Author : Vernon Bruce
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Rating : 18 and how. Heterosexual, Bi-sexual and Homosexual situations as well as D and D S and M and various other forms of kink.
Coupling : Name it mostly W/G though W/B/G, W/X, W/X/A/G oh heck she'd a busy girl the list goes on. Did I mention this was very NC-17
Violence : not so far but who knows.
Summary : Willow wakes up and wants it all and by giving up preconceptions gets it.
Disclaimer : The characters are the property of Joss Whendon Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Productions 18 Century Fox, WB Network, etc. The situation is mine, and I don't mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
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Dedication. To Niki my Beta Reader and the producers of Green Egg Magizeen.



Willow lay in her bed a light sheet half covering her naked form. Her head resting on a broad, muscular chest, her body cuddled close against the man beside her. She smiled and traced her hand through the light dusting of hair that graced the solid warmth of her living pillow. The musky smell of him made her light headed and the illusion of safety his thick, strong arm wrapped about her shoulders provided was as heady as any wine.

'Illusion isn't the right word,' she corrected herself. Her lover would protect her with all he was and few of mortal kind were as powerful, her contentment deepened. 'Or as wonderful,' she silently added.

"Hmm," her lover, who was more asleep than awake shifted position pulling her even closer into his side. She reveled in the feeling. He didn't cuddle any of the others in his sleep the way he did her. It was perfect, special, a thing that only they shared.

Willow closed her eyes and thought back. A year ago she wouldn't have believed she could be lying in the arms of any man, let alone... She remembered back to when it started.


Willow stood in the laundry room and stared at a lacy, black bra as tears brimmed in her eyes.

"Oh Buffy, not again!"


'It really did start earlier,' Willow corrected herself. 'Back just after Riley left.' Willow could remember her hurt when she'd come home and saw her best friend and her lover together. The betrayal that Tara would cheat on her, double that for Buffy's betrayal, triple it that Buffy wanted Tara and not her.

Willow gave her head a little shake and gently kissed the masculine chest she rested on.

She'd been so socked when she first caught Tara and Buffy she just left the apartment without confronting them. Then she'd waited and wondered. Willow hated to admit it but the sight of Buffy with her head thrown back in ecstasy while Tara nuzzled and lapped at the blonde's sex had been exciting.

Then her Telepathy had developed and she'd read both Tara's and Buffy's minds. Tara was so drunk with being wanted, so hungry for acceptance, she couldn't say no. Buffy had been a surprise. Buffy, so outwardly brave was scared. Scared of being gay, confused that she enjoyed the appearance and touch of men and women. Foolishly convinced she had to be one or the other, denying the real truth that Willow could see from her outside perspective. Willow knew then that Buffy was Bi and would crave whatever she denied herself. Willow also understood why Buffy hadn't chosen her. Faith had been a fling, Tara was safe, she was taken, and in reality Buffy didn't like her very much, she just enjoyed the sex.

Willow was different for Buffy. Geeky, flat chested, little Willow filled sexy Buffy's fantasies. Buffy loved and wanted her sweet, redheaded friend ferociously. Willow had come to understand that if Buffy ever acted on her desire to be with her it would be an irrevocable step for the blonde slayer. Buffy loved Willow but despite all the slayer's denial she knew inside she was Bi. To love Willow like she wanted she felt would be to deny part of herself for the rest of her life. Willow could sense that in Buffy also, that if she ever acted on her love for her redheaded friend it would be till death did them part. This left Buffy no choice but to repress the feelings. Sleeping with Tara was a safe proxy that released some of the tension. Buffy could lay with Tara and dream it was Willow while not taking that final, deadly step.

Willow gently stroked her man's chest then let her hand trail over his abdomen into the short forest of pubic hair below, finally coming to his flaccid, well-used penis. She toyed with it and he murmured in his sleep. "Thank you," she whispered knowing that her present bliss might not ever have come to pass without him. She'd seen the way and he'd brought the road map. She never would have believed the experiences he'd had before she met him. Never would have guessed at the openness and understanding hidden under a staid exterior. She had idolized him when she only saw the staied, public face. Seeing all of him, the complete man, she couldn't guess how anyone could not love and desire him.

Willow found that her manipulations were having little effect, so she returned her hand to its place on his chest. She loved him and he was skill incarnate when he made love to her, but men had their limitations, and she'd learned to respect them. Smiling she slipped back into memory. When Willow understood Buffy and Tara letting them have their occasional trysts became an act of love. Though the resentment at her own exclusion grew, as did an uncomfortable pressure in the back of her mind that said she was missing something. Some lesson she had to learn, a realization that she saw in others but could not accept about herself.

'That's kinda when it started,' Willow agreed with herself. 'Then I flipped out. How much of that was I was angry? Tara died. Willow searched her heart. The pain was gone, washed away in the warmth of the body she held, replaced by a new resolve that had changed everything. She wondered if Tara could have accepted what Willow had embraced.

'Probably not. Cheat yes, honesty no.'


Her memory returned to the laundry room. She'd been folding Kennedy's bras and found the black-lace one. She'd known it wasn't Kennedy's, and it obviously wasn't hers. Buffy was visiting them, but Willow had only taken laundry from the hamper in her bedroom. All the old pain came back.

"Again Buffy?" Willow blinked away tears and folded the bra. "Not this time! I tried being the forgiving victim and look where it got us all. People died, I hated my best friend. It was a mess."

Leaving the laundry room Willow went to her bedroom. Just a week before she'd found a bunch of back issues of Green Egg magazine in a yard sale. She'd bought them all and amidst the Pagan articles she'd found another cause. A way of life Paganism accepted while neither endorsing nor condemning.


"Holly god, are you two at it again." Buffy's voice intruded into Willow's somnolent state.

"Hu, oh hello Buffy." Willow felt Rupert shift beneath her.

"Hi beautiful." Willow opened her eyes and stared up at the blond slayer. She knew immediately that Buffy had expected to find her in Rupert's arms. Buffy's blouse was half undone and she wore no bra.

"Hi sexy." Buffy walked to the bedside and kissed Willow on the lips. "I missed you on patrol."

"Was there any activity?" Giles sat up in bed.

"Nothing, it was boring. That's why I came back. That and I didn't want to sit there with Kennedy and watch Xander and Dawn make it in the bushes. Your girlfriend really wants to corrupt my little sister." Buffy smiled and lay on the bed facing Willow. Willow kissed the sexy blond and let her hands slip up her blouse."

"Dawn is already pleasantly corrupt, she's just kinda vanilla. She was really enjoying university before she figured out about us. Decadence must run in the family." Willow tweaked Buffy's nipples and kissed her.

"I love you," whispered Buffy as she caressed Willow's lithe form.

