Title: The Dorm Room (#4 E.C. Series)
Author: Andrea
Email: aegermaine@yahoo.com
Rating: 18..very!
Pairing: Willow/Giles
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters
Distribution: SB, Arwen, Nickie, Emilie, Bite Me, FeverFate..anyone else just ask!
Spoilers: None...4th season
Summary: The fourth part in the series, after 'The Birthday Gift', 'The Concert', 'The Diner'.
Thanks: Kat, Derek for beta.

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Dedication" To everyone who sent feedback since the beginning of the story..writing this was fun and I thank you for making this series a great experience..

Half an hour later:

Pulling into the Stevenson Hall parking lot, Giles turned off the engine and looked at Willow. She was sitting there, a thoughtful smile on her face.

Reaching over, he grasped her hand. "Penny for your thoughts?"

She turned toward him, and gave him a sad smile. "I'm just sitting here thinking..." she trailed off, looking down at their joined hands.


Lifting her head, she looked him straight in the eye. "How much fun I had tonight." He grinned ear to ear.

"You did?" he asked gleefully.

She nodded emphatically. "Yup. Tonight, was the best night of my life." She held his hand tighter in her grip. "I wish it didn't have to end."

Gazing lovingly at her, he replied. "Neither do I."

She rose her head, meeting his warm gaze. Time seemed to stop for a minute, the air in the Citroen crackled with heat and sexual tension. Beautiful, jade green eyes locked on each other, their gazes penetrating the other to their very core.

Both knew that something special, something magical was occurring and it seemed neither one could stop it. Or more aptly, neither one wanted to stop it.

Clearing his throat, Giles said, "Ummm...yes." He looked at his watch. "I..I should go." he offered half-heartedly, not really wanting this night to end. How he wanted more, how his mind was consumed with libidinous thoughts of her on the drive home from the diner. His mind was a movie, replaying all the wonderful moments that occurred first at the concert, then at the diner. He envisioned Willow, a fiery seductress with him a willing slave.

He knew should just walk her to the door and let the night end, not wanting to spoil the incredible memories of the night with his own desires.

Coming back to himself, he offered softly. "Let me walk you to your door."

She nodded silently, her heart dropping. She should have told him to stay instead of just sitting there. By the time she gathered her courage, he was already to drop her off at the front door. Unbuckling the seat belt, she opened the door and slid out, mentally cursing herself for not telling him to stay.

He walked to her side and said," All right, love?"

She gazed up at him, the brilliance of his green eyes mesmerizing her. She wrapped an arm around him, leaning into his warmth.

Sighing contentedly, Giles did the same, wrapping his strong arm around her shoulders, pulling her even closer to him. Silently, they walked, each one lost in their own thoughts. Both wanted to say something, anything to the other, telling what they really wanted to say. Instead, they let their inhibitions and fears override the outgoing natures that had been present all night.

Stopping outside the dorm, Willow rummaged in her purse for her identification card. Running it through the slot, the door beeped open and Giles grabbed it. Once inside, he came up to the access desk.

"Hi, Patty." Willow said to the girl sitting behind the portable desk.

"Hi, Willow." Patty exclaimed, smiling when she saw Giles. "So, did you have a nice time?"

Blushing, Willow replied. "Yes...ummm..I have my I.D but.." she trailed off gesturing to Giles.

Waving her hand, Patty said, "It's okay. Go in. I don't need to see your I.Ds. I trust you."

"Thanks." Willow led the way past the desk, grasping Giles' hand.

"Yes, thank you." he told Patty, giving her one of his flirty grins.

Patty blushed. "You're...welcome." As Willow and Giles walked away, she said aloud to herself, " Why can't I find a handsome man like that?"


Stopping at her room, Willow pulled out her key. Fitting it into the lock, Giles stopped her.


"Maybe I shouldn't." He offered weakly. "I don't want to disturb your roommate."

"No, Ivy went home for the weekend." Willow answered, hope in her eyes. "You can come in..if you don't want to, I understand."

