Still Willow hadn't emerged from the crowd. Giles edged along the outskirts searching for the familiar red hair. Not that he was worried. She was a strong woman who held her own against any demon hell could produce. The problem was, hell hadn't given them Mr. Suave Self-Assurance Pader. He was human and when it came to judging humans – well, she liked to see only the best in them. Giles squinted harder into the crowd and finally found her.

Willow's expression as always was animated, and when she laughed at James's jokes she touched his sleeve. Giles felt jealousy chomp at the bit and he did little to reign it in as the band struck up another tune. He watched as James turned to Willow and opened his arms in the universal question of ‘would you like to dance and then shag at my place?'. Giles tightened his jaw and pursed his lips. Naturally Willow would decline, but the wrinklies of that prat to even ask. Giles felt his brow shoot up – good Lord, she'd accepted.

Three cleansing breaths later Giles had regained a modicum of self-control. He knew this game. James was testing him, pushing the envelope, hedging for Giles to make an ass out of himself and he refused to rise to the bait. A public display of male testosterone would be insulting to Willow and it wasn't his style. Giles put his drink aside and buttoned his jacket. When he spoke with Mr. Pader it would indeed be very private. In the meanwhile, there was nothing wrong with a man cutting into a dance and he fully intended to do so.

James caught his eye and gave a knowing smirk over Willow's shoulder as the couple circled in time to Barry Mackie and the Swinger's rendition of Chances Are. Giles felt his resolve for a non-violent evening slip as he watched James slide his hand farther down Willow's back until it rested just above the smooth curve of her bottom. There was no doubt in his mind as James whispered something in Willow's ear that this show was for his benefit. James's message to him was loud and clear.

Giles started through the crowd. He smiled politely at passersby and those who danced in his way, but his eyes were glued firmly on his goal. He wouldn't cause a scene. It would only make him look like an ass and embarrass Willow – neither of which he wanted. But he would make a chance to remind Mr. Pader again that Willow was still not available.

A strong hand on his shoulder stopped him short and Giles had no choice but to plaster on an interested smile and turn to the man who accosted him.

"Mr. Kolbe," Giles greeted then looked anxiously ahead. Was that laughter? Were they laughing?

"My wife wants a dance, Mr. Giles. I was hoping to trade off and talk some more with Miss Rosenberg?"

Giles raised his eyebrows and nodded. He glanced nonchalantly over his shoulder at Willow and James and then back to Mr. Kolbe. "Yes, well, th- th-that would be lovely," he agreed. He looked again at Willow. She was laughing at whatever cocksure line that smug bastard fed her. He felt his stomach tighten. "When I find her I will tell her. I-I'm sure she'll be delighted."

Kolbe cocked his head to the side and pointed to Giles with an expectant grin. "Great party."

Giles gave the thumbs up and patted the man's arm as he stepped away. Americans. He returned his attention to Willow and James who were now... nowhere to be seen. Giles frowned and swore under his breath as he turned and scanned the guests. Of course Pader would try to get Willow alone. The question was where. Where could they have gone?

They. Giles grimaced. He hated that word and what it implied. After another sweep of the floor and a terrible rendition of ‘Isn't it Romantic' Giles was still without Willow.

He didn't like the idea of Willow alone with James after dark. Or ever, he amended with a grimace as he checked on the stairs. It was unfortunate he'd actually seen the man move about in the day or he might have a case for an accidental staking. Finally as a last gasp effort before he lost his calm Giles headed for the veranda.

Giles's heart slowed its frenetic pace and then hammered a new beat as through the glass he saw Willow and James on the patio. He paused for a moment studying the sight, Willow's expression was pleasant enough but she stood away from James with her arms crossed over her chest. Instantly Giles's hackles rose and he clenched his fists. In contrast to Willow was James's smooth posture, his back against the balustrade, legs spread before him. There stood a man of confidence, a man who looked at Willow with too much familiarity. Giles glared. James reached to Willow and ran his hand down her arm and Giles thought he might have to explode. There stood a man who needed to be knocked on his ass.

Giles ground his teeth and opened the veranda doors. Willow looked and her eyes crinkled. "Giles," she greeted him. The light in her eyes was innocent as he knew it would be. The touch had been James's.

"I've missed you," Giles said and held out his hand to her. He smiled down at her and then unable to stop the smallest of primal territorialism he lifted her chin and gave her a slow and solid kiss. Willow smiled. "And apparently so has Mr. Kolbe. He's requested your presence in the ballroom."

