Title: The Diner (#3 E.C. Series)
Author: Andrea
Rating: 15
Pairing: Willow/Giles
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters
Distribution: SB, Nickie, Emilie, FeverFate, Bite Me, Arwen, anyone else just ask!
Spoilers: 4th season
Summary: This is the 3rd story after, 'The Birthday Gift' and 'The Concert'
Thanks: Kat/Derek for betabeta

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Note: Ivy is Willow's roommate...there was a reference to her in the first 2 parts of 'The Concert'

Dedication: To Monique, see I kept my promise!  Okay, part of it...that counts, right?

Walking back to the car, hand in hand, Willow and Giles couldn't seem to stop smiling. The concert certainly had more than its fair share of surprises. Exciting and unexpected surprises.

Exciting in that, first of all, Eric Clapton was in true form. He'd performed all his classics, with a few surprises thrown in. All of Willow and Giles' favorites were sung and the crowd was extraordinary.

They cheered and hollered, they were so enthusiastic that the seats shook like an earthquake. The combination of Eric Clapton, the crowd made for an exciting evening.

But, it wasn't just the singing and the crowd response that made it exciting. It was something more personal, more special for Willow and Giles.

Tonight was their night. Only theirs and no one else's. Each one got the opportunity to be with the other in a way rarely seen by anyone. Each one got to release whatever inhibitions they had within themselves, with each other and just....


Be themselves completely, without retribution, without apologies, without reservations. Tonight, it wasn't just 'The Watcher' and 'The Wicca', the ex-librarian and the hacker. But, Willow and Giles, two people who were defined by more than just their nicknames. Two people who were more than entities that the others classified them as, but two people who had much more bubbling beneath the surface, just waiting for the right time and person to let it out.

And tonight, both Willow and Giles were able to express all they had to give.

And if tonight was any indication of what they had been hiding inside themselves, and more importantly from themselves, then it would take at least another millenium before all would be revealed.

"What are you smiling at, love?" Giles asked, squeezing her hand a little tighter. 'God, her hands are soft. Like silk.' he thought, rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand.

"Just how wonderful tonight's been." Willow answered, a slight shiver going through her at the feel of his thumb on her hand." And how I don't want it to end."

"It doesn't have to, you know." he answered suggestively.

Blushing at the sexual overtone in his voice, she asked. "Oh, and what do you have in mind, Ripper?"

Smiling like the cat that ate the canary, he said sexily, "I have a few thoughts." he offered, pulling her flat against him. Nuzzling her hair before pulling away, he said, "Though I'm hungry first."

"For what?" Willow asked breathlessly, the feel of his hard chest against hers was driving her mad with desire.

"What do you suggest?" he whispered, his voice a sweet caress against her hair.

She shuddered. "Hamburgers?" she suggested, her voice quivering with raw emotion that he stirred in her.

He chuckled." All right. Hamburgers it is. For now." he amended, raising his eyebrows suggestively.


Settling in the car, he turned to her. "Where should we go?"

"How about Buddies Diner?" Willow suggested. "It's only about an half hour from here. Close to the college."

"Buddies, it is." Giles said, pulling his car behind the other thousands waiting to get out of the parking lot. 'We should be out of here by next month', he thought wirily.

Turning his attention to her, his breath caught in his throat. She looked beautiful. She was staring out the window into the night and the moonlight hit her face just so, giving her an ethereal glow to her. The sight of her caused him to become aroused and he shifted in his sear slightly.

Noticing movement out of the corner of her eye, Willow turned to face him. She saw him squirm in his seat and she asked concerned, "Are you all right Giles? You seem to be a little uncomfortable."

"Er..I'm fine, Willow." Giles answered, moving his car a few inches. "My foot fell asleep and I was trying to wake it up."

She nodded in understanding. "Oh, I hate when that happens." She smiled knowingly. After a few beats, she asked shyly, "Did you have a good time?"

He beamed at her. "The best." Turning to face her, he said, "Thank you again, Willow. This was absolutely the best birthday gift I've ever received."

