Chapter 6

She watched as he struggled. He walked closer to her, his step jerky. She pushed him onto the couch. She straddled his hips, grinding against him. She removed his tie, letting it slip from her fingers to the floor. Unbuttoning his collar, she bent forward and tasted his skin. Her tongue enjoying the rough texture of his neck, she felt his pulse rate jump each time she touched him.

His body was hot against hers; she removed his shirt and undershirt. She licked down his chest, trailing over his nipples, watching, feeling how hard they became under her ministrations. His breathing had increased as she teased him. Each lick transferred more pheromones into his body; her domination of him seemed assured.

He could no more resist her, than he could make the world stop.

“Love me,” she whispered into his ear, before sucking on his earlobe.

His hands tangled themselves in her hair, pulling at her roughly, until she face to face with him. “I... I... hate whoever you are,” he managed to say before crushing his lips against hers.

“How do you think Will and Giles are doing?” Xander asked as they got on the bus that would drop them off half a mile from Giles' apartment complex.

“I'm sure they've got their hand full,” Buffy replied, finding a seat near the back.

“Let's hope they have better luck than we did,” Xander said, sitting next to Buffy.

She reveled in the taste of his mouth. How he tried to dominate her. His hands were rough, grabbing, as they roamed Willow's body.

She pulled away from the kiss, his eyes betraying the desire he felt. She knew he would be special. “Amare Willow,” she told him. (Love Willow) She watched the subtle transformation, his eyes changed. They still burned with desire, but she noticed something else that wasn't there before.


She knew that what she would take from him would be more intense than with the others. He brought her face back to his; she was shocked by the tenderness he showed. His lips, which had bruised, now caressed, teased.

His hands trailed feather light touches that aroused her. She arched her back as his mouth trailed down her chest, his left hand supporting her back. His right hand began to tug at her shirt, bringing it up.

“Lift your arms,” he whispered in her ear. She raised her arms; goose bumps appeared on her body. She shivered, but not from the cold.

Inside Rupert knew what he was doing it was something he'd dreamt of. But, he did not control his hands, he was not caressing Willow, feeling the heat of her body, how it shuttered against his touch.

He was not in control of his body. He watched, as if seeing it on television, as his hands unfastened her bra, removing the straps from her shoulders, kissing her bare flesh.

He had no idea what had happened to Willow, he did know that it was not her, there was something missing. Something plainly Willow, it was difficult to see, if you weren't looking for it.


There was no love in this vessel, nothing.

“Ablocare ire Rupert,” he heard, her hands caressing his face. (Let go Rupert)

Willow's body arched once again, his mouth hot against her body. Her hips grinding against his. His hands were everywhere, his touch enflamed her body like nothing ever had done before.

She reached down, she heard him whimper against her breast as she rubbed the length of him. His hips lifted off the couch, trying to prolong the contact. Her hands worked on his belt, the hiss of the zipper seemed unusually loud in the room.

“Ah...” Giles moaned as his head fell back, her hands were like fire, and he longed to be burned.

‘I have to hurry,' she thought, as she continued to fondle Giles. Reluctantly she released him. He was highly aroused, she wanted to taste him once more, and he readily acquiesced as she kissed him. The feel of his tongue in her mouth was distracting. His right hand moved slowly down her body until he reached the waistband of her jeans. Deftly, he slid his hand down and cupped her she thrust against him.

‘This can't be happening,' she thought. She could not let it. She reached and took Giles' hand and stopped his exploration of her. “Not yet,” she told him, catching her breath. Giles gritted his teeth; he wasn't sure how much more he could take.

Bending forward, she licked his chest. Her tongue swirling around his nipple, flicking it before capturing it in her mouth, her teeth nibbled the hard nub; she could feel his hand make its way back. She let his hand slide in, biting on his nipple.

‘Time,' she thought.

Chapter 7

“Xander, what time do you have?” Buffy asked.

“Umm... it's ten ‘til five. Why?”

“I'm starving, that's all.”

“Food-age is a good thing,” Xander replied nodding his head.

“I hope Giles thought about dinner. You know how he gets,” Buffy said.

“Yeah, unless it's a jelly donut, he's probably still has his nose in a book.”

“Willow's the same way,” she replied.

