Title: Surprise Upon Surprise
Author: Shawna
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couple: giles/willow
summery: something is wrong
rating: PG
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Note: There is no Tara...Oz has left...

Part 1


Willow's hand slammed down on the annoying alarm clock. Whoever invented those things should be taken out and shot! Alarm clocks were from the devil. Willow thought as she stretched out her arms.

Willow looked over to the bed across the room. Buffy must have gotten up early or spent the night with Riley. She was betting on the second one. Those crazy kids...Willow thought with a smile.

Then she remembered the dream she had been having. Man, why did the stupid alarm clock have to go off. It was just getting to the interesting part. Maybe, she should put a curse on the alarm clock or do some wacky spell to the silly thing. Anyway, for the life of her she could not remember setting that demon from hell...

Ring, Ring...

Willow picked up the phone.


"Willow, it's Giles, do you think you can come over soon and bring your book of spells."


"Yes, something has happened and we need...Just please come over...Please, Willow."

"I'm on my way over there. Right now."

She quickly put the phone down.

Oh, goddess, something serious must have happened. All kinds of thoughts were racing threw her mind. Was something wrong with Buffy? Xander? Oh, God, Giles!!!

Wait she was just on the phone with him, but still that didn't mean something couldn't be wrong with him.

Still something was wrong. Seriously wrong.

Willow flung the bed covers and jumped out of bed. She went to the chest at the foot of her bed and grabbed her witchcraft book.

With determination she started out the door.

Whatever was wrong she would fix it! Or at least her magic would. Hopefully...

It wasn't until she closed the door behind her and walked a few feet away from it, that she realized she was still in her pink kitty pajamas.


Willow ran back into her room. She better get dressed first. Then, she would go and see what surprise was in store for her at Giles'....

Part 2

Willow made it to Giles in a matter of a few minutes. She was out of breath from running all the way. She threw open the door and ran in.

"Giles! I'm here...."

Suddenly, out of various places, Xander, Buffy, and Giles jumped out and said in a loud voice..



Her dearest friends looked at her with amusement.

"Happy early B-day, Will..." Xander gave her a smile.

"We got you..What better way to throw a surprise Birthday party...two days early....Remember, what you did on my surprise party. Well, this time it is just the scooby gang!" Buffy told Willow as she gave her a quick hug.

"But--but, the call, Giles said..."

"I'm sorry Willow. Buffy and Xander thought it would be more believable coming from me...Since they decided to throw this get together here...Which is fine but to be honest, I think the idea is to stick me with the clean up.."

"And it worked!" Buffy said."I mean, getting you here and surprising you."

Willow was struck speechless.

"Will, don't be mad at us...We have presents..Giles bake a cake..A recipe of his grandma's called 'Death by Chocolate'....What a way to go, huh?...Plus. I brought over the poker chips."

Xander said quickly when Willow didn't say anything.

Willow started to laugh..

Oh, you guys!! How sweet...just next time try not to scare me to death...I believe that is the Hellmouth's job."

Willow quickly hugged her wonderful friends...She made sure she hugged Giles a little bit longer.

"So, when do I open my presents?"

Much, much later. Willow was helping Giles with the cleanup.

She didn't mind helping even if it was her birthday party she was helping to clean. Buffy and Xander made their excuses and as Giles had said they stuck him with the clean up.

"That was a lot of fun. Thank you for the party and the book."

"You are welcome."

Giles had given her a old worn leather bound book.

It was not a book of spells, but a book of beautiful poetry. Long time ago, when Giles had been her librarian he had told her that she would like it ..In all honesty she more then liked, she loved it.

She would at times recheck out the book..and each time she would find something new with in the pages. Something different..Or maybe it was that each time she read she was different. Now the book was hers.

But what made the book truly special was the fact Giles had given it to her. To think he remembered the book she had enjoyed so much. Giles knew how to make someone feel special. Giles had even wrote in it...

