Author: Nikki
SUMMARY: Giles buy's a record shop and discovers something odd in the back room.

Willow played with an elastic band absently stretching it in her fingers and letting it spring back. Giles had promised her coffee an hour ago and he was still engrossed in unpacking boxes of records.

Yes, Giles had found a job! He was so fed up about not finding employment he had bought a small record and bookshop with his severance pay. If Ethan could manage, a magic shop Giles was sure he could do the same with books.

The band Willow had been playing with 'pinged' off her fingers and caught Giles in the back of the neck.

"Ow!" He yelped. "Bloody Hell, Willow! If you want coffee that badly go and get yourself some!" He shoved some money toward her.

"OK, Mr. Grouchy!" She headed for the door. Giles straightened and held his back he felt his muscles complaining.

"Willow." Giles called She glanced back mischievously.

"Come here," He held out his arm palm extended in invitation. She snuggled up to his chest and he kissed the top of her head rocking her gently while he surveyed his small kingdom. He'd bought it because of the shop front it was an attractive building exuding a certain "Englishness." Inside, it was dusty and dingy but they were going to take care of that. Downstairs there was a large dry basement. Perfect for training.

"Sorry." He murmured into her hair. "You go and get coffee and then we can have a break."

Willow smiled up at him fondly. He was much better now he had something to do.


When she came back all the records were unpacked and collated into decades, groups, single artist and type. She would never be able to do that but for Giles it was second nature.

Giles came out of the back room of the shop. He had a strange look on his face.

"Willow, I'm glad you're back. Come here a minute, will you?"

She smiled, intrigued and deposited the Styrofoam cups on the counter top then followed him to the back of the shop. He stood by a door that was partially hidden by a heavy velvet curtain. He pulled the curtain aside with the flourish of a master magician and opened the door.

"Look what I found while you were out." Willow's eyes widened as she took in the scene before her. The room was filled with people frozen in erotic poses. A few were actually paused in the "Act." Willow shut her eyes involuntarily. She felt Giles' arm slip round her waist his fingers just brushing the upper swell of her Pubis. His touch put liquid fire in her veins and she moaned his name. Giles glanced down to Willow smiling at her reaction to his simple display of affection.

They stepped into the room. He breathed in a familiar heavy scent. Willow wrinkled her nose she was not used to smoky atmospheres.

"What's that smell?" She whispered.

"Pot." He answered automatically. "Why are we whispering? They can't hear us." He brushed his fingertips over the hip of the woman nearest to him and smiled as he felt magic creep up his arm.

"They're enchanted." Giles observed as the woman moved away from her partner and kissed him passionately. Giles returned the kiss with equal passion his arms enfolding her.

Willow squeaked and dragged Giles away. These people weren't frozen enough for her liking. A man trailed a hand over her breast as she was hurrying past and she gasped at his touch. The room seemed to go on forever. Giles was resisting her he really wanted to go back. She turned a corner and halted. There highlighted by a single spotlight, was the biggest bed she had ever seen. She had stopped so suddenly that Giles ran into the back of her. She felt his hands glide over her back slowly snaking round to her breasts where they rested. His breath was hot on her neck. She closed her eyes and concentrated on his hands.

"Giles, what is this place?" She asked breathlessly. His strong hands whirled her round. His eyes dark with passion. She eeped! Where were his clothes? Her eyes dropped. My God, he's glad to see me! He smiled seductively when he caught the direction of her gaze.

"Willow, don't talk love. Make love!" He murmured. He lifted her off her feet and kissed her. His tongue teasing her lips apart she whimpered softly and gave herself to the kiss also falling under the enchantment. Their tongues danced merrily, her arms locking round his neck as he tipped them over onto the bed. The sensation of falling was electric and dangerous. She clamped her legs round him. He continued to kiss her, unafraid. They landed in cushioned softness. Giles broke off kissing Willow for moments only while he peeled off her clothes.

"Beautiful Willow!" He spoke her name in adoration. Each piece of her clothing was accompanied by hot kisses as more bare skin was revealed. Willow writhed sensually on the large bed. It was big enough for many more than two. Now, there's a fascinating thought. Giles bit down on her nipple and she arched upwards her mouth forming a delightful silent "O".

"Mmm, Succulent. Are you that delicious everywhere?" He breathed. His fingers stroked and tangled in the fiery curls of her pussy as he eased a finger into her moistening cave and found room for a second. God! She was hot and slippery as he withdrew his fingers to lick them she sat up to join him in the feast.

"Giles? I need you now! Please!" Her breath was coming hard and fast.

