Title: Just A Little Disagreement
Author: Shawna
e-mail: smkraus1@juno.com
Couple: Willow/Giles
Summery: Takes place after 4th season Pangs...Willow and Giles have a little disagreement...How I wish things had turned out...
Rating: 12 ???
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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the great Joss Whedon and anyone else who say it's theirs. None of the characters belong to me..*pout*
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Note: Weetabix is made in England, by Burton, Latimer, Kettering, Northants. I don't own any rights to it! A huge hug and kisses goes to Nikki...Girl, you rock! As a friend, fellow author, and beta you are a blessing! Love ya, it's awesome to have a friend who know all kinds of cool stuff and puts up with this here American...Long live The Queen and Weetabix...LOL! As stated this story takes place after season 4 "Pangs" one of my favorite ep.s...Hope you all enjoy...

"Gee, Buffy looked, oh you know, kinda pissed." Xander said looking around sheepishly. "Me and my big mouth."

The gang was still sitting at the table...Looking at the empty seat that moments before had a Slayer on it.

Anya reached over and grabbed Xander's hand. "I like your big mouth. It's a nice mouth."

Xander looked over at the ex-demon. "Thanks, An."

"You're welcome!" A beautiful smile lit up her face.

Willow and Giles were still staring at the chair.

"I know Buffy being a Slayer and all can make one move really fast, but...WOW!" Willow said in wide-eyed awe.

"Look on this point, people. She didn't kill any of us for keeping the fact that Angel was here trying to keep her safe, a secret." Xander said looking thankful that Buffy didn't maim anyone on her way out.

"Right." Willow looked at Xander. "But she *is* coming back."

"Oh, yeah. Another good point. Maybe it would be a good idea to hide for a couple of days, maybe even months...Or years...Depending on how mad our Buff is."

Anya squeezed Xander's hand and said with certainty. "I'll hide with you. We can then have lots of sex."

"Hmmm. Ya know, I'd really like that idea."

"Yes, well, before you two go off and hide maybe you both would be so kind as to help with the clean up." Giles said with a pointed look...As if to say...You *will* help...

"Clean up?" Xander looked shocked at the idea. He slowly pushed back his chair to stand up. Anya got up with him. "Um...Giles! I just got over a lot of dangerous and deadly deceases! I think Anya and I should go to my place and wait...For...For...Me to feel a 100% better! Yeah! Um..Still feeling weak, G-man!"

"Not too weak I hope!" Anya cut in...

"An! Later please!"

"I had a feeling that you would say that." Giles sighed.

Xander smiled and shrugged. "You know me and clean up. We're not compatible. Well, see ya later, Big-G!" Xander looked over at the vampire still tied to his chair. "Spike, remind Giles to let you sleep in front of an opened window. I think the morning sunlight could do you some good."


Xander and Anya left...

Once more, Giles sighed as he slowly stood up. Feeling tired, yet determined to clean up the chaos from the Thanksgiving Dinner Buffy had made...

"Am I ever going to eat!?!" Spike growled.

"In the morning, I'll go down to the butcher shop." Giles said picking up the dirty plates.

"I don't want to wait 'til morning! You bloody Pillock!"

An icy glare was thrown Spike's way. "Listen to me, Spike..." Giles' tone became steely and dangerous. "In the morning and only then will you get blood."

"And...And..." Willow quickly joined in, trying to reason with the hungry vampire..."Spike, we can't get you blood right now anyway. It's late and well it's late. Not much is open."

"Right. Not much is open." Spike said with a roll of his eyes. "Oh, what? None of you have ever heard of knives? Both you buggers are walking blood banks!"

"In. The. Morning." Giles repeated slowly as if he was talking to a village idiot. His green eyes were narrowed coldly onto the chipped vampire.

Spike looked at the Watcher for a moment then sighed. "Right then. In the morning...But when you do get it, can ya heat it up in the microwave and get me some Weetabix?"

"Weetabix? Why?...No, wait, forget that question. I seriously don't want to know...And we'll see, Spike, we'll see."

Giles turned to see Willow already in the kitchen and getting the dish water ready. Giles brought some of the plates over to the sink. Willow took the plates and started to wash them...

"Um, Giles?" Willow whispered uncomfortably.

"Yes?" He asked leaning in close toward her.


"For what, Willow?" Giles asked bewilderedly.

"For...um...Saying your head wasn't leveled and calling you Unfeeling Guy."

Giles smiled gently at Willow.

"It's okay, Willow."

Willow splashed the water hard with her fist. Getting water and soap suds all over her orange and yellow sweater.

"No! No, it's *not* alright! Damn it, Giles! I shouldn't have said what I did. So stop making me feel guilty."

