Part 7

"This is about sex, isn't it?" Willow asked Ripper.

"Yeah, it can be...But surprisingly, no. Hell, I'd love to kiss your lips...Feel your body up against mine...You, me...No clothes...Have you ever 'done it' on a car....Against a wall?..."

"RIPPER!!...We are friends...Good friends. You..I mean...Rupert means a lot to me."

"How much?"

"Enough..." Willow said softly.

"How much is enough? Come on, tell me, do you want...Him."

"YES! Okay, yes...I want him...I once even had a crush...But, it slowly grew into love...Okay! I'm madly in love with him...But he doesn't want me. He doesn't love me....He loves me as a friend...And that's enough, it has to be enough."

Willow was shocked and horrified, when she realized what she just said...And who she said it, too! Willow blushed and looked down to the ground...Willow was wishing with all her heart that the ground would open up...Maybe, this was really a dream and she was going to wake up soon...For heaven sakes, this was Ripper!...A younger version of Giles...Oh, God, he was going to remember this!

Maybe, when she goes back home, Rupert would have forgotten about it...

"Beautiful?...Um, Willow? You just might be wrong about that. To be honest with you, I think you are."

"I'm not." Willow whispered.

"Young or old, Willow, I am still a man."

Willow didn't know what to say to that...Could she really say anything?

She knew Rupert Giles was a man...All man!..But, he couldn't want her...Could he?

Willow slowly realized that they had stopped walking and now they were standing in front of a store window.

Something caught her eye...Was that? No, it couldn't be...There must be hundreds of those things around...She quickly remembered Ripper saying something about a present.

A idea started to form...She told herself that it wasn't right...But...What could it hurt?

A pawn shop was right next door..How convent...She was suddenly thankful that she was wearing the solid gold chain necklace and locket around her neck. It was supposedly antique...Guess, this was a way to find out.

"Ripper, will you please walk around the block?"


"Um...I-I have to go to the lady's room...For you really want to just stand out here doing nothing..."

Ripper gave Willow a long look...It seemed like he was trying to read her like a open book.

Finally, he nodded, still giving her a long look and said..

"I'll make it quick. I really don't want to leave you alone in London..."

"If I'm not standing right here in this spot when you get back..."

"I'll use my magic to find you."

"You can do that?"

A wicked Ripper smile crossed his lips and said...

"Do you really want to find out?"

Part 8

Could Ripper really do that...

Find someone through magic? If he could why didn't he or should she say Rupert, use it to find Buffy?

Though Rupert didn't like using magic unless he really had too.

Maybe it would always be one of those unsolved mysteries...Rupert and Ripper were so different, yet so much alike...

Willow couldn't even pretend to understand Rupert 'Ripper' Giles.

She never did find out if Ripper could use his magic to find someone. For she was standing in the same spot that Ripper had left her. She had to move fast to get Ripper's present...But it was worth it! The present was now tucked away in her pocket.

After Ripper came back...They finally went to the magic shop but not before Ripper showed Willow around London. He had told her that it wasn't everyday that a want-a-be witch ended up in the past..In London no less...She was told she had to see the sights...Like she was really going to say no...Willow looked at everything with wonder and amazement.

Now Ripper and Willow were in a smokey night club...It was nothing like The Bronze. Willow sat with Ripper. Looking around she couldn't help but miss Sunnydale. Yes, Hellmouth aside, Sunnydale was still home. Yes, she had only been in the past for a day...But this day was filled with worry...Worry that she would never get back home...Worry that she would never see Buffy again...Never see Xander...What about college?...And what about Giles?...Her Giles...Her Rupert...Wonderful Rupert!

One thing with meeting Ripper...Willow was now starting to ask herself questions.

Does Giles have feelings for her? Does he see Willow as a woman or does he see her as a young girl?...Has he noticed her?...Dare she hope that he just might love her back?

Questions, so many questions. She was so scared of the answers. Terrified that the answers would be no.

Maybe when she goes back home she will talk to Giles..Confront him...She could do that...Couldn't she?