"I'm glad I could give you a happy, Giles." Willow offered smiling. Realizing what she had said, she amended, " I mean, made you happy. I'm happy that I made you happy."

Smiling at her innuendo, Giles thought to himself, 'You always make me happy, Willow.'

Nothing could be more truer than that thought. She indeed did make him happy. Happy to be alive, happy to know her, just plain happy. Willow had made an impact in his life like no other.

He remembered the day he first met her, her enthusiasm had sparked a fire in him that no one had ever had. He fondly recalled how her eyes sparkled electric green when she'd discovered his tome of books that she immediately flipped through, her eyes growing larger with each passing title.

Her energy, her lust for life was infectious and he loved being around her vivacity. He breathed it in like an addict in need of opium. To him, Willow was addictive, her raw power had the ability to make him lose all his senses, and send him into a happiness oblivion.

And tonight, that addiction was more craved than ever before.

Her words and actions sparked an craving, a wanting in him that only she could sate. She was more sensual, more provocative, more passionate that he'd ever seen. And to be on the receiving end of that raw force was...


"Giles?" Willow whispered, slightly worried. His silence concerned her and she wondered if anything was wrong. "Is something wrong? You're so quiet."

Slowly facing her, he reached over to touch her hand, needing to feel her skin. "Nothing, love. I'm just daydreaming."

"Happy thoughts?"

Nodding, he answered. "Very happy." Driving the car out of the parking lot, he asked, "Okay, love. Which way to Buddies?"

"Just take the freeway like your heading back to the college. Then we exit on Tampa." she replied, turning to see him. "So, you really had a good time?"

"Yes, really. " He answered, entering the freeway. "And you know why that was, don't you?"

"Because you got to see one of your favorite guitarists?"

He shook his head. "No, because of my lovely date." He replied, turning to see her reaction. She blushed beautifully at his compliment and shyly ducked her head.

Smiling to herself, her body warmed up with his words. 'Date. I'm Giles' date!' she mused gaily. The idea that she was Giles' anything made her body tingle.

She had to admit to herself that she wanted more than a friendship with him. Ivy was right all along. She was in love with him. Even though, she had Oz, her heart had always been with Giles.

From the very first day, he had captured her heart like no other. First, she thought it was just a crush but as the years went by, her crush grew to love. He understood her better than anyone. Understood her wants and desires, from her insatiable craving for knowledge and especially for magic. He understood like no other, how much magic meant to her and how difficult it was to control it. How wanting to know more was almost as addictive as a drug.

And to her at least, Giles was the opium she sought.

Everything about him caused her body to heat up. From his incredible mind to his equally incredible body, his strength inside and out made Willow lose all sense of reason.

She'd known all along that there was more to him than just the Watcher/Librarian he expressed. Knew that Ripper was as much a part of him as Giles was. She knew that there was more bubbling below, like a witches brew waiting to boil.

And if tonight was any indication, she wanted to be a part of that brew. Tonight, he was more outgoing, more carefree, more sensual than ever before. And to be witness to it was pure ecstasy.

"Willow?" he asked, wondering at her quiet. "What's going on in that beautiful brain of yours?"

Smiling sensually, she turned in her seat to face him. "Just thinking about the concert." She lightly ran her fingertips over his leather clad thigh. "So, which was your favorite part?" She asked innocently, wondering if her hand had any effect on him.

Struggling to breathe, Giles answered. "Layla." He offered without hesitation, trying not to melt into a puddle at her touch.

'What she did to him...'


He nodded. "Seeing Layla performed live was pure magic. The raw passion that Clapton exuded from his guitar...The way those notes were being played..." he trailed off, facing her. She was sitting there, listening to him, an enraptured look upon her face. "Yes, love?"

"It's just I've never seen you talk this passionate about anything other than research that is." Willow stated. "Not, that talking about research passionately is a bad thing. It's a good thing, a really good thing. It's just wonderful to see you like this."

"Like how?" he asked softly, his eyes back on the road.

Staring at him, she replied without a pause. "Like who you really are."


Part 2

Ten minutes later, Giles pulled the Citroen into Buddies Diner. Looking at the outside of the diner, he asked, "A 50s Diner?"

