Title: I Hate Danseal Demons
Author: Shawna
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Couple: Willow/Giles
Summery: Giles gets hurt...And Willow gives him some TLC..Kinda suspenseful isn't it? <g>
Rating: 12????
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"Oh God, Giles..."

For a minute Willow was sure that her heart had stopped beating.

Suddenly, she ran forward to where Giles was laying on the floor.

Willow knelt down...She sighed with relief when she saw his chest rise and fall..He wasn't dead...That's a good thing.


There were scratches and bruises covering his face...She gently caressed one of his cheeks..His face seemed to move into her soft palm.

"Giles, open your eyes, please...Giles..."

Instead of opening his eyes, he gave her a moan.

"That wasn't what I wanted you to do...Look at me..Please, Giles, please..."

Giles slowly opened his eyes...He blinked a few times...Then, their eyes locked.


Willow gave him a beautiful smile.

"What happened?"

"Danseal demon, wanted to take some magic supplies without paying."

"And, of course, you weren't going to let that happen."

"Of course not."

Giles slowly smiled at Willow. He tried to set up, but had a hard time doing so...She reached over to help him...Her body came close to his..She enjoyed the closeness before she sadly pulled away...

"Um, you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Giles, you are not fine. You were attacked by an Danseal demon, and let me tell you,...you sure do look it.."

"I sure do feel like it."

"Where is the first aid kit?"

"In the training room...But I really don't need--"

"I say you do need! Now be quiet and let me go get the first aid kit..."

"Willow, you really don't have to--"

"Hush! Now stay right here."

"With how my head is pounding, I wasn't planning on moving."

Giles watched Willow leave the room. He couldn't help but think about how beautiful Willow was. 'She sure is a beautiful woman. There was no question about that.'

She quickly came back holding the white box and sat it beside Giles. Willow then turned and left the room again.

From where Giles was setting he had a good look at her rear. Oh, yeah, Willow Rosenburg was beautiful. Her rear was pretty good looking too.

Willow came back with a bowl and a towel. She sat the items beside him and knelt before him.

"I'll try to be gentle, okay?" Willow said with concern in her eyes.

"I'm really okay...OW!!"


Willow slowly continued to clean the cuts and bruises. She winced again as she heard the tiny hiss of pain that escaped his lips.


"Yes, Willow."

"I'm glad you are alive."

"So am I."

"You need to be more careful. And I'm also thinking that you should let me do a protection spell. For owning a magic shop, yes, it's cool and everything, but it's still very dangerous."

"A protection spell? I don't think it would work against Danseal demons."

"But, Giles, a protection spell is so simple to do."

"Willow, no spell is ever simple."

"I know, but, Giles, I-I don't want to lose you."

"Thank you." Giles said huskily...

"For what? I was being honest."

"For being you, Willow Rosenburg, there is no one else like you."

"There is no one else like you, either. That's why you have to be more careful."

"I will."

"You better."

Then silence filled the magic shop as Willow cleaned his wounds.

There was something intimate in the way she took care of him...Giles watched Willow...He was enjoying the closeness of her.

Suddenly, he noticed that she had stopped. Instead Willow was staring at him...Looking at him...With passion? No, that couldn't be...Could it?


"OH! Sorry.." Willow said sheepishly.

She quickly went back to what she was doing.

"This might sting."

"Bloody Hell!"

"Warned ya."

"That you did."

Giles couldn't help himself, he reached up and lightly touched her face. He half expected her to pull away but was pleasantly surprised when she didn't.

Willow leaned into the warm, masculine hand that so gently touched her cheek...

Giles felt a strong urge to take her in his arms and kiss her. It was an urge that he was very used too. But never this close to doing...


"Yes?" She answered in a soft voice.

"I-I have always wondered something."

"What would that something be?"

Giles was quiet for a moment...Staring into Willow's green eyes...He leaned in closer to Willow...

"What would you do if I kissed you?"

"I'd kiss you, right back."

When Willow said that their lips joined...

One of Giles' hands gently and lovely explored her shape.

Willow moved even closer to him...Giles' fingers find the hem of her green shirt...His fingers slid inside the shirt and happily discovered the warmth of her satiny skin.

Willow never felt so much alive...The skin that Giles was touching was responding...

She was finding it very hard to think. Not that she wanted to think at this moment..Willow was enjoying the kiss that she had often dreamed about...Man! The kiss was so much better then what she had ever dreamed about!

Giles was so warm..So delicious...His manly body was like a furnace, practically enveloping her in it's fiery coals..

"Willow?...Oh God, Willow..."

Willow could hear a voice calling her...

"Willow?...Please open your eyes.."

"Don't wanna."


She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Giles.

"Willow, sweetheart, are you okay?"

She nodded. Willow realized that moving her head was a bad move. A very bad move. For pain shot through her head.

"Rupert, I really hate Danseal demons."

"So do I. Willow, my love, I believe I told you to stay at home."

"But the Danseal demon--"

"They only come out of hibernating on February 14th..Valentine's Day. It's their big mating day. Crazy buggers, think they need Rotsmut to mate. So of course they go to a magic shop to get it. I told you that the protection spell wouldn't work very well on them."

"I had to try." Willow pouted.

"Well, you did a good job on the spell...But damn Danseal demons--"

"You know, it was only last year that the Danseal demon came here...Before you so kindly woke me up, I was remembering."

"You were?"

Willow nodded. This time her head didn't protest.

"Rupert, my love?"


Willow slowly reached out and lightly caressed Giles' cheek before asking...

"What would you do if I kissed you?"

"I'd kiss you right back. Here let me show you."

His lips meet hers...



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