Maybe she will tell him that she wants a relationship...Okay, a much more deeper relationship.

"Would you like a drink, Beautiful? A beer? Sherry?" Ripper asked Willow.

"What?..Oh, um...No, I still have a coke, I'm working on."

"A coke is not very strong."

"I like it that way...I've seen so much...To my friend's love for bad beer...All the way to...'I'm in pain, let me drown my sorrow in beer, say hurtful things, and later do a spell to make the pain go poof'...Let me tell you spells like that do not work...Especially, when you are emotional!"

Ripper gave Willow a amazed expression and said...

"You did a spell, when you were emotional? That was dumb! Really dumb..."


"I am just being honest...Well, I'm going to get me a drink. Sure you don't want one?"

Willow tried to give Ripper her best glare. Ripper started to laugh as he walked away.

Willow's eyes were following him...

Loud Curses filled the air. Willow turned her head, to look at the scene unfolding around her.

Two men were arguing. Fists clenched. Rage was written across their faces. No one was sure what they were arguing about. To any observer it looked as if at any minute a fight was going to break out. That minute came as one of the men's fist meet the other man's jaw.

Willow watched in amazement and a little fear when she saw that no one was attempting to stop the fight. As a matter of fact people seemed to be joining in! This was madness!...What is this a bad western movie?...Willow thought to herself as she decided that hiding under a table was a good idea. Until that table she was going to seek shelter under had a body land on it...Of course, breaking it!

Willow quickly looked for Ripper...

Fury filled her as she watched Ripper joining in on the 'fun'. He seemed to be enjoying this fight! Hitting people with pleasure...

Sure one time she had punched Anya, but she had a reason. Anya had used her to try to get her powers back...Willow did not like to being used.

Oh, yeah, she punched Anya...Even enjoyed it!...Even if she hurt her hand in the process...She had a reason for hitting Anya...Ripper didn't have a reason...

"Oooo, why that low down good for nothing!!..."

Maybe she should turn Ripper into a toad...Show him what a-want-a-be witch could do!

How dare he!!!

Willow's world, suddenly, went dark as a guy ducked to miss being hit with a fist...

Sadly, the fist didn't miss Willow...

Part 9

When Ripper saw what happened to Willow....True rage entered his heart.

He ran over to Willow...Not sure what to do first. Pick her up in his arms and get her out of here or beat the devil out of the guy that hit Willow.

When he saw someone trip over her. He came to a decision. Anyway, he was sure he'd see the sodding fool again...For Ripper always saw him at the club...He'd make sure the guy paid for hurting his beautiful Willow...

Ripper quickly picked up Willow and weaved through the maze of fighting men, toward the exit carring her like a sack of potatoes.

A little later...

"You could help you ripe lazy drunken bastard!" Ripper glared at Ed. His favorite key holder. Ed was, as always, too drunk to care or notice what was going on...

Ripper was having a hard time opening his door to his apartment. But he didn't want to let go of this precious treasure he was carrying.

Precious treasure?...What was he thinking?...Oh, Bugger it!

After a second or two of thought, Ripper lifted his foot and kicked the door. The door flew open...

Ripper quickly walked across the room and into his bedroom. He gently laid Willow on the bed.

Willow moaned and slowly opened her beautiful eyes.

"R-Ripper?..Can I go home?...I want to go home." Willow said softly.

"First thing in the morning, but you need your rest...This has been a big day for you."

"That's true..First thing in the morning?"

"First thing...You are going home, Beautiful."

"Good, you always keep your word...Well, Rupert does anyway." The last of Willow's sentence ended in a whisper.

A whisper Ripper still heard...

Willow closed her eyes. A sigh escaped her lips.

Ripper brushed her hair out of her eyes with his left hand. With this same hand he slowly caressed her bruised face.

His hand felt so warm, but still felt comforting on her bruised face.

Sadly, his hand left her face...And a little bit later Willow felt a cool and soothing washcloth cleaning her sore face.