Willow raised her brows in surprise. "Me?" she asked. "Really? You don't mind, do you? And after him I promise that I'm yours for the rest of the night."

Giles shook his head. He didn't mind at all. It would give himself and Mr. I'm Shamelessly Chasing Your Girlfriend a chance to... chat. He kissed Willow's cheek and whispered, "I intend to hold you to that."

Willow sparkled and then turned to James. "Wish me luck."

James winked. Giles struggled to cover his sneer. "You don't need any. Go get him, Wills."

Willow raised her small shoulders in a happy shrug and left them. Giles smiled after her and then slowly turned his attention back to James. He felt a steel edge seep into his expression and he reached for the door. He pulled it shut.

James licked his front teeth and studied his hands as though he hadn't a care in the world. Giles lost his smile.

"I thought I made it clear that Willow isn't available," he said deliberately lowering his voice knowing that James would have to strain to hear.

James straightened his cuffs and checked out the stars before he graced Giles with a sympathetic shrug. "She is a beautiful woman," he said. "Intelligent, independent. More than capable of making her own decisions."

A cold anger flowed through Giles and he arched a brow. He wasn't getting drawn into a debate. He had a message to deliver and he would do just that. Giles took a step forward. "Willow may not see through you ... yet. But I do and I advise you to tread carefully."

James shoulders jerked with a derisive shot of laughter. Kolbe knocked on the door and raised a chubby and merry hand as he and Willow danced past. Giles raised his eyebrows and grinned at the twosome and when they were out of sight turned his dark glare back to James daring him to say something, but knowing that he wouldn't.

James merely smiled that cool easy going just let me slip under your radar flash of pearly whites that pushed Giles another step closer to the edge. Before he gave into the urge to dump the man over the balcony Giles turned toward the doors and grasped the handle, stopping just before he pulled open the doors. As almost an afterthought added, "If you ever touch Willow again... the way you did tonight... I will break your bloody arm."

Satisfied that he saw the right amount of concern flicker through the man's eyes Giles gave him a curt nod. "Now, if you'll excuse me...." He didn't wait for a reply and opened the door and stepped into the party. He took a few steps into the ballroom then let out a long breath and rolled his neck, trying to break the tension... nothing a good thrashing wouldn't cure....

He gritted his teeth and searched the crowd for Willow now more than ever anxious to have her by his side. His tie constricted his breathing and he gave it a sharp tug and tried to give the anger a way to seep out. But... the balls of that filthy bastard to lean so smugly... and avoid his questions... Giles clenched his fist again and forced himself deeper into the crowd. Killing her boss wouldn't put him in a good light. The only thing that could salvage this evening would be Willow – he strained and saw her light from across the room.

Despite the words he'd given James and the smug attitude he'd received in return Giles smiled. He couldn't help it. Kolbe's thick American waist and shoulders dwarfed Willow's slight form and made her seem more pixie-like than ever. It was obvious she delighted the gentleman.

An equally rotund woman in a shimmering gown stood next to her husband and joined in the hearty laughter. He stopped for a second and watched the scene play itself out and then as another man passed Willow and let his eyes linger a bit too long Giles cleared his throat and stepped forward his need to show the world she was his nudged on.

"There you are," she greeted him easily her eyes lighting up at his approach. "Mrs. Kolbe was beginning to think you stood her up."

Giles let Willow's warm glow caress him and took the hand she offered. He brushed his lips across hers and then remembering they had company. Embarrassed Giles smiled at Mrs. Kolbe as his brain worked to produce a believable out. While her arms looked cushy enough and he wasn't adverse to a spin around the floor with a woman who eerily resembled his great aunt Lucretia, it was Willow he wanted.

Mrs. Kolbe hooked arms with her husband and gave Giles a knowing smile. "Come on, Max. From the look in this youngster's eye it looks like I'll have to settle for the love of my life to spin me off my feet." She gave his arm a tug and winked at Giles. "You can talk business later."

"Perhaps the next one?" Giles offered struggling to keep his eyes off Willow.

She laughed. "I doubt you'll be here that long. Now, dance with me Max and try not to break my foot."

Both Willow and Giles snorted at the woman's... joie de vivre and then Willow pulled a straight face. "You survived a few minutes alone with the Evil James Pader?" she teased.

