Title: Talking to the Wind
Author: Shawna
E-mail: smkraus1@juno.com
Couple: Willow/Giles
Summery: Willow and Giles find out how they feel about each other.
Rating: 12 ?
Distribution: Strange Brew, if they want it...Anyone else, please ask.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon, Fox, and the WB network.
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Note: There is no Tara. Oz is gone.
2nd Note: I wish to thank everyone who took the time to write me about my last fic The Zanic Spell..I am glad and really touched that you guys liked it...So again I tell everyone Thank You. I am not sure you will like this one but if you do I am glad and if you don't...Oh, well never fear...I have more in mind! Have a wonderful day...Enjoy!

Part 1

Giles sighed...

Sometimes he felt like he was talking to the wind.


"Giles, I am telling you that something is going on. I think my professor is a demon."

"Because he asked you not to sleep in his class? Or because you are failing his class?" Giles asked Buffy.

"Both! But...but there is more. He gives his students very strange looks!"

"Strange looks..." Giles sighed and continued, "Tell me, how old is your professor?"

"He looks real old...Maybe sixty to seventy."

"Hmmm...I wonder why he is giving his students strange and funny looks!" Giles said sarcastically.

"Giles, I am serious!"

"So am I! Buffy...Do you have anything else to go on? Has he done anything other then give his students strange looks? Or ask his students to study and pay attention?"

"Well...No...But, Giles, I know I'm right about this! Just think about how many times I've been right and you've been wrong!"

"Yes, there have been times that you have been right, but there have also been times, few yes, that I have been right...And I am sure I'm right on this!"



"Giles, he is a demon! I know I'm right!"

"Then do something!..Find out if he is really a demon. Just remember there has been times you have been wrong."


"I-I..um...Listen, If he is a demon...I will help you...If he is just a professor, which I am inclined to believe, I will help you...Study."

"Giles! We have to do something now! We must take this demon down!"

"You have a major test tomorrow, don't you?" Giles said looking at Buffy.

"Um...Well...Yes...But he is still a demon!"

"Yes, yes...Demon bad must destroy. Human good. Must NOT destroy...Tell me, what else has he done to prove he is a demon?"


Giles sighed again...

Giles could feel a migraine about to happen...In full force...

"Buffy, please listen...I will always be here to help you, Willow and yes, even Xander...But to say someone is a demon without proof is just plain...Rude!"

Buffy opened her mouth as if to say something...Something irritating...Or at least irritating to Him!

But instead of saying something...Buffy decided to glare...And a Slayer's glare could be very deadly...

Giles did the only thing a ex-watcher could do...He took off his glasses and glared right back...

After a long moment of silence...Buffy had to say something...Which did not surprise Giles. He knew something about Buffy and that was she didn't like the sound of silence...Not for long anyway.

"I will PROVE to you that he is a demon..."

"Good." Giles said putting his glasses back on. As far as he was concerned the conversation was over.

Clearly, Buffy did too...For she turned away from Giles and walked toward the door...Opened it but before she walked out the door she turned and said...

"Bye, Giles. I will be seeing you later...And when I see you again, I will tell you what I did to that DEMON!"

After Buffy said that she walked out and closed the door.

At least she didn't slam the door...

Maybe now he could have that nice, long and blissfully hot shower...

Buffy had meet Giles at his door after he had his morning jog.

After running a few miles, all he could think of was that nice hot steamy water.

When Giles had seen Buffy he felt both excited and disappointed. Disappointed because he couldn't have that wonderful shower right away. And excited because Buffy might have news of evil. Evil that he could help fight. Pretend that he was useful. Pretend to be in the ever faithful, all knowing watcher mode. Be teacher, role model, and of course friend. Always a friend.

Giles suddenly thought of a certain beautiful woman that had his heart. Yes, always a friend. Only a friend...

She wouldn't want him...

Giles for the hundredth time today...sighed. This sigh was not a irritated sigh...The sigh was more like a heartbreaking, sad sigh.

In his dreams, she would want him as much as he wanted her. Love him as much...Only in his dreams...Oh, how Giles loved her...

To bad it was still morning...A drink could have been good right now...Only if he was a drunkard, which he was not!

Once Giles started thinking about her...He never could seem to stop...Not that he really wanted to anyway.

Giles wondered what would happen if he ever did make a move. Show her that he loved her. Told her...What if he grabbed her and kissed her? A kiss that would make Ripper proud.

She would probably freak. Give him a slap. Or pretend it never happened.

But...What if she kissed him back? Loved him back?

Pictures of what it would be like entered his head.

"Okay," Giles thought to himself. "Maybe I should have a cold shower."

Giles quickly went to take that shower...

Whether the water was hot or cold...His thoughts of Willow could never be washed away.

Part 2

Buffy and Willow were walking side by side.

"I can't believe he said that..." Willow told Buffy.

"Believe me, he did! I heard him with my own ears! Can you believe him? He makes me so mad...I wanted to hit him and hit him hard."

"Well, hitting Riley for saying your new blue skirt makes your hips look big...Might not be so smart...With you being the Slayer and all."

Buffy looked at Willow and whispered...

"Do you think the blue skirt makes my hips look big?"

"What? No! Of course not! A-a Slayer's hips can never get big...Or so I have heard..."

"Where did you hear that from?" Buffy asked.

"Uh...Um...I-I think Giles might have said something."

"Giles was talking about a Slayer's hips!"

"Um...Maybe. So..So speaking of Giles...Did you talk to him about Professor Neguib?"

"Yeah, I was just over there...A couple of minutes ago. He told me that Professor Neguib wasn't a demon...Or at least Giles wasn't going to call him a demon without proof."

