Two characters, an actor and an airport
Author: Nikki
SUMMARY: W/G magic go by-by!

Willow waited patiently outside the 'Gents'. She smiled a little self-consciously at the men who passed her. I really wasn't her fault, she just wished at the wrong time that's all. Giles had been in a right 'snit' ever since. She leant her foot up against the marble tiling of the wall and took in the bustle of the airport. So this was Heathrow, how far could he throw it, she wondered? The cough behind her reminded her just how angry Giles had been when they landed on the concourse an hour ago in their pyjamas.

"Well, here we are again then. Alys...Willow. Good thing we're the same.." Tony hesitated. "size.." He grinned at Giles and grabbed at his elbow. He didn't want to show himself in public.

Willow smiled appreciatively at them both. Twins! She licked her lips. Stoppit! She slapped her wrist mentally, only one of them's yours! They all walked together across the broad hall of terminal 1 to the coffee shop. Willow and Giles sat at a table while Tony got the drinks. He kept looking back at them while waiting to be served, wondering if he was going mad. Their conversation got quite heated even though all the way through he noticed how their feet tangled together under the table. Suddenly something was said and they kissed passionately over the table hands, tongues the lot! He looked away and blew out a breath. Good thing my wife didn't see that! He chose their order and took it to the table. All was calm once more. Giles looked flushed Willow glowed. He had to try and get these two home where they belonged.

"Tea, Tea and my coffee. Now, tell me one more time." He stirred sugar into his coffee and tried not to notice their look of horror when he took a sip.

"Willow and I were asleep and she made a wish to go somewhere erotic.. uhm... exotic, the plane overhead and the fact that we had just... We were mellow. I said "Granted." and here we are."

Willow gave a small apologetic smile to their saviour who had the cutest dimple just like Giles... "Ow!" She rubbed her ankle where Giles nudged her. Tony smiled into his coffee cup.

"Thank you for coming to our rescue, Tony." She smiled as he bowed gallantly.

"Couldn't have my double here, naked on terminal 1 now could I?" He grinned wickedly. "Well not quite naked you were wearing a posing pouch!" Giles' expression was stony. Willow choked on her tea.

"Yes but under pyjamas! You don't think you could possibly talk a little louder?" He glanced round. "Well, I would have been better attired had I known I would be whisked off to English shores."

"Do they make tweed posing pouches?" Willow managed to wheeze out between giggles.

"Itchy!" Tony could only manage one word.

At last the stony facade broke and Giles joined in the hilarity. They finished their drinks and Tony decided that Willow and Giles would have a better chance of sorting out their problem in California. Unfortunately neither Willow nor Giles had a passport or luggage.

"Tell me what I do again?" Tony stood by the door, with his foot braced against it to stop intruders. He held two plastic bags and a piece of chalk. Giles took the chalk from him and drew on the rest-room floor.

"You mean that magic works? I thought it was made up! It's all effects on the show.." Tony strained to see what Giles drew.

"Tony.." Giles murmured.

"Hmm, yes Giles? Anything I can do?"

"Shuttup!" Giles hissed through his teeth. Willow looked at the actor sympathetically.

"Willow take the bags, one for me one for you and we'll sign them. The papers?" Willow gave him the folded 'book' of toilet paper that was to become a passport. Tony felt the room grow cold as Giles murmured the incantation. Two cases and European passports appeared at their feet.

"Wow!" Tony applauded. He leant his head back. "Are we finished? Cause I think we've got a queue.."

Giles nodded. They hid behind the door as Tony lurched off; Willow and Giles managed to slip out after the initial flood of men had ebbed.


Giles and Willow held hands squeezed into the economy seats on the plane. It was the best Tony could do under the circumstances. It gave them the chance to chat about the man who saved them from a fate worse than tabloids.

"We know he's an actor, I look like him and he's on his way back to California to film a series..." Giles eyebrow nearly climbed off his forehead. "About a Vampire Slayer. He commutes! That has to be tough on his family. Now he knows you because you're also an actor on the show. I am telling this right aren't I?" Willow nodded and he kissed her fingers.

"So we have to hope it will all turn out right when we get home."

They fell asleep. Tony came to wake them when they landed. Willow's head was leant on Giles' shoulder. He smiled he'd have to remember that look and try to work that into an episode somehow. Giles woke suddenly blinking he nudged Willow who woke slowly. They followed Tony off the plane and straight into a car by passing passport control.

"I'm assuming you want to go straight to the set.. I mean your house? It's late or early so I don't think anyone will be there yet." I hope, he thought.

Giles nodded he and Willow could sort out what had gone wrong when they got home to his books. They got out of the car and faced the Bronze. Giles looked dismayed. Tony smiled.

"Let's see if I can impress you with my magic trick!" He set off toward the small door in the side of the building. The door swung open with an empty clang. Willow gasped as she stepped through the door. There were lights and sets as far as the eye could see. Giles followed her through and his eyes widened Tony closed the door and nipped round in front.

"C'mon, your house is over here.." He started to jog down the building and weaved this way and that. Giles kept pace while Willow fell behind. There was no door. Tony halted while Giles dashed inside and went straight to his shelves. He grabbed a book and opened it. He grabbed another and another. He let the last one dangle from his fingers.

"What's the matter? No good?" Tony picked up one of the books he's dropped. Willow ran in breathlessly.

"Well?" Giles looked at her with empty eyes.

"We're screwed. We can't get back. They're bloody telephone directories!" Willow grabbed the book from his hands tearing through the pages with growing despair.

"What have you done to his books?!" She screeched. She threw it at the wall making a dent in the fibreboard. Giles sat down heavily on his sofa with his head in his hands. Willow snuggled next to him. Tony felt his stomach doing a flip; they were so despondent. This wasn't pretend to them their lives were in his hands.

"Look, uhm. Why don't you go upstairs and uh get mellow. Maybe if you wish at the right point you'll get home? Hmm, worth a try?" He looked at his watch. "I need to go and get my script. I hope not to see you when I get back.. Bye."


"Well, C'm'ere Rupert!" She grinned pulling the elastic strings from his thighs and flinging the pouch over her shoulder. "Gotta take off all the wrapping and place somewhere warm till risen.." She rubbed her breasts either side of his erection. He glanced down at her fiery head and blessed the Gods for the umpteenth time for his treasure, his Willow. He could feel her nipples grazing through the hair on his thighs. Her moans fuelled his desire. She rubbed quicker her breath coming in short gasps. He gripped her forearms and lifted her up for his kiss. He tipped her over and entered her through the tangle of their limbs. Hot breath matched hot breath as they fought their way through the 'play'. Willow's legs hooked over his back, drawing him further in. He groaned her name and rammed home further. Willow shuddered and moaned his name conscious of the echoing vastness of the warehouse. Giles had no such concerns; the strangeness of the location spurred him on. He enfolded Willow in his arms pressing her breasts into his chest and he came with a shout.

"Willow! Wish to be gone."

"I wish..."

The voices groaned, whispering endearments and faded from earshot.

The end (it was supposed to be silly all the way through, oops!)



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