You are a wonderful young woman...who's friendship I truly value...Have many more happy birthdays.
Always your friend
Rupert Giles

Willow looked over to where Giles was cleaning. She was glad she did for Giles had dropped a cleaning rag on to the floor and bent over to pick it up..

Man, he did not need the 'buns of steel' video. The Powers knew what they were doing when they made Rupert Giles. Hmmm...

After Giles stood up, he must have felt her eyes upon him...



Willow shook her head, lowered her glance and got busy looking like she was still busy cleaning.

"I thought you wanted something..."Giles said.

If only he knew! Willow felt a blush coming on...

"Oh, huh, I was just wondering what you are doing tonight."

I'm going to the Espresso Pump...I-I am singing."

"Really? Do you mind if I show up?"

Giles thought about it for a few seconds.

"Sure...I start a eight."

"Great! I'll be there!"

Part 3

At the Espresso Pump...

Giles is very sexy. There he was playing his guitar. His hands were so sure as he played not missing a note. She wondered what his hands would feel like on her skin..Bad Willow! Very naughty!!!

Willow loved watching Giles play..as well as listen to him sing.

She had come to the Espresso Pump early. Looking around she was glad she did. Some people in town knew a good thing when they saw it...or was that heard it...or is that a little of both?

Willow smiled at Giles. He was fixing to come to a close. He had been singing for a couple of hours. With some breaks thrown in, of course.

When he sang his last song. Willow clapped the longest and loudest. Willow waited for Giles to put his guitar in his guitar case and walked up to him.

"That was great! You have a wonderful talent. Very se...um, good."

"Thank you. Willow would you allow me the pleasure of walking you back to your dorm?"

Willow was sure her heart skipped a beat. She knew Giles just wanted to make sure she got home safely. Sunnydale at night was not a good place to be. But a part of her wanted him to care a little bit more...or even give her a goodnight kiss...Bad Willow...This is Giles you are thinking about! Like that was a bad thing...

Willow smiled when she remembered the time Giles had told her that if anything happened to her, if she was killed, he would take it some what amiss....In other words he would be cranky.

"I'd love that."

As they were leaving the Espresso Pump, they did not notice two people dressed in black. They even wore masks. These people started to follow them.

They had walk a little ways when Giles suddenly leaned close to Willow's ear. She could smell his musky cologne. She was enjoying this special closeness until Giles whispered...

"Do you have a cross or a stake?"

"I have both.."

"Good..Get them ready."


"There are two suspicious characters following us."

"Really? Maybe..they are new Sunnydale and are lost. Or, maybe, they live around in this area."

Giles gave Willow a look. She quickly added...

"Or, maybe, because this is Hellmouth territory they are evil..Okay, what do we do?"

"We let them make the first move. So that we know what or who we are up against."


They walked a little more.

"Are they still following us?" Willow had to ask.

"I'm not sure. I haven't felt them or heard them in awhile...Surely, they don't realize we are walking to the dorms."

They both stopped and turned around.

Suddenly, Willow was grabbed from behind. A hand with a smelly cloth came over her mouth and nose. Willow could hear the sounds of Giles fighting with someone. But she could not see them. She struggled but felt herself weaken quickly.

Please, goddess, don't let Giles get hurt. This was Willows last thought as she settled into the darkness that was waiting for her.

Part 4

Willow's head was pounding. She opened her eyes, slowly. She was laying on a twin size bed. In a room she had never been in before.

Water, she needed water. Her throat was very dry.

Suddenly, she remembered....

Oh, God!... Giles!

Willow quickly sat up.


The shooting pain that entered her head told her that sitting up quickly wasn't something she should have done. Still, she looked around. All her thoughts were centered on one person...Giles!

There he was, also laying down on a twin size bed. He was so still. Willow slowly got up. At first, she felt sick, but pushed the feeling aside. She had to get to Giles. Had to make sure he was alright. She walked unsteadily to his bed and sat down.


Willow's soft and gentle fingers searched his neck. A sigh of relief left her lips when she felt a pulse. On his forehead was a small bump. He must have been knocked out.