Rupert cleared his throat. "Should I?" He gestured at the door.

"Please." Willow shyly bit her lip and looked at Buffy.

Buffy groaned. "No fair putting on your shy virgin face, you know I can't say no to that."

"Another thing we hold in common." Giles shifted position so he could caress Willow's breast with one hand and Buffy's with the other.

"Why not, the more the merrier." Buffy licked her lips then leaned up and kissed Rupert. Willow turned so she was beneath her lovers and alternated nipping Rupert's small, masculine nipples and suckling on Buffy's breasts.

Buffy and Rupert's hands each caressed one of Willow's breasts. Finally Rupert broke the kiss.

"As much as I hate to say it. I'm afraid that while the spirit is more than willing, the flesh is rather weak."

"They have a pill for that now," teased Buffy.

"Please, there is nothing wrong with me. I am simply a healthy forty-nine-year-old man. I have my limits. Why don't I watch for a while and see if anything comes up?" Rupert smiled and there was a glint in his eye. He gasped and looked down. Willow had twisted around and taken his flaccid penis in her mouth. She sucked gently then saddened that it showed no sings of quick recovery, she released her prize.

"I think you're just a voyeur," teased Willow as she began kissing a trail up Buffy's clothed body.

"Guilty. But I still need more time to recover." Rupert slid off the bed and took a seat in an easy-chair that let him watch the two beauties on the bed as they pleasured each other.

Willow reached Buffy's lips and the two of them kissed. Willow undid the last of the buttons on her lover's blouse then kissed and licked her way down Buffy's neck and chest to her breasts as she lifted the garment off the blonde's shoulders.

"Yes, you are so good. Buffy ran her fingers through Willow's hair then reached down and caught her under the arms. Using slayer strength she picked Willow up and threw her onto her back.

Willow looked up at Buffy dressed only in a black skirt, her breasts flushed with her arousal. Willow loved Buffy but her bedroom habits always seemed odd. For tenderness Rupert was her lover of choice. He could touch depths of emotion that made her want to groan and cry and laugh all at the same time. Not that he lacked passion, but he was best at long gentle couplings that built slowly until they blew the top of her head off and left her mind still, clear and peaceful for hours afterwards. Buffy was sound and fury. She was passionate and quick. Forceful and dominant. She licked to take the lead. Far more a traditionally masculine role, but Willow loved it to. She'd found her moods could shift like the wind and Buffy's dominant nature suited some of them just right. Sometimes it was nice to be ordered about or to just give orders and not worry about the other person's pleasure because their pleasure was in the obeying.

"I'm going to eat your sweet, little pussy and make you come, my hot horny woman. I'm going to taste you and lick you until you squirm. What does my witchy woman have to say about that? Hmm." Buffy practically savaged Willow's small, perfect breasts sucking and nipping making the redhead moan.

"Oh goddess, yes Buffy. Make love to me. Let me be your lez toy. I... OH." Willow's gasp coincided with Buffy slipping her finger into her vagina.

Willow tugged at Buffy's skirt ineffectually then she heard Rupert shift position. The skirt's button and zipper were undone then it was gone. Buffy wore nothing underneath.

Willow felt a masculine hand stroke her cheek and saw another trace along Buffy's side then vanish.

"Goddess Buffy, fuck me. Make me come, woman," breathed Willow.

"Such language, you need a good tongue lashing." Buffy licked her lips suggestively.

"Yes please," pleaded Willow.

Buffy lay on Willow kissing her hard, tongues dueling, breasts grinding together.

"Lay still, if you can manage it," ordered Buffy who then kissed her way down to Willow's sex and parted her folds with the tongue. "So sweet, I'm going to. Oh god!"

Willow looked up at the tone in Buffy's voice and saw Rupert kneeling behind her his mouth covering her sex. Willow's smile was pure lust. Rupert was the best male she'd ever known for cunnilingus and he loved pleasuring women. Willow gasped as Buffy drove her tongue hard against Willow's clitoris and plunged her depths with two fingers.

Buffy pulled her mouth away for a second and spoke. "I'm going to fuck you until you can't fuck any more! Your tight little twat is mine. Then I'm going to ride you like a mare in heat. You're my sexy little she toy. I'm going to fuck my she toy till she comes and comes again."

Willow wasn't sure where Buffy picked up her mouth for sex, probably from Spike, but it turned her on, though Willow had drawn the line at being called 'She slut lez bitch and pussy slave muff muncher'. Part of her liked kink, none of her was into degradation.

"Eat me my beautiful slayer, my mistress. Taste me and make me moan, my queen. I love you, Buffy make me come. Make me yours. Fuck me hard, make me your lez fantasy." Willow spoke for Buffy's benefit just letting the words role off her tongue. "Give it to me my Bi love, make me feel your Arrrr." As always with Buffy the orgasm came quickly filling Willow's senses.

Buffy backed off the stimulation as Willow came then gently kissed the redhead's sex. Buffy lay her head on Willow's thigh and kissed her sex again. "You are so hot and you taste like honey. I Love you. I want to..."

Willow felt the bed shift as Rupert moved behind Buffy and entered her dogy style.

"Oh god yes!" gasped Buffy as she pressed back onto her watcher.

Willow took a deep breath and smiled. "Not as old as you thought you were," she teased.

Rupert just smiled as he drove into his slayer's body. Buffy went back to kissing Willow's sex and Willow swallowed. Before Rupert and Buffy she'd never known she was multi-orgasmic and they were still the only ones that could cause her to peak more than once.

"Talk to me. Use that mouth of yours for something you sexy little piece of ass," breathed Buffy before returning her mouth to other matters.

Willow reached down and began running her fingers through Buffy's hair. "You like it like this. Your girl friend in front of you, a hot man behind. Does it feel good driving into you. Have you wanted him since highschool? I know I have. Have you wanted me that long, our warm bodies pressed tight, your breasts pressed against mine. Soft lips kissing, hot tongues and fingers probing. Is that what my sexy slayer has always wanted? Is that what my hot bi woman likes. You like being free to enjoy who you want. To feel a hot rod, one night a warm pussy the next, or maybe some cold meat. Is that what turns my slutty little slayer on. Or is this the best, nice titties and a good hot rod together. That's what I like best."

Buffy moaned into Willow's sex as Rupert continued to drive into her.

Willow felt Buffy increase her frenzied licking and begin to trace a finger along her sex when she used the word slut. 'It's one of those nights,' thought Willow.

"Yea, you're my slutty slayer, aren't you? My hot horny girl toy. Too bad Kennedy isn't here so we could take turns on you, let you be a lez slut to your heart's content. You love pussy don't you and hard rods. Remember your birthday when we tied you up. The big tough slayer everyone's meat. My hot, horny girlfriend there to be played with. All those hot, horny bodies pressed against yours. Riding you so hot and hard.