Tilting her chin up, he replied. "I want to." 'More than anything.' he mused, as Willow turned the key and led him inside her room.

"Make yourself comfortable." Willow offered, shutting the door. Throwing her purse on her desk, she shimmied out of his jacket while he looked around for a place to sit. Seeing the bed, he sat down, arranging himself comfortably on the bed.

"Are you warm?" she asked, going over to the window.

"A little." Giles responded. "Let me get that for you."

"Oh, that's okay. I've got it." she unlatched the lock and yanked it open.

He sat down on the bed, leaning back until his back hit the wall. Willow turned to him, and gasped. He looked like a sleek black panther, the way his body was stretched out. The shiny leather tightened on his legs, the strong muscles evident. Her eyes trailed up his body, to his chest, the white shirt snug against his firm chest, the tight sleeves emphasizing his solid arms. Her eyes continued upwards, finally resting on his face. His handsome, rugged face that showed signs of a man who had experienced so much and who not only survived, but ..live.

She met his eyes and her breath caught. The emotions displayed there warmed her heart. Passion and desire, tenderness and the most important one..love. Love that made his beautiful green eyes shine like emeralds in a Tiffany jewel case.

A then there was his smile.

The smile that was a combination of genuine affection and mischevious lust. A little Ripper, a little Giles, all Rupert. Inviting, his smile spoke volumes to her, helping her to make her move.

The move that she'd thought about since the first year she meant him.

Giles saw her standing there, appraising him. His body and most importantly, his heart warmed at her gaze. He watched fascinated as her eyes ran up his body, caressing it tenderly, lovingly. He basked in her wanton gaze, his nerves tingling as her eyes darken with each passing glance.

When she reached his face, Giles swallowed silently. Her eyes were shining, passion and love warring for domination. But, it was her smile that sent his blood racing. Shy and sexy, but sweet and innocent at the same time, her smile was inviting. Inviting him to do things that he'd only dreamt of.

Staring at her, he licked his lips and flashed her  a grin of his own. One filled with promise and delight, beckoning her to him. Locking eyes, both set of crystal gems pored holes into the other, touching their very soul. The sexual tension in the air seemed to rise rapidly as they gazed at each other with such an intensity that blazed like an inferno.

Grinning broadly, Giles huskily said, "Willow." his voice betraying him.

"Yes?" she whispered, his voice sending shivers up her spine. The way he was looking at her caused her body to flame. The look in his eyes, the tone of his voice affirmed to her that he felt the same thing that she did.


"Come here." he gruffed, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

Smiling sexily, she sashayed over to him, her hips swaying provocatively. Giles couldn't tear his eyes away from her lithe body, the soft gentle movements causing his body to surge. She stopped in front of him, her body stance exuding sexuality.

Flashing him a lusty smile, Willow whispered. "Yes...Ripper?" her voice trilling on the 'R', sending shivers down his spine.

Grinning laschivously, he slowly sat up, not once taking his eyes off of hers. Reaching out, he grasped her wrist tightly. He slowly raised it to his mouth, running his teeth along her pulse. She moaned softly and Giles smiled inwardly as he noticed a slight tremble course through her body.

"Ripper..." Willow groaned, dragging his name out.

Loving the sound of his dreaded yet loved nickname on her tongue, Giles whispered against his wrist. "Yes, my little pixie."

Willow smiled at his new nickname for her, she asked, "What's happening?"

"What do you want to happen, love?"

She frowned somewhat as he let go of her wrist, instead looking expectantly at her. Realizing that he was waiting for her to make a move, she smiled lovingly at him. Running her hand along his cheek, she softly said, "I love you.", her eyes never leaving his.

Giles sucked in his breath at her words. He'd been waiting to hear that from her since the first day he met her. His heart soared at the tender love he saw in her eyes and he knew he'd never forget the look on her face when she told him she loved him.

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her to him, her body slipping easily between his legs. Holding her close, Giles buried his head against her chest, needing to be close to her. She automatically wound her arms around his head, holding him to her. They stood there for a moment, simply savoring, basking in the feel of each other. She lightly ran her fingers through his hair, bending to press a kiss to his head.

