Title: My True Love
Author: Shawna
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Couple: Willow/Giles
Summery: Can I just say I hate writing summery's..sigh...Okay...Willow starts receiving gifts...But will she get the one gift she truly longs for? Kinda suspenseful isn't it...<g>
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Part 1

Okay, Willow had seen many strange things before. For she does live on the hellmouth.

But this?...Willow frowned...


All good questions. She loved to answer questions. But she was still stuck on who? Who would do this?

A delivery man had knocked on her door. She answered it, of course. The man gave her a small sized package.

Willow was now looking at the content of the package, in wonder. A song was now playing in her head and she started to sing...

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree."

Yeah, someone sent her a small crystal pear tree with a bird in it...It could be a partridge...Looked like a partridge...Maybe it was a partridge. The pears were small delicate green shaped crystals...The birds eyes were blue...

It looked expense...

Who would be sending her a partridge in a pear tree?

The package didn't have an address or anything to go with it...


Not that the gift wasn't beautiful. It was. It was very beautiful...It was just strange. And didn't gifts usually tell you who it was from...

For all, Willow knew some freak of nature had sent this to her...Or maybe not...She hoped not, anyway...

Willow slowly lifted it..It sparkled so beautifully...

The bird in the tree seemed to silently mock her. It knew the person who sent it...She didn't...Now that was not fair!

Could Oz have sent it? No...That relationship was long over.

Willow's heart and brain was telling her that it was not from him..So who could it be? Who?

Willow heard her door open. She looked toward the door and saw Buffy and Xander walk into the room. She had been expecting them...

"Hi, Guys."

"Hello, and how is our brave little toaster doing?" Xander asked Willow.

"Fine...Listen, did you or Buffy send me a present?"

"A present?" Xander looked puzzled...

"No, why?" Buffy had to ask.

"That's one of the questions I have not gotten to yet. I am still on 'who'."

Willow held up the small crystal pear tree for her friends to see.

"Wow! That is so beautiful..."Buffy said smiling at Willow.

"That is cool...But, that is a funny shaped bird."

"Xander! The bird is not funny shaped. Don't you know a partridge when you see one?" Willow said a little offended that Xander would dare call her partridge funny shaped.

"A partridge? Is it in a pear tree?"

"Yes, Xander...I believe it is a partridge in a pear tree." Buffy said. Taking her eyes off the beautiful ornament. She continued...

"That is so romantic, Will...It is kinda like that Christmas song...Wait! You said you didn't know who sent you this?"

"There is no note and no return address."

Xander's eyes got big and round as he said...

"Oh! Willow has a stalker!"

"Do you think that a stalker would be buying Willow expense gifts?" Buffy said glaring at Xander.

"The stalker could be rich." Xander added.

"Guys! Stalker theory aside..We have a mystery to solve." Willow said with determination.

"All I am saying is we live on the hellmouth...Presents that don't tell you who they are from could be bad...Very bad." Xander said seriously.

"Could be...But...But I'm hoping it's nothing hellmouthy." Willow said softly. Looking at the crystal object.

"Well, my slayer sense is not going off. So there is hope. And guys, we were suppost to be at Giles' fifteen minutes ago. When we get there, I say, we tell the one person who knows everything about the present..."

They slowly turned to leave. Willow gently placed the object on her night stand. The Christmas song was still playing in her head...

My true love...

My True love gave to me...

Maybe that was a clue...


Willow turned and quickly left to catch up with her friends.

A ray of sunlight hit the crystal...

The partridge in the peartree sparkled with loving brillence...And with promise...

Part 2

By the time Willow, Xander and Buffy showed up at Giles', they were already an hour late...

Mostly, because Xander just had to buy everyone doughnuts and there was a long line.

"I see everyone finally showed up. The key word is, of course, finally." Giles said with a loving glare as the gang came into his apartment.

"Don't worry, Big G, I got you a lot of jelly doughnuts. Let's just hope Buffy don't eat them all." Xander said as he sat the doughnut box on the table.

"Hey! You bought at least ten jellies...Like I would eat them all!" Buffy said a little offended.

Everyone gave Buffy a look.

"Okay...Okay, I will do my best to leave a couple of jellies for Giles. No matter how hard it is. Gee, you eat all the jellies, just one time, and you are branded for life as the Jelly Eater."

"Well, before we start, I think we need Christmas music, don't you?"

"I do believe so, Giles. When your friends come over to decorate...It is only right." Buffy said taking a bite out of her jelly doughnut.

There was several boxes marked Xmas sitting in various spots around Giles' living room.

