Title: J&PG "The Valley"
Author: Robin2 ( zivafemme@yahoo.com )
Rating: 18
Summary: Giles and Willow are finally together but someone's trying to tear them apart.
Disclaimer: All characters from BtVS belong to Joss Whedon.
Note: To Q.
Disclaimer:All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon and Fox. I'm using them for my own pleasure. And that totally came out wrong. I'm (obviously) making no money from this. It's just my way of havin' a little fun

"The Valley"

Giles wrapped his arms around Willow's middle and rested his chin on her shoulder. She relaxed into him and together they looked from their balcony over the vineyard below. In the distance above the arbor the sun cast it's final pastel's of the day and he felt Willow exhale.

"Perfect," she breathed. He nodded into her shoulder relieved that she thought so. He'd been afraid that she'd refuse to come, that Napa Valley had been a poor choice of vacation spots. Yet, it turned out the serenity, the leisurely pace of their bed and breakfast, had been exactly what they'd needed.

"It is a lovely view," he agreed and kissed her cheek.

"Not the view, silly," she said with a soft laugh in her voice. "Us. What we have. Perfect."

Willow caressed his forearms and then hands and then laced her fingers in his. Giles let the warmth of her touch wash through him and then nodded. He had to agree. It had taken some time and some work but life had returned to normal – or as normal as their chosen paths would allow. James had packed and gone within a week of his ‘accident' and Willow had been promoted.

That had been nearly a month ago and now here they stood, newly engaged as of last night, looking toward their future.

"I still can't believe it," Giles said. None of this seemed real.

He'd asked her to marry him, expecting her to say yes, hoping she would, but when she had he had been stunned. Willow Rosenberg had chosen him? She'd seen something in him that made her want to say forever? And then he'd kissed her, across the table, knocking over drinks, dragging his tie through spaghetti sauce, not caring. She'd said yes and that was all that mattered.

"Believe it," Willow said and turned in his arms until they stood facing each other. Giles looked down his chin watching as she fluttered her thin fingers over his shoulders, smoothing his shirt.

Giles laughed and punctuated it with a quick kiss that quickly blossomed into something deeper and a bit more demanding. They parted to draw breath. He pushed her hair behind her ear and searched her face seeing what he'd seen from the beginning, what he'd fail to recognize or accept or even… believe until a few short months ago. She loved him. She trusted him with her life and more than that, her heart.

"You're stuck with me. Forever. And I'm calling no do-overs," Willow teased with the words she'd used that night not so long ago when she'd confessed her love.

She smiled, completing him, and Giles braided his fingers through her hair and drew her slowly back to him. Forever sounded good. Forever sounded very good.

"None needed," he whispered and then their lips met. It was a slow kiss full of promises and Giles let it wash over him bringing with it fresh desire.

They'd made love last night and then again that morning but with Willow he felt he could never get enough. He smoothed his hands down her side and then under her blouse pulling it up and exposing her smooth belly. Giles rested his hands beneath the rounded weight of her breasts.

Willow shivered and moaned into his mouth as he brushed his thumbs over her sensitive nipples but she didn't pull away. Instead she ground into him and pulled his shirt from his pants and then worked anxiously at his belt and buckle.

Giles thought he might die from anticipation as she released his erection and then sank to her knees as his pants fell to his ankles. In a flash of clarity Giles managed a half-hearted surveillance of their surroundings, noted the thick ivy that partially concealed their balcony, and then quickly forgot everything but his name as Willow took him into her mouth.

His knees buckled and he grabbed the ledge for support as she lucked and sucked and hummed. Giles sucked in air through his teeth as Willow tenderly cupped the weight of his sac in her hand and then grasped his length. He thought he might die from want as she moved her hand in rhythm with her mouth so that what seemed to him to be a million different sensations bathed his senses. Giles threw his head back and groaned.

He watched through half-mast lids as she engulfed, licked, and kissed him to near completion. Giles nearly lost control at least half a dozen times as he watched himself disappear inside her warm wet mouth and she looked up at him with hooded jade eyes.

His body wanted the release but his soul wanted her. With what little sense he had left Giles stopped Willow. There was time enough in their lives for instant gratification but now he needed more. He took her hand and helped her climb to her feet and then started to lead her back to their bedroom intent upon loving her until the morning's first lights but Willow held back.

"Out here," she answered his questioning brow and then tugged lightly at his arm until Giles no longer resisted. He couldn't deny her.

He felt a slow smile spread across his face as Willow looked over her shoulder at him and then led him to the nearest chair. She put her delicate fingers to his chest and pushed at him until he sat and then lifted her skirt and facing him straddled his thighs. The light in Willow's green eyes as she slowly unfastened each of his buttons and exposed his chest to the early night air captivated Giles. He was helpless to do anything but watch as she did the same to her own blouse revealing her breasts to him.

His pulse pounded through his temples as Willow pushed his shirt off his shoulders and then scraped her blunt nails down his chest. Dear Lord, this was sweet torture. He closed his eyes and groaned as she leaned forward and flicked her tongue across his nipples and then drew each one in turn between her lips. His erection bobbed between them and Willow grasped him and then tortured him with feather light strokes that both tickled and threatened to send him over the edge.

It was all Giles could do not to take control and turn her over the table but he held on. This was her show and he knew the rewards that awaited him. Finally, when he knew he could take no more Willow brought his hands to her waist and Giles steadied her as she lifted herself over him and then slowly took him insider her tight warmth.

The tips of her breasts fluttered against his chest as her tight walls welcomed him with slick butterfly ruffles of pleasure. Giles gritted his teeth and dug his heels into the floor as Willow stretched around him. He felt his soul reach for hers and knew that even though they would make love countless times this feeling, the one where their souls touched, would always surprise him with how new it felt. In that he knew that each time with her would be like the first.

They sat still both holding their breath until by some tacit acknowledgement their dance began. Willow's mouth hovered over his and Giles licked his lips mere seconds before she captured them. Their bodies rocked together until they clutched each other fiercely aware of nothing but the one they'd become. Their sighs and groans mingled with the first chirps of crickets, the last calls of birds, and the rustlings of wind through the arbor and then everything but their heartbeats faded.

He pressed his fingers tighter into the soft curve of her waist and matched her stroke for stroke. Giles's was secure in her. Willow was everything and as their bodies and souls joined Giles was at peace. He was certain no other lovers would so effortlessly reached the heights they had. They had been created for each other.

Giles held back until he felt the first hesitant pulses of her impending release and then he gripped Willow's slender hips and held her tightly to him as he ground into her one last time. They clutched each other skin-to-skin, breath matching breath, and he rested his head on her chest while the rush washed over them and then receded.

"Giles?" she whispered but he shushed her and pressed his ear closer to her breast. He heard it and he felt it and he didn't want to lose it. Their hearts beat as one.

"Your heartbeat," he whispered almost afraid to speak. "It matches mine."

Willow pulled away and a gentle smile painted her flushed face. She looked into his eyes. "It always has," she whispered and then placed a tender kiss on his lips.

The end


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