Willow continued to grind herself onto Giles, until his hips began to thrust against her, seeking the warmth that his hand had sought out. Her mouth hovered over his heart. She had to keep her mind focused; it wasn't helping that his mouth was securely fastened on her breast.

She shook her head clear, picked up on the telltale signal, he was close, and she was closer. Her lips tasted the saltiness of his sweat as she licked his skin. He was delicious, better than anyone she'd ever had before. It was just too bad that it would end shortly.


She inhaled, pulling back slightly. A thin mist rose from Giles' heart, he convulsed as he felt the pull.

‘A few seconds longer,' she thought, as she took the life force she so desperately needed in order to survive.

“Come on Buff. Captain Crunch is way better than Trix.”

Her head jerked towards the door.

“No,” she hissed.

“I think you just like the uniform Xander,” Buffy replied.

Giles groaned when she broke contact.

“Hey,” Xander said stopping, holding his index finger up. “The Captain is better looking than the rabbit... oh, I am so not finishing that comment.

She quickly pulled away from Giles, feeling the loss of his hand; she didn't have much time left.

“Ah ha. I knew you had something for men in uniform.”

“Ha ha, very funny.”

They reached the front door; Buffy reached for the handle.

Making sure that he was decent, she hurried, cleaning off his hand. She didn't like the thought that he would be exposed, but that worried her as well. She had never done this for anyone else. She would have plenty of time to wonder about it later.

“Hey Giles, open up. It's us,” Buffy called out when she found the front door locked.

‘I must hurry,' she thought, straightening out her clothes.

“Wills, come on. You've got two famished teenagers out here.”

“Alieno Giles. Commoneo tantum quemodmodum ego dicere tibi,” she said whispering what she wanted him to remember. (Forget Giles. Remember only what I tell you.)

Buffy and Xander stared at each other.

“Maybe they went to get something to eat?” Xander said, shrugging his shoulders.

Taking a deep breath she said out loud:

“Alieno ampleuxus Giles. Commoneo pro eo consulo causa fabula tantum. Somnus, modo Giles voluntas finis tibi requiescere. Hoc coactus sum.” (Forget loving Giles. Remember this for the story only. Sleep, only Giles will end your rest. To this, I am forced and compelled.)

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she passed out.

“Yeah, maybe,” Buffy replied, taking out the key Giles had given her. They walked in, immediately stopping in their tracks.

Giles was slumped on the couch, naked from the waist up.

“GILES!” Buffy cried out, rushing to him.

“WIILLOW!” Xander called out, wondering where his best friend was.

“Xander, she's over here,” Buffy said, spotting her on the floor. “Will?” Xander whispered his throat constricting.

“Is she hurt?” Buffy asked, glancing at Xander.

“She has some bruises on her neck,” he replied.

“Let's get her on the couch,” Buffy instructed. “Xander, get the first aid kit,” she told him after placing Willow gently on the couch next to Giles. “Xander... the kit!”

He nodded and left.

Buffy was torn; she had no idea whom to take care of first. She reached out and touched the bruise on Giles' chest. He moaned at the contact.

‘What the hell happened?' she thought, turning her attention to Willow. She could see the bruises on her neck. “Willow... Will. Can you hear me?” she asked.

“Here,” Xander said, handing Buffy the kit.

“Thanks,” she said opening it. “Xander, could you get a washcloth from the bathroom and some water.”

“Sure... you... you don't think?”

“I'm not sure and we won't know ‘til they wake up,” she replied looking at him. “Xander, we can't blame ourselves. They wouldn't,” she told him as soon as she saw the guilt on his face.

“Oh God...”

“Giles?” Buffy said.

“Lord, what happened?”

“Giles, it's me, Buffy. Can you hear me?”

“Of course I can Buffy. What's going on?” he asked, feeling as if he had had too much to drink.

“You tell me.”

“Why don't I have my shirt on?” he asked out loud after he realized he didn't have it on.

“Xander and I found you and Will...”

“Willow. Is she alright?” he asked.

“She's unconscious. Giles, what do you remember?”

Xander half listened, as he held Willow's hand, praying she would be okay.

“She... um. She said something...” he replied, frowning. He couldn't remember what Willow had said. “She didn't feel well?” he said questioningly.

“Will... wake up. You're scaring me here,” Xander whispered.

“Giles, do you know how you got that bruise on your chest?” Buffy asked. She needed to have answers, and she needed them now.