Her hand caressed Giles' cheek. It was sad that the only time she could caress him was when he was knocked out. But, she was afraid he would jerk away from her. Reject her...If she ever touched him when he was a wake... his rejection would hurt worse then..then...

She knew Giles would never reject her friendship or even her as a person. But she did fear he would reject her as a woman. That he would reject the love she felt for him. No, she would never let him know the secrets she held in her heart.

Surely, just being his friend was enough?...Maybe, if she keep telling herself that she would believe it. Maybe someday...

She slowly removed her hand.

Willow saw his eyes slowly open. She held her breath as she looked in to his beautiful green eyes.

"Willow?....Willow are you okay?"

"Now, that you are a wake, I am."

Willow couldn't believe she said those words out loud. Even if they were the truth.

Giles smiled. He slowly sat up and looked around.

"Hmmm. Interesting place...Wish I knew where this place was." Giles told Willow.

"It looks like a basement without any windows."

"It also looks like our kidnappers want us to be comfortable. This place is much better then Xander's basement."

For the first time, Willow took a good look around the room. There was a small refrigerator in the corner. Later, she'd find bottle water and soft drinks. Sadly, no tea. On the floor, there was a box of various fruits and a box that looked like junk food. There was also a door that was opened to reveal a bathroom.

"Really nice." Willow said. "How long are the bad guys planning to keep us here? Why do they want us?"

Giles was still looking around. He slowly got up from the bed. He went to the stairs that should have lead to a door. Except all there was....was a wall.

"I'm not sure how long. Looks like whoever placed us here don't want us to escape. If I'm right the door that use to be there was replaced by magic...But, we will be alright, Buffy will come and save us."

"What if that's the plan? What if they want Buffy...Maybe it's a trap. Do you think they know she is a slayer."

"Maybe...That's a possibility. If it is, Buffy will come out the winner."

Willow knew Giles spoke the truth, but she could not help be a little worried about her friend....

Then she realized she was stuck in a room with Giles. They were going to be sleeping in the same room. Well, maybe things weren't all that bad....

Part 5

"How long do you think we have been down here?"

Willow couldn't help but ask Giles that question.

"I-I don't know. There is no clock or windows. So, I'm not sure....But, Buffy will save us."

Willow could tell Giles was getting a little worried. Though he was trying his best not to show it. Maybe, because he didn't want her to worry.

The first day down here, she had tried to do magic on the wall with no door. It had failed. Powerful magics had placed that wall there.

Giles and Willow had been talking alot. It was amazing how much they had in common.

Willow had asked him about his days at the museum. She was positive that she would never forget how his eyes sparkled, as he told her about his days at the museum...They had talked about many things.

All Willow could think about was that Giles was truly a wonderful man.

Even though she had been kidnapped...she was happy Giles was with her.

The love she felt for Giles seemed to grow even more. If that was possible. She started to wonder what would happen if she reached over and kissed him. His lips upon her lips? The thought sent heat down her spine. And made her yearn to try it. Oh, yeah, the kiss would be good. Better then good...It would be unbelievable.

Giles again caught Willow staring at him.

"Willow? Are you okay?"

W-what? Yeah, I'm fine."

"You looked like you were in deep thought."

"I was..but I don't think you would be interested in my thoughts."

"I don't believe I agree with you."

What if she told him? Would he be shocked?...Disgusted?...Or would he feel the same...

Why not tell him...Find out and stop wondering....


Come on...She was Willow Rosenburg! A wicca...She could do it..couldn't she? Okay...Why not?

Deep breath...

"I was wondering what your lips would feel like upon mine."

Part 6


Willow saw that Giles was shocked, but was that passion and hope in his eyes? Only one way to find out... She leaned in very close to Giles...

"I said, I was wondering what it would be like if you kissed me...I've been wondering for a long, long time...Even before the kidnapping....And I would really like to kn..."

