Author: Trekker
Pairing: Giles/Willow
Rating: 15

A/N: This is an AU of The Wish. Apologies to thems that wanted this prompt to be Giles in drag. ;)

Willow sees him move, and goes to him to watch him wake, straddling his bare hips with her leather-clad thighs. She smiles, watching his eyelids flutter. He's pretty like this, pale and naked. Funny that until tonight she hadn't thought of him that way since she was still a child. Still human.

His eyes open, and she sees him turn them, looking around, catching his bearings. It's a bit jarring, she knows.

"Wakey, wakey," she says in a sing-song, soothing voice. His eyes turn to her face, but he doesn't struggle or move or even speak. "Time to get up." Then she grins, catching her own double-entendre and wriggling her crotch against his cock. It's not hard yet, but she's sure she can do something about that. Right now, though, he's still distracted. He's raised his head and is looking down his body, at the dabs and swirls she'd painted on him in blood earlier. A moment later, his hand follows his eyes, touching himself where his skin was torn and shredded and now is whole.

"Told ya I'd make it all better," she says. Moved by a sudden affection, she reaches out and touches his cheek. "You're on our side now, white hat."

His eyes return to hers. It's odd to see him so calm. He's always been jittery or frantic or enraged before. But not now. This new him is docile. Perhaps even at ease. She remembers him from when she was human, from the brief time she knew him, standing in the library, talking about books with a small smile on his face.

She leans down, her lips close to his. He doesn't pull away. "I liked you, you know. Like that . D'you remember? A long time ago?"

And for the first time, he speaks. "I liked you, too," he says.

This surprises her. "Really?"

He answers with his hands, running up her back, and his mouth, reaching up to kiss hers. She allows it. Enjoys it. When they part, she says, "Well, aren't you a sweet boy, then? Who would have known? Xander said you'd be a mean puppy. He said we'd just have to put you down."

The leader of the white hats pushed up, and rolls them over, and she finds herself underneath him, with his lips on hers again. "Why on earth would he think that?" he says, mildly, his lifeless breath cool between their damp lips.

He's rocking his hips against hers, and she feels his erection and moans, pushing up into it, then she sobers and pouts and says, "He said you'd still hate us, even if you were one of us."

He smiles, a strange half-smile, and his eyes seem distant for a moment. He sits back, now straddling her as she had been straddling him. She lays on the concrete, looking up at him, her arms out to her sides. He's pretty, and he's hers now, never to cause them problems again.

"You know--" he says, laying one hand on the right of her chest, just alongside her unbeating heart. His fingers stroke briefly at bottom of her breast through her corset. She feels her nipples harden and smiles again.

Then his face twists from kind and soft to something uniquely demonic.

"He was exactly right."

And she doesn't have time to stop the stake his other hand slams down through her heart.



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