Ripper was saying something very softly to her...Comforting her...Until, his voice started to faded away...

Willow could feel herself going to sleep, but she fought for consciousness...She was so sleepy...But she wanted to stay awake so she would know every place he touched...To remember...

Willow was not sure when she'd get home if Rupert would want to touch her...Oh, how she longed for Rupert's touch.

Ripper was a man no one should ever mess with. But when he wanted to he could be loving...His hands were so gentle...As if the lightest touch would break her.

Later, Willow would never feel Ripper putting a blanket over her and tucking her in...Or the sweet loving kiss he placed on her forehead....

Part 10

Everything was ready. The ingredients were mixed and ready. There was even a square drawn on the floor. Drawn in red powder.

Willow felt excitement..She was going home!...She hoped...No! Bad Willow! She did not need to be thinking negative thoughts right now!

Willow had to admit that she had been surprised when she woke up. The minute she opened her eyes, she found Ripper in a chair...Watching her...She wondered how long he had been there...By the looks of it, all night.

Ripper smiled at her and said...

"Are you ready?"

"Ready?" Willow's voice was still husky from sleep.

"I promised you that we were going to do the special 'first thing' this morning...So first thing it is."

"Can first thing actually be second thing?...Because I have to visit the little girl room."

Ripper laughed...

Now, Willow was in the square...

"Oh, wait!" Willow said as she reached deeply into her pocket and withdrew a small box.

"Here...Don't open it until I'm gone." Willow said.


"You said you wanted a present for helping me."

"Not the kind of present I was hoping for, but I'll take it..I never pass up gifts."

Willow laughed...

"But first, let me give you your present..." Ripper said as he placed his arms around her. And placed his lips on hers for a hot and very steamy kiss.

Willow had gasped with shock when Ripper grabbed her. Thus, kindly opening her lips...

Willow slowly closed her eyes. She could not help thinking that if Ripper kissed like this now...How much of a better kisser he is going to be when he is older...He'll have more experience...More Rupert in the kiss...

When Ripper lifted his head..Willow whispered...

"Wow...I like that present!"

"I second that, Willow, I do believe the man I am in the future...Would be a fool not to love you..."

"Well, then you are a fool, for you don't."

"I think you are in for a surprise when you get home."

"Sure, I am...Ripper, I'm not even sure I can face you when I get back.."

"Come to me or I will come to you...We'll talk."

"Sadly, that's all we will do."


"Now, that tone sounds like the man I love."

"I don't see it...Or understand how I become your Rupert." Ripper shakes his head and continues...

"I find it hard to believe...Never mind, let's get you home shall we?"

Ripper, then did the spell...Again it was powerful...The Zanic spell was always powerful.

Ripper watched Willow disappear with a flash of bright light...He sat in silence and stared at the square Willow had been sitting in...

Ripper was thinking that now would be a good time to get drunk..But he really didn't feel like it. He wanted something more...

Then, he saw the box Willow had given him...A smile crossed his face.

He slowly picked it up...He caressed the box, trying to guess what his little want-a-be witch had given him.

Finally, he lifted the lid...

Inside was a ring, black stone with a golden band...He had always, secretly, wanted a ring like this one...How did she know?

He slowly took the ring out of the box and placed it on his pinkie...A perfect fit...Now, whenever he looked at it he would remember...Remember a beautiful red haired witch...Remember that he had a future...Maybe with her?...Maybe...

Ripper's smile, if possible, grew bigger...

Ripper heard his door moving...He had forgotten that he had broken it.

His best friend, Ethan entered the apartment.

"Oh, good, Ripper...You were doing magic...What spell did you do."

"Just a spell, my friend, just a spell..."

"Want to do something a lot more exciting? Something that will give you an extraordinary high!"

Ripper's eyes let up as if it was Christmas morning...When Ethan witnessed this he continued...

"I found this interesting book....And it's about this demon...named Eyghon..."

Part 11

When Willow opened her eyes, she was back in her dorm...Surrounded by her magic supplies. In front of her was a square...