Do you remember you and Kennedy fucking behind my back when you really wanted me. You still want me, don't you? You always wanted me. You and faith testing the waters. Was she as good as me? Maybe we should invite her over and we could tie you in a chair. You could watch you first hot babe and your girlfriend get it on. Did Faith say what you wanted to hear. Tell you how hot you were. All those years, all the good fucking you missed, well that's over now, my Bi baby."

Buffy groaned in orgasm then kissed and licked her way up Willow's body until their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Rupert moved up the bed and, without separating the two women, lifted Willow's hips and supported her buttocks with a pillow. He then slid into her open and waiting sex.

Willow was in heaven. She loved this, it was like Buffy had a penis and was making love to her, but she knew it was Rupert and that was even better. She let him drive into her as she kissed Buffy and played with her breasts. She'd realized she liked a man's muscular chest but she still appreciated a nice rack, and Buffy's was the best she'd had.

"I love you, Buffy," she moaned in a brief respite from kissing.

"I love you my sexy, Willow." Rising Buffy moved so she was kneeling over Willow's face and brought her sex to her girlfriend's lips.

Willow went to work with her tongue as she felt four hands caress her everywhere. Willow reached down and stroked Rupert's broad, flat chest then reached up to find a pair of hands already on Buffy's breasts. The hands left and a moment later she felt fingers tweaking her nipples.

Willow opened her eyes and while she couldn't see she knew that from the angle and the absence of words Buffy and Rupert were lip locked. Willow felt her own orgasm building as Rupert drove into her and her lovers continued to caress her. She wanted Buffy to come again, this time because of her and she knew the perfect trick. Something Angel had told her about Buffy. Driving her tongue hard against Buffy's cilt Willow pressed her fingers against the blonde's anus and massaged it.

Buffy exploded, spilling liquid all over Willow's face. Rupert groaned and Willow felt him twitch within her and that drove her over the edge. They all collapsed on the bed with Rupert in the middle Buffy and Willow each cradled in an arm their heads resting on his chest facing each other.

"I love you, guys," whispered Willow then she and Buffy kissed, they then kissed Rupert in turn and settled to enjoy the post coitus bliss.



Rupert lay beside his two young lovers. Willow was snuggled into her place at his side and Buffy had turned in her sleep so her back was to him and his hand rested gently on her hip. He smiled, he loved them both, he turned his head to look into a mass of red hair, but he was in love with only one of them. Despite her charms he knew he'd probably not have a sexual relationship with Buffy except for Willow's deep attachment for the other woman.

'Probably for the best the way thing's worked out, old man. If it was just you you'd kill yourself trying to keep up with her.' He smiled and squeezed Willow's shoulder. 'Of course if there is a better way to go I can't think of it. It's always the quiet ones.' His Willow's various appetites and an open minded wildness had amazed him since he'd been exposed to them a year ago. His woman, so sweet and gentle and self-couscous in her everyday life was a veritable tiger in bed.

'A bisexual tiger at that.' Rupert's grin deepened. In the last few months he'd been treated to shows that would put anything in the sex palaces of Amsterdam to shame. 'And I should know." He smirked.

He let his thoughts drift back to the beginning.

The call had come as he was preparing for bed.

"Giles," Willow's voice was strained.

"What is the matter?" Rupert sank into his lounge chair.

"I... Kennedy has been unfaithful."

Rupert swallowed not entirely sure he wasn't going to have to rescue the dark-haired Slayer from some animal form or horrible plague. Usually Willow showed remarkable restraint but in matters of the heart... he spoke onto the silent line.

"I am sorry Willow. I know how much you love her."

"It was with Buffy!" The words were blurted in a rush.

'Thoth protect us all, the planet is about to be turned into a molten slag heap! Damn it Buffy, Tara was bad enough, at the least that could have had the benefit of breaking them up, but Kennedy was fairly good for Willow,' thought Rupert then he said aloud. "I am sorry Willow. Are you alright?"

"I'm hurt but... Rupert."

He started a little at the use of his first name.

"I... There's something I need to talk to you about, face to face. Can you fly over."

Rupert released a breath he hadn't known he was holding. If she wanted to talk she probably hadn't done anything too devastating yet.

"I'll be on the next available flight. Don't do anything until I get there."

"Kinda can't promise that. Buffy and Kennedy need to be fed and the zoo is getting full."

"WILLOW!" Rupert leapt out of his chair then heard a giggle on the phone.

"Joking. Just get here quick. I'm making some changes in my life, and I need the smartest man I know to give me some advice."

The flight over had been hell. His concern for Willow, Buffy, Kennedy and indeed the world ate at him. Also another concern fueled by hope. He'd seen the manipulation of Willow that had lead her away from the arm's of men. How Tara had exploited Willow's pain and how Willow had let fear make her decisions for her. After Tara's death fear had again made Willow limit her options, ignore what he could so plainly see. She'd focused solely on women despite how her eyes would track handsome men. He knew how bigoted the homosexual community could be against people who declared themselves as Bi. Knew that people closed off parts of themselves to fit into an acceptable mold on both ends of the sexual spectrum. He could see so much of himself in Willow. In retrospect he wondered if Ethan had been a different man if things would have ended differently or perhaps not at all. He knew his own inclinations were more a thirty seventy split, with a preference towards women. Men he'd found could be fun but he couldn't establish a strong emotional bond. Patrick had been a special case, not a man, not in any real sense of the word. In the end he'd grown bored of sex without love and slid into a heterosexual life mode. Looking at Willow's history he suspected that if she would stop letting fear rule her choices and ignore what society said she should conform to she could broaden her field of potential life mates to embrace all thinking, loving creatures.

The plane had landed and with the help of a few spells Rupert rushed through customs to find Willow waiting for him. She was dressed to the nines and the sight of her subtle curves brought a lump to his throat.

"Rupert." She squealed jumping up and down then she was in his arms. She rested there, her head on his pecs her arms about his waist. He held her inhaling the fresh, clean scent of her, feeling the warmth of her body. She shifted position and her hip pressed into his groin.


Rupert snorted then kissed the top of Willow's head where she lay beside him. 'Little minx, you knew exactly what you were doing. Innocent little Willow her majesty's backside!' he thought.


"Are you alright?" asked Rupert as Willow led him to her car in the LAX short-term parking.

"Relax Rupert. I'm not going to try and end the world just because my best friend and my girlfriend are having sex. I... This isn't the first time."

Rupert nodded. "I hadn't thought you knew."

"Buffy and Tara. I kinda understood why. I mean Buffy is so scared of being Bi and Tara well, any woman with some cheep flattery could have gotten her into the sack. She really hated herself."

