Predator 2: The Hunter Becomes The Hunted.
By A.M. Glass
Copyright: March 2nd, 2000
Slight Revisions: January 30, 2005
Rating: ‘15’
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Fox Studios, Mutant Enemy, et al, have something to do with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. The story along with any/all original characters are the sole property of the author and can not be used without expressed permission first.
Thanks To: I want to give my heart felt thanks to my beta reader Tracy. We have been working together since October 1998; yeah Trace, it has been that long and it has been my privilege the entire time, and she is retiring from the beta reader scene this month. And I cannot adequately convey how lucky I was... am to have been pointed in her direction. She had never beta’d any stories prior to mine that had Willow and Giles being involved, and I for one am glad that I was her first... now, please keep those evil little thoughts to a minimum. Thank you Trace, for taking me under your wing, oh... and for the Waffy’s.(s)
Author’s Note: First off, thanks to all of those of you out there that read the previous story, “Predator” and in not so many words demanded that I write a sequel. I wish I could name all the people who asked for the sequel, but that might take up a little more space, so, you know who you are. Robert, I’m sorry I couldn’t really wait, but I do hope you’ll still send me the correct translations. Oh, Laura, Eileen, can I have my stamp now please?
Second Author’s Note: May 26th, 2002, the Latin phrases I use in this story are probably not 100% accurate. So, my bad in advance. Hopefully I’ll be able to correct them. That’s not to say that they are completely wrong, no. Grammatically, there iffy.
January 30th, 2005: I have added a few lines at the end. I believe the ending needed this to work better.

Opening the motel room, Willow walked in ahead of Buffy. Closing the door, Willow reached out for Buffy. Staring deeply into the other girl’s face, she wasn’t surprised by what she saw.

“Ampleuxus Willow,” she whispered. (Love Willow)

Giles sat on Buffy’s bed waiting.

They stood facing each other; Willow’s hand reached out and caressed Buffy’s face.

“Wha... wha... “ Buffy panted, “What’s... going... on?” she managed to utter before succumbing to the sensations that coursed through her body. She felt strong, yet weak. Her desire rising, waiting for the signal to erupt into a blaze that would devour her.

“Faveo haud timeo,” Willow’s body whispered. (Don’t be afraid)

Buffy desperately struggled against the tide of lust that flowed through every part of her. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could continue to hold on to her precarious grip on her libido.

“Faveo haud adversor...” (Don’t fight it)

“Will... snap... out...” Buffy panted through gritted teeth.

“Tu tuam mihi... tu usquequaque animus,” she said, kissing Buffy gently before stepping back. (You are mine... you always will be)

Unable to resist the need any longer, Buffy pulled Willow’s body towards her and thoroughly explored the other girls’ mouth with her tongue. Pulling back, she stared into the face that was her friend’s and saw... nothing.

She did not see one of the most important persons in her young life, someone that had/has stood by her.

Someone she could tell her most intimate secrets to and not be afraid that it would be used against her at some later time.

Someone that has gone the extra mile for her.

Who would not think twice about putting her life on the line, when there was no reason for her to do so, but would anyway, ‘cause it was the right thing to do, and because they were friends.

And that’s what friends did... they helped each other.

Buffy did not see this; she could not see anything through the red haze of lust that hooded her vision. Giving in to her baser instincts, she only saw someone to conqueror. Taking Willow’s blouse in her hands, she tore it away from her body.

“Etiam, redono,” Buffy heard in her fevered mind. (Yes... give up)

A fleeting thought entered Willow’s mind, ‘I wonder what Giles is doing?’ before the sensation of warm breath trailing down her sternum brought her back to what the Slayer was doing to her body.

“For the love of God, where are they?” Giles asked himself as he got up off the bed and began pacing the length of Buffy and Willow’s dorm room.

He knew the futility of searching for them, as he had no way of knowing where they were. He kept kicking himself, wondering why he hadn’t thought of the surveillance camera earlier. He should have pieced it together when he read a copy of the story Willow had turned in for her creative writing class.

To say he was mildly surprised at the context was putting it... mildly. He never would have thought Willow had it in her to write such a titillating story. He recalled fondly the blush on her face while he read it as she sat opposite him on his couch. Her embarrassment when she asked him what he thought about the story. He could tell that she tried not to show how anxious she was, occasionally biting her lower lip, which had the power to drive him to distraction.

He shook his head to clear the thoughts he had to keep to himself. Whatever was happening to Willow had taken something he would have cherished for the rest of his life and perverted it.

Of course he could see the parallels between her story and what had occurred, not only to them, but also, to the other victims of the attacks. He had only thought that she had used the experiences for the story. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought that these were most likely memories and not the vivid imaginings of a gifted writer in the making.