She nodded enthusiastically. "Yup. They have real jukeboxes and these delicious shakes." She unbelted her seat belt and opened the car door. "C'mon, Rupert."

Smiling at her infectious behavior, Giles got out of the car and went to her. Slinging his arm over her shoulder, he said. "All right, you convinced me." He dropped a kiss on her head. "Let's go in."

Slipping her arm around his waist, she and Giles walked into the diner, their bodies pressed together perfectly.

Opening the door for her, he escorted her inside, his hand lightly resting on her lower back, his fingertips brushing her behind.

She turned to see him grinning sexily at her. Grinning back, she wiggled a bit causing his grin to widen even more and his hand to lightly brush across her behind, before pulling away completely.

Giles and Willow stepped up to the hostess who was dressed like a bobby-soxer. Poodle skirt, fuzzy sweater and a high ponytail to match.

She smiled as they approached. "Two?" They nodded. She picked up a couple of menus and said, "Follow me, cats."

Setting the menus on the table, Giles and Willow slid into the booth facing each other. Picking them up, they each perused the menu, wondering what to get. Willow rested her hand down on the seat, her fingers sticking to the seat.

"Ewww." she said, extracting her hand.

"What is it, love?" he asked concerned.

She wiggled her fingers at him. "Sticky seat." Reaching for the napkin dispenser, she took a napkin and wiped her hand. "The seat is a little sticky. I think we need another booth."

Smiling suggestively, he offered. "Well, we could do that. Or since it is a little busy, you could just sit over here with me." he patted the seat next to him.

A shiver ran up her spine at his offer. Unable to resist, she got up and went to his side, sliding next to him. Wiggling to get comfortable, she asked, "Isn't this a tight fit?"

"Well, you know you could always.." he replied, before the waitress came to their table.

"Howz it goin'?" she asked, removing a pen from behind her ear. "So, do you lovebirds know what you want?"

Picking up the menu, Giles flipped through it before asking, "Willow, do you know what you want?"

She nodded. "I'll have the Rockin' Robin Burger with fries and the Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On chocolate shake."

"Okay, sweetie." The waitress looked at Giles. "How about you hot stuff, know whatcha want?"

Willow giggled at the name the waitress called him. He gazed at her, his eyebrows raised. "Yes, I know what I want."

The waitress chuckled loudly. "I'm talking about the food, honey."

Willow blushed at her words and shyly looked down at her menu. Giles smiled at Willow and gazed at the waitress. "I'll have the same."

"Okey-dokey." she replied, taking their menus.

Turning to him, Willow said, "Hot stuff? I can't believe she said that."

A mocking grin came over his face. "Why? Is it too preposterous an idea?"

She shook her head vehemently. "No, not at all. It's just I can't believe she would say something like that."


Her eys widen and she blushed. Scooting closer, she offered. "Should I?"

Looking over his shoulder to take a gander at the waitress, he said. "Never." Which earned him a beautific smile from her. He leaned in closer and said, "You know, its awfully crowded on this seat."

She grinned sexily. "You're right." She jumped into his lap and faced him. "Can't have that can we?"

"No, we can't." Giles whispered, his body on fire from hers. "No, we can't have that at all."

"Thought so." she replied, wiggling a bit to get comfortable. Giles had to bite his tongue from moaning, the sensations of Willow on him nothing short of earth shattering.

Wrapping an arm around her to stop her wiggling and more importantly to hold her to him, he said, "Willow.."

"Yes, Ripper?" she emphasized, turning to him all wide-eyed and innocent. She knew that she was having some effect on him, she felt a tremble course through him and reverberate through her. Somehow knowing that she was affecting him gave her a powerful feeling.

Not to mention the fact that the feel of his powerful leg under her, the tight leather against her bare leg was nothing short of exquisite.

Shivering somewhat, Willow tried hard to regain some of her breathing. She wondered if Giles had an inkling of what his presence was doing to her.

Giles smiled to himself as he felt the tremor go through her, feeling her shiver in his arms. 'So, I'm affecting her the way she's affecting me.' he thought happily, tightening his arm around her even more.