"I'd say pitied herself and felt entitled, but let us not speak ill of the dead, they are beyond our judgments."

Willow nodded. "Kennedy though. I mean, she's kinda together, and I know she loves me."

They reached Willow's car and climbed in. Minutes later they were speeding down the highway when Willow took an off ramp.

"Where are we going?" Rupert looked puzzled.

"I told you on the phone I was making some changes. I've been thinking a lot lately. I've done a lot of things because I was afraid. Made some pretty important choices from a bad place, a place of weakness.

Rupert almost punched the air and only hoped his inner glee didn't show too much. "What are you intending to do about it?"

"One, the relationship between me and Kennedy is going to change. I won't sit by and let Buffy get away with this the way I did with Tara."

"Willow, Kennedy is, you two have been good for each other."

Willow pulled into a motel's parking lot and stopped the car.

"I know that. I love her, but I love a lot of people." Willow opened her door and stepped out of the car. "You coming," she smiled at Rupert.

"Willow, what are you suggesting."

Willow looked serious. "I don't want to make decisions out of fear anymore. Be it that thou harm none do what thou wilt leaves a lot of room, and I need some love and joy in my life right now."

Rupert looked at the car's dashboard. "I won't be a vengeance fuck Willow. That is an all too human response but never a good one.

Willow bit her lip. "I know and that's not what I want. Rupert, I love a lot of people. Have you ever heard of Poly-amorous relationships?"

Rupert was out of the car and beside Willow so fast she hardly saw him move. "We need to talk!"

Willow was surprised by the earnestness in Rupert's voice and an odd trace of pain.

"You know what it means?"

"Poly many amorous loves. Yes Willow, I am quite familiar with the term and its realities.

Willow let him take her hand and she lead the way to one of the motel-room doors. She opened it and stepped into the small room with its double bed, television, dresser and night table.

"I'm kinda nervous, It's been a long time since Oz and..."

The look on Rupert's face silenced her. "I am most flattered but you have not even asked if I would be interested. I believe we should talk, there is a great deal I would like to know."

"Oh Goddess. You don't want me. I repulse you!" Willow buried her face in her hands and sobs shook her slender frame.

"Gods and Goddess all, Willow are you really that blind?" Rupert sat beside her and pulled her hands away from her tear streaked face. "I can't think of a woman I have ever wanted more."

"Then why? I mean Xander says guys always..."

"Xander is little more than a boy. Willow don't doubt that I desire you and if this was a thing of a day I would not hesitate, but we have been friends for too long for me to rush in. For a man growing up means learning to temper passion. What is the American saying. Not to let the small head do the thinking for the large one."

Willow smiled and Rupert gently cupped her cheek.

"So if you will oblige an old man some questions," continued Rupert.

"You aren't old. Just nicely mature, but OK mister, ask away." Willow smiled at the way Rupert's eyes were devouring her body. Rupert held her hands as they spoke. "First, where did you hear about Poly-amorous relationships."

"Green Egg Magazine, I picked up some back issues and there were all these articles."

"Yes Otter, Morning Glory and Zell."

"You know them?" Willow looked shocked.

"I know of them." Rupert took a deep breath. "In fact my group back in my university days was patterned after theirs."

"Your group... You." Willow's face looked like she'd just seen the end of the world.

Rupert laughed. "I wasn't born forty. After my Ripper phase I was still rather adventurous. I remember those days. I met my wife there. We started as members of the group then when it broke up we stayed together."

Willow was making strangling noises then finally she forced out a word. "Wife?"

"Patricia." A passing smile touched Rupert's lips. "Actually, she looked a little like Kennedy. I loved her, we traveled the world together investigating archaeological sites for the council."

"You never said you were married. What I mean, Jenny, Joyce, Olivia?" There was heat mingled with the disbelief in Willow's voice.

"I was never unfaithful to my Patricia from the moment we agreed on monogamy to the moment she died. I was hers and she was mine."

"Died." Compassion now drowned out all other emotions in Willow's voice. "Why haven't you ever said?"

Rupert looked down where he held the beautiful redhead's hands. Releasing one he covered her little palm with his own marveling at how small and delicate she was. "It happened six months before I came to SunnyDale. We were investigating an ancient burial ground where several of the workers had gone missing. They'd dug up the crypt of an ancient, master vampire. Once the spells that held it were released it came out and started feeding. Patricia found it while I was working another part of the dig. It... It brought her across. I had to..."

Rupert hung his head and tears trickled down his cheeks. Willow hugged him.

Rupert dashed the tears from his eyes. "I had to slay the beast that had taken my wife's form. I was forced to drive a stake into the heart of the woman I loved. She'd been through so much you'd have thought the Devine would have let her alone, but no, one last indignity had to descend on her."

"Oh Goddess Rupert. But why keep it a secret." Willow kept on holding him.

"What would have been the point of telling you when I first arrived? You were all so young. I decided to let you enjoy the illusion that good looked after its own. Besides, how do you tell a teenager that you drove a stake through the heart of the woman you loved? Later it was old news and there were questions that might follow about Patricia I didn't want to answer, at least not before you were all much older. Then you all had losses of your own. Many people feel sharing their own old griefs helps those who are grieving. I disagree, it always struck me as a kind of one upmanship that said a person wasn't entitled to their grief. Frankly, there never was a right time to tell you before now."

"Wow, do you have any kids?"

"No, unfortunately that wasn't possible."

Willow moved so she was holding both Rupert's hands but could look into his sad face. "Why?"

"As I said Patricia and I were in a poly-amorous relationship before it broke up and we paired off. Perhaps if I tell you the names of the members when we began. There was me of course, Deby, Ethan, Oliviea, Patrick and Helen."

Willow looked confused. "Patrick. You're bi, OK I guess, but why call him Patricia?"

"Inactively and mostly hetero and because very shortly after we paired off it was Patricia. The surgery is quite painful and extensive, but it's what she wanted. She wanted to look like and be what she knew she was inside. Me, I just loved the person, it didn't matter."

"Oh Goddess. Rupert you kept so much inside."

"It was a way of surviving. Willow, the only reason I'm telling you now is so you'll understand why I can tell you that a poly-amorous relationship looks better and easier on paper than it is in reality. It can be wonderful." A lusty smile parted Rupert's lips. "And quite a lot of fun, but it can also tear apart relationships. You've read articles written by the successful groups, or groups that haven't disintegrated yet. Every new lover is a gamble where you could loose all you have. Are you ready to face that?"

A slow, sad smile touched Willow's lips. "I'm not willing to face not trying. Rupert, I love you, and Buffy and Kennedy and Xander and Angel, even Spike and Dawn a little. I don't know how it will end, but I know if I just let Kennedy and Buffy fool around behind my back I'll hate myself, and I don't want to lose either of them. I also know that Buffy needs to own up to how she feels about me, or she'll regret it the rest of her life. If I can show her that she can have me and still have a man in her life she just might sniff the java."