He smiled seductively but instead of obeying, he shook his head, preferring instead to feast further. Willow complained loudly and it was music to his ears. Giles was puzzled he had expected Willow to come but she seemed not to care. Willow turned about allowing him easier access. Seeing the look in his lovers' eyes made his brain shut down and he devoured her pussy like a starving man. His heart leapt when Willow took his cock and bathed it in the hot wet velvet of her mouth.

Her mouth left him and his hips jerked in sudden loss. Never mind! He was driven by lust and lust alone. Where was that tender swollen clit? Her juices flooded out of her overflowing his mouth and coating his chin. Willow had never felt anything quite as wonderful as Giles tongue. He was masterful and she adored being licked. He was like a dangerous 'big cat' lapping up her cream.

She shifted her position slightly, her soft breasts brushed the root of his cock and he growled. He heard her sucking her fingers preparing them with her hot saliva. His breath caught for a moment, then his spine melted and he moaned into her pussy. Her fingers busied themselves thrusting into his back passage. She was sending him mad with desire. He grabbed at the cheeks of her bottom and forced them apart, thrusting his tongue into her dark depths. There they lay locked in erotic battle moving sinuously together.

She withdrew her fingers as he slowly withdrew his tongue. He had a chance to catch his breath while she turned round. His skin was extremely sensitive he felt every whispering touch magnified ten-fold. Willow was so sexy and responsive he should have come by now he wasn't even close turned on and groaning with desire, yes, but orgasmic? No.

He licked his lips hungrily as Willow lowered herself onto his face. Her pussy lips were plump with unspent lust. He slavishly serviced her clit until she screamed with pleasure. Suddenly a tiny trickle of something he'd not tasted in years snaked over his tongue and down his throat he swallowed thirstily. Willow froze. "Sorry," she murmured as she resumed her writhing. Giles wasn't sorry. He stroked up to her breasts to tweak her nipples while lapping insistently over her clit with his tongue. He flinched at the sudden pain in his chest.

Making love slowly wasn't working!

He lifted Willow from him and laid her beside him. Hard and fast it would have to be then. She felt his burning cock brush against her sex again and again he was teasing her. He smiled dreamily she blew his mind.

Finally, he rammed home, splitting her like a ripe hot peach. His cock took on a life of it's own. Willow gasped and locked her legs round him and met him thrust for thrust. She raked her nails down his back drawing blood he arched and hissed in pleasurable pain coming back at her with gentle nips of love down her neck. Willow became frantic her head rolling from side to side. Through his haze of lust, he noticed the press of people gathered round the bed.

Giles gently eased their lust soaked bodies closer to the edge of the bed. Willow was almost unconscious with pleasure. He rolled her over and staggered to his feet blinking the sweat out of his eyes. He only had to stand.

Giles felt his heart racing dangerously, erratically in his chest. He pushed Willow against the rough brick of the wall placing his hands either side of her shoulders he locked his elbows.

The crowd was desperate. They had been trapped here for an age being unable to come!

Willow's eyes flashed open to see Giles' face contorted in unfulfilled lust. It was up to her now. She came alive again with gravity's help. Her fingers dug into Giles' shoulders and she used them for leverage to slide herself up and down his hot, hard, shaft. Her breath came in ragged gasps. Giles also began to move with renewed vigour under her assault. He pulled her away from the wall to save the skin of her back from being grazed.

Giles felt a familiar tingle race up his spine from his toes and held his breath as he witnessed Willow screaming out her orgasm. All the other women in the room, all screaming his name, joined her. The cacophony was deafening.

The hot velvet glove of her pussy clamped round him, releasing then hugging, almost vibrating it was exquisite! Willow's face was transformed with her orgasm he'd never seen anyone look so wanton. He gripped her hips and shoved her down brutally burying his cock into her three more times. He threw back his head and roared with naked animal lust as his orgasm finally ripped through him. AT LAST! His seed blasted into her overflowing her pussy and trickled down her legs. Willow trembled in his embrace still experiencing the echo of the long withheld orgasm of twenty women. Giles was finally still and he sank to his knees panting, his heart rate slowing. He eased out of her and his heart sank at the sight of blood.

"Oh God! Willow I'm sorry..." He kissed her and she smiled gently, touching his face tenderly.

"Don't worry, Giles I'll heal. You just hit a spot that normally doesn't get hit." She looked around the room was empty. "I guess we broke the enchantment."

He didn't notice the room. He didn't deserve this beautiful, sexy young woman. He was suddenly aware that he couldn't live without her.

"Marry me?" He asked trying to put all his love into two words and found himself feeling woefully inadequate.

"Are you still under the enchantment Giles?" She beamed at him. She was incandescent, as invigorating as a plunge into a mountain pool.

"Yes, I fell under your enchantment an age ago. I love you, Willow." They knelt together in the centre of the room, frozen in a moment of time.

The End-- Really!

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