He wondered what he was going to do once Buffy and Willow returned, if he could do anything. He would not allow himself to think of Willow as a lost cause, he loved her far too much to let this continue. And if for some reason, there was nothing to be done... there was only one thing he would do.

He only hoped that he’d be allowed to remember once and a while. Perhaps he would be able to reach out and bring her back.

Sitting down, his gaze settled on the door, praying that it would open shortly and that this nightmare would soon end.

“Where are you?” he whispered as tears began to trail down his cheeks.

Chapter 2

Two bodies slick with perspiration clung to each other in night. Having taken what she needed from the Slayer, she had let down her defenses and enjoyed herself. Her hand slowly traced the mark on Buffy’s chest and smiled as it slowly began to disappear.

‘No evidence,’ she thought to herself as she watched the Slayer sleep. And as much as she wanted to stay in bed, she knew they had to head back to the dorm. “Buffy... wake up,” she said softly.

Buffy’s eyes fluttered open, blinking a few times before she got her bearings. The shock on her face was evident as she pushed herself away.

“Sedo pessum. Tu securus cum mihi. Tu animus recordor solum quemadmodum stare tu ad,” Willow’s body said. (Calm down. You are safe with me. You will remember only what I wish you to)

Buffy nodded her head.

“Hey... Giles, wake up.”

“What?” he answered in his sleep induced fog.

“Wake up Giles...”

“Buffy!!” he cried out, as he sat up straight. Cursing himself for not being able to stay awake. Seeing Willow out of the corner of his eye, he got up quickly and pushed Buffy behind him.

“Giles... what are you doing?” the blonde-haired teenager asked. “What’s going on?”

“Giles... it’s okay. It’s us... you know, Buffy... well, you already know Buffy as you blurted out her name, not that I mind not being mentioned, but you know me... you know, Willow,” she rambled.

“Yes... you may look, sound and even ramble like her... but you’re not!” he said inching away, his arm acting as a form of barrier, keeping Buffy at a safe distance.

“Umm... Giles, do you mind telling me what you’re talking about?” Buffy asked as she walked around him and stood next to Willow.

“Buffy... stay away from her!” he pleaded.

“This isn’t funny anymore Giles,” Willow said, not understanding what was happening.

‘I must remain strong,’ he told himself. “Well then, can you explain where you’ve been all night? You left me rather early, and it’s...” he looked at his watch. “It’s five-thirty in the morning.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Buffy asked. “I decided to patrol the cemetery one last time and we were attacked. Will got hurt...” she started, then frowned as she recalled the events in her mind. “Will was pretty shaken up, so we went to a hotel and crashed for a few hours.”

“Buffy, can you honestly tell me that you would ever do something like that? You know you wouldn’t...”

“Giles... I may not be able to explain it, but that’s what we did. You should have seen what they did to her. They tore her shirt open, they hurt her,” Buffy tried to tell him.

“Would you mind checking your chest for me?” he asked Buffy who stared at him as if he had grown another head.

“Excuse me?”

“I need you to see if... she marked you...” he told Buffy, never taking his eyes off Willow.

“I think I need to sit down,” Willow said.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“Buffy, indulge me please, for a moment...”

“Why don’t you explain yourself first,” she told him.

Chapter 3

“Very well,” he began. “Not very long ago I had a surveillance camera installed in my bedroom.”

“You what?” Buffy asked.

“I had a surveillance camera installed. You see I had a strong suspicion that I was still being victimized...”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Willow asked.

“We could have backed you up,” Buffy added.

“It wouldn’t have done us any good, as I found out last night. Someone very close to us is responsible...”

“What do you mean?” Buffy asked, stepping closer.

“Would you care to answer that Willow?” Giles said.

Buffy turned towards Willow who sat with her head hanging down, then back to Giles.

“You are out of your mind! Have you forgotten that Willow was attacked as well?”

“I haven’t... I have proof, a tape,” he said, wishing he never had to utter those words.

“Will... say something. Tell Giles he’s out of his tweed wearing mind,” Buffy pleaded with her silent best friend, her hand reaching out.

Don’t touch her... that’s how I believe she’s able to accomplish her deeds,” he told her.

“Will? Come on, don’t just sit there, do... say something, anything. Please!”

Willow looked up, tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t possibly be the one who had done all those terrible things, not her.

“Will?” Buffy’s heart broke when she saw the tears, reaching out; she dared Giles to say something.

“Buff... Buffy, don’t. Wha... what if he’s telling the truth?” Willow hiccupped.

“I’ll take my chances,” she whispered, as she embraced the other girl.

Willow cried harder, she thought she would have repulsed Buffy. Especially if what Giles said was true.

“Buffy... please understand, I don’t wish to hurt Willow...”

“You’ve already done that,” she replied, shooting him an angry glance.

“We have to find a way to help her,” he said. “If we could only find out how this happened?” he told them.


“Yeah Will?”

“I... I think you’d better let go...”