Giles cleared his throat and tugged at his collar. "Barely," he said intentionally keeping his voice light. Anything he had to say about the Evil Mr. Pader at that moment would be off the cuff and most likely give Willow that confused and concerned frown that meant she didn't understand why he'd be so mean. He could do without hearing her explain – again – just how brilliant and lonely James was, how he was a natural flirt – just ask any of the other girls in the lab. Giles forced a smiled. Tonight was her night and he would not be the one to spoil it. "Dance with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask," she said with a shy glance and then sidled into his arms.

Giles brought her hand to his mouth and brushed his lips across her knuckles. With her hand tucked securely in his and his arm tight around her waist they swayed to a tolerable cover of ‘Embraceable You'. Jade eyes sparkled up at him and when he returned the smile and Willow snuggled her head to his chest his worries disappeared. There were no sequined dresses stuffed with women more plastic than flesh, there were no rich business men cursing the market and comparing the size of their toys. And best of all, there was no James Pader who dared to challenge him. Giles closed his eyes and rested his cheek on the top of her head. There was just the two of them, him and Willow, and music from an era passed.

A few more bars played before Willow shifted in his arms, raised up on tiptoes and whispered things in his ear that drew a fierce blush from a man who ought to know better. Feeling the blood that surfaced in his cheeks quickly flow southward Giles pulled her closer then ducked his head to add a few suggestions of his own. Willow's teeth edged to her lower lip and she raised her brow in a delighted ‘ya' got the stones?' arch. Giles groaned knowing that the evening had just taken a turn for the better. There was no way he'd be able to get her home fast enough.

Taking her hand firmly in his Giles led them toward the coat check barely giving her time to say her goodbyes in passing. He dug in his jacket pocket for their ticket and leaned impatiently on the counter as the woman searched for Willow's wrap.

"What's the hurry, Mr. Giles?" Willow teased tiptoeing up to nip at his ear.

Aside from the overwhelming need unzip that shimmering slip she wore and hear his name cried out... Giles paused and his erection pulsed forward. He cocked his head to the side and a smile played at his lips. Really, that was... reason enough. The words were almost to his lips when he spotted that familiar floppy head of hair and let a growl escape. The man was incredible – never knowing when to stop, oblivious to just how close to pain he was. Giles squared his shoulders.

"Leaving so soon?" James asked. He spread his arms and put on hand on Willow's bicep and the other on Giles's shoulder. Giles tensed and shrugged away the contact with a pointed look at James's other hand. He felt his blood pressure rise and he gritted his teeth as James circled his thumb across the smooth rise of her muscle. Right, Giles decided, broken arm it is.

"We- we..." Willow stuttered, her face bright red and her embarrassed gaze flickering to Giles for help. "I mean... it's pretty late... a-and –"

"Yes, Mr. Pader, we are leaving," Giles cut in letting the barely contained fury tinge his words. He reached between James and Willow as the coat check woman handed Willow's wrap across the counter. He tipped her and turned to face James, almost chest to chest and seriously reconsidered his decision to not cause a scene.

James smiled and nodded then looked to Willow, complimenting her on the gala's success, telling her again how lovely she looked, reminding her to have their secretary get in touch with the hotel to book them their rooms for the upcoming conference.

Giles's brow shot up and then instantly flattened into a hot glare that he didn't bother to hide. "Conference?"

"Napa," James announced. He frowned to Willow and tilted his head to the side. "I thought you would have told him."

Willow swallowed and watched as the darkened shadows rolled by her window. Ten minutes of silence and counting. By any standards it was the beginnings of an Angel worthy brood.

"I would have said something," she started again this time determined not to let his raised brow stop her. "But there was this gala thing to plan... a-and getting all settled into your –"

"Our," Giles corrected. He glanced in the rearview and then shifted in the driver's seat. "Our place."

"I totally meant that," Willow hurried to placate him. There was an awkward silence. "A-and this conference thing is no big deal –" She sighed, crossed her arms over her chest and turned to look out the window. Talking with him when he was in a mood like this was pointless. And here she'd been thinking the night had gone so well.

>From the corner of her eye she saw him sigh and work his jaw as he tried for the words he so obviously didn't want to say.

"Willow, it's not the conference. In fact, I'm very proud you've been invited to speak. If I had known we could have celebrated," he started. Willow perked up and smiled. It was a big honor.