"Here you go." The waitress said, plunking down two glasses on the table. "Two chocolate Whole Lottas." Throwing the straws on the table, she said. "Enjoy."

Undoing the wrappers, Willow plunked both straws into the shakes and held hers up for a toast." Let's toast."

Raising his as well, Giles asked. "What should we toast to?"

Willow pondered for a second before answering. "To your birthday."

"My birthday?" he asked." It's passed."

She shook her head. "No, it's still your birthday. It's just your birthday gift day."

"All right, we can toast to that. If, I can make a toast myself." Giles amended.

"Okay, what?"

Looking at her directly, his eyes smoldering, he said, "To taking new chances."

"Taking new chances?" Willow repeated, reading more into his toast.

Clinking her glass with his, she gazed into his eyes, while sipping the shake, licking her lips seductively when she was done.

Giles' breath sped up at her sensuous gestures. He wanted nothing more to be the one to lick the chocolate off her lips. Actually, he wanted to lick not just her lips but other parts of her as well.

"Do you like it?" Willow asked eagerly, taking another long sip.

"Mmmm....very tasty." Giles replied, putting his glass back on the table. Gazing at her, he offered. "Though not as tasty as other things."

Blushing at his compliment, she said. "I know what you mean." She reached out and traced his lips lightly with her finger, picking up a drop of shake on the corner of his lips. Raising it to her own, she licked her finger saying, "You are definitely right. There are far more tastier things I've experienced tonight."

Grabbing her hand, he kissed it lightly, moving his lips over her fingers. Willow closed her eyes in ecstasy, the feel of his mouth on her sweeter than anything she ever experienced. She noticed that he was staring at her with the same passion that was evident on her own.

Leaning in closer, she whispered. "Rupert?"

His body shivered at the sound of his first name on her lips. "Yes?"

"I want..."


Part 3

"I want..."

"Here are your orders." Lola, the waitress said, plunking down two hamburgers. "Do you need ketchup?"

"No." Giles said, grinding his teeth. 'No, what I need is right in my lap' he thought warily, his ire rising at the interruption.

Willow turned reluctantly to the food. She was slightly annoyed at the interruption, knowing that they would have kissed if the waitress hadn't come over.

Giles sat there, his annoyance at an all time high. He would be kissing Willow right this very minute if that waitress hadn't chosen that precise moment to deliver the food. It wasn't the hamburgers he was hungry for, it was the woman sitting in his lap, the one causing all parts of his body to do cartwheels. The mere presence of her had always affected him but now having her actually in his lap....was orgasmic.

"Giles?" she asked, interrupting his pleasant thoughts.

"Hmm?" he responded, noticing her holding out the ketchup.

"Do you want some?"

'Some of you, why yes Willow, I do.' he mused. Aloud, he replied, "Yes, please. Thank you."

She handed him the ketchup, licking the remnants off her finger. The gesture caused Giles' breath to speed up and he licked his own lips.

"Well, dig in." Willow offered, raising her hamburger to her mouth. Taking a bite, she closed her eyes in satisfaction, the delicious charbroiled burger melting in her mouth.

Giles watched her curiously, enraptured at the pure joy that she attained from a single bite resonating on her face.

Turning to him, her eyes sparkled, "Mmmm... yummy! Now your turn."

Grinning, Giles picked up his burger and took a bite. Willow watched him, waiting in anticipation for his reaction. She hoped that he would like it, that was one of the main reasons she had chosen this place. That and the decor.

Buddies Diner was a 1950s style diner, complete with a soda jerk and jukeboxes at every table. The waitresses dressed in 1950s garb, poodle skirts and fuzzy sweaters. Ever since she was a child, Willow loved coming to this place, it always made her happy. Every so often, she would treat herself to a visit, not minding the half an hour drive from the college.

She'd always considered coming to the diner as a special occasion and she only brought special people to it. Which was why she brought Giles.

He was special.

Unable to wait any longer, she squeaked, "Well? Do you like?"

Chewing, swallowing, he replied, "I like very much. Very good."

She looked doubtful. "You're not saying that, are you?"

