Title: Sweet Revenge
Author: Shawna
E-mail: smkraus1@juno.com
Couple: Willow/Giles
Summery: Hmmm...Hard to explain....The title says a lot...Trust me...
Rating: 12?????
Distribution: Strange Brew, if they want it...Anyone else, please ask.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss Whedon, Fox and the WB network.
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Note: There is no Tara. And Oz is long gone. And this story is kind of silly. As a matter of fact this story is down right weird...I am not even sure I should send this story to the list...But I guess I will go ahead and send it...I wish to thank everyone on the feedback I have got from my last story. This list is really wonderful and the people on it are the greatest.

She had never done this sort of thing before.

But Willow had to do it...She didn't have a choose..Well, really she did, but that wasn't the point.

She just had to do it...Maybe because she wanted too.

Giles had gone to far...Willow had no choice but to retaliate...

She was hiding behind Giles' desk...

Dressed in black, Willow was trying for the cat burglar feel. Trying her hardest to blend into the darkness.

Giles should be home in a couple of minutes...It didn't take him long to get to his apartment from the Magic Box.

Was it smart to snick upon a Watcher? Maybe not...

Willow might never get another chance.

Her eyes came to rest upon the item in her hands. It looked harmless...It looked good..It looked sweet...Totally perfect for a sweet revenge.

Revenge...That word was not pretty. But revenge was what Willow was about to do.

She wasn't normally a vengeful person, but she had her limits and Giles had gone way beyond them...

Willow Rosenburg was going to pay back Rupert Giles..

"Hurry up, Giles." Willow grumbled in the darken room.

Suddenly, she tensed at the sound of a key turning in the lock...

Giles was home...

Willow's heart was beating fast. Adrenaline pumped though her veins. She was nervous and excited at the same time.

She saw the door slowly ease open.

An attack of intense panic paralyzed her. Her courage wavered...She couldn't do it, could she?...

"Remember what he did to you. He deserves no mercy. Just stay cool." Willow thought to herself.

With Willow's courage clicked firmly into place, she rose form her hiding place.

Giles turned on the light...

He never saw it coming...

Willow couldn't keep from laughing as the pie smashed into his face.


Giles was in shock..His mind shut down in complete disbelief...

He heard the sound of something metallic hit the floor. He slid his tongue along his lips. He tasted whip cream.

"Gotcha!!!" Giles heard Willow exclaim with humor and with a little pride.

Giles took off his glasses and wiped pie off his face with one hand. His face was still sticky with whip cream.

His green eyes meet Willow's.

Her eyes were filled with mischief and joy...

"Congratulations." Giles smiled at Willow. "Few people have ever been able to catch me off guard long enough to belt me with a pie...As a matter of fact, no one has ever hit me with a pie...I can't believe you did it.."

"Do ya want a instant replay?"

"No thank you..Did you do this because of what I did this morning?"

"Yes! I told you that I would get you back! No one tickles me first thing in the morning and gets away with it!"

Willow's green eyes sparkled...As she moved closer to Giles...

"And what do you think my revenge will be?" Giles said also moving closer to Willow...

"Well, um...Let's just say I have more whip cream in the refrigerator..."

"Why, you vixen! Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?...Or am I just being hopeful?"

"Well, if you are suggesting that we both need to lick whip cream off each other...Then your suggestion goes right along with my suggestion!" Willow said kissing his lips tenderly...His lips tasted like whip cream...

Giles grabbed Willow..Drawing her into a loose embrace with gentle strength...

Willow slid her hands along his face and then slipped her fingers into his hair.

Groaning, Giles broke away to rain kisses over Willow's face. His arms tightened around her.

It was always pure ecstasy being in each others arms.



"Let's go up stairs..."

"Let me get the whip cream..."

"Willow, if I tickle you again in the future..."


"Can we include both whip cream and chocolate syrup?"

"Oh...Um, why don't you find out?"

The two lovers went up stairs...Of course, they didn't forget the whip cream...

They both happily found out that revenge could be very sweet indeed...



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