Title: Truth By Delirium
Author: velvet_midnight
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing/Characters: Willow Rosenberg/Rupert Giles
Summary: Willow's tongue is loosened after she gets demon-sick. Giles is there to care for her.

She looks at him with eyes full of tired desire and reaches out to touch his face softly.

"You're so nice," she whispers, fingers trailing down his cheek & searching for his hand. "I like you."

"Is she…alright?" he asks, measuring his voice carefully.

"She will be. Once I take out the demon that made her all…" Buffy trails off & stares down at Willow , who giggles as she plays with the strands of her red hair.

"Do it." It's an order; an order to an all-too-willing soldier who doesn't need orders to carry out this job.

Buffy leaves without a word, leaving him in charge of Willow, once again.

He stays by her side the entire night, his hand sifting through her hair as she hums, her eyes closed, a contented smile filling her thin face.

"Giles?" Her voice reaches him and he looks up from his book, setting it aside.

"Yes, Willow?" He keeps his voice calm, though he's tired and worried.

"You have a funny name," she giggles. She sets her hand on top of his, letting her fingers stroke his pinky ring. He stays silent, unsure of how to act.

His chest constricts as her eyes meet his; they're bright and so obviously adoring that it confuses him, flusters him.

"Can I kiss you?"

It's then that Buffy strides into the room, her strong hand curled around a brown bag, wet at the top.

Giles watches as Willow visibly changes from sick to tired to her normal colour. He leaves as she comes to, avoiding everyone's eyes.


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