He shook his head. "Would I ever lie to you?" he asked, his question implying more than just her question.

"Never." she answered automatically, knowing in her heart that he was telling the truth.

Reaching for his shake, Giles took a long sip looking at her. His insides were warmed at the look of happiness on her face. Her beautific smile was lighting up the room and his heart.

'God, I love her.' he thought, gazing at her happy face.

Noticing him staring, she asked, "What?" She reached up with her hand to her face. "Do I have something on my face?"

"Only beauty." he admitted, smiling at her blush. Moving his face closer, he leaned in and lightly kissed her on the lips. He pulled away just as quickly, grinning to himself as she instinctively leaned in to maintain it.

She eyed him, her mouth in a pout. Willow gave him a reproachful look as she drank her shake. Just as she was getting ready for some serious smoochies, he pulled away.

'Well, two can play at this game.' she mused smugly to herself.

Willow, ever so slowly, moved herself so that she was sitting smack in the middle of his lap, her behind pressed right against him.

He groaned loud enough for her to hear. The feel of her against him was nothing short of mind blowing. He'd already was aroused by the sheer presence of her but now, having her pressed right against him was too much to bear.

Putting down his shake, he wrapped both arms around her and leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Willow."

She turned and innocently gazed at him. "Yes?"

Noting her wide-eyed innocent look, and knowing she was putting him on, he growled, "You're teasing, love."

"Oh, and you weren't with the smoochies?" she asked indignantly, wiggling to drive him even more crazy.

Groaning at her movement, he whispered, "You know I"m going to have to get you back for that one, love."

She moved slightly again and leaned back, whispering in his ear, "Promise?"

Sometime later:

"Would you like some dessert?" Lola asked, clearing their plates away.

Looking at each other, Giles asked, "Willow?"

"How about a hot fudge sundae?" Willow suggested.

"You sharing?"

Willow glanced at Giles. He nodded in agreement as the waitress walked away. Turning to face him, Willow wrapped an arm around his neck, her body shifting to his left leg, her bare legs laying across his lap. Gazing at him thoughtfully, she asked, "Giles?"

"Yes, love?"

Playing with the ends of his hair, she asked softly, "Do you ever wish things could be like this all the time?"

"Like how?"

"Relaxed, doing fun things." She stared at him shyly. "I worry sometimes about you, Giles. You don't seem to get to have any fun."

"I'm having fun tonight." he replied, squeezing her tightly, causing her to give him one of her thousand watt smiles. "But, seriously you're right. I rarely have the opportunity to go out and have 'fun' so to speak." He looked at her, "And before you say, yes I still know how to have fun ."

Shaking her head, she replied, "I didn't say a word." She smiled at him. "Do I look like Xander?"

His eyes raked up and down her figure, causing her to blush to the roots of her fiery red hair. "No, you definitely don't look like Xander." He paused. "But, if you did I wouldn't be sitting her like this right now."

"Like how?" Willow mimicked, wiggling.

Grinning, he answered. "Sitting in a diner with a gorgeous fiery haired siren." Willow squirmed in delight." My, you're a wiggleworm tonight, aren't you?"

"Should I stop?" she asked innocently, not wanting to and hoping he didn't.

Noticing the waitress approaching then with their sundae, he whispered. "For now." he gestured to the waitress.

"Here you go, cats. One Buddies sundae." She put down the bowl with one spoon and a handful of napkins.

Willow picked up the spoon and held it up for Giles to see. "There's only one spoon. Guess we'll have to share that too." She scooped up some dessert, whip cream and vanilla ice cream on the spoon. She held it up for him to eat. "You don't mind, do you?"

Opening his mouth, Giles took the offered dessert willing, his tongue swiping the remnants off his lips sexily. "No, I don't mind. I love sharing things with you."

He took the spoon from her and offered her some sundae. He held the spoon a little far away, teasing her. She opened her mouth and in one fell swoop, gobbled up the ice cream.

He watched her, as she licked her lips in a seductive gesture. She leaned in and said, "Want some more?"


Part 4

Eyeing her, Giles darted out his tongue to lick her lips. "Yes, please."