Everyone was excited, for they had decided to spend Christmas together.

Buffy and Willow had agreed to make Christmas dinner. Xander and Giles had to do clean up...They were even going to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas...This also included the much anticipated Snoopy dance of Xander's...Giles still was not sure he wanted to see that...

But Christmas was still several days away. Which was good. Nothing was ready yet. That included Giles' apartment. Which had to be changed for the holiday season. It needed the Christmas feel. Giles had even bought a nice size Christmas tree.

The gang started to open the boxes with fervor.

Buffy looked over to Willow and said...

"Remember to tell Giles about your present."

"Like I would forget. Um, Giles, I got this beautiful present today. A crystal partridge in a pear tree. But it didn't have anything with it telling me who it is from."

"A partridge in a pear tree? I-Isn't there a song?"

"I'm thinking stalker!!! But no one will listen to me." Xander had to put his two cents in.

Everyone glared at him.

"What? HELLO! How many times must I remind everyone we live on the Hellmouth? Nothing is what it seems."

"Xander, stalker's don't go around buying crystal partridges in pear trees." Giles told him in a soft voice.

"Okay...Fine...Don't listen to me. Hey! Guys look what I found. Mistletoe! Giles has mistletoe..."

"I-I use that for spells."

"Then why is it plastic?"

"Uh, umm...I-I couldn't find...Um..Xander, are you going to help decorate or what?"

Part 3

The next day....

"So do you have any ideas?" Buffy asked Willow.

"Well, I know it can't be Oz...And don't ask me why...But I just know.."

"Hmmm....Maybe it's Steve."


"You know, the guy who always opens doors for you and goes all tender and lustful eyed when he sees you. And sits by you in College Lit."

"Gee, I hope not. One day, I asked him what his major here at UCSunnydale was, and he said his goal in life was to make oxygen."

Buffy looked at Willow for a long moment. Finally she said...

"Well, that's a good goal, isn't?"

Suddenly the two girls broke down in laughter.

"Oh, I know! It could be Zed over at the Espresso Pump." Buffy said rolling her eyes as if already she knew he couldn't be the one.

"No, he has a biker chick girlfriend. She could beat me up with her pinkie. Or beat up Zed. Or the both of us."

"Oh, yeah, you have a strong point there. Um, Percy?"

"Buffy! I think I'd prefer Xander's stalker theory then to think the presents are from that poop head!"

Buffy gave her a smile as if she had said that just to see the reaction she'd get.

Willow was still holding her new present. It was two porcelain turtledoves. Absolutely beautiful.

The turtledoves were Christmas tree ornaments...Kind of funny gift considering that she was Jewish. But then she was also a witch. She was known to carry a cross or two. And she was celebrating Christmas with her closest and dearest friends...Giles, Xander, and Buffy.

Willow was still filled with wonder. Someone was putting a lot of effort to make her fill special. And it was working.

"Okay, so tell me. Who do you what the person to be?" Buffy said looking at Willow.


"Come on, Will! You have been crossing names out left and right. So who do you what the presents to be from."

"I-I don't know."

"Don't lie. I could tell that you thought of someone just a minute ago...You can be honest with me. Tell me. Who. Do. You. Want. The. Presents. To. Be. From."

Willow looked at Buffy...They were quiet for a long time. Willow slowly looked at the present in her hands.

Finally, she said softly...

"I wish it was Giles..."

Part 4

"Why don't you ask him." Buffy told Willow quietly.

Willow looked up from the gift she was holding...

"What!?! Buffy, I can't!"

"Sure you can! Come on, Will!...We must stop whoever is doing this...Yes, it is romantic and sweet, but...Can you picture twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, ten lords a leaping...Ummm...If they were wearing tight leather pants and had a sexy bod, it might be very interesting...Then, there's nine ladies dancing, and I can't remember the eighth one...."

"Eight maids a milking."

"Yeah, right. Eight maids a milking, seven swans a swimming and six geese a laying. And I really hope that means they are laying eggs not..."

"I'm sure they are...Laying egg, I mean."

"Anyway, if you ask Giles and he says no then you can cross him off your list...You asked Xander and me."

"Buffy, I-I just can't! This is Giles we are talking about!"


"B-But...What if he said no? What if he said yes? Oh, God if he said yes do you think he is sending me these gifts because he really likes me...Maybe even love?...No, Giles could never love me..."

Buffy gave Willow a soft and caring smile. She took the gift out of Willow's small hands...

"I think he could love you...Because you are you...Willow Rosenburg...Yeah, he may be old and all that gross stuff...But...Do you have feelings for him?"