Raising his head, he stared deeply into her clover green eyes, his face a mask of love, lust and desire. He looked at her, unable to comprehend what she had just said.

"Willow." he whispered.

"Yes?" she answered, gazing mesmerized into his jade eyes.

He lifted her up and place her firmly on his lap. Her knees were placed on either side of her, and her behind was pressed firmly against his leather clad lap. She wiggled forward to get a better position, her short skirt riding up to  her hips, the movement eliciting a moan from him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Willow smiled gently, her eyes sparkling. "Ripper?"

Lovingly, hoping she could see all that was in his eyes, Giles said, "I love you, Willow. I always have."

She beamed like a skylight at his admission. Digging her fingers into his soft hair, she leaned in ."Show me?" she asked sexily.

Groaning, Giles crushed his lips to hers, taking her rosebud lips in a passionate kiss. Grasping her shoulders with his strong hands, he ran his tongue down along the seam of her lips, urging him to open up. Her mouth opened voluntarily and he plunged his tongue in, sweeping away all resistance. His talented tongue mingled wildly with hers, darting around before lightly touching it again.

Willow moaned deeply and clutched his head even more, holding his mouth to hers. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, running it up and around, scraping along his teeth before retreating.

He groaned, pressing her even more firmly to him, one of his hands now tangled deep into her fiery locks. Nipping and biting, licking and sucking, Giles' tongue, teeth and lips performed its magic on Willow, igniting a fire in her. His expertise was driving her crazy, fueling the passion within her.

Willow broke the kiss, licking her lips, savoring the taste of his kiss. Her doe-like eyes were glassy, her mind spinning with lust. She stared at him, her chest heaving with lack of breath.

Giles, too, was having trouble catching his breath, his sole focus being on Willow. He smiled broadly, seeing the effect he had on her, loving the erotic sight she'd made. She looked like Venus.

She was the first to speak. "WOW!" she bit her lip, the gesture sending thrills through him. "That was...WOW!"

Running a hand through her hair, he leaned in, his lips an inch from hers. "Willow.." he drawled, his warm breath dancing on her face.

"Hmm?" she mumbled, her whole being fixed on his.

"If we continue, I might.." he trailed off, as she kissed him firmly on the lips.

Pulling away just as quickly, she replied huskily. "Stay the night, right?"


Part 2

At her words, Giles felt his heartbeat quicken and he pulled her hard against him, her hot core pressed against his now rock hard erection. He gazed at her, his eyes darkening and his smile widening.

Willow waited in eager anticipation for his next move, her body tingling with excitement. Digging a hand into her hair, he yanked her head towards his, her face inches away. His warm breath danced on her lips, his teasing driving her crazy. She wanted to feel his lips against hers, to lose herself in his delicious kiss. But, he was taking his time, savoring every moment.

"No turning back, Willow." he said, plainly.

"No turning back." she repeated, licking her lips.

Growling, Giles crushed his lips to hers, nipping and biting, until she opened for him. He instantly invaded, sweeping all around before tangling his tongue with hers. Frantic and yet passionate, each one tried to dominate the other, their desire for the other reaching new heights.

Pulling away for air, Giles tilted her head farther back, running his lips down her jaw to the base of her neck. Sucking hard, he bit her porcelain skin, leaving his love mark on her.

"Rupert.." Willow moaned, digging her hands into his silky hair, holding him to her.

"Mmmmm....sweet..." he drawled, moving his mouth to her pulse, a rush of heat running through him at the feel of her excited pulse.

Darting his tongue out, he lightly ran it across her collarbone, tasting the sweetness of her skin. Reaching up, he pulled down her peasant blouse as far as it would go, exposing her delicate shoulder.

Smiling, Giles slowly, sensuously moved his lips to her shoulder, his soft mouth caressing her skin. He ran his lips up and over the flesh, his tongue licking her skin from base of her neck to where the edge of her top met her skin. Firm and soft, Giles' tongue alternated pressures, teasing her mercilessly.