Did all that really happen? Had she really meet Ripper?...That great kiss...Confessing her love..Giving Ripper the onyx ring...Had that been real?

She looked at the clock. Only a minute had gone by? If everything really did happen...Was it even the right day? The right year? Fear entered her heart.

Right at that moment, Buffy entered the room...

Suddenly, Buffy was right there in Willow's face...

"Willow, my God, what happened!?"


"Your face...You have a bruise the size of Canada on your face...It looks awful...Tell me who did this to you and I'll happily show him what a Slayer's strength feels like...No one hurts my friend! How dare..."

"Buffy?...Buffy, calm down...This bruise on my face...Is because of a spell."

It was only part of the truth...She couldn't tell Buffy everything....Not yet, anyway...If she had a bruise , then the events that took place, must have happened.

"Buffy, what is today's date and year?"

"What? Are you all right?"

"Just tell me, please."

Buffy told her. Willow sighed in relief...Umm, everything is right...The date....The year....The time...Everything.

Willow was home. Tears filled her eyes as joy rocketed through her body.

She gave Buffy a big hug...She tightened her arms around her friend and said...

"I love you."

"I love you, too. Uh, I hate to say this and break the 'feel the love moment'....But air would be nice and this is coming from a slayer!"

Willow laughed...

Suddenly, Willow let go of Buffy, she jumped up and ran to the door...


"I have to go...Need to see Ripper...Um, I mean...Giles...Now!...Oh!...We do still have Giles, right?"

"Willow, are you sure you are okay? What do you mean do we still have Giles?...Of course, we have Giles...What do you think happened to him?"

Willow flashed Buffy a brilliant smile and was out the door...

"What did I miss?" Buffy whispered...

And did Willow just call Giles...Ripper?

Buffy had to smile...Knowing that later she'd get Willow to tell her everything...

Buffy also had a feeling that the story Willow would tell her was only going to get better....

Part 12

Willow walked to Giles' door with determination. Darn it, no more guessing games!...She wanted to know if Rupert loved her and she was going to find out, right now!...Even if she ended up with a broken heart...She had to know!

Willow gave a quick knock and threw open the door...

Giles had been reading a book and looked at Willow in surprise.

"Willow...Good to see you...What happened to your face?"

"Did Ripper mean what he said? Do you notice me as a woman or do you see me only as a part of the famous Scooby Gang?...Do you love me, much as I love you."


"Rupert, you are not going deaf are you?...Answer me, now!!"

"So it was this time and year that you did that spell...I-I never did ask..."

"Tell me...Please...Just tell me! Even if it hurts me, tell me."

"Of course, I love you back! I-I was falling in love with you as Ripper....And I love you even more now. Loving you from a distance as been hell...Beautiful."

Willow smiled at the nickname Ripper had given her...That was another gift he had given her...He made her feel beautiful.

The look of love that was written across Giles' face said that he was telling the truth. Willow had never seen so much love on a person's face before...

If she died right here...Right at this moment...This minute...She'd have known what it was to be completely...Wildly...Ecstatically happy!

Giles walked up to Willow...His hand lovingly tilted her head as he lowered his lips to meet Willow's sweet lips...

Willow felt warm all over and felt a wanton sweetness that made her weak.

She'd been right kissing Ripper as a older man was absolutely breathtaking...

The passionate kiss was sweet and tender. Full of overwhelming love. Full of passion.

Their bodies were pressed against each other...A piece of paper couldn't have come between them.

They were both willingly falling into a warm abyss...Which neither wanted to emerge from.

When the magical kiss ended, both whispered...


The soon to be lovers smiled and laughed...Their faces full of love...

Willow, suddenly thought of something...And with a twinkle in her eyes...She had to ask...

"So tell me, Rupert...My wonderful Ripper...Do you like being on top or bottom?"

"I'll be happy to show you, my love."

With a Ripper smile Giles lifted Willow into his arms and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom.

Willow knew she was now back were she belonged...In Rupert 'Ripper' Giles' arms. She never wanted to be anyplace else...



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