"Of course, I do...Why do you think I would be so fearful about asking him...He is a wonderful, caring, smart and sexy man...Any woman would find it easy to fall in love with him."

"I wouldn't say any woman, Will...But maybe I could turn that question around on you...Why wouldn't he find it just as easy to fall in love with a wonderful, caring, smart and sexy woman? That person being YOU."

Willow looked back down to her hands. They were empty...So empty...Willow felt hope start to fell her heart at her sweet friend's wise words...But as she stared at her hands another thought hit her...

"But if he said no, then I'd be in the same place just more embarrassed."

"You are going to let embarrassment and fear control you?"


"Willow, you are not the cowardly type...Think of all the brave things you have done."

"Like what."

"Staying my friend thru think and thin. Through every monster and demon that comes our way...For being my friend even on my bitchy days. Even when I do crazy things...You are a very brave person...You were brave even before I came into your life...You were and still are best friends with Alexander Harris...He has told me all kinds of crazy stories about you two.."

"I'm not brave like you...You are the bravest person I know."

"Really? If I tell you something you must never tell anyone." Buffy gave Willow a glare as she said this.

Willow quickly made the 'cross my heart' gesture.

Buffy reluctantly continued..

"The other night while I was out patrolling...I killed five vamp's, they were all together...Right after I killed the fifth one...I looked down and saw a little field mouse...It was just looking up at me...Suddenly, I
turned and ran screaming thru the cemetery."

Willow's eyes were wide with shock...

"You are joking, right?"

"I wish.." Buffy sighed, looking embarrassed. Then she continued...

"Willow, just give it a shoot. There is always that chance that you two will end up happy. Even if Giles isn't giving you the gifts...Um...I guess what I am saying is..I love both you and Giles. I want you happy. And maybe you can be happy together.."

"I love you, too...I think you are right..The only way to find out if Giles is the one doing this...Is ask. "

"So when are you going to ask?"

Part 5

Willow was still wondering about it...Should she or shouldn't she...Again with the questions! But she had to make a decision and soon for she was already at his door...Giles' door...

She placed her hand upon the door. It felt cold and hard. But the man behind the door was warm and...Well, lets be honest, just plain wonderful.

Willow could still remember when she first meet him...That was the day her crush on him started...Willow couldn't help but smile.

She had always loved that library...It had been so full of books...So full of knowledge...There was something about books...There was always a certain smell about them...A scent that was their's alone...Books could bring out all kinds of emotions...They were so wonderful..Full of mystery..And many times they even revealed a mystery or two...They were full of their own life.

She loved that library...So, was it any wonder that she would get a crush on a sexy British librarian?

The first time she saw him, he'd been holding a book...He looked up at her with those beautiful green eyes of his..And when he spoke...Willow knew her heart had melted...

That man could read to her from the phone book and she'd never grow tired of it...

The library had always been a sanctuary to her...Now, Giles was her sanctuary even though he didn't know it.

She was sure that she didn't fall in love with him at first sight...Though she did find him to be very handsome..No, it was spending time with him...Getting to know his likes or dislikes...She loved how he hated the 'bloody computer'...Loved how he would make a clicking sound when he was mad...How he stuttered at times...Willow loved Giles' character...She loved him..It was no longer a school girl crush...But something deeper...Something richer....Something only known as love...

Giles cared for her...Willow knew that...She didn't need a crystal ball to tell her that. But she wouldn't do anything to risk their friendship. But then, she had on many occasions told him what she thought...

But could she tell him that she wanted more? She wanted his heart.

For Willow just knew that if she asked Giles, if he had given her the gifts he would see her hopefulness revealed in her green eyes. Maybe even her love.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt. Then again, maybe it would.

Willow slowly formed her hand into a fist and with a deep breath knocked on the door.

Giles opened his door...

Willow gave him a beautiful smile.

"Hi, Giles."

Giles smiled back and stepped back for her to enter.

"Hello, Willow. How are you today?"

"Fine. So far. Um, Giles? I have a question..."

"You know you can ask me anything."

"Do you love me? I-I mean...I-I didn't mean to ask you that..Did you...Are you sending me gifts?"

Giles looked at Willow in shock...

"W-What did you say?"

"Oh, Goddess! Never mind!"

Willow turned around to quickly leave...Giles reached out and grabbed her...

"Willow, please don't leave."

"Why? Just so I can embarrass myself more?"

"No. So I can answer your questions...It's yes to both of them, Willow." Giles said softly.

"To both...You are answering my questions...With yes? But I asked you..."

