Title: Willow Witch Sandwich
Author: Vernon Bruce
E-Mail: Ai246@hwcn.org
Rating: 18 and how.
Summary: I guess it could be happening today. Or some time in the future. Willow replies to an E-mail from Buffy and Willow has got her dander up.
Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Joss Whendon Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Productions 18 Century Fox, WB Network, etc. The situation is mine, and I don't mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
Notes: Feed back is greatly appreciated I haven't written any fic since shortly after I gave up on the series in season 4. There may be some inaccuracies since I can't be bothered watching anything after season 3. My choice and flames are the surest way to make me a lurker again.


Dear Buffy,

I can't believe the things you said in your last E-mail! How could you after all we've been through together? You really hurt me. Of all people you should know how important this is to me. How lonely I've been. How much I've hurt.

It's kinda like I never really got over my parents being such poop heads, until now. For the first time I'm not trying to fit into someone else's mould so they'll accept me. Willow the good daughter, Willow the state A student, Willow the girlfriend, Willow the lesbian. Little boxes that never let me be me. I always thought you were "MY" friend. A friend of Willow the person, that I didn't have to stay in a box. Your letter was awful, you sounded like one of those Umber Dykes who won't accept any kind of variation. Who only have two categories for people, queer and not worth bothering with. Don't you think I've heard from enough of them?

Can't you see what a gift from the Lady and Lord this is. How precious, how special?

Amid all your venom you did ask one question. Why? Well little miss Vampire whore I'll tell you why, and I hope it knocks your socks off. Last night is why. Last night and all the nights and days like it.

I was so upset by your letter we went to bed without making love for the first time since we got together. It was about three O'clock and I felt a cold draft on my back, which woke me. Sue was hogging the blankets, but that's not why I was cold. I leaned on one elbow and looked down at Sue. Light leaked in from the hall outside our bedroom. Sue is so beautiful, I feel warm just thinking about her.

Sue's five one, with a petit body and perfect rounded c cup breasts. She's so slender her breast look larger than they are. Her tummy is flat and she keeps her Venus mound trimmed. Her legs are perfect, lean mussel and flawless skin. I love to lick them. The best though is her face. She's Asian, with full lips and perfect features. Her hair is like ebony, but silken to the touch. Even if she was a bitch I'd still get a tingle just looking at her, but she isn't. Sue's heart is as beautiful as her outsides. She is the gentlest, most loving woman I've ever met, and I love her. I think for the first time I'm really in love. Oz validated me, I needed him to feel I was worth something. Tara needed me, leached off me really, what we had was twisted co-dependance I can see that looking back. Back then I didn't know what Love was. Kennedy and the others since were all just trying to fill a hole. But now. Now I'm in love, and it was worth the wait.

As I watched her Sue's beautiful eyes opened and she smiled at me. I had to kiss her and as I did I felt her hand caress my side slowly working its way to my nipple. Sue is as fascinated by my little breasts as I am by her larger ones. She says I'm her perfect female type, and she's mine.

I break our kiss and nibble along the pulse line of her throat as my fingers traced over her tummy and gently tweak her nipples. She arches her back and I pull my head under the covers to suckle her. Her nipples are the size of a dime and very sensitive. I love taking them in my mouth, it feels so intimate and peaceful. Sue runs her fingers through my hair and strokes my back as I suckle her.

I play my fingers over her inner thy, then up to her womanhood. I gently stroke the length of her sex. She is clean and moist. I feel her bend down and kiss the top of my head. She whispers. "I love you."

I leave her breasts so I can kiss her beautiful mouth in reply.

My fingers leave her sex and I teasingly stroke her other thy as I kiss across her chest and take her nipple in my mouth again. I'm like a baby and my beloved Sue loves the attention. It's gotten so hot under the blankets and Sue must feel the same way as she throws them off us. Cool air rushes in, making my nipples stand even more erect. Sue caresses my breasts. Her hands are so soft, her touch so gentle. Sue's free hand caresses my scalp as I move my hand to her sex and part her folds. I enter her with only the tip of my finger, while I massage her clitoris with my thumb. She whispers my name.

"Willow, My sweet Willow. My love, touch me. I want you so."

And I reply. "You have me. I love you."

Sue kisses me and moves the hand on my breast to my sex. I feel her fingers stroke me as our tongues caress each others.

We both hear a toilet flush and break our kiss while continuing to caress each others bodies. We're both smiling, good is about to get better. Much better!

There's the sound of heavy footsteps, not the soft tread of a woman, but a firm pace of a much more massive person, then he's standing at the foot of the bed. Rupert, our Rupert, our man! He is naked and his flaccid manhood is beginning to harden at the sight of us.