"Well, proof does sound good...But you usually know what you are talking about."


"Buffy, please. I really don't want to dig my own grave."

Buffy started to laugh...

"Okay, Okay...I'm sorry. But Willow, I know he is a demon."

"Well, you are the Slayer, Buffy...Go and slay...But you just might want to make sure he is a demon."

"He isn't human." Buffy said with determination.

"How do you really know that he is? Okay, yes, you have slayer instincts...Mostly for vampires...And have killed many various demons...But...All I am saying is make sure. I mean you can't just walk up to the professor and say...'I know you are a demon. I dare you to fight me. For I am Buffy the Vampire Slayer!'"

Buffy came to a complete stop and looked at her friend.

"Why, can't I? It just might make him reveal his true nature...His true demon face...I can fight him. I will kill this thing!"


"No, Willow, you are brilliant...I just go up to the professor and challenge him to a fight."

"Buffy, I didn't mean..."

Buffy was suddenly gone.

Willow realized talking to Buffy could be like talking to the wind. It never goes anywhere. Or does anything.

Willow sighed...

Maybe right now would be a good time to go see Giles...

Tell Giles that his Slayer was fixing to do something that could blow up in her face.

Plus, it would be a excuse to see him. Not that she really needed a excuse...Did she?

Willow quickly headed to Giles' apartment.

Part 3

There was a spring in Willow's step...And her face was glowing with happiness at the thought of seeing Giles.

Willow came to a stop at Giles' door...

To knock or not to knock?

What if when she knocked and when Giles opened the door she grabbed him and pressed her lips against his.

Willow blushed. Like she would ever really do that...

But in many of her fantasies she did...And he would kiss her right back...Oh, yeah, those were good fantasies...But fantasies are all they will ever be.

Like Giles would ever want her...Love her...

She just hoped that Giles never has seen the love she felt for him written in her eyes.

Willow, finally, lifted her hand and gave a quick knock on the door.

After a few seconds, Willow reached out and turned the knob and went inside.

"Giles?" Willow asked shutting the door.

Willow looked around...

Giles entered his living room...in a towel!

Willow stared in shock...

Giles also looked shocked...For he never heard Willow knock or come in.

"W-Willow I didn't hear you come in."

Willow continued to stare...

Giles quickly looked around for something to cover up his naked chest but came to a stop when he heard the Willow's shocking words...

"Wow! I knew you were sexy...But wow!"

"You think I am sexy?" Giles couldn't help but ask.

Willow nodded...

Then Willow realized what she had just said...She couldn't help but blush. She also looked deeply into Giles' green eyes...Was that passion there in his eyes?

Willow felt passion rise up with in her.

"Willow?" Giles whispered.

"Yes, Giles?" Willow whispered back...

"You are a very sexy woman...Willow Rosenburg."

"R-really? Giles, why are we whispering?"

Giles and Willow started to laugh...

"I guess I will leave you alone to get dressed.." Willow told Giles.

"Uh, yes...Yes, that would be a good idea."

Willow continued to stare at Giles' chest..His chest looked so yummy...So male...Oh, how she longed to reach out and touch him...

"I-I'll go and get changed..." Said Giles but he wasn't moving towards his bedroom...

"You don't have to." Willow said softly.


"You really love saying my name, don't you?" Willow teased him.

"As a matter of fact, I do...It is the name of the woman I-I love." Giles said.

Giles was shocked that he told Willow how he felt. But...He couldn't help it...It was the truth...And Willow was standing so close to him. So very close...

"W-Willow, please forget I said anything...I value your friendship and I don't wish to lose it."

"Why should I forget...R-Rupert, for I love you too."

"Y-you love me?"

"What? Are you calling me a liar? Tell me, do you really love me?"

Giles impulsively leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

The kiss they shared was fantastic...

Neither wanted the kiss to end...

Giles smelled of soap and something else that was deliciously male. Willow leaned closer to him. She could feel the furnace like heat that seemed to be radiating from his body. It warmed her. Taking away any nervous chill that she had...

Willow was enjoying the feel of Rupert's back...Enjoying the feel of his arms around her....Sweet pleasure....Wonderful bliss...

Willow wanted more....She pulled back...

"Giles? Just between you and me...I think we both are wearing too many clothes..."

"Why, Miss Rosenburg! I am shocked! We only just confessed our love..."

Willow leaned forward and kissed Giles with a deep rooted passion...Willow lovingly touched him...

When the kiss ended...Giles surprisingly found the words to say...

"Hmmm....Yes, I-I do believe we both have way too many clothes on."

A little later....

Buffy ran through the door and slammed it closed.

"Giles! Giles! I was right! I told you my professor was a demon and he was! A big ugly purple one! I kicked ass! I am the all mighty Slayer..."

Buffy quickly looked around....

Where was Giles? Buffy thought to herself.

She heard some noise up stairs...


Buffy wondered for a minute...Did he have a female up there with him?...No, no, of course not...

So with that in mind Buffy ran up the stairs.

"Giles, you should have seen it. I challenged him and as I said, I kicked ass! I guess I don't have to worry about my test tomorrow..."

Buffy came to a stop at Giles' door. Her jaw dropped...Her eyes got big and round...She couldn't believe what she was seeing...

Giles quickly covered Willow with a blanket. But still keep his hands on his beloved.

Both Giles and Willow stared at Buffy...Not sure what to say or do.

Buffy did...

She fainted...

Giles and Willow looked at the spot where Buffy had been standing and slowly turned to look at each other.

The two lovers couldn't help but laugh....



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