Unable to stand the sweet tortue any more, Willow ran her hands down his arms, loving the feel of power and strength in his muscular arms. Reaching the waistband of his pants, she ruched up his shirt, just enough to slide her hands underneath. He groaned, the reverberations on her skin, her fairy touch on his heated skin was like heaven.

Dipping lower, he ran his mouth into the valley between her breasts, licking and nipping, leaving little marks imprinted in her skin. In retailiation, she ran her nails over his chest, tangling in his soft chest hairs. With her index fingers, Willow lightly drew circles around his nipples, causing them to stiffen into little peaks.

"Willow." he growled in frustration, her teasing driving him mad.

"Patience, Rupert." she teased, pressing more firmly, but not yet touching his nipples.

Moving his mouth, Giles swiftly, unexpectedly engulfed her breast through her blouse causing her to dig her nails in surprise into his skin.

"Oh, God!" she screamed, squeezing his nipples in ecstasy.

Releasing her, Giles looked at her, his eyes dark with lust. He smiled internally at the shortness of breath she seemed to be having. Willow sat there, just staring glassy-eyed at him. Unable to take anymore, she quickly yanked his shirt up even more till it was completely off of him. Tossing it to the floor, she gasped.

He was beautiful.

Firm, muscular chest, sprinkled with honey-colored hairs here and there. She cast her eyes downward, noticing the various scars and marks that he'd obtained from years of fighting.

Reaching out, Willow lightly traced the most visible, the one that ran across his abdomen, faded but not enough to forget.

Giles closed his eyes at her touch, the feel of her smooth hands bringing him more pleasure than he could have ever imagined. He flinched slightly when she traced his scars, not quite believing that she wanted to touch those unattractive marks. He caught her hand and kissed the fingertips, his lips caressing her long fingers.

She shuddered at the loving gesture, closing her eyes to savor him. Opening them once more, Willow saw the undisguised love in his jade gems and her heart leapt.

He blatantly stared at her,m not bothering to mask how much he wanted her, desired her. He ran his hands down her sides, until he reached the hem of her blouse. Ruching it up, Giles pulled the paisley shirt up and over her head, throwing the garment onto the floor.

Running his hands up her sides, Giles whispered, "Beautiful, so beautiful.." as his hands moved to cup her breasts. She moaned, thrusting automatically into his hands. He kneaded them gently, running his thumbs over her already hardened nipples, teasing her into a frenzy.

"Rupert.." she moaned, the sensations he was causing driving her insane with want. She ran her hands up his arms, grasping his shoulders tightly. She needed to hold on to him, needed to anchor herself to him for fear that she might topple over into orgasmic oblivion.

Smiling, Giles reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, pulling it away from her creamy skin. Tossing it aside, he swallowed hard as he laid eyes on her perfect breasts. Small but upswept, topped with pink aureolas, they looked liked strawberries on whipped cream. He wondered if they tasted as delicious.

Willow blushed at his gaze, the unmasked hunger evident in his eyes. Slightly self-conscious, she moved to cover herself but he stopped her.

"No." he said firmly, pulling her hands away from her body. "I want to see all of you."

She dropped her arms to her sides, exposing all of her to him. He reached out and lightly cupped her soft mounds, holding them delicately in his strong hands. She tilted her head back, reveling in his touch.

Giles smiled, loving her response to him. Slowly, he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, hardening them into little pebbles. He closed his eyes concentrating on the feel of her creamy flesh. Not satisfied with just the touch of her, he needed to taste her as well.

Releasing one breast, Giles replaced his mouth over it, exhaling his warm breath on her chilled skin.

"Ooohhh.." Willow uttered, grasping any part of him for stability.

Smiling to himself, Giles engulfed her breast, his teeth lightly scrapping her soft skin. She clutched his head, digging her fingers into his soft locks. "Rupert..." she whispered, lovingly as she shifted forward to be more closer to him.

