Title: Finger Painting
Author: Shawna
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Couple: Willow/Giles
Summery: Hmmm...Hard to explain....The title says a lot...Trust me...
Rating: PG
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Spoiler: Well, it is after Buffy vs Dracula...There is only one thing mentioned...But there is so much in here that is made up...That it is hard to find and it really don't matter...
Note: There is no Tara. And Oz is long gone. And this story is kind of silly.
2nd Note: I wish to thank everyone on the feedback I have got from some of my stories. This list is really wonderful and the people on it are the greatest. This is my 10th story!! WOO HOO!!! Yes, you might think it strange that I am excited about this but I never thought anyone would enjoy any of my strange stories..Or should I say strange ideas?...I really didn't think I could write these stories or have so much fun writing them...But if it wasn't for the wonderful people on the list. I might have stopped at one. Well, maybe. For I love writing so much. I hope you enjoy this story...because in all honesty, I wrote it for you.

Willow's shopping bags were heavy. Sadly, her coin purse was now lighter.

She knocked on Giles' door. She seemed to be the only scooby to know how to do such a simple thing called knocking.

Giles opened the door. His expression lighted and a beautiful smile appeared.

Willow smiled back....

"Hi, Giles." She said as she walked into his apartment.

Giles reached over to help Willow with some of the bags she was carrying. He peeked into one of bags.

"Finger paints?"

"Yeah. It's amazing what some college professors assign to their students. Not only am I taking a drama class but I decided to take Art...Art for beginners 101...You learn the history of Art. Go and visit museums. Write papers. Lots of papers about famous painters. Famous Paintings. It's very interesting. And you have to do something...Artsy. So I have to finger paint. For homework, of course."

Willow shook her head. College life, at times, amazed her.

"Oh, sounds...Interesting. No offense but why did you bring your art stuff over here?"

"Because...I was sort of hoping to do my art project over here. If that is alright?"

Giles looked surprised. He nodded and said..."That will be fine."

"Thank you, Giles, that does mean a lot to me."

"You know you can come over anytime." Giles told Willow.

"I know I can." Willow said softly.

Willow went over to put some newspaper down on the floor. She got everything out that she would need. Sitting Indian style. She began to paint.

Giles picked up his book from earlier and pretended to read it. It wasn't a very good job of pretending. For Giles was too busy watching Willow.

Giles couldn't help but think that Willow was the only woman he knew who could look cute and beautiful at the same time.

Even in a old and slightly wholly T-shirt and a pair of well worn jeans..Willow could out shine any woman he knew...

Willow obviously wore the old T-shirt and jeans, planning to paint later. So if she happened to get paint on herself it would be alright. 'Willow has always been a smart young woman.' Giles thought with a small smile.

At least, she wasn't wearing that colorful velvet blouse she was wearing yesterday. She looked so beautiful. He had spent the day longing to reach out and touch her. Giles wondered if her skin was as soft as that blouse. He had a feeling her skin would be even softer then that velvet blouse....

Giles' thoughts came to a sudden stop as his door was thrown open...

Buffy, Riley, Xander and Anya walked in and came into his living room.

Everyone gave Giles a greeting....

When Xander saw what Willow was doing. He gave her a hurt look and said...

"Will...Don't you know you never, ever finger paint alone? You do have friends, you know...And one of them just happens to love finger painting."

Willow looked at Xander and said with a small grin...

"Would you like to finger paint with me? I have a lot of supplies of paint and paper."

"I thought you would never ask!"

Xander quickly sat down on the floor as Willow spread some more newspapers onto the floor.

"Oh! That sounds like fun...Count me in!"

Buffy also joined her friends. Buffy grabbed Riley's hand and pulled to the floor.

"You have to join us..." Buffy told Riley as Willow handed them some white paper to paint on.

Giles looked at everyone in shock.

"Is that the only reason you all came over to my apartment...To finger paint?"

"Well, in all honesty we were bored and decided to hang out with you. So we are still hanging..." Buffy said happily as she dipped her fingers into some blue paint.

Anya slowly moved to join the group. Her eyes were filled with wonder and she said in awe...

"So when you finger paint...You use nothing but your fingers?"

"That is the point of it...yes." Willow said to Anya.

"Wow...I've never finger painted before."

Everyone on the floor looked at Anya in shock...

"Well, it's time you did." Xander told Anya...As he handed her a jar of yellow paint. Then he continued...

"For finger painting is something every child has done since...Well, since this stuff was invented. And just because you are a ex-demon that really isn't an excuse."

"Yes, even Giles has finger painted at some point in his life." Willow said to Anya.