She shivered, turning back to scoop up some more ice cream. Digging the spoon in the delicious dessert, she scooped up some more ice cream, whip cream and hot fudge. Running her finger along the edge of the spoon to capture the excess chocolate, she offered him the spoon while licking the fudge off her finger.

Their eyes locked on each other, both transfixed on the gestures the other was making. The air seemed to electrify tenfold, the sexual tension crackling between them. Both of them, knew that something magical, something special was happening.

As Giles handed her back the spoon, some chocolate accidently fell off the spoon and onto her bare leg. Willow eeped and automatically reached for a napkin. A hand grabbed hers to stop her. She watched, enchanted as Giles swiped the chocolate off her leg with his index finger and raised it to his lips. Her eyes widened as his experienced tongue licked the sauce in one swift lick.

"Mmm..Hot Willow sundae." he said, grinning lasciviously.

Willow softly moaned at his words and squirmed in her sear. Her movements caused Giles to moan as well and he gazed at her. 'If she keeps moving like that, I'm seriously going to lose control.' he mused.

Lola came over and asked. "How's the sundae, cats?"


She nodded. "Good. But, let me give you a bit of advice. " She leaned in ."I'd hurry up and eat that sundae if I were you two, otherwise between the two of you,  you're going to melt it before you can eat it." she winked knowingly at them before walking away.

Willow giggled. "You know, if we keep this up, we just might get thrown out of the diner."

"Wouldn't be the first time." Giles replied.

Her eyes widened at his admission and she asked. "What? You were thrown out before? When?"

"Back in London, when I was younger." he answered her, reaching for the spoon. Scooping up more sundae, he offered it to her, which she took greedily. Resting the spoon on the table, he continued. "Ethan and I.." She rolled her eyes. "I know. Anyway, we were at this restaurant, being obnoxious as usual. Drinking and carousing, two things that we were experts at. Anyway, some girl walked by and we whistled, making suggestive comments, anything to get her to come our way." Willow looked expectantly at him, a hint of jealousy behind her eyes. He noticed and squeezed her in reassurance.

She smiled softly. "Continue."

"So, her boyfriend sees this and comes over. He starts hassling Ethan and me, saying that 'we'd better watch it or else he will make mince pies out of us'."

"So, what did you do?" she asked quietly enthralled.

"Well, I stood up and looked him in the eye, and told him that 'I'll talk to anyone I damn well please'..except I used more profane words than that." Willow's eyes widened considerably. "Of course, the management frowned upon all of it and threw us all out, asking that we never set foot in the place again."

"Wow!" She replied. "So, that was the first time you were thrown out."

He shook his head. "Not the first. Just one of the most memorable." Absently, he fiddled with the spoon. "I had my share when I lived at home."

"How many?"

He shrugged. "A few. Enough to get the attention of my father."

A thought popped into her head and she tentatively asked, "Giles?"

"Yes, love?"

"When Eric Clapton was playing 'My Father's Eyes'...I saw..I saw.." She looked at him, leaning in ."It looked like it bothered you. Why?"

"Well.." he began, before Willow interrupted. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. It's okay. Forget I asked."

He shook his head. "No, it's okay." He looked at her, seeing a tenderness in her eyes that warmed him. "Just that the song reminded me of my father."

"How so?"

"You know the line, 'How will I know him?'" she nodded. He looked down. "The relationship that I had with my father was not a close one. To say that we were amiable to one another is an overstatement." He gazed into her green eyes. "Like Eric Clapton, I never really knew my father. Yes, physically he was there but emotionally..."

"He wasn't" she finished gazing at him with concern and love.

He nodded. "From what I understood about my father, I disliked immensely. What mattered to him the most was the Watchers. He lived, breathed, slept the Council. I hated him for that."

She wrapped her arms around him. "That's why you rebelled?"

"Yes." Giles held her tighter to him. "I vowed to myself that I wouldn't become him. I wouldn't be a stoic, by the book, milquetoast, unfeeling man who buried himself into the ground." He said softly, "I never wanted to be like that."