He groaned at her movement, the reverberations felt throughout her lithe body. Sucking harder, Giles captured the pink pebble between his lips, savoring her. He moved his hand, his fingers rolling the other pink nipple between his fingers, both teeth and hands driving her to the brink.

Releasing her left breast, Giles kissed his way across her chest, his tongue dipping down into the valley between them. Reaching his destination, he applied the same attention to her other breast, giving it the love it deserved. Replacing his fingers with his mouth, he lightly wrapped his lips around the nipple, his experienced tongue playing with it.

Willow cradled his head to her chest, not wanting for him to let go. Wanting to feel his wondrous mouth on her forever.

Engulfing her breast fully, Giles raked his teeth along her flesh, this time hard enough to leave light pink trails in his wake.

Releasing her, Giles pulled back, grinning widely at the sight she made. Head thrown back, eyes closed, back arched, Willow had this enraptured expression on her face that sent a surge of heat through him. Knowing that he was the one causing this response in her was mind blowing.

Willow slowly opened her eyes, a feel of abandonment coursing through her at his leaving. Pouting, she said, "You stopped."

Reaching up, he slowly sensuously kissed her not quite deepening it before pulling away. "Never fear, my little pixie. There is more to come."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed herself tightly to him, bare chest against bare chest. He groaned at the contact, loving the feel of her soft skin against his hair roughened one.

Holding the back of his neck, Willow raked her breasts up and down his chest, her eyes closing at the exquisite feel.

"Willow..." Giles growled, his own arms wrapping tightly around her.

"Hmm...yes?" she answered, her mind focused solely on his body.

"You're teasing." he whispered, his own brain lost in the haze of lust.

"Uh-unh. ..no teasing...just loving." she replied, running her hands across his back, needing to touch all of him.

Hearing her say 'loving', caused Giles to stand up quickly, shifting his hold to her bottom. Willow 'eeeped' at his sudden movement, pulling back to look into his eyes. He just grinned, before laying her gently on the bed, disentangling her gorgeous legs from him.

Lying back, Willow stretched on the bed like a panther, her body oozing sexuality. Knowing he was watching her, she ran her hands up her flat stomach to cup her breasts. Catching his eyes, she licked her lips, fondling her breasts seductively.

Growling at her hedonistic display, Giles swiftly sat by her side and gently ran his hand up her leg, kneading the lithe muscles. She moaned at his touch, and wiggled for more. He chuckled at her enthusiasm, taking an even slower time caressing her leg.

"Ripper..." she warned huskily, her eyes slightly threatening.

Sensing her impatience, Giles reached the band of her skirt and proceeded to pull it off, Willow raising her hips to help him. Discarding the skirt, he then reached for her underwear, following the same path as her skirt. That too ended up on the floor.

Before turning back to her, Giles quickly took off his boots and stood up. Just as he was reaching to unbutton his leather pants, Willow said huskily with desire.


Giles looked at her surprised. Willow sat up, in all her naked glory and placed her hands in his. Gazing up at him, her smile coy, she pulled him to her, all the while leaning back till she laid flat on her bed.

Giles, mesmerized, followed willingly, not sure if it was of his own volition or not. Not that he really cared anyway, the promise of her magnificent body overriding all his senses.

Bracing himself on his arms, Giles slowly lowered his body on top of hers, not wanting to crush with his weight.

Willow watched him coming to her, a lusty smile on her face. She reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands tickling the hairs there. She opened her legs, inviting him to her, wanting to feel all of him against her. And more importantly, feel the exquisite leather of his pants against her hot core.

"Aaahh..." they both sighed simultaneously, as their bodies came together. The rough, sleek leather against her was the most incredible sensation either had ever experienced.

Grasping her shoulders, Giles molded himself to her, closing his eyes in bliss as her bare, soft chest pressed against him again.

"Mmm...leather." she said, rubbing the back of his leather clad thighs with her feet.

"Only for you." he huskily whispered as he slowly started to move, rubbing himself against her bare cleft.

