Title: J&PG "The Moment"
Author: Robin2 (zivafemme@yahoo.com)
Rating: 18
Summary: A long erotica. Porn with some plot. Giles and Willow finally get together but what they have is threatened. There's grrrr Giles and aww Giles and dangerous Giles.
Notes: To Q.

**The Moment**

Red hair spilled over Giles's chest and tickled its way down to his navel as it followed the trail her kisses made. Giles groaned and then giggled and trailed his fingers across Willow's shoulders as she worked her way down. He inhaled sharply as she slid her smooth lithe body down his and stretched beneath her to prolong the sweet agony of contact.

Willow grinned up at him a wicked gleam in her green eyes. “You like that, huh?” she teased. Her low voice held a laugh and her pink tongue peeked out just past her teeth.

“What do you think?” he murmured amazed at the love he saw in her eyes. It humbled him, inspired him, and pushed his arousal nearly beyond what he thought he could endure. He wasn't quite sure when his fantasy had become reality, how they'd reached this point, but here they were and he wanted it to last forever.

Willow quirked her brow and crawled back up until she sat just above his straining erection. Evening shadows dipped and hid behind her collarbones in invitation and Giles leaned up and pulled the tip of his tongue along her neck. He forced himself to take his time, to memorize every curve and scent, knowing that once this moment passed they could not reclaim it.

The silk of Willow's green negligee crumpled as he pushed it up her smooth thigh then slipped his hands under the rippled material and around her bottom. He cupped the tender flesh in his hands and kneaded gently coaxing another quiet moan from her. Willow closed her eyes and slid her heat down his cock leaving him wet with her desire and Giles groaned at the sensation. He couldn't wait much longer as the need to be in her, to love her, fought him for control. He kissed her once more and then rolled them so that he pinned her to the mattress with one arm above her head.

“You're certain?” he asked his voice rough with desire.

Her eyes shone up at him and crinkled around the edges with the smile that told him ‘yes'. The smile faded and he felt her shift and open herself to him. Giles paused. God, was this really happening? After how many nights of dreaming?

“I love you,” Willow whispered. Her voice barely rose above the pounding of their hearts.

Giles leaned into her palm and closed his eyes as her soft voice opened the floodgates of adrenaline. He was quite sure he'd never tire of hearing her tell him that.

Two weeks ago over spaghetti – just two friends having (another) dinner, Willow had said it. He distinctly remembered being nervous that night, having finally admitted to himself that his attraction to Willow went beyond what had been established. Of course, he'd managed to dribble sauce down his chin and then jumped and cursed as a blob of it landed on his trousers – new ones, bought with her in mind. Naturally, the wine had spilled, the table nearly flipped, and she'd burst into a fit of giggles that would grow and then subside and then sprout again as she played the scene over in her mind. She'd been laughing when she'd said it. “I love you, Rupert Giles.”

Giles could still hear it, see her laughter subside, see how the light in her eyes had changed. He remembered how his heart had stuttered to a near halt, his rational mind tried to convince him that he'd misunderstood. Surely she hadn't said that, and if she had she'd meant it in a familial tone. ‘I love you, Uncle Maury. Thanks for the sweater.'

But she'd said it again and removed all doubt. Her shaking voice serious. Even her lips trembled as she'd waited for him to respond. At the time he could do little more than stare. She loved him. Struck dumb with knowledge Giles could only watch as her confidence wavered and a blush raced up her neck.

‘I'm not going to take it back,' she'd said and held her head up despite the stares of the other patrons. ‘No do-overs. I – I had to say it, a-and even if you don't… feel the same way, I- I'm still glad I said it.'

Finally he'd found his sense. ‘No do-over needed, I can assure you,' was all he'd managed but for Willow that had been enough. Her smile and her kiss had been just the beginnings of his reward.

Willow's warm lips on his brought Giles into the present. Just the beginning, he thought as he opened his mouth to her kiss. Willow's small tongue darted in and out, coaxing and teasing until he could barely stand the torture. He pulled away breathless and looked deeply into her eyes.

“I love you,” he whispered. He loved how the color seemed to change with her emotions. She looked back at him and then shuddered as he trailed his knuckles down her jaw line.

