Title: That's Not Natural
Author: Shawna
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Couple: Willow/Giles
Summery: Willow and Giles are taking a bath...Set in the future.
Rating: PG
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Note: On the Gilesrulesbaby list a challenge was given...It was simple...Giles...Bathtub...Giles naked...Bubbles. Um..The thought makes me think it's Cold shower time! And a special thanks to Da Wench who told me just to think of Giles naked and that cold shower wouldn't be so cold anymore...You know she is right...About that anyway. LOL! Can I just say...You people are naughty! But I love ya...And Andrea see...Here it is...I hope you like...And Savage, yes, good friend, I am still typing! And everyone else who is so sweet and nice and asked me to hurry up with another story. You people are so sweet. Thank you! You mean the world to me...And I deeply value your friendship. :)


"What, love?"

"Stop!" Willow bursts out laughing. "G-i-i-iles!!!"

"Yes, sweetheart?"


Willow jerked her foot out of Giles' hands. Causing water and bubbles to go over the edge of the tub.

"You know my feet are ticklish!"

"They are?!" Giles gives her a look of mock surprise.

Willow gives him a special look.

"Here I thought you were being sweet when you said you wanted to massage my feet."

"I was trying to be sweet...But your foot is *so* cute, I couldn't help myself."

"So it was my foot's fault that you just *had* to tickle it?"

"Hmmm-mm. Your naked foot is adorable, my love."

Willow started to laugh.

"Sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm going to do with you."

"Hopefully, it involves us both being naked." Giles said giving Willow a Ripperish look.

"Like now?"

Giles gave her a devilish grin.

"I can't wait for the bubbles to disappear."

"Your depraved."

"That's not what you said last night."

Willow blew a hand full of bubbles at Giles. Some of the white foam landed on his nose. Willow started to laugh at the sight. Giles laughed right along with her. Their laughter suddenly stopped when they heard the front door slam open.


"Damn!" Willow and Giles said at the same time under their breath.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"What is it, Alexandra?" Both of her parents asked.

"Oh, are you both in the bathroom?"


"Oh." Alexandra shook her head. She slowly went toward the bathroom door. "Um...Can I spend the night over at Ashley's?"

Alexandra's mom answered...

"If it is okay with Ashley's mom."

"We already asked. She said it was okay."

"Tell Ashley's mom that I'll be calling her in a little while."

"And make sure you two don't camp outside in the backyard, again. Your Aunt Buffy just might not be paroling this block, tonight."

"We won't, Dad. Gee, I make one little mistake..."

"Alex, do we need to have another...'The things to do and not to do on the Hellmouth, Father/Daughter talk?"

"No...The talk has been told to me since...forever...There are times I still hear the 'Talk' in my dreams. Or the time Mom decided to tell me about the birds and the bees...So she made up a song about it...To the tune of 'Amazing Grace'. Which I am sure that in my later years I will need counseling. For I am *still* having nightmares about that *talk*."

"Well, I could make up a song for our Father/Daughter talk."

"Please...No...Not that."

Alexandra could hear something like water moving around in a bathtub. Parents are so weird. A few seconds later, Alex heard her best friend Ashley come through the front door. Alex turned away from the door her parents were behind.


"Bye, dear." Alexandra heard her parents say.

Ashley came up to Alexandra.

"Where's your Mom and Dad?"

"In the bathroom."




"They are both taking a bath. They don't believe that water should be wasted."

"Eeew! That is not natural."

Alexandra nodded sadly.

"For my parents it is very natural. I-I think it's a-a Hellmouth thing."


"I-It's a-a long story."

"Oh. Maybe you can tell me about it, tonight."

"I don't think so."

Both young girls heard giggling coming from behind the bathroom door.

"Come on, let's go. Before you hear anything else that is unnatural." Alexandra said pushing Ashley out the door. She then, slammed the door behind her.

Giles looked at his beautiful wife with a smile.

"I think our daughter has the wrong idea of what is natural and unnatural."

Willow had to laugh.

"Will you stop with the foot tickling?" Willow jerked her foot out of Giles' grasp.


Willow reached down and tickled the inside of his knee. The place she knew was very ticklish. Giles' knee jerked and caused more soapy, bubbly water to go over the edge.


"Yes, Rupert?" Willow gave him an innocent look. Giles was quiet for a moment.

"I love you."

"I know. You show me everyday. And I love you, too."

They both gave each other a look of love. Willow gave Giles a beautiful smile.

"Rupert, love?"


"The water is getting cold."

"I think we should get out and...Warm each other up."

"Why Rupert! What a wonderful idea! You know, I just love how you think."

And of course, they found a perfect way to warm each other up.



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