"Rupert..." Willow groaned, running her hands up and down his strong back. Lightly, she ran her fingernails across his skin, leaving her love marks on him. In response, he buried his face in her neck, sucking and kissing the creamy flesh, feasting on her sweetness.

His mouth danced across her skin, taking in as much as he could. He never tasted anything so delicious in his life and doubted he ever would.

He drifted lower, his lips caressing the porcelain skin. He could feel the damp curls of her hot mound against him, and he instinctively thrust against her, needing to touch her.

She groaned, her mind completely consumed with passion. Her brain ceased to function, all her senses focused on the handsome, sensual man who was provoking feelings and emotions in her that she'd never experienced in her life. And doubted she ever will.

Love and lust, a fire raged through her from her head to her toes. A fire caused by the amazing man on her, and the only one who could sate it.

Giles continued his path down her body, his mouth gliding over her firm stomach before dipping his tongue into her navel, eliciting a giggle from her. Smiling, he drifted down, running his tongue above the top of her curls. He blew lightly on them, the wisps of red hair brushing softly on his face.

Willow squirmed, his warm breath wrecking havoc on her over heated body. She ran her fingers through his hair, caressing his head lovingly.

He automatically leaned back, reveling in her caress. "Rupert.." she drawled out, as her fingers continued their sweet torture.

"Yes, love?" Giles whispered against the heat of her sex.

She closed her eyes, her body trembling at the rush of air on her throbbing core. "Stop teasing."

"Teasing, hmm?" he replied, before snaking out his tongue, running it up her sex in one long lick.

"Oohh!" she screamed, as the first wave of orgasm hit her. He smiled in satisfaction at her response to him. Like a man thirsting for water, Giles lapped up her juices, savoring the pure nectar.

Not yet filled, Giles latched his mouth onto her sex, sucking hard. She squirmed, the sensations overwhelming. Finding the button of her clit, he teased it with his tongue, lightly brushing it before retreating.

He continued his ministrations, making love to her with his tongue, teeth and lips. Cherishing her, paying homage to his fiery goddess.

Willow, lost in  sexual oblivion, clutched his head, wanting yet not wanting him to stop. The sensations he was arising in her were like none she'd ever experienced. She wasn't sure she could hold up to another onslaught of his tongue, her first orgasm taking everything out of her.

Giles grasped her hips as he began to thrust his tongue in and out of her warm channel, penetrating the soft flesh. His thrusts sped up, as his desire to bring her over the edge once more raged through him.

Bucking her hips, Willow met his thrusts, her body moving in time with his mouth. She could feel the wave building and building, his masterful tongue taking her to heights unknown.

Realizing her climax was close, Giles ran his tongue along her sex once more before lightly biting her clit.

"Oh...God..Rupert!" Willow yelled, loud enough for the whole dorm to hear. He gently continued his sucking, helping her ride her orgasmic tidal wave to its end.

"Rupert...please...Rupert.." she begged, her body overloaded.

He lightly pressed kisses along her inner thighs before skimming his lips up her body, stopping briefly to kiss each perfect breast. He continued his ascent, till he reached her rosebud lips.

Stretching himself on top of her, he dug his hands into her hair, looking at her with such love and tenderness.

"All right, love?"

She nodded, wrapping her body around his, enveloping him in a full body hug. She smiled contentedly, her eyes bright like a star.

"That was incredible." she said, running a loving hand through the hairs on his chest.

Closing his eyes at her touch, Giles replied, "It gets better."

Kissing her softly, he extracted himself from her warm embrace, standing beside the bed. She frowned at the loss of his body, not wanting to let him go for even a minute.

Seeing her frown, he said, "Don't worry, love. I'm not going anywhere."

He quickly unsnapped the button of his pants and slid the zipper down. With a few swift yanks, Giles quickly rid himself of the leather, tossing them into the pile with the rest of their clothes.

Willow gasped at his naked body. Strong and muscular, Giles was like a Greek statue, his body perfect. Long, muscular legs, soft hairs covering them. Moving her eyes upwards, she saw his  firm behind and she longed to knead the flesh under her palms.