He winced at the brief pressure Buffy applied.

“What about Willow!” Xander pleaded.

Giles tried to turn in her direction.

“I can't seem to move,” he said.

“I think we need to call an ambulance,” Buffy suggested.

Chapter 8

“I'm all up for suggestions,” Xander said.

“Would... could you turn me towards her,” Giles asked Buffy.

Buffy carefully moved Giles so that he could see her.

‘My God,' he thought when he saw the bruises on her neck. “Willow... its Giles. Can you hear me?” he asked.

‘Modo Giles voluntas finis tibi requiescere' (Only Giles will end your rest)

Xander watch intently for any signs that Willow heard Giles' plea.

“Nothing,” he said. “Willow, we're all very worried about you. Please wake up,” Giles said once more, wishing he could hold her hand. Giles closed his eyes as a brief image of... ‘What, what was it?' he thought.

‘Modo Giles' (Only Giles)


“Willow!?!” Xander said, moving closer to her.


“Willow, can you hear me?” Giles asked.

“Giles?” Willow muttered.

“Oh thank God,” he said out loud.

Willow could hear voices around her. She recognized them; she wanted to open her eyes to see the people they belong to.

“Buffy... Xander?” she asked.

Xander held onto Willow's hand.

“We're here Will,” Buffy answered.

“What's going on?” Why... why can't I open my eyes?” Willow asked.

“Willow, some... something's happened. To both of us,” Giles told her.

“Are you okay?” she questioned.

Giles smiled. Her compassion for other was a trait her hoped she'd never out-grow.

“I... ah... I don't seem to be able to move just at the moment,” he answered her honestly.

“Oh no! We have to get you to the hospital,” she said frantically.

“And we shall. I'm more concerned about you. How are you feeling?” he asked her.

“Exhausted. I can't open my eyes,” she answered. She wasn't going to tell them that she noticed right away that she felt... damp. She didn't even want to think about it.

“And your throat?”

“Giles... what happened?” she asked, frighten by the events that apparently took place without her knowledge.

“I'm... I'm not sure,” he told her.

“Enough talk, we've got to get you both to the hospital,” Buffy said, after allowing the questions.

“Yeah. Do you want me to call your parents Will?” Xander asked.

“They're out of town...” Willow answered.

“I can get my...”

“NO... um... that's okay. There's someone else...” Willow said.


“Giles,” she answered.

“Really?” Xander asked.

“Ye... yeah. I... put him on my emergency contact list,” Willow said.

Xander looked over to the ex-librarian as Giles struggled to move.

“When did this happen?”

“Yeah,” Buffy asked.

“Not to long ago,” Giles answered for her.

“It... it just seemed the most logical thing to do. My parents are hardly ever home,” Willow explained. She felt the presence of someone else's hand in hers and knew it was Giles. She gave him a reassuring squeeze. “I needed someone who wouldn't wonder about my injuries.”

“Buffy. Do you think you could bring me a shirt?” Giles asked, deflecting any other questions they might have asked Willow.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” she said, going upstairs to his bedroom.

“Shirt?” Willow asked. ‘Oh, this is so not fair. He's not wearing a shirt and I can't see,' she pouted.

“Willow. I think we were attacked by... whatever or whoever it is we're looking for,” Giles told her gently.


Chapter 9

Giles waited until Buffy had come back downstairs with a shirt, before explaining what he meant. Throughout his explanation, he realized that he was beginning to regain the use of his limbs. By the time he was finished, he was able to stand up and walk around with Buffy's assistance.

Willow cursed her luck when she was finally able to open her eyes halfway through his theory and could see that he was wearing a shirt once more.

“So, what do we do now?” Buffy asked. She really hoped that whatever the answer was, that it would entail some heavy-duty butt kicking.

“How are we supposed to find some... thing when it makes everyone involved forget?” Xander asked.

“To tell you the truth. I'm not quite sure. Having experienced the attack first hand, I am at a loss. I... I'm afraid I can't help you,” Giles said, remorse coloring his voice. “I'm sorry Willow,” he told her.

“For what?”

“For not being able to protect you,” he said.

She was shocked. The very thought that he might blame himself had never crossed her mind, not a second. “How do you know?” she asked.

“Um, Xander. Why don't we see if we can find something to eat?” Buffy said, recognizing the need for privacy.