Rupert touched Willow's cheek. "And where do I fit into your grand scheme."

"Like I said earlier. It's been a long time since Oz. Rupert I need you to help me figure out if I can still be happy with a man. I... and well, er... um... well, I love you and have had a kinda crush on you since I was fifteen, even in my me more gay than gay phase if you'd made a pass at me I'd have knocked you onto the floor and taken you where you were lying. If I'm going to try men again, there's no one I'd rather have than you. And um... well, I've really kinda missed you. Just having you around to talk to since you moved back to England, and maybe if it works out you might like to stay." Willow looked at Rupert hope reflected in her large, green eyes.

Rupert cupped her cheek then gently kissed her. "One step at a time, my lovely Willow. And I believe for the first step I should shower, alone, then we can see to your explorations.

Willow bounced on the bed and clapped her hands then hugged Rupert. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she squealed.

"My pleasure." Rupert leered. "As I'm sure it will be. If you would be so kind, in my suitcase you will find some ritual candles. If you could light two pink ones and I picked up a rather nice Riesling as my duty free. It needs to air, there is a cork screw on my Swiss army knife. I'll wash off the road as you prepare." His lips came down on hers and he trailed his hand up her side. "Think warm thoughts." Rupert moved into the hotel room's tiny bathroom.


Rupert felt Buffy shift and climb from the bed. She padded from the room closing the door behind her. He knew from experience she was unlikely to return. If it was just Willow in the bed, or Willow was in the middle, she'd be back to hold her lover, but with him she usually left to sleep elsewhere. Sexually they shared one bond, and she filled both their hearts. This acceptance of each other was as responsible for them becoming Willow's primes as any other factor. They weren't jealous or resentful of each other, which let Willow just be. Willow, who so bravely had faced down her fears and personal demons to bring them all into a kind of heaven on earth.

Willow half lay over Rupert's chest. With his free hand he pulled the comforter up over her shoulders and settled it there.

"I love you." he whispered.

"It's under the elephant, it's under the elephant," she murmured.


Rupert stood in the shower letting the cool water clear his head.

"This is it," he murmured to himself. He felt that he was facing a test. For the next few minutes he represented all men. For his sake and everyone else he loved and most importantly for Willow he had to open her to the parts of her nature she'd all but shut down. Had to ignite a fire that she'd banked and let it consume the fears that held her back. He took a deep breath. There was a time when there'd been many women. A time when skill was all important. Then a time when skill was an icing on love. Now he drew on both of these. He couldn't deny his feelings. He loved Willow and had for a long time. She was strangely like Patricia but with an inner gentility that his dead wife had lacked.

Turning off the water he dried himself then emerged from the bathroom into a candle-lit room. Willow lay naked on the bed holding a water glass with a dribble of wine in the bottom. The bottle on the night-stand was about two thirds full.

"You are lovely," said Rupert.

Willow shifted nervously shattering the illusion of the experienced seductress. "Um... thanks. I um..."

Rupert moved slowly as if afraid of startling a wild thing. Sitting on the edge of the bed he gently brought his lips to hers.

Her lips were stiff at first, hardly moving. Too long had she denied this part of herself and Rupert knew he'd have to move slowly. Gently he stroked his hand along her side not touching any part of her that would scare or rush her. His lips strayed over the line of her jaw and he lightly flicked his tongue against her ear then trailed kisses down her neck.

Willow released a little gasp and her arms went about his shoulders. Rupert kissed and licked his way back to her lips. This time they moved under his. The tip of her tongue flicked teasingly at his mouth.

Slowly, sensually Rupert kissed her. His hands glided more freely over her body now, never focusing on breasts or labia, instead gently teasing the rest of her skin while occasionally, almost by accident, stroking over those more private regions.

How long they kissed and touched he couldn't say, it was magic to hold her, to feel her firm, young body. His own erection strained out from his body.

Willow's hand reached down and gripped his manhood. "I'm ready now. You can enter me."

Rupert pulled away and gazed at her. She bit her lip and looked up Shyly.

"Why the rush?"

"Well... Um... I kinda know from Oz that guys are always in a hurry and I well..."

Rupert rolled his eyes then kissed her. "Inexperienced boys are in a hurry. Men have learned better!" He kissed her again then slowly worked his way down her neck to her beautiful breasts.

Willow gasped as his lips sealed around her nipple and his tongue circled it playfully.

"Oh goddess." She clutched her lover's head to her breasts.

Smiling Rupert pulled away from her nipple just long enough to wet his forefinger. Gently he separated the folds of her sex and began to trace his finger along her length. Spreading her moisture fully along her slit, stimulating her and teasing her, applying the lightest of pressures to her clitoris as he stroked over it.

"Oh goddess, Oh goddess, Rupert. I oh. That is so good. How does a man know to do? Oh." Willow swallowed and let her hands trace over Rupert's chest. She played with his small, masculine nipples and ran her fingers through the dusting of hair she found.

Rupert let her nipple slip from between his lips to answer. "Experience teaches."

Willow grabbed him and pulled his lips to hers. This time there was nothing tentative about the tongue that drove into his mouth.

As they kissed Rupert inserted a finger into her and sought out the patch of roughened skin within her vagina. Finding it he massaged it while using his thumb to toy with her clitoris.

Arching her head back Willow groaned. "Ha ha ha, Rupert. I. I. You're going to make me come. Please, enter me."

Rupert smirked and backed off his stimulation to more of a teasing touch. "Are you always in such a hurry?"

Willow swallowed and reaching down took his penis in hand. She paused pulled back and looked at it. "Goddess, you're huge!"

Rupert kissed her. "Just above average and not by much. It really matters very little." He kissed her again then worked his way back to her breasts while still toying with her vaginal slit.

"Goddess, it's so good. Rupert, love me, please love me." Willow's face was pure beauty desire and need.

Rupert kissed gently over her abdomen then brushed his cheeks against her Venus mound like a cat claiming territory. Tentatively he let his tongue fall against her clitoris and licked up as his finger pressed into her.

"Rupert. Oh Goddess. You're good. I... Rupert I can do that anytime, please make love to me as a man."

Rupert kissed her sex then kissed and licked his way back to his lips. Positioning himself he let the head of his penis slide up and down the length of her sopping vaginal slit.

"Rupert, please. I'm going to burst," pleaded Willow.

Smiling he eased the head of his penis into her as they kissed. He toyed at the opening of her cannel, hardly entering her.

"NOW!" Willow grabbed him by the butt cheeks and impaled herself fully on him.