Turning back to her, Willow smiled at his erection. The front of him was just as handsome as the back, one body part in particular.

Quirking an eyebrow, she asked. "No underwear?"

Grinning rakishly, Giles shook his head. "No. Too confining with the leather."

Laying on his back, he gathered her into his arms, holding her naked form to his, his erection pressing on her creamy thigh.

"Mmm...thank God for leather." Willow mused, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Chuckling, Giles enfolded her in his embrace, his warmth a protection. Reaching down, he guided himself to her opening, rubbing the tip of his cock along her sex.

"Rupert.." Willow moaned, her legs tightening around him, urging him.

Not wanting to torture either one any longer, Giles thrust inside her moist flesh, the tight channel enveloping him in. They lay stilled for a moment, enjoying the feel of their bodies joined in love.

"Perfect fit." he whispered, his eyes glassy with unshed tears. Looking down at her, Giles saw tears running down her face.

"Perfect indeed." Willow answered, trembling as his fingers brushed the salty tears away.

"Love?" he asked softly, holding her even closer than before.

Willow said. "I love you, Rupert."

He trembled with emotion at the sound of her voice uttering those beautiful words. Bending his head, Giles softly said, "I love you too, Willow." before kissing her soundly.

At the same time, he slowly pulled out before penetrating her once more, his hard cock filling her to her soul. She moved her hands down, wrapping them around his back as his thrusts sped up. She ran her fingernails up and down his behind, loving the feel of his smooth flesh beneath her hands.

Giles quivered at her gesture, moving his hips faster in appreciation. He closed his eyes, giving himself over to her amazing body, letting her have all of him.

Willow buried her face into his neck, her mouth kissing his skin eagerly. She could feel the fire rising within her, the inferno ready to explode from her loins.

Raw and passionate, their lovemaking was a culmination of not only the sexual tension of the night, but of the years of wanting and waiting they had to do before being together. Waiting for the day, when both of them could give each other to the other freely, without any reservations. Finally, able to love each other completely.

Faster and faster, their bodies moved, both on the brink of orgasm. Giles wasn't sure if he was going to last any longer and he wanted, no needed her to come over the edge with him.

Grabbing the sides of her head, Giles stared deeply into her clover green depths, wanting to see her gorgeous face.

"Willow." he said urgently, his body still thrusting. She glanced up, gazing into his green jewels. She smiled, hugging him even closer than was humanly possible. Her whole body was focused on his, her orgasm on the edge of release.

Gazing into her doe-like eyes, Giles pulled out once more, before driving one last deep thrust into her, spilling his seed into her warm channel.

"Rupert!" Willow screamed, as her climax ripped through her, the fire in her bursting into an inferno.

"Willow...Willow..Willow.." he repeated reverently as her climax basked his cock with her sweetness. Her tight channel clamped onto him, wringing the last of his climax from him.


As the last waves left them, they still held on to each other, neither one wanting to break contact with the other. Pulling back, afraid he might crush her, Giles gently disentangled himself from her embrace, rolling over to his side. She rolled over as well, facing him, smiling like she owned the world.

Seeing her bright smile, Giles quirked. "Happy, love?"

"Very." Willow scooted closer to him, his arms automatically engulfing her. "This was the best night of my life."

Kissing the top of her redhead, he nodded. "I'll never forget this night as long as I live."

Tilting her head up, Willow gently kissed him. Pulling back after a brief moment, she whispered. "Happy Birthday, Rupert."


The next morning:

"Thanks for the ride." Ivy said, getting out of the car. She waved goodbye as the car pulled out of the parking lot.

Crossing the lot, she sang softly, last night putting her in a good mood. She wondered if Willow had had a good time with Giles, and she couldn't wait to talk to her.

As she approached the front of the dorm, Ivy stopped suddenly, a certain car in the lot catching her eye. Walking closer to it, she smiled widely at the grey Citroen parked there.

She gazed up at the dorm, a knowing smile on her face. "Good job, Willow."

And with that, she walked away happily.


The End

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