"Yes, you asked me if I loved you and if I was sending you gifts...I sent you the crystal partridge in a pear tree...And the turtledoves...You see I am courting you because I love you."

"Really? I love you, too...Um, Giles, don't get mad but courting someone using the 'Twelve Days Of Christmas' isn't really a good idea. I mean you'd have all kinds of trouble just finding the...Ladies..Lords..Geese a laying...And so many others..."

"I agree. I have been trying to figure out some more gifts. I've been looking but, to be honest, *that* song wasn't really my idea."

"It wasn't?"

"First, let me tell you what happened about a month ago..."

Part 6

A month ago...

At the magic box...

"Okay, Giles, when are you going to ask her out?"

"What? W-Who are you talking about?"

"Come on, Giles. You know who I am talking about. The one you have been staring at when you don't think anyone is looking...The one you look for reasons to hug and that soft gentle smile you get when she walks through that door."

"Buffy, I really don't know what you are talking about."

Giles quickly took off his glasses to clean them...

"Then you are a idiot! Geez, Giles...As much as I think it is gross and disgusting about you getting smoochies and-and other things with my best friend. You are not getting any younger. You need to start thinking about the future. If you are in love with Willow, then I think you should show her...Hell, let her know!"

"You think I love Willow?"

"As Cordelia would say 'Duh'!"


"Giles...Listen to me...You know how my dreams have meaning...Well, for weeks now I have been dreaming about you and Willow...They were so real...You guys had two children...A beautiful girl and boy...They were even calling me 'Aunt Buffy'...And-and Xander was teaching your son the right way to eat a twinke.."

"Children? A boy and a girl?"

"They were so beautiful...So sweet looking but they were very mischievous too."


"Okay, just tell me one thing. Do you love her?"

"I believe you just told me that I did...A-And I do. Though it really isn't any of your business."

"So I am right?...Wait, of course, I'm right! So what are you going to do about it?"

"About it? Nothing, I'm going to do nothing about it..."

"Oh, yes, you are! You are going to do something about it...Even if you don't want too...Trust me, mister, you are *so* going to do something." Buffy gave Giles a look of determination.

"Buffy, just leave things the way they are. I love Willow. B-But you can't force her or even make her for that matter, love me."

"Who said I have to make her do anything?"

"W-What?" Giles put his glasses on slowly. His eyes were wide with shock.

"I believe she loves you, too...And Giles, I am *ALWAYS* right!"

"You have a very big Ego."

"Yeah, I know. You, Rupert Giles, Watcher and magic shop owner, are going courting..And of course, I have a plan.."


"Buffy, gave you the idea! But-But she looked shocked when I said I wished you were the one sending me the presents. Or at least, I thought she looked shocked."

"Willow, you are the one who wanted Buffy to take Drama with you. Remember, she was going to drop that class for slayer training but...Instead she kept it..."

"But-But...Drama isn't meant to make you lie or-or look shocked when you aren't"

Giles gave Willow a certain look...

"Well, okay...Drama is about acting and pretending..."Willow looked at Giles with a sheepish grin.

"You know Buffy, once she gets an idea...Nothing, not even from the pits of Hell can stop her...Though at first she wanted me to find a real pear tree and a real partridge...But I told her that it was best if I picked out the gifts...So-So how do you feel about me courting you?"

Willow's green eyes sparked, as she looked up at Giles and said....

"I'd love it!"

Giles smiled...

"So, courting is a lot like dating, right?" Willow asked.

"I believe so, yes...Though courting always leads to marriage, sometimes anyway...And if that is in our future.."

Willow smiled and then remembered something...She looks up...

"Giles? Can one kiss under a plastic mistletoe?"

Passion filled Giles' eyes...He gently drew her close.

"Why don't we find out?"

Willow placed her arms around him....And then, their lips meet for the first time...

It would not be the last time for their lips to meet....For they would share many more wonderful and passionate kisses.

Part 7

Two years later...

Christmas Eve...

Mrs. Willow Giles was wrapping the last Christmas present...She couldn't wait to get this special present under the tree.

A smile crossed her lips...

Inside the large box there were...Twelve cloth diapers. Eleven crackers for morning sickness. Ten small children books. Nine baby bottles. Eight jars of baby food. Seven stuffed toys. Six baby nighties. Five little rattles. Four teething rings. Three cute baby outfits. Two pictures of future Godparents and baby sitters. And one warm soft baby blanket.

But Rupert wouldn't have to look inside the box to know what Willow was saying.

For on top of the gift was a tag...

To: Daddy
From: Baby Giles



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