"I didn't mean to make you feel guilty...I'm sorry, Willow."

"See! There you go! Making me feel all guilty once more!"

"Willow." Giles placed a hand onto her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze as he turned her to face him. "We had a disagreement. People have them all the time."

"Well, I am sorry, Giles and it wasn't a disagreement, it was a fight, pure and simple."

"Well, disagreement or fight, I was right about it."

Willow's anger increased. "Oh, yeah...You would think that wouldn't you! You weren't right! In what way were you right?! I still think we should have tried to reason with that spirit warrior guy..."

"Willow! He had killed innocent people! He was going to continue killing the innocent! He had to be stopped! He was a cold blooded murderer! He couldn't have been reasoned with."

"As if anyone tried! You sure in the hell didn't!"

"Damn it, Willow! He was a bloody murderer!"

"The white man made him that way!"

"Willow, you're being a blasted idiot!"

Suddenly both parties became quiet...Willow looked at Giles with complete and total shock...And pain...Giles knew that he went way past the line one mustn't cross a few miles back.

"Oh, God...I'm...I'm sorry Willow." Giles said hoarsely.

Willow looked down at her bright tennis shoes and shifted.

"It's okay," she said softly.

"No! No, it's not okay! Please...Forgive me. You are the smartest woman I know and the most--Um...Well, let's just say, I'm really sorry."

"And the most what?" Willow asked unexpectedly. Looking back at him...Accepting his apology, but wanting to know what else he'd been about to say...


"Right, after you said I was smart, you were fixin' to say something else. What was it?"

"Um..." Giles shifted and looked away..."I-I'm not really sure."

"Oh." Willow suddenly noticed that her front was all wet. She pulled at it making it cling and reveal more of her front then she intended.
"Gee, I'm all wet."

Giles looked back at Willow to stare at her chest. He cleared his throat. "For the first time tonight I find myself agreeing with you."

Willow smiled and found herself giggling...

Giles ginned back and started to laugh.

When they both became quiet, they found that sometime during the laugh they had moved even closer to each other. Willow tilted her head and looked at Giles. Her eyes focused upon his lips. Giles looked down at the little red haired witch. His green eyes saw something he'd only dreamed of. Willow whispered his name. Neither was sure who moved first, not that it mattered, for soon they were in each other's arms. Kissing each other passionately.

The kiss was beautiful. Full of all the emotion that they had hidden from each other. Their bodies seemed to move naturally closer. Giles' arms closed around her. Surrounding her. Protecting her. Loving her. Possessing her. The kiss held gentleness as well as strength. It was erotic, as well as loving....

The first kiss held so much promise of something greater...

Finally when the kiss ended they were both breathless...Their eyes held passion and hunger...

Giles was staring at Willow's lips...Already yearning for another taste..."Willow...I'm so..."

"If you say your sorry. I'll put a spell on you! And it might not be a good one."

"What?...NO! No, I'm not sorry about kissing you at all!" Giles tightened his hold on her. Willow returned the embrace.

"Really?" She asked softly.

"Yes, really..." Giles replied softly, huskily. "As a matter of fact, I've thought about kissing you for a long time."

"Really? 'Cos I've thought about kissing you right back."

He lowered his mouth back onto hers. Her lips instantly parted as he delved into the sweetness inside.

Willow's mouth greedily and hungrily mated with his. Kissing Giles was so natural. So passionate. So loving. So wonderful. They still held each other tight. Both reluctant about the kiss ever ending.

"Gee, if I had known the Slayer's gang of happy good guys were so interesting I'd have hung around much more! ...You both aren't going to get naked later, are ya?"

Giles and Willow ignored Spike and kept right on kissing. But Spike was determined to get their attention.

"Hello! Guys...Um...Giles? Willow?...Oh, Bloody Hell, this is going to be a long night! Can ya at least get me a blind fold?...Guys?"

Spike sighed loudly. A little later he even rolled his eyes as he pouted. He couldn't smother a slight soft smile that crossed his lips for a about a few seconds.

For what he saw was love. Plain and simple.

And yes, he was a demon. Mr. Evil Bad Ass, even he still knew what love was and respected it. Even when he didn't want too. Hell, there were times when a demon such as he could love.

To think that Red and the Watcher found love on the Hellmouth! Well, even *HE* knew that was something really special. Very Special. He wasn't going to tell them, of course, but he secretly hoped the love they found for each other would last. Which he had a sodding weird feeling that it would. He just hoped that they would still remember to get him some blood in the morning!

At that thought his belly growled at him...

Morning couldn't come soon enough!

"Bloody Hell!" Spike sighed and pouted once more...



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