Title: Always, My Love : A Sequel to Always
Author: Shawna
e-mail: smkraus1@juno.com
Summery: Takes place in the future...Willow is pregnant
Rating: 12
Disclaimer: Sadly, they are not mine...They belong to Joss Whedon, Fox, and the WB network..
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Note: Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement. They really blessed me. I was not sure if anyone would like the Fanfic Always..so it meant a lot to me to hear from you. I was shocked when some people (about 3) asked if I was thinking about doing a sequel...A sequel!! I thought it was so sweet when Monique said "If this story doesn't scream 'SEQUEL' then I don't know what does"...I've never done a sequel before...I'm scared!..Will someone hold my hand? Maybe that handsome ex-librarian over there...Okay, Okay on to the story..Thank you again! Enjoy!

Willow could feel the baby kick. Their baby was very active.

"You are going to be a soccer player. I just know it!" Willow whispered to the baby.

Her hands caressed her big belly. Which would only get bigger. This was their baby. Willow smiled a beautiful smile. Willow's face seemed to have a soft heathy glow.

Giles slowly stepped into the room and stopped to take a look at his beautiful wife. She was truly breathtaking...

Giles loved her. More today, then he did yesterday. He would have never thought it possible to be so happy...Or so much in love.

He's going to be a Daddy. Giles smiled. Willow will be a great mother. He could see her teaching their child. Laughing with their child. Loving their child...Maybe when their child is older Willow will teach him or her to play 'Anywhere But Here'...All kinds of pictures entered Giles' head..What could be..What will be...

Willow could feel her beloved's eyes upon her. From where she was sitting, she looked over at him.

Naughty but wonderful thoughts filled her head.

She could not help but blush. Even, after four years of marriage some habits were hard to break.

She smiled at Giles...Her husband was so sexy! Even without the towel he was wearing...

"Did you enjoy your shower, my love?" Willow asked.

"I would have enjoyed it more if a certain redhead had joined me."

"I already had my shower...You were asleep."

" I could have been woken up."

"No..You looked too cute."

Giles gave Willow a certain look.

Willow slowly stood up and walked up to her husband. She lifted a hand and gently caressed his cheek.

Giles took her hand in his and pressed his lips against her warm soft palm.

"Mrs. Giles, have I ever told you how sexy you look in my robe."

"Yes, many times, and many of those times you felt the need to show me...Soon, though, I won't be able to wear it. I'm already starting to look like a whale..."

Giles lowered his head to capture Willow's lips.

They were both amazed at the loving intensity of the kiss. So sweet..So wonderful...

Giles' arms went around his precious Willow.

Willow felt treasured...Valued..Loved...

His mouth left hers to roam down the side of her throat.

Willow found it hard to concentrate. But still she wanted to know.

"Ru-Rupert, will you still want me when I'm the size of a whale?"

Willow felt regret when Giles stopped what he was doing and lifted his head. He gave her a sweet and tender look.

"My sweet love, I can never look at you without wanting you..I never see you without longing to hold you in my arms...To touch you..To love you..That's our child in your beautiful body..You will never look like a whale..Un-Unless you do some strange spell, ev-even then I will love you. I will love you with every breath I take...I will always love you, my Darling, always."

Willow's heart was full of joy and happiness. She knew Giles spoke the truth.

Willow placed her hands on the back of Giles' head and lowered his lips down to hers. Willow slowly lowered her hands to caress his shoulders and back. Giles moaned with pleasure.

Willows small, soft hands went even lower. One of her hands landed on the lose knot holding the towel together.

Suddenly, a knock sounded at the door. The sound surprised both of them. Making them jump. They stopped what they were doing.

"I bet that is our friends. At least, they have learned to knock before coming in...You didn't lock the door again, did you?"

Willow told Giles, giving him a stern look.

"Oh, as usual, dear or should I just say 'Bloody Hell'?..."

Willow couldn't help but laugh.

Willow could hear Buffy..

"Ready or not, we are coming in!"

They could see the door knob turn and the door slowly open. Giles, realizing that he was in nothing but a towel turned quickly away from Willow and headed for the stairs.

"Rupert!" Willow shouted.

The whole gang was in the living room by now and they looked towards the stairs.

Giles turned his head and saw to his shock and horror, his beautiful wife holding his forest green towel.


Giles said running to the safety of his and Willow's bedroom.

'Rupert sure makes life interesting' Willow thought to herself. She couldn't help but smile.



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