"You're not." Willow explained. "If you were, then Xander, Buffy and I wouldn't be here, would we? We wouldn't know about the Slayer, the Hellmouth and all the mystical evil that occurs in Sunnydale." She ran a hand through his hair. "And we certainly wouldn't be alive without you."

Smiling warmly, he offered. "And I wouldn't be here without you too."

Blushing, she ran a hand down his face. He leaned into her touch, reveling in the feel of her soft hand on his rough cheek. The supple caress was enough to excite him into a frenzy. Having Willow this close to him, for almost the entire night was a fantasy come true. Often, more than not, his dreams consisted of the two of them together like this, romantic and loving, with the dreams usually progressing to more.

And he certainly intended for that to become a reality.

Blinking his eyes, he noticed Willow looking at him. Cocking an eyebrow, he asked. "Yes,love?"

She shook her head. "Nothing. Just wondering if I lost you for a minute." He gave her an odd look. "You looked like you were daydreaming."

"It's night, love."

She rolled her eyes. "All right. Night dreaming." She leaned into him more, her body's shift causing him to muffle a groan of pleasure. "So, what were you 'night' dreaming about? Me?"

"Would you like me too?" he offered huskily. He met her gaze, seeing her jeweled eyes molten. A flash of desire, need were there and...'Love? Dare I hope?' he thought to himself, his insides warming at the possibility.

"Are you two cats done?" Lola asked, gesturing to the sundae. "'Cause it looks like a Buddies soup instead of a Buddies sundae."

Willow and Giles, both turned their gazes over to the sundae. She was right. It looked like vanilla and chocolate soup instead of a firm sundae. They had both been so focused on each other, that they'd ignored their dessert. Which as a result, ended up as melted ice milk.

"Oops." Willow giggled. "I guess we were a little preoccupied."

"A little?" Lola asked incredulously. Giles gave her a reproachful look, his eyes narrowing slightly. She noticed and coughed, "Umm..let me clear this out of your way."

Picking up the dish, she hurried off. Willow stared at her retreating form and turned back to Giles. "What was that all about?" She stared at him a bit. "What did you do?"

"Me?" he asked, shocked. "I didn't do a thing."

Willow gave him an 'I don't believe a word you're saying' expression. "Then, why did she leave here faster than a speeding bullet, huh?" She began to tickle him, her fingers lightly moving along his chest. He shifted in his seat, the simple touch driving him mad.

Giles growled. "Willow.."

"Yes?" she asked innocently, her fingers continuing their exquisite torture on his body.

Giles leaned his head back and closed his eyes, reveling once again in the sensations that her fingers were causing. He knew that this wasn't the time or place for anything more to happen but he wasn't sure his lower body understood.

When Willow moved her fingers a little bit lower, he grabbed her hand. Opening his eyes, he stared at her, his eyes dark with desire. Willow gasped, her body heat rising at the look she saw in his eyes. She had never seen eyes like that. Dark and dangerous, lusty and loving, his eyes said more than any words ever could. She knew that is she kept looking into his eyes, she would do something that wouldn't be appropriate in a diner.

Like jumping his bones.

Interlacing his fingers with hers, Giles said, "You know, if you keep this up, I may have to punish you."


Grinning mischeviously, he leaned in to whisper. "For being a naughty girl."

Shivering with delight at the tone of his voice, Willow replied, "Well, then I'm gonna have to do the same to you, naughty boy."

"Why is that?"

"For scaring the waitress away." Giles raised his eyebrows as Willow clucked her tongue. "Unh-uhn. I know you, you must have done something."

He shrugged. "Nothing..much." He smiled innocently at her, his eyes shimmering with mischief.

She gazed at him, wondering how innocent his smile really was and inwardly hoping it wasn't. Shaking her head, she admitted, "You're incorrigible."

"That's right." Giles replied, his grin laschivous. "And you best remember that."

"How could I forget?" she teased, her eyes sparkling with merriment. She flashed him a wide grin, her face lighting up like a ray of sunshine. She shifted slightly, her body responding to his smile, his words and the mere presence of him. Her mind wandered into unadulterated territory, and she squirmed in his lap as her body heated up at those images.