"Actually, No...I have never finger painted."

Again the group looked up in shock at Giles' words.

"You have *never* finger painted?" Willow looked at him in disbelief. "Why not?.."

"B-Because I was a future watcher...And my family believed that I did not have time for childish things..."

"That explains where some of Ripper's rage came from." Buffy said softly.

"Well...Well, that sucked...Every child deserves to know the joy of childhood..And one of those joys is finger painting." Willow said to Giles.

"Yes, it did as you say 'sucked'. But I got over it."

"Tell me, were you allowed to read comic books?..." Xander said looking at Giles.

"No. I wasn't."

Xander gave Giles a horrified look.

"Come over here and join us..." Willow said to Giles as she made a spot for him on the floor.

"Willow, I am a little too old to be finger painting."

"Wait! There's a age limit to finger painting?" Xander couldn't help but add this to the conversation.

Willow looked into Giles' eyes said....

"Giles, please...Finger paint with us. It will be fun. Trust me."

"No, Willow, I..."

Willow gave Giles a small pout...Her beautiful full bottom lip stuck out and her pleading blue eyes looked into his green eyes. Giles found himself nodding and moved to sit down beside Willow.

Giles realized that if those were the looks Willow was learning in drama class. He was never going to be able to deny her anything. Giles sighed.

"You might want to put your ring in your pocket."

"Oh. Right. Thank you, Willow."

A little later....

Giles had sticky and multicolored hands...as well as everyone else.

"Isn't this fun, Giles?" Willow asked.

"It-It is interesting, I must say."

"I didn't ask that...I asked if you were having fun."


"Here let me help you." Willow said to Giles. And with a twinkle in Willow's eyes, she dipped her two of her fingers into some bright red paint and placed her fingers onto his nose.

The gang started to giggle....

With a bright red spot on his nose, Giles glared at Willow.

"Is there any reason for making me look like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?"

"Well, actually you don't look like Rudolph. He is brown, has four legs, antlers and a cute tail. All you have is a very red nose." Willow said with laughter in her voice.

"Tell me, is this part of the great finger painting experience?" Giles asked Willow in a soft and deadly voice.

Willow leaned over and put both her hands onto Giles' cheeks. He now had a red hand print on his right cheek and on his left cheek a yellow hand print.

Giles picked up a blue jar and placed a large amount onto his hands.

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you look wearing blue?"

"What?" Willow looked at Giles' hands..."Oh!" Willow squealed as she quickly stood up and ran...

Giles was beside her in a flash...

He laughingly placed his blue hands all over Willow.

Willow was busy laughing too....

"Buffy! Help me! Giles is attacking me!"

"Sorry, Giles is my watcher and I do have to train with him tomorrow...So...Um...Go Giles!"

Everyone was laughing and watching Willow and Giles in amazement.

Giles looked like he was having a wonderful time of his life...Lovingly tormenting Willow with his painted blue hands.

Willow moved out of his grip and grabbed some red and yellow paint and went back to Giles.

"This is war! You...You, Englishman, You!!!" Willow yelled attacking Giles with everything she had.

Giles was too busy laughing to fight off the battle.

Giles was still able to get some more blue markings on Willow. By now they were both covered with paint. Willow's face and hair was covered with blue markings...As was Giles covered in red and yellow markings.

They were both laughing so hard they didn't realize that their bodies were pressed up against each other. They lovingly held onto each other.

Suddenly, both of them became quiet...They both leaned their heads in close....And their lips meet.

The kiss was beautiful. Very passionate. Full of longing.

When the kiss ended, they were both breathless...

"Willow...I-I...I've been wondering if you would like to go out with me...As a date?" Giles said slowly. His eyes were filled with hope that she would say yes.

Willow smiled and gave him a quick kiss...

"I was trying to think of a way to ask *you* out...Why do you think I come over here everyday? Or even came over here to finger paint. It was so I could be with you." Willow said with a loving smile.

"I believe I like finger painting." Giles whispered against Willow's lips...And gently placed his lips back down onto hers for another passionate kiss.

"Okay...How many are with me when I say...Ewww?" Xander said looking at his friends.

Buffy and Anya punched Xander on either side of his arms.

"OW! Double OW! You two could have just said 'no'. And kindly saved me from having bruises!"

"It's about time, is all I can say." Anya said with a smile.

"I thought they would get together a lot sooner." Buffy also said with a smile. She dipped her fingers into the paint and went back to her painting.

"Well, I'll get use to it...Maybe...Might take me awhile. But if those two are going to be kissing all the time...I may ask Willow to do a spell and make me blind..." Xander said putting the finishing touches onto his masterpiece...



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