“Why... what’s wrong?”

“Buffy... get... get away, please!” Willow said as she pushed her friend away.

Giles reached out and brought Buffy next to him.

“Don’t touch her,” he told her as they watched Willow convulse on the bed.

“Giles... we have to do something!” she told him. Every part of her said to rush to her friends’ side, to help Willow somehow.

“You must be strong for her, we both must,” Giles whispered, as tears formed in his eyes. Willow gasped for breath, once... twice, then stopped moving.

“Giles?” Buffy asked, frightened by the sudden stillness by Willow’s body.

“I’m not sure...”

“What do you mean you’re not sure? What’s happening to her?” Buffy asked taking her eyes off Willow and searching Giles’ face for an answer.

“I can answer that for you... Slayer.”

Chapter 4

They both turned to see Willow move to a sitting position on the bed.

“Hello Rupert... I didn’t expect to see you so soon.”

Giles cleared his throat; he had to remind himself that the person on the bed was not Willow.

“Hello Buffy.”


“No... but that doesn’t matter right now does it?”

“What have you done with her?” Giles asked.

“Oh... she’s here. She just doesn’t know it.”

“How?” Buffy blurted out.

“Ah... now that’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question isn’t it?”

“Don’t move!” Giles shouted as Willow’s body began to get off the bed.

“Why? What will you do? Anything you do to me, she’ll feel,” Willow’s body explained. A smirk appeared on her face as she watched as both Buffy and Giles moved away from her. ‘Silly people,’ she thought. “I believe I owe you an explanation, don’t I? Hmm... well, let me say first off that I’m still Willow. Oh, do get that surprised look off your face Rupert.”

“What do you mean you’re still Willow?” he asked shocked by the revelation. He tried to grasp the implication of the statement. He thought once more to Willow’s story and everything seemed to click into place.

“You see, not to long ago Willow... I was shown a manuscript...”

“Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde,” Buffy said.

“Exactly... well done Buffy. As I was saying, I was shown a rare manuscript for Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. And what do you think I found? Give up? The formula...”

“Formula?” Giles asked, before it hit him. “Dear lord, no.”

“Give the man a prize.”

“I don’t get it,” Buffy said.

“Will you tell her or shall I?”

“Buffy... you have heard of the book haven’t you?” Giles asked.

“Of course I have. But what does that have to do with anything?”

“She doesn’t get it, does she?”

“Buffy,” he said, ignoring the taunt, “In the book, Dr. Jeckyll creates a formula that allows him to become Mr. Hyde...”

“Are you saying that this manuscript has the formula in it?” Buffy asked.

“I think I should take over from here, don’t you Rupert? Buffy, when I saw the formula, and noticed that the ingredients were still available... well... you know me.”

“You just had to try it, didn’t you Will,” Buffy stated.

“Couldn’t help myself. I knew if I went to Giles, he’d start saying something about tampering with things I had no business tampering in.” Giles nodded his head in agreement. Willow’s body began to pace as she explained, all the while Buffy and Giles kept their distance from her. “So, I went to the magic shop and picked a few things up. I mixed it up and hoping I wouldn’t kill myself, drank it down,” she said frowning. “The thing is... I didn’t realize that it worked. It worked all too well,” she stopped and looked in Giles direction. “Somnus Giles,” she whispered. (Sleep Giles)

Buffy caught him as he slumped to the ground.

“What did you do to him!?”

“Buffy, he’s alright, honestly he is. I wouldn’t hurt him, she loves him.”


“Willow... I love him.”

“You sure have a funny way of showing it,” Buffy retorted, making sure Giles was comfortable.

“He won’t remember this, I promise. He’ll wake up with a slight headache, that’s all,” she said, gazing at Rupert’s prone body.

“What do you want?” Buffy asked standing up.

“Him...” she replied, before looking at Buffy. “And you.”

“You can’t have us... come on Will, fight it!”

“You don’t understand. If I can’t have you, your vitality, I’ll die. And if I die...”

“Will dies,” Buffy ended.

“That’s correct. The thing is I know Giles would be a more than willing participant. In fact, just a few words from me and he’ll finally act upon his feelings for us. I know she loves him, she’s crazy about him, and it’s not very difficult to see why. All I have to do is let her finally see how he feels and let nature take its course.”

“Where does that leave me?”

“Ah... there might be a slight problem, you see, this morning...” Buffy looked at her in confusion. “Oh... that’s right, silly me. You don’t remember this morning, commoneo. (Remember)


Chapter 5

“Calm down...”

“You expect me to calm down!?”

“Yes... now!!”

Instantly Buffy’s eyes glazed over.

“Buffy, I’m going to let you come back. But you will remain calm. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Buffy replied.

“Redeo.” (Come back)

Buffy shook her head.