"Haa," breathed Rupert as she flexed her hips. Leaning back Rupert licked his thumb and played it over her clitoris and along her slit as he took control, setting a slow, steady rhythm. He used his free hand to stroke her breast and sides as he pleasured her."

"I'm I'm... Arrrr. Willow went rigged throwing her head back as an orgasm washed through her. Rupert fell forward and kissed her then, for a time, she just clung to him trembling and making little mulling sounds.

"Willow?" Rupert's voice was soft and soothing.

"That was... With Oz it was OK but never like that. That's part of why I thought I was a lesbian, the sex was so much better with Tara."

"You've never been with a man before."

"Oz - -"

Rupert rose up enough to look into his lover's beautiful face. "Was a boy. It takes time and practice to learn what the opposite gender needs in the bedroom. It also takes maturity to truly appreciate loving."

"Loving." Willow kissed him then began to move her hips beneath him causing his penis to shift inside her.

Rupert grinned. "Would you like to be on top?"

"Love to but... well... Oz always got creped out like I was trying to be the man or something."

"Young fool! I'm the man, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I would consider it a honor to pleasure you in any and every way possible. Besides, my back is getting sore. Part of being over the hill."

Willow chuckled then they re-arranged themselves and she slid slowly onto his manhood. In this position it seemed to stretch her and reach deeper than before. She'd had vibrators that were larger than Rupert, but his living flesh seemed to fit her in a way no plastic attachment ever had. His hands stroked over her skin as she rode him tweaking her nipples. His beloved face was open as were his eyes that focused solely on her. She knew at that moment that she was the only thing on his mind, in his heart. She was surprised when her heat built again then crested just as he arched his back and cried out. "WILLOW!"

She collapsed onto him and he held her as he slowly grew soft within her.

The next few hours would be trying, but she's tasted the prize she sought and her resolve was fixed to do what needed to be done.

Rupert cuddled Willow close and drifted into sleep.



The sound jerked Rupert out of sleep and he turned to look at the bedside clock.

"Eight in the morning! Doesn't that fool know what Saturdays are for?" Rupert looked down at where Willow still lay cuddled into his side. He smiled and kissed her head. "I love you." Rising he moved to his hook on the wall where his robe hung. A chuckle escaped him. Even in a poly-amorous unit there were subtle ways that the order of precedence got marked. He and Buffy both kept a robe in Willow's room. In his room Willow had a drawer. In Buffy's room Willow, Angel and Spike each had a robe hook. The list went on but his musings were cut by another blast from the table saw.

Exiting into the hallway that connected the mansion's bedrooms Rupert rushed to the stairs and descended to the living room. He raced through the dining room and kitchen and down the basement stairs.

"Xander, will you please - -" Rupert fell silent upon seeing the younger man. Xander stood amidst his power tools in grubby geans and a T shirt. The section of the basement that formed his shop was cluttered and half a large, submarine sandwich sat on a plate on a workbench. There was mayo around his mouth and dark circles under his eyes.

"Hi G-man."

Rupert assessed his young friend. When Xander had first joined the group he'd been easily fifty pounds over weight. The lean, handsome youth had surrendered to a premature, obese middle-age. Rupert had agreed to help him and with diet and exercise had succeeded in getting the younger man to shed the flab but it was a constant battle.

"I take it that it was a bad night?" Rupert's eyes focused on the half-eaten sandwich.

"Patrol went OK." Xander began measuring another board.

Rupert moved to his friend's side and gently squeezed his shoulder. "Xander."

Xander stared at the floor. "I'm an idiot, I know I'm an idiot. If there is a fucked up woman for me to want to be with, I'll find her."

"At least your honest about your chances. Though I still think you should tell her. She might surprise you."

"Right, Hi Kennedy, look I know you're totally gay but I'm in love with you and want nothing more than to make love to you. If I survive the can of whoop ass she opens up on me what would be the point? She only wants women."

"She has accepted you on occasion," observed Rupert.

"Only with Will or Buffy, then it's like, well... you know what it's like. All I've ever been to her is a talking dildo. She doesn't even like having me there, she just does it because one of the other girls wants her to."

"Actually, Xander, I've never shared relations with Kennedy. I think she feels I stole Willow's exclusivity from her and resents me for it. If she and Willow are sharing time, I make myself scarce."

"Sorry G-man, I thought she got over the whole hating you thing."

"It only bothers me because it upsets Willow. I wish Kennedy would realize that people occupy a range of sexualities. She's convinced herself that Willow is denying her sexual orientation every time she lays with a man."

"Bummer. I wish she'd loosen up with the whole 'I'm a lez make something of it' routine. I mean, Willow's a lesbian and you and she are happy."

"Willow was never actually a lesbian, Xander. Think of how she was in highschool. Willow's arousal response is surprisingly close to the middle of the spectrum. She simply denied part of her nature for several years. Thus her need to constantly state she was lesbian to try to reinforce her denial. It happens, people get confused.

"Hey G-man, hope from you on this? You feeling alright?" Xander smiled.

"Don't take hope from my experience with Willow. I fear that Kennedy may be one of that small minority of people who in truth are at one extreme of the sexual continuum. She may be physically incapable of being aroused by a man. As are you."

"Great! I'm crazy about her but getting snipped is not going to happen. What am I supposed to do?"

"Dawn is very taken with you." Rupert moved to the half sandwich and picked it up on it's plate. "You're saving the rest of this for lunch, correct!"

Xander looked rebellions then sighed. "Yeah sure. Drowning my sorrows in mayo and ham isn't the answer. You're wrong about Dawn though. She just likes anything in trousers."

"Yes, well... I am aware of her proclivities." Rupert chuckled. Her birthday party would have made Caligula think twice. None the less, I believe you are special to her."

"Maybe. G-man, I love her, I love all you guys, well maybe not the cold meat section." Xander tossed his head indicating a pair of doors that separated off a section of the basement. "I swear, if Spike doesn't back off, I'll stake him in a way he won't like! Thing is, I've kinda figured out there's love and there's LOVE in this kind of thing. You and Will have the big L love. I big L Kennedy and she only big Ls Willow. I don't think she even knows that she's moved onto Willow's little l list. Dawn and I, little l all the way. It's fun, but that's all it is."

"Perhaps you will find someone outside the group. That option is still open to you as long as you follow the rules."

Xander looked affronted. "Hey G-man, just because I didn't go to university doesn't mean I took the little yellow bus to school. Safer sex or no sex with outsiders. I wouldn't endanger the group that way. Like I said, I love you guys."

Rupert nodded. "In that case could you please do us all the courtesy of not using the power tool until after ten on a Saturday, like we agreed?"

Xander looked at the board in his hand. "Hey, you're the one that said I could work off my share of the mortgage by doing the renovations."