Willow's words were cut off as Giles placed his lips upon hers. The kiss was gentle at first...Then it went deeper...Their arms were wrapped around each other...Nether wanted to let the other go...

This was better then any fantasy or dream Willow had ever had...

The kiss was so sweet....so loving....so wonderful...

Giles lifted his head.

It took Willow a moment to find her voice...

"I was right the kiss would be unbelievable....Wow!!"

"I always knew kissing you would be."

"You have thought about kissing me..me?"

"It seems like forever..."

Willow stood on tip toes and kissed him again.

They were both enjoying having their arms around each other...Enjoying the feel of each others lips...

After a while, Willow moved her lips away from Giles' lips.

"Giles, I have to tell you something. I'm not sure how you will react but...."

"Willow, wait, I must tell you something too...I've also been afraid of how you would react...."

They both looked deeply into each others eyes. They realized then that they did not need to say the words...for the love they felt for each other were revealed in each others eyes...But all the same...

"I love you."

The three words were spoken at the same time. Willow and Giles smiled and laughed...

They suddenly realized they were never going to regret being kidnapped.

Suddenly, a loud noise, sounded from upstairs...It sounded like Buffy yelling....It sounded like a big fight was going on up stairs...and things were being thrown.

They were being rescued..They stepped out of each others arms...even though they didn't want too...But there was a promise in each others eyes that said they were going to continue later.....

Part 7

Later, back at Giles' apartment.

"I'm so glad you guys are alright. I was so worried about you.." Buffy told her two friends.

"Yeah, the last two days..I was going crazy." Xander stated.

"No, you were driving me crazy!!" Buffy just had to tell Xander.

"Yes, thank you...we both knew you would find us." Giles said.

"Well, Xander and I, promised to meet with Anya and Riley at the Bronze later..You guys want to come?"


"No, Giles and I really need to finish a conversation that we started down in that basement."

"Yes, I'd really like to finish that conversation."

"Okay...Well, we will leave you to that....conversation." Buffy said with some puzzlement.

After Buffy and Xander left. Giles and Willow looked at each other. They slowly smiled and walked to each other.

"I believe I'm going to really enjoy our conversations.." Giles told Willow with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I'll make sure of it!"

Willow said as she caressed his cheek. Giles lower his head to kiss the woman he loved.

Willow and Giles did not notice Buffy and Xander looking at them from outside. They both leaned close to the window. There was no 'Eeeew's from them... Xander and Buffy smiled.

They slowly turned away from what they just saw.

"Looks like your basement plan worked." Buffy told Xander.

"Yeah, I know what can happen when two people are stuck in a basement. Anyway, your kidnap plan worked perfectly."

"Thank you. The only part I hated was hitting Giles on the head with his guitar case...I'm still feeling guilty...but it looks like the plan work...They weren't even suspicious about us being the kidnappers....I just wish he had allowed me to drug on him.."

"Well, Giles, didn't know he was fighting his slayer."

"I know...I also know he trained me..but I was still surprised with some of his moves. He got me real good in the ribs...I'm going to ask him to train with me sometime.."

"He was worried about his Willow. He even yelled 'You are not going to hurt her!' I mean, I've seen Giles mad..even furious...But there was murder in his eyes." Xander said with a shiver as he remembered that look.

"We just have to make sure we keep this to keep this to ourselves. That means no telling Anya."

"Trust me. I do not want to have the wrath of Ripper coming down on my head. Just between you and me, I'm scared of Willow's wrath, too..."

"Your secret is safe with me. Oh, make sure you thank your uncle for letting us borrow his place. You know, I was real surprised when that spell you did on the door worked."

"Hey, I once said some words in Latin and made fire come out of a book I'd been reading...Okay, I was surprised, too." Xander told her.

"I'm just glad those two finally realized they loved each other. I mean everyone could see it, except them. ..I tell you Xander I got tired of waiting for one of them to make the first move...We had to help them, didn't we?"

"Sure... what are friends for anyway?"



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