"It's... this James," he confessed then gave her a sideways glance almost as if he was embarrassed. "I – I don't trust him."

She snorted. "Coulda fooled me," she mocked him lightly and then put her hand to his knee. A soft smile played on her lips. He was so cute when he was jealous. She moved her hand farther up.

"Now... I'm being serious, Willow," Giles stammered. "He's got designs on you –"

She laughed again then bit her lips. "Designs?" she repeated and then sat back in her seat. Really? Designs? No one had ever had designs on her... as far as she knew, anyway.

Her hair was too red, her eyes were different sizes and her smile was crooked. She had no breasts to speak of and when she was nervous or excited – which was pretty much all the time, she stuttered. Any designs anyone – aside from Giles – had on her probably included plastic surgery and an investment in saline implants. She shook her head and waved her hand in the air, dismissing the notion.

"I told you, he's like that with everyone – And besides... we're talkin' me here. Geek Girl. Remember?"

She felt the car slow and then frowned wondering if they had a flat as Giles pulled to the side of the road. He turned off the engine and turned to her his expression set in concern.

"Is that what you think?" he asked. "That you're unattractive?"

Willow shrugged, a little nervous and embarrassed. "Not ugly... but...just not... hubba hubba."

He paused his eyes lost in thought and then licked his lips. "Let me tell you what I saw tonight," he finally said. "I saw a woman so confident and self-assured that she damn near glowed. You were – are sexy and alluring – and every man there saw it and felt it."

She tried to fight her grin. "It's the dress. It makes me feel all... daring. But that's just tonight... I mean...music, drink.... It's not really me."

Giles shook his head his lips pursed to interrupt. The gleam in his eyes told her that he was warming to his topic. "I-if you take everything I just said and then throw in the Willow element... the x factor, if you will, of you having no idea just how desirable you are.... It.. it's irresistible. Men can't resist it... can't resist you."

She bit her tongue and tried not to glow. "So... hubba?"

Giles swallowed and nodded. "Quite." He took off his glasses. "And James, being... male... is not immune a-and in fact has made it quite clear to me that... that he –" Giles scratched his head and Willow widened her eyes expectantly.

"That he what?" she prompted enjoying his state of fluster. He was so cute when he struggled. And besides, he'd called her sexy and alluring.

Giles stopped mid-returning his glasses to his nose. "I – I already told you... he's got designs on you."

Willow tilted her head to the side. "Designs, huh?"

He scowled, gave her a sideways glance and then continued his glasses' journey to his head. Willow grinned again then took pity. It was sweet he was so worried.

"Fine," she conceded and took his glasses from him and placed them on the dash. "I don't see it, but if it'll make you happy I'll keep an eye open for it."

Giles nodded then squinted after his glasses. "Thank you," he stuttered. "I know you think I'm over-reacting –" Willow unhooked her seatbelt and then nodded in reply as she unlatched his. "- what are you doing?" he asked.

"Being confident and self-assured," she murmured crawling over the gear and straddling his lap. The steering wheel pressed into her back and she reached beside his seat and pushed the switch. Giles's seat slid back and with a wicked grin on her lips Willow rode with it and then slid forward over the growing bulge in his pants.

She smiled gently and edged her tongue between her teeth then pressed her warm center to his arousal. Giles's eyes darkened and his sudden intake of breath sent another warm wave to her core. This normally wasn't her style... public displaying she usually left to Xander and Anya... but the excitement of the night, Giles's jealousy, her... frustration since she'd walked in on him dressing and he'd started the seduction.... Willow ground into him then with a quick peek at the deserted road around them, threw caution to the wind.

"W- we... we could get... Oh, dear Lord..." Giles swallowed and gasped for a breath as she leaned forward and nipped at his neck. "... we could get... caught."

"Mmmm hmmm," Willow agreed. She traced the side of his neck with the tip of her tongue and then sucked edge of his ear lobe in between her teeth. Giles moaned under his breath and rolled his head to the side. He dug his fingers into her thighs urging her closer. His words echoed in her head, building her ego, skyrocketing her desire. He was afraid of losing her.

Another wave of need rushed through her body, bringing with it the undeniable urge to reassure him. Willow leaned back and wove her fingers in his short soft hair capturing his gaze. Love and want shone back at her and she inhaled a shuddering breath at the intensity of his emotions.