"Just not before ten in the morning." Giles cleaned his glasses on the belt of his robe.

"Don't you, Buffy and Kennedy have a thing today anyway?" Xander slid the joins on two boards together to test the match.

"Yes, the state Karate championships. I managed to get three tickets."

"I'll look after Willow for you," said Xander.

Rupert snorted with laughter.

"What?" Xander looked like a deer caught in headlights then a blush rose to his cheeks. "I didn't mean..."

Rupert released another guffaw. "Feel free, it would probably do you good. Xander, my love for Willow is what it is, as is the relationship form her choices have led us to. She loves you, even if, as you say, it is only with a small l. Find what peace you may in that."

Rupert turned and climbed the stairs. Taking the sandwich with him.

Xander turned his attention to some finish hand-sanding. About half an hour later the door to Spike's room flew open and the blond vampire stepped out. Buffy was plastered to his front with her legs wrapped around his waist. Both of them were naked.

"You need a shower you dirty, little slayer slut. No reason it should cut into our humping time you hot assed little horror."

"Um, Guys," objected Xander.

"Sorry Xander, didn't know you were here," said Buffy as Spike strode with her towards the huge, surround, basement shower.

"Want to join us mate? Give you a ride you won't forget," asked Spike.

"Pass," squeaked Xander then Buffy and Spike disappeared into the shower.

"Fuck me you cold, hard corps. Let me feel your icy cock. Is my pussy hot on your cold cock?"

There was the sound of the shower turning on.

"OH FUCK BUFFY! I CAN'T BELEAVE YOU DID THAT. YOU DIRTY LITTLE SLAYER SLUT!" Spike's bellow echoed through the basement.

Xander rolled his eyes and climbed the stairs into the kitchen.

"Hi Xander." Willow got up from her seat at the large table and kissed him hello, rubbing her body the length of his and slipping him the tongue. She was dressed in her terrycloth robe but it may as well have been a lace teddy for the effect it had on Xander. She then returned to Kennedy who sat in the seat beside Willow's and kissed the other woman, stilling a scowl that was growing on Kennedy's face.

"Where's Buffy? We need to leave in half an hour or we'll be late," said Kennedy.

In reply Xander opened the basement door and waited.

"You like that do you slayer. You like a good hard bit of cold meat up your--"

"ENOUGH! I get the picture. She is so into necro. Is Angel with them."

"Not when she went into the shower." Xander collected a cup of coffee.

"I could get her," offered Willow.

Kennedy snorted. "Sure, then she'd never be ready on time. I'll tell her to hurry up. I've got no use for meat in the first place, let alone cold meats, no matter how well hung they are."

"Your loss," breathed Willow as Kennedy headed for the basement.

Xander's eyes followed Kennedy.

Willow shook her head sadly. "You got anything planned for today?"

Xander turned to face Willow. It amazed him that this woman whom he'd shared passion with so often and seen do things that blew his mind could still be so casual. Just his old friend whom he'd known all his life chatting. "Nothing much. I've been sanding some balanced throwing stakes for Buffy, and I'd like to get the trim cut for the upstairs hall."

Willow smiled. "You OK?"

Xander nodded. "I will be. You talk to Giles?"

"He met me in the shower after you guys talked. Why haven't you told him? He'd understand you know."

"I figured Kennedy or Buffy would."

Willow snorted. "Those two, I mean, I love them but miss sensitivity they aren't. Probably didn't even clue in it would upset you."

"Hey, it shouldn't. Anya and I are long over. I'm glad she's marrying her dentist. I hope she has the two point five and the whole lot."

"But." Willow stared at Xander.

"OK, maybe I'm jealous. She's someone's one and only, and I can't even get a robe hook."

"Xander." Willow smiled at him with a crooked smile that filled her face with compassion. "If it's just a cloak hook, well OK, I could - -"

"It what backs it up, Will, and we know the truth on that one."

Willow nodded. "It is what it is." Moving to Xander she kissed him.

"Where the bloody hell are Buffy and Kennedy. After what I went through to get these tickets I don't intend to miss any of the bloody torment." Rupert burst into the room doing up his tie.

"They're down in the cold meats section, G-man," Xander smirked.

"Kennedy?" Rupert looked shocked.

"She kinda went to get Buffy away from Spike." Willow moved to hug Giles. "Thank you for this morning. It was the besttess way to get clean."

Rupert grinned and held her close. "My pleasure." He glanced at the clock. "Bloody hell!" Kissing Willow he released her. "I love you pet, but I have to run."

"Go on, herding cats would be easier though. Bye."

Rupert stormed down the basement stairs. "Spike you undead pervert, we have a bloody torment to go to so let the bloody girl go. I mean really, Buffy there's always tomorrow. BLOODY HELL! Kennedy you're supposed to be helping to get her up, not off!"

Willow grinned, shook her head then turned her attention to Xander.

"Don't you ever feel jealous?" asked Xander.

"Sometimes, a little, but tomorrow Rupert and I are going to the museum of natural sciences. Buffy and Kennedy want to go dancing next Friday then we have Frank and Diana's wedding reception next Saturday. If you still want to go. I mean Rupert doesn't know them, but he could take me if you don't want to."

Xander smiled then pulled her into his embrace. "I want to."

"Good cause we kinda haven't had much time together in the last few weeks and that's what it's about spending time doing the things we coth enjoy with my loves so no one has to do something they hate to keep the other happy and everyone gets time and I feel kinda guilty, but it's been so hectic and researching those high-bread demons has taken so much time and it's just that."

Xander kissed her stilling the babble. Willow kissed him back then pulled away smiled and bit her lower lip. "I bet I know what a Xander would like."

Xander heard the purr in his old friend's voice. If there was one thing he'd learned about Willow since she and Buffy had recruited him into the group, it was that she was insatiable. If either one of them had realized her true appetites in high school, both their lives would have been very different.

Willow opened a cupboard and pulled out a pot of chocolate sauce. Opening her robe she dabbed chocolate on each nipple. "I made a mess, want to help me clean it up?" Willow smiled.

Xander swallowed hard. Willow's lean body was on display and the dribble of chocolate on each nipple was so inviting. He moved to stand in front of her then dipped a finger in the pot of chocolate and traced it over her lips. "Love to." He kissed her then trailed kisses down to her breasts and licked them clean.

"Again! You're turning into a nymphomaniac!" complained Kennedy's voice as Willow arched her neck back.

"Buffy, hurry up, we're already late! Don't wait up love." Rupert walked by stroking Willow's cheek as he headed to the door. "Xander, watch your calories."

"Have fun, my loves, and don't worry. I'll see that Xander burns off the calories."