“May I continue? Good. As I was saying, I have a slight problem when it comes to you,” she said as she moved closer to Buffy and trailed her finger down the other girls’ arm. “If I continue to use Giles, I’ll kill him. Not that I want to, but his body can only take so much. You... you on the other hand... you’re different. You’re the Slayer; your recuperative powers are remarkable. We could be together eight times a month, and you’d never know the difference.”

“What makes you think I’d let you?” Buffy asked shivering.

“Buffy, please. Look at how you’re reacting now, you won’t be able to resist. I didn’t hurt you... I can’t. She won’t let me, I won’t let myself hurt you or Giles. You... both of you are important to us.”

“You are hurting Giles. And you took advantage of me...”

“Buffy, I would never let it get to the point where what I take from Giles would put his life in mortal danger. I would just go after someone else, until he recovered.”

“Oh... that’s nice of you.”

“You should be thankful, I could kill him. It wouldn’t take much, I could do it here, in front of you and you wouldn’t be able to stop me.”

Buffy thought about it, looking down at Giles.

“So... if... I... I did this... you’d lay off Giles?”

“Oh... no. I couldn’t possibly do that.”

“Why not?”

“Let just say... he’s very good.”

“Not a good visual for me thanks so much.”

“Sorry,” she said as she lightly traced Buffy’s collarbone.

“I... I... thought Giles said you could only effect a person by...” Buffy swallowed. “By touch?”

“He’s only half right. It starts with a touch,” she said, cupping Buffy’s face and bringing it inches away from hers. Turning to the right, she looked at Giles and whispered, “Giles... wake up.” Buffy watched from the corner of her eye as her former Watcher got up off the floor. “Come here.” He moved towards them. “Stop. You see Buffy. I don’t need touch any more,” she reached out and pulled Giles closer and kissed him. “He’ll think he’s been dreaming. Very pleasant dreams mind you. Giles... I want you to go home and destroy the tape. Put another in its place and let it record. You’ll only believe that you didn’t do it right, and that’s all. Do you understand?”


“Very good. When you wake up, I want you to think about Willow, and how much you love her. I want you to finally let yourself realize how much you need her in your life. Then you will begin to show her, just a little at a time. You won’t need to worry about the age difference, or about what other people might say. Buffy,” she said, looking back into the Slayer’s eyes. “Buffy will be your strongest supporter. Do you understand?”

“Yes... I understand.”

“You’re making him do it...” Buffy told her as she watched and listened to what was happening before her eyes. Buffy heard a heavy sigh.

“Giles... listen to me very carefully. If you do not truly love Willow with all of your heart, then disregard my previous instructions regarding her.” He nodded his head. “Go home and do as I’ve said. I’ll be by later,” she added, kissing him once again, then watched as he left the dorm room. “Now then, was that to your liking?”

“If I said ‘no’, would it make a difference?”


“I didn’t think so. What happens next?”

Chapter 6

“You... and Giles belong to me... us. Willow may not know it, but she’ll feel an extra connection to the both of you. She may act a bit more... touchy, towards you, but she won’t think that much about it. Neither will you.”

“Will I remember any of this?”

“Not unless you want to.”

“I can’t stop this can I?”

“I’m afraid not. But Buffy, you’ll have someone who truly cares about you, always. I can give you pleasant memories... I wouldn’t keep you from anyone else.”

“You’re too kind,” Buffy said sarcastically, as she closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes. Who do you see?”

Buffy could not believe who she saw standing in front of her.

“An... Angel?”

Willow’s hand moved in front of Buffy’s face.

“Who do you see?”


Once more, she moved her hand.

“Who do you see?”

“Willow,” she answered.

“We all love you Buffy. Let us show you how. Amare. (Love)

Buffy felt as if she were drowning in a pool of love that surrounded her, and gave into it.

“Amare...” (Love)

“So Will, how are things going with you and Giles?” Buffy asked as they made their way to his apartment.

Willow’s face lit up. “Oh... it’s wonderful Buffy. I never knew... these past two months... it’s just so...”

“Wonderful?” Buffy playfully teased.

“Yeah,” Willow replied bashfully.

“How serious are you two anyway?”

“I think it’s very serious. He’s been wanting to ask me something... he tries to, but then he gets nervous.”

“Will... you don’t think?”

“I’m not sure.”

“If... if he did... would you?”



“Yeah,” Willow sighed.

As they walked past an alley, Willow pulled Buffy inside.

“Will... what gives?” Buffy asked.


Buffy claimed Willow’s lips.

“Stop,” Willow’s body said, catching her breath. “Forget... for now.”

Walking back out of the alley, they continued towards Giles, neither aware of what happened.

“What about Xander? How’s he doing with this?” Buffy asked.

“He’s doing the best he can. I think he’ll come around eventually,” she said as she linked her arm through Buffy’s. “If not I may have to pay him a visit,” Willow thought to herself

The End.

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