“Food? How can you think of food?” he said watching as Buffy motioned towards Giles and Willow. “What?”

Buffy walked over to him and propelled him towards the kitchen. “I think they need time to talk about this,” she told him.

“Why didn't you just say so?” he asked.

“Giles... Rupert?”

He turned his head towards her. She had never called him by his first name before. “What makes you think that you didn't? I... I mean, just because I have a few bruises on my neck doesn't mean that you didn't try to protect me,” she told him.

“Willow... that's very kind of you to say.”

“Hey, kindness has nothing to do with it. I know you; at least I'd like to think I do. And the man I see before me, would no more let harm come to the people he cares about... than... than... I would... would... I don't know. Kiss the Master,” she finished. She knew she could never tell anyone that she believed that something else had occurred to her while she was unconscious. She was far too embarrassed.

“Thank you Willow. You have a very rare talent of making me feel better,” he said, chuckling at the thought of her kissing the master.

Willow smiled.

“You absolutely astound me,” he muttered to himself.

“Hey Giles! What have you got in here to eat?” Xander called out.

“Let me check,” he answered, slowly getting up from the couch.

Willow went to him, offering her hand. He glanced at her, smiling ruefully. He took her hand in his and let him help. Once again had a brief feeling when he held her hand. Something... he couldn't put his finger on it.

“Food,” he told her, shrugging his shoulders.

“Food,” she replied.

They walked side by side into the already crowed kitchen.

“Xander, for pity's sake. Get your hands off my biscuits.”

“Willow, has there been any new developments?” Giles asked, slowly walking towards her.

“No. Not... not since...”

“Yes. I... I don't understand. Perhaps who or whatever this was, only needed one last attack?” he questioned, sitting down gingerly on the couch.

“Are you doing any better?” she asked, concerned that he hadn't recovered as quickly as the other victims had.

“I have my good days,” he said, trying to reassure her.

“I wish there was something I could do,” she told him.

“You do more than I could ever repay you for,” he said.

“Are you having any more dreams?” she asked.

“Yes,” he sighed, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. “Every time I have one, I'm exhausted in the morning,” he told her. “And you? Are you still tired?”

“Sometimes. Giles... you don't think we're sharing the same thing do you?”

“I'm not sure,” he said, having thought about the very thing earlier.

“At least there haven't been anymore attacks,” she said.

“Yes. We must be thankful for that,” he said, absentmindedly rubbing his chest. The bruise had not faded since his attack two weeks previously. He didn't tell them that each morning after one of his dreams he woke sore all over. He would never tell them that he felt exhausted... sexually as well.

“Is Buffy on patrol?” Willow asked.

“Yes. She should be returning shortly,” he told her.

The door to his apartment opened.

“Hey Will.”

“Hi Buffy. I was just asking Giles about you,” she said smiling.

“How did you do?” Giles asked her.

“Fine. I took out about four of them. Is it me, or are all vampires dumb?” she asked rhetorically.


“They attacked my at the lumber yard.”

“Them,” Willow answered.

“I take it things went smoothly for you then?” Giles asked.

“Expect getting a splinter, yeah. Chalk one more up for the good guys,” Buffy replied.

“I guess we should get going,” Willow said standing up.

“Yes. I don't see any reason for you two to hang about with me,” Giles answered, using the ornate mahogany cane that Willow had given him, to get up to his feet. He didn't want to use it at first, only when he stumbled going downstairs that he decided push aside his feelings of uselessness.

It was heavy, but well balanced. The rubber tip could be removed and the cane could be used as a makeshift stake. The handle, which resembled a gargoyle, could, with a quick flick of his wrist, reveal a sterling silver blade, which measured at least 24 inches long.

He was quite impressed with it and her generosity. He'd recovered most of the strength in his limbs, with the exception of his left leg, which was still weak. He walked them to the door.

“Do be careful,” he told them as they exited the apartment.

Willow stopped and smiled at him. Walking back, she placed her hand over his. “Of course we will. I'm the safest person in Sunnydale,” she told him, kissing him on the cheek. She walked past Buffy who seemed as surprised by her actions as Giles was.

He shrugged his shoulders when Buffy looked at him, to Willow, then once again back to Giles.

“Will! Wait up!” Buffy called out, jogging after her friend.