Willow closed her eyes and shivered then arched into him as he outlined the lace of her gown with the tips of his fingers. The gown was soft, true, but nothing compared to her skin against his and Giles pushed the delicate fabric off her shoulder and eased it down. He felt his cock surge toward her tight warmth as he revealed her small, but firm and perfectly proportioned breasts.

“So, beautiful,” he breathed and then reclaimed her lips as he cupped her small taut breast in his hand and felt her nipple tightened against his palm. Willow strained against his caress her body begging for more attention and Giles did not want to disappoint her.

He pulled his mouth away from hers and kissed and suckled from her chin to the rise of her breasts and then pulled his tongue across a straining dusky peak. He watched as it grew impossible tighter and then paid equal attention to the other.

Willow squirmed and moaned under him and at some point snaked an arm around the back of his neck while she slid her small hot hand slowly downward. She laced her fingers through his chest hair until finally she settled her light grip around his length.

They groaned in unison and he surged forward again knowing that somehow she was pleased with what he had to offer. She pressed her hips into him but Giles ignored the invitation. He knew that despite his best efforts he wouldn't last and he needed to see her fulfilled as much as he needed to breath.

He slid down her belly, nipping at her through the green silk that hid and revealed until he was between her slender thighs stroking her legs from the knee up, delighting in the shivers and squirms that he elicited. The sweet musky scent of her arousal enticed him and he trailed his fingers through the moist red curls, opening her for him.

Willow jumped and gasped and wound her fingers in his hair, urging him on as he dipped forward for a taste. Wanting only to pleasure her, Giles licked and nibbled and sucked at her glistening folds. With each moan he pushed farther making love to her with his mouth and tongue - unable and unwilling to stop his own groans of pleasure as she arched and babbled under his ministrations.

“Yes, Giles,” she moaned and lifted her hips and tensed for one beautiful second. Giles suckled her bud drinking in her sweet juices until she gasped and grabbed him, holding him firm as her orgasm built. He threw his arm over her hips holding her still as he slid one finger and then another into her slick tight channel and worked her through the release she sought.

“Yes,” she called again and Giles nearly joined her when he felt her tight walls pulsate around his fingers. Gently he released her - licking and soothing her down from her trembling high.

“Please,” she rasped.

Needing no further encouragement Giles kissed his way up her body as he moved up on the bed and slid his hips between her thighs. They both jumped as he brushed against her sensitive folds and squeezed his eyes shut with effort against plunging into her tight warmth. He would take this as slowly as she needed him to. He looked down into eyes that overflowed with love and trust and then lowered his head to her neck, savoring the pulse that raced against his forehead.

He moaned in pleasure as her tight walls spread just enough to accommodate his slow entry then massaged him as he withdrew. Willow closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the pillow, her whimpers of pleasure coaxing him deeper and faster. Their voices, soft murmurs of encouragement and sudden cries of pleasure mingled as they found their rhythm.

Giles knew he should stop, pull away, do anything to prolong this perfection, but he couldn't. He bit at her neck, murmured coarse urgings, then captured her lips with his, darting his tongue into her mouth in harmony with his thrusts until she cried out and bucked against him. Willow's response pulled him over the edge and Giles closed his eyes. The world faded and all that existed was the agonizing pleasure of his climax. He plunged deeper inside her as the last of him escaped and then collapsed into her shoulder as stars exploded behind his lids.

“Wow,” Willow breathed against his ear. Her chest heaved with effort to capture lost breath.

Giles rolled to the side and pulled her small body into his hold. He smiled at her breathless interjection and spread his fingers so that hers slipped easily between them. Somewhere, some time he'd done something right and the gods had smiled on him with the gift who lay in his arms. He suddenly felt very humbled.

He kissed the top of her head and hoped the right words would come to him. He wanted to tell her that this was forever to him. He'd waited all his life for her, and he wasn't going to let her slip away. She filled his soul and he ached when she wasn't near enough to touch. An embarrassed smile quirked his lips, it was all purple prose and it would sound damned silly coming from him.

Her skin flushed and hot, Willow sighed and nestled deeper into his hold. Giles licked his lips. She deserved to hear it. If he could he would tell and show her just how much she meant to him every day.

“Willow –“

She shushed him. “I'm listening to your heart,” she whispered. She pulled her hand over her chest and pressed it down until he felt the strong pulse. “It beats in time with mine.”

Giles smiled and held her closer. “Of course it does,” he whispered. “It always has.”



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