"Started without me, well carry on. I'm quite positive I'll be able to catch up," he says.

I love his voice when he's aroused. So British, so classy, with an undertone like warm honey and hot sex. Both Sue and I know he loves to watch us and there is a thrill in being watched that all three of us appreciate.

My hand continues to work Sue's sex as I kiss her once more. I push two fingers into her and rock my palm over her clitoris. Sue moans into my mouth and I feel her fingers slip deeper into me as her other hand plays with my nipples. The touch of her is soft, gentle unhurried. The taste of her skin is warm and sweat. My breathing is fast and I'm dripping onto her hand.

Sue pulls away just as I'm nearing orgasm and retrieves her favourite toy from the night table beside our king-sized bed. She passes me the finger clip vibrator. I once more suckle her as I slip it on. I watch Rupert from the corner of my eye. His breathing is fast and he's now fully erect. He looks like a God of passion.

I turn on the vibrator and stroke it over Sue's clitoris. The sounds of her moans counterpoints the toy's buzz. Rupert moves to her side and kisses her as he caresses my back. As strange as it sounds there has never been a moment of jealousy. His touch is like fire. Sue's hand finds my sex and she starts to masturbate me as I play the vibrator up and down her slit.

Rupert comes behind and as Sue plays with my clitoris he slips a finger into me, finding my G spot. I feel like I could come then and there, but Rupert and Sue have other plans. Sue pulls away and moves to the edge of the bed, laying on her back with her legs dangling above the floor. There is no need of words, Rupert and I both know what she wants.

Rupert stands on the floor and gently eases into her. I love to watch the mass of him disappear inside her. You'd never believe it would fit, but it does, in the most wonderful of ways! I move over her and soon feel her tongue caress my nether lips. It's delicious, and a teeny orgasm makes me gasp. The best part is I know that's only the first.

Before Sue and Rupert I never knew I was multi orgasmic. I'm so lucky.

I play the finger vibrator along Sue's slit as Rupert slides in and out of her. It's incredible to watch. I touch the vibrator to Rupert's shaft when he's half way in so the vibration courses up to Sue's G spot. Sue is lapping at me like an ice-cream, and I love it. Rupert pulls me close and kisses me as we pleasure our girlfriend.

His kiss is insistent, like fire, a man's kiss forceful powerful. I love the feel of his urgent lips on mine. The slight musky smell that rises off him. The strength in his arms. I can't believe I was fool enough to ever deny myself this because of some self deluding sense of extremism. To put myself in some self limiting box because it was expected.

I love the touch of my man! I trail the fingers of my free hand over his solid masculine chest, then over Sue's breasts. The contrast is incredible. Sue's nipples are as hard as erasure ends and I know she's close. Rupert drives in as I bring the vibrator over her clitoris. She screams and bucks on the bed.

"I love you, I love you. Willow, Rupert, Rupert, Willow. Oh God! I love you!"

Rupert smiles a self satisfied smile. He looks so smug and so sexy! I love that smile and I know I wear it's twin. I have to kiss him. My kisses flow from his lips over his chest until I can nip his small masculine nipples. His hands run over my body stroking with a firm gentle pressure that leaves no doubt that this is a man's touch. I moan with my lips pressed close to his firm flesh.

Rupert eases out of Sue, causing her breath to catch. Sue after a strong orgasm can't take much for a while. It means I have Rupert to myself for a bit. Yummy!

Rupert comes to my side of the bed as I climb off Sue's face. I kiss her and can taste myself, then I'm focussed on my boyfriend.

He kisses the small of my back and I feel thick masculine fingers trace my sex. Where Sue's touch is gentle skill, knowing what to touch and how much because she is woman, Rupert's is insistent, full of passion, made all the more exciting because of it's unpredictability. To say he is rough would be a lie, he knows how to treat a woman's body. Goddess Buffy, does he know how to treat a woman body. You missed out being his surrogate daughter, his little girl. His precious little slayer. Too bad for you!

No, Rupert know's how to treat a woman, he is simply male and that is a fire I've missed for too long.

His fingers stroke my sex. I turn so I can kiss him and fondle his manhood, still slick with Sue's juices. My mouth is dry with a hunger only he can fill and I lower my lips to his penis. It stretches my mouth and I hear him moan as he caresses my back and hair. He reaches around and plays with my nipples. The roughness of his hands is such a turn on. How long I suck him I don't know, I get lost in the act. To cause such pleasure, I can't help but love it. Rupert loves it to. He always talks to me when I do this and his voice is as hot as the rest of him.