"I'm yours," she whispered her voice husky even to her own ears and then captured his open mouth, sweeping her tongue over the edges of his teeth, swirling and tasting, tightening her hold and drawing him up.

Giles's pulled his hands up her torso pulling her dress with it then letting the silk slid back down as he cupped her breasts and teased her nipples to hardened peaks. His cock pushed against her through the layers of cloth and Willow groaned. Her heart pounded in her chest and a sweet ache stirred within her with such an intensity that Willow knew there would be no stopping. She needed Giles inside her as much as she needed... the gearshift out of her knee....

Breaking the kiss, gasping in anticipation Willow shifted to a more comfortable position and then shoved his jacket off his shoulders and out of her way then ran her nails down his shirt feeling the bump of his taut nipples under his shirt. A wicked feeling grin played at the edges of her kiss bruised lips and then going with the frenetic pace she jerked his shirt free of his pants then hooked her finger in the button gaps and pulled. A spray of buttons ticked against the window and interior and Giles hesitated only a moment the shock bright in his eyes. Just as quickly as it appeared a smoldering fire replaced it.

Their hot gazes never wavered and Giles worked furiously at his belt and then lifted them both as he raised his hips and worked his pants below his hips. Willow jostled against the gearshift and the steering wheel jabbed into her back but she didn't care. The only thing that mattered was feeling Giles thick and hard sliding into her... taking her over the edge and him right along with her.

Giles grunted and twisted his hips again. He frowned. Willow whimpered and tried to move back into position but... something... she growled and tugged her foot... held her back. Willow squinted and looked around and finally in the haze of frustrated desire found the culprit. Her shoe strap had looped itself around the emergency break

Giles leaned up, following her, and then screwed up his face in and expression of annoyance and mild pain. As Willow struggled to release her shoe Giles reached behind him and jerked the seat belt buckle from whatever it'd been gouging. Breathless and now fighting giggles Willow pressed her lips together and looked down at him with wide eyes.

"Bloody car," he growled. His frustration filled the enclosed space and she sensed that it bordered on temper. Another car whizzed by and shook them. Willow crawled off his lap and adjusted herself in the passenger's seat as he vented. "Bloody two door piece of ..." he groaned and dropped his head against the seat then looked back up at her. "I'm sorry, Luv..."

Willow's laughter faded and she flashed him a wicked grin. "You don't have to be," she said.

Giles nearly lost control right then – the look on her face, the wide innocent eyes that contrasted with that sexy grin, and then her slow descent. Dear Lord, it had taken every red blood cell in his body not to take her at the gala – before, even... he swallowed and lost his focus. Had he been thinking? Giles closed his eyes, let his head fall back, and then sucked in air through his teeth as Willow's wet mouth surrounded him.

He gripped the emergency break.

"Y- you... we... oh..." he struggled to form words instead finding only vowels. ‘O' being his favorite. "Oh, gods, yes...Willow...." His voice trailed away and he bucked his hips to meet her rhythm.

His body craved the release she offered and Giles laced his fingers in her hair and nearly lost himself as her throaty moans filled the small car and vibrated around his swollen cock. Giles groaned.

He opened his eyes and looked down just enough to see her glance up at him through her thick lashes. Willow's small hands housed his arousal and she brushed her smooth cheek against the wet and turgid length and then . Dear God above where had she learned that? It was... perfection.

Strike that, Giles realized, she was perfection. He ran his palm over her bare shoulder the silkiness contrasting the calloused skin of his hand. For him she was flawless – the lightness of his soul and he wanted to show her that he understood she'd given him another chance at living. Suddenly tonight was about more and Giles smiled down at her and pushed her hair from her cheek. Tonight, if he hadn't done it properly before, he would cherish her.

"Come here," he rasped and then tugged gently on her hand.

A confused light went through her eyes and she sat up. "What's wrong?" She sounded small, like she was about to get scolded. Giles's heart filled a bit more and he kissed her forehead and then lips.

"Absolutely nothing," he promised. "But this is about more than me... I - I want to do this proper... let me?"

He ducked his head to watch her expressions and nearly lost his resolve as she caught her lips between those small white teeth, considered his proposition, and then nodded. Her evil smile returned.

"How fast can you drive?" she asked her voice breathy. She raised her eyebrow in question and nodded at the speedometer.

It was Giles's turn to wear the grin. "Buckle up...let's find out."



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