Giles closed the door. He walked into the kitchen and placed a kettle of water on to boil. He slowly raised his hand to his cheek and smiled.

Chapter 10

“Are you sure about this Buffy?” Willow asked as they walked through ‘Peaceful Rest' cemetery.

“Yeah. Just one last look around,” she said. Buffy didn't ask Willow about the kiss she had given Giles. She knew that they had shared something that eventful evening. And although Willow hadn't admitted it, Buffy could see a subtle change in their relationship. Buffy knew that Giles would always care for her and her safety, but he loved Willow. It was plain as day on his face. If they ever took the chance, and acted upon their feelings, she'd deal with it later. “Willow?”

“Yeah Buff?”

“Don't move.”

“Why?” she said looking around.

“I'm picking up on at least two vamps,” she answered.

Giles had finished his tea and went upstairs to his bedroom. He hoped his plan had worked, going into his closet, he moved his coats out of the way. Pushing his glasses back up his nose, he took the small pen light out from his pocket. Taking what he needed, he moved everything back into place and went downstairs.

Xander had been most pleased when he found the VCR. Giles explained that there were many times he had wanted to tape the news broadcast for information. They all believed him. The people who had set up the surveillance equipment didn't even bother to ask questions. They taught him how to set up the timer, which he did each time he went to sleep. As he placed the tape in, he wondered if his theory would hold water.

After the initial attack had taken place he strongly believed that he was still being victimized. He waited, wanting to be sure. He knew the marking on his chest should have begun to fade, and when it seemed to get darker, he decided to have the surveillance camera installed in his bedroom. Turning on his television set, he sat down on his couch. Looking at the remote, he pressed play.

Willow was pushed to the ground as Buffy dispatched the first fledging vampire. She got up to her knees and watched Buffy block various punches the other vampire used. “She's good.”

“Yes... she...” Willow looked around.

Giles forwarded the tape, wondering again if this had been a good idea. He didn't tell anyone else what he suspected at first; he wanted to be sure.

“Hold on,” he said out loud. Looking at the remote, he pressed play. The tape resumed at regular speed, he could see himself sleeping. That wasn't the reason he wanted to see this part, someone had just entered his room.

Buffy was far too preoccupied with the second vampire to notice the sudden change in Willow's demeanor.

‘A Slayer.'

Buffy found an opening and staked the vampire, watching as he crumbled into dust.

“No...” Giles uttered in absolute shock and horror.

“Are you hurt?” Buffy asked, seeing Willow on the ground.

“No... I don't think so.”

“Not Willow,” Giles said, shaking his head in disbelief. Pausing the tape, he got down closer to the television set. He reached out and touched the screen. “God in heaven, not her,” he whispered.

“Come on, let's go,” Buffy said, offering her hand to Willow.


“Buffy,” Giles said, realizing she was alone with Willow.

“Are you okay Buffy?”

“Um... yeah. I guess that last vamp took more out of me than I thought,” she answered, leaning against her friend.

“Don't worry, I'll take care of you.”

“Thanks Will,” Buffy said.

“I must find them,” Giles said having watched enough of the tape to see that Buffy was in danger. He had to stop what might happen.

“I don't know what's wrong with me,” Buffy said.

“You'll be okay. I know it.”

Buffy turned her head in Willow's direction. She looked at her friend, her eyes locking on her mouth. She felt an overwhelming desire to...

‘Whoa! Where the hell did that come from?' she thought, shaking her head to clear her thoughts. She felt Willow's hand on her cheek, her eyes closed as she leaned into the touch.

Giles got into his car and drove towards the university.

‘I pray I'm not too late,' he thought.

Buffy's eyes flew open. The lips on hers were warm, soft and gentle. Exactly like Willow.

‘You've got to stop,' she told herself. “Have to stop,” she whispered, before losing herself in the kiss.

“It's too late,” Buffy heard. “Come with me.”

“Yes,” she answered, as she followed Willow, their hands clasped.

“Where are they?” Giles said as he entered Buffy and Willow's dorm room.

Opening the motel room, Willow walked in ahead of Buffy. Closing the door, Willow reached out for Buffy. Staring deeply into the other girl's face, she wasn't surprised by what she saw.

“Ampleuxus Willow,” she whispered. (Love Willow)

Giles sat on Buffy's bed waiting.

The End.




Sequel: Predator 2: The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

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