"My Willow, my love. My beautiful woman. You are passion. I love you. The feel of you, the taste of you. I wish to join with you, with both my loves. To caress you forever, to kiss and embrace you both. To love you both until the sun ceases to shine." Rupert never swears or says vulgar things, he doesn't have to.

I'm pulled from my trance by the feeling on slender fingers probing my sex and soft kisses raining over my buttox and back. Sue has recovered enough to join the play.

Rupert gently lifts my body and kisses my lips. His eyes smolder but in their green depths I see love. He loves us as we love him and we love each other. It's magic beyond anything I've ever known. It is perfect! It sometimes brings tears to my eyes to be so cherished by my two loves.

Rupert kisses me again. I know what I want. I lay on my side and Rupert holds me from behind, his broad chest pressed into my slender back, his strong arms holding and protecting me. I feel his penal head at my opening and I push down onto it. His breath hisses in my ear as he kisses and nibbles the back of my neck. His hands caress my breasts as he gently loves me. Sue lays facing me and our lips meet. I feel Rupert's arm shift from my breast so he embraces Sue as well. He pulls her tight against me. Whare we both know she belongs. Her breasts crush into mine and I can feel her nipples pressing into my skin as I feel Rupert's penis driving into my vagina. The summer lands could hold nothing sweater than this.

Sue slips a hand to my slit and begins toying with me. Stroking my clitoris. This is my favourite position. The Willow Witch Sandwich. I can't believe I once thought I had to choose one or the other, man or woman. This is best. Rupert's penis stretches me like nothing I've ever known. Perhaps if I'd known it could be like this I never would have given women a chance.

Yes I know Oz, but let's just say his height wasn't the only thing that was short and he didn't know what he was doing. Maybe it's for the best, I can't imagine not having Sue in Rupert's and my bed, in our lives.

My man cradles me, keeps me safe from harm, loves me. My woman caresses me, comforts me, loves me. My body is alive. The passion is almost more than I can bare. I'm coming so fast it's like having one continues orgasm that lasts minutes. I lose track of time. Hands touch me. I move to caress Sue's breasts and find Rupert's hand there. He moves and I feel his fingers play with my nipples and I touch her. Sue shifts, bringing her nipples to my mouth and I suck like a baby as Rupert rides me. Rupert kisses my neck, caresses my shoulders and kilt. Sue moves back down and toys with my kilt as she suckles me, then we kiss, soft and gentle. I turn my head and Rupert kisses me, hard and masterful. His tongue drives against mine. Sue and Rupert caresses me. They are so different and so exciting. The feeling is incredible, and mostly the feeling is love.

I feel loved, Buffy.

Rupert groans and twitches within me. I have a final orgasm that leaves me panting. It's kinda a good thing it's a cool night or the sheets would be soaked. Sue or Rupert pulls the blanket over us and I snuggle into the warm bodies that sandwich me as Rupert grows soft within me.

"I love you, Willow. He whispers into my ear, then kisses my cheek.

He shifts and I look up to see him kissing Sue over my body. We all settle and I drift into sleep. Safe, warm, protected, and for the first time in my life, fulfilled. For the first time ever I don't feel like something's missing. I love my girlfriend, and I love my boyfriend, and they love me, and they love each other. Maybe this isn't the girl I was in highschool. Maybe it's not what you expect of me. Maybe having your lesbian friend made you feel all liberal and superior. Maybe you don't like the fact that I got Rupert and not you! Is that it Buffy?

This is what and who I am. I've finally figured it out. I'm bisexual and I've been in love, No Buffy, not a crush in love, with Rupert since highschool. I don't have to put myself is some self imposed, self limiting box, just because society thinks I should. I love Rupert and Sue. The three of us are going to make a life together and nothing you say can change that.

So Buffy, there you have it. You either accept that Rupert is my boyfriend and we're in a triad relationship and that yes, I do like men, always did I was just too stupid to admit it, and women or that's it, our friendship is a memory. I won't go back to lying to myself and I won't give up the two great loves of my life.

Buffy, you're my best friend and I love you as my best friend, but Rupert and Sue are everything to me. Please see that what I have is special. Please don't be jealous. This can kinda be a good thing you know. Rupert, Sue and I are in a closed relationship. I know you felt kinda uncomfortable around me sometimes when I was single. You don't need to feel that way now.

So Buff, the balls in your court. Are we friends or are you going to be a poop head?

Willow Rosenberg.

PS. So I can stay in England it's soon to be Willow Rosenberg-Giles so stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mister!



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