Stories by Veronica

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Admissions - U
Summary: New found love between old friends
Chapter: 1-5 | 6-7
Status: Complete

Admissions of Guilt - 18
Summary: Sequel to "Admissions" An old nemesis is back, and is seeking revenge on Giles and Willow.
Chapter: Prologue-4 | 5-9 | 10-14
Status: Incomplete

Like that of the heart - U
Summary: Willow takes stock of her life on Valentine's Day, and takes a chance
Chapter: 1
Status: Complete

The Lonely Hearts Club - U
Summary: Valentine's Day is coming, and everyone has the blues. But Willow makes everything all better.
Chapter: 1-4
Status: Complete

Sweet Surprise - 12
Summary: This is cat's challenge
Chapter: 1
Status: Complete