"All right, love?" he whispered knowingly in her ear. He had an idea of what she was thinking about and it thrilled him to no end. The idea of showing her how incorrigible he could be sent the blood rushing to his groin.

She answered his question with a nod and was about to open her mouth to say something, when the waitress came by. "Umm..I hate to interrupt, but we are closing in ten minutes." she told them, pointing to the clock on the wall.

Similtanously, they both looked up in surprise. It was almost 2:00 in the morning, they had been there for almost 3 hours. Between dinner, dessert and just being together, time had just flown by.

Willow was slightly disappointed. She had been having so much fun, dancing, talking, flirting with Giles. It was like they had their own world to themselves, no slaying, no magic. Tonight, reaffirmed for her, how much she loved Giles. She'd known that before the date and now, knew for sure. Now, the only question was, how was she going to tell him?

She sighed. She already knew how she wanted to tell him, actually show him. Even though, he'd shown interest in her, tonight at least, she still wasn't 100% sure that he loved her.

Turning her attention to him again, she noticed that he was staring intently at her, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Yes?"

"Nothing, love. You had a troubled look on your face." he said, concerned. "Anything wrong?"

She gazed at him her heart swelling at the concern and tenderness evident in his jade eyes. And she knew. Knew right then and there, that what she always wanted was right in front of her.

Smiling sexily at him, she answered. "Nothing." She ran her fingertips across his lips, before lightly kissing him on the mouth. "Shall we go?"

She scooted off him and onto the vinyl booth. Turning to him, she ran her hand up his thigh, kneading the strong muscles. "You're legs probably fell asleep." She told him, her hand moving to his other thigh. "I'm just waking them up."

'That's not the only thing that's waking up.' Giles thought, his body warming up at the heat of her touch. Her soft hand kneaded his leather clad thigh, rubbing the slight kinks out of his muscles. He closed his eyes as the feel of her washed over him, engulfed him completely. He knew that if she kept this up, he wasn't sure he could maintain the already rapidly descending control he had. He wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and kiss her until she was breathless.

He didn't care that people might be watching, all that mattered was the beautiful, enchanting woman sitting beside him.

Reaching out a hand, he opened his eyes and stared hungrily at her. She was smiling suggestively, and his body surged at the thought of what might be coming. At least he hoped that was what she was suggesting, and not just a foolish dream of his.

"Are they awake?" Willow asked innocently, her thumb rubbing circles on his leg.

He removed his hand from hers and ran it up her arm, the silky flesh like heaven under his fingers. Reaching her shoulder, he lightly caressed her neck, smiling inwardly as she bit her lip and closed her eyes.

"They're fine." he replied, letting his hand casually brush the top of her breast before pulling away. She moaned at the loss and looked up at him from under her eyelashes. She noticed his grin and flashed him one of her own.

"Ready to go, love?" he asked, reaching into his pocket for his wallet. Pulling it out, he extracted a few bills and turned to her. "Shall we?"

Willow grinned widely and slid out of the booth. Holding out her hand, she said, "We shall."

He grasped her hand and slid out. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. She wrapped her arm around his waist, leaning into his body.

As they were walking to the door, they heard a voice behind them say, "Goodnight."

At the same time, they turned and saw the voice belonged to Lola, their waitress. Giles raised his hand and bellowed, "Good night. And thanks."

She smiled knowingly. "You two lovebirds come again."

Willow and Giles blushed at her words, as they left the diner. The truth in them was not lost on either one.

Walking to the car, their arms around each other, the two of them were lost in each other. The casual observer, seeing the two of them together, would no doubt assume that they were a loving couple. The way they walked, the way they smiled at each other, the way they touched each other, anyone seeing Willow and Giles wouldn't think twice about how they felt for each other. Love and tenderness, comfortability and affection, all of these exuded out of the couple. They were romance personified.

As they got to the car, he opened the door for her and helped her inside, making sure she was comfortable. Sliding into the driver's side, he started up the ignition and smiled lovingly at her. A smile that implied a promise of good things to come.


The End....

For now, continued in 'The Dorm Room', the fourth and final one in the series...and a very, very NC-17 rated part.

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