"Sure they get to fool around but when I have a little fun I'm making everyone late. Not in the kitchen you guys, we all agreed, it's not hygienic," grumbled Buffy as she walked by buttoning up her blouse.

Xander continued to pleasure Willow's breasts and she embraced his head.

"Bedroom or playroom?" She asked after she heard the outside door slam.

"Playroom's closer." Xander took her hand and lead her out of the kitchen through the dining and living rooms to the door of what had originally been a parlor.

They passed through the door into a large room. An inflatable bondage-bed occupied the center of the floor. Book shelves covered the far wall filled with a combination of sex manuals, pornography and sex toys. A stand up bondage-rack occupied one of the other walls and a television DVD and Video system occupied the final open wall. A home-video camera sat on a tripod in the corner near the door. The wall immediately beside the door held a dresser and a bit of lacy lingerie hung over the edge on one of the drawers.

Willow strode towards the airbed dropping her robe as she walked. "We're in the playroom, now what kind of games does Xander want to play." she cooed as she dipped her finger into the chocolate sauce and traced a pattern over her chest.

Xander kicked off his boots and pulled off his shirt as he moved to stand in front of his oldest friend. "You are so beautiful." He kissed her than slowly licked along the trail of chocolate on her chest. He followed it to her collar bones then kissed up her neck to her lips.

"Mmm," Willow's breathing grew rapid as she ran her hands over Xander's muscular back then down to his jeans. She traced her fingers over his penis through the denim.

Of all her current men he was the smallest, though she knew in this case that meant average. When he'd first joined the group he'd actually been a dud in bed. Anya had left him with a taste for rough sex and no understanding of how to arouse the average woman. Some hands on teaching from Buffy and her, with Giles coaching from the sidelines had brought him around so now on sheer mechanics he was second only to Rupert among her lovers.

Xander pulled away and dabbed a bit of chocolate on each of his nipples. Willow smiled and licked his chest clean before gently chewing on the small nubbins of flesh. For a man his nipples were extremely sensitive, and she enjoyed the moaning sound he made. As she used her mouth to toy with him she undid his trousers and let them fall around his ankles. Her hands traced over his cotton encased manhood. She could feel a damp spot on the engorged head. Dropping to her knees she mouthed his penis through his boxers.

"Oh god, please Willow, please," breathed Xander as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Gripping the waistband with her teeth Willow pulled down his boxers. His penis fell free, it's large, purple head almost poking her in the eye. Another thing unique to Xander in the group was he was cut. Willow smiled and licked a drop of pre-ejaculate from his penal head.

"Haaa, please," whimpered Xander.

"Make yourself comfortable," ordered Willow.

Xander kicked his pants and shorts off his legs and lay on the airbed.

Smiling like a hungry cat with a canary, Willow knelt over him and traced a line of chocolate from the top of his penis to its base.

"Oh god," gasped Xander.

She ran her tongue over his penal head savoring the taste of him and the chocolate then slowly lapping her way down to his base where she took his testicles into her mouth one at a time and suckled them well teasing his shaft with two fingers.

"It's It's," Xander was gasping as she played.

Willow caught his eyes with her own then took the head of his shaft into her mouth. Xander groaned as she inched down.

She'd found there were advantages to his size. He was the only one she could deep throat and there were some positions that they could do together that were painful with her other men. She felt his penis slip past her gag reflex into her throat. Xander was making a range of noises that left no doubt that all thought had left his larger head.

Running her tongue along the underside of his shaft she bobbed her head. To the sound of Xander's groans then she felt him tense. Gripping the base of his penis she stopped his ejaculation and let his penis slip from her mouth.

"No, no, no. I have other plans for this." Willow liked the flushed look on Xander's face.

"Ah," breathed Xander then he sat up and pulled Willow's lips to his own. Turning he lay her on the bed then dribbled a pattern of chocolate all over her front. Willow giggled.

"Remember what we promised Giles. You'll have to burn off all those calories."

"No problem." Xander smiled at her and began licking at her ankles. Slowly he cleaned her body as his fingers traced up and down her slit.

Willow let herself go. With Xander it was like coming home. Rupert was her loving man. When she was with him she just felt complete, her heart full and mind at peace. Buffy was loving woman, she was passion and fire and she brought out a fire in Willow to match. Xander was healing.

When she lay with Xander it was like she was sixteen again, and she was getting the attention she wanted from the boy she wanted. It was like patching over the pain and neglect and becoming whole. The emotion wasn't as deep as with Rupert, the passion not as intense as with Buffy, but it was warm and comforting, easy.

Xander licked the last of the chocolate from Willow and began running his tongue the length of her soaking womanhood.

Willow bit her lip and spoke. "Xander."

He looked up.

She lifted her leg over his head and positioned herself on all fours then made a purring sound.

Xander growled and came up behind her. His penis felt ready to explode. Positioning himself he entered her dogy style.

Willow arched her back and lowered her head to the mattress like a cat in heat as Xander slid steadily in and out of her. His breathing became labored. This was their position, none of the others could take her this way without causing pain. She felt his fingers trace over her back then slip around so he could finger her clitoris. She pushed up and felt his solid chest pressed against her back. His lips closed on the sweet spot on the back of her neck.

Willow looked up to see a familiar black clad form leaning against the wall watching. Angel smiled at her.

Willow arched her neck back as her orgasm flooded through her. Xander paused and kissed over her back and shoulders as she rode the wave of pleasure. A moment later she pushed back onto him. Reaching around her Xander caressed her small perfect breasts. He inhaled by the nape of her neck, taking in the smell of her. Her hair felt soft against his cheek as he rode her. He knew that his pleasure was all he had to worry about now. Willow had never peaked twice for him, and he suspected she never would. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her body pressed to his. He remembered a time, nearly two months ago, that he Willow and Kennedy had been together. The sight of the two beautiful women kissing and fondling each other. The feel and taste of Kennedy's breasts. How he and Will had taken turns licking and pleasuring the brunette and finally the feel of her sweet vagina clamped tight around him as he played the part of penis for Willow.

Xander exploded into Willow's body. It felt like all his insides were flowing out through his penis. When he was done he collapsed onto the bed and pulled Willow tight against him in a spoon position.

"Magnificent." Angel walked stiffly to stand beside them and passed Willow a box of tissues.

Xander wanted to object to the vampire's presence. This was his time with Will but he was too drained. Willow accepted the tissues and pressed back onto Xander pulling his arms even tighter around him.

"Faith called, she needs to talk with you sometime before sunset," said Angel as he left the room.

Xander felt Willow nod but she otherwise didn't move. Like this it was easy to convince himself that he was her only one. It was Willow's gift that when you were with her she made you feel like the most important thing in the world. He loved her for that though he knew that his love was what it was. As he held Willow his thoughts drifted once more to Kennedy.


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