TITLE: The KamaSutra of Willow
AUTHOR: Beth/Meawan
EMAIL: meawan@msn.com
SUMMARY: Willow and Giles have an adventure courtesy of Willow's magic
WARNING: Launguage, Sex. If you are not of age, turn back now.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters. They belong to the WB, Joss W. their production companies.
NOTES: Thanks to everyone that helped me write this. I could not have gotten this far without their kind help and encouragement. This story is dedicated to them. Lastly, thanks to Red Dwarf, it gave me a spark of an idea.

Part One

Willow slowly lowered her arms, looking guilty. Giles sighed and looked at the dusty ground, rubbing his hands through his hair. They were no longer in the college library, but standing on a dusty crossroad, being baked by a tropical sun. Giles put his hand on her shoulder. "Willow, have you any idea where we are this time?"

It Willow's seventeenth attempt at a "displacement spell" she'd been working on. They'd already ended up in assorted closets and rooms around the college. Giles so far enjoyed teaching her how to use her powers. However, with this particular spell he was feeling more like a kite in the wind, going where ever Willow's powers decided to take them. Spending a day with Willow was worth the extra effort. Giles had to undo a lot of bad habits she learned from her last teacher.

After meeting the "professor" who'd been assisting her in her training, Giles had volunteered to help her with the casting. It was obvious that Professor Samas had "other" interests in mind for Willow, using her extraordinary talent to start delving into the blacker arts. It had soon become apparent, even to Willow, that things were getting out of control.

Giles had known Willow for a long time. He was going to let her have as normal a college life as he could, trying to wean her off "slaying" business. But, he missed her. He missed the way she helped him with the research, missed the way she could get to the point of the problem quickly and efficiently. Willow, for her part, missed the friendship and the boost to her self esteem when Giles needed her.

When Willow had come to him one night shaking and crying, telling him through hiccuping sobs that Professor Samas was trying to conjure a demon, Giles put a stop to the tutoring sessions right then. Willow got a work-study job in the library and he saw her every day. She never went back to Samas, even though he came to the library every so often to ask her when she was going to return to him. Giles always answered "no" for her, in a smooth and confident way.

Today they were working on displacement and control. However, Willow's powers were a wild kind of magic that manifested itself in sudden bursts. That meant roofs coming off and fires starting. In short, mayhem.

"This is definitely not Sunnydale." Giles said looking at the tall trees over his head. They were full of monkeys.

"Do you know how to do a Locate Spell?" Willow asked, coming over to him.

"Only to locate the subject, not the querant." He put his hand on her shoulder. "Can you get us back?"

"I think so." Willow started, "But, the amulet is back in the library."

Giles smacked his forehead. The amulet that was supposed to be around her neck was lying on his desk, back in Sunnydale. It was a bit of charmed smoky quartz that helped Willow focus, concentrating her powers on whatever spell she was working on. If Giles remembered right, she took it off because it was heating up and burning her.

"Perhaps there's a village nearby, and we could find another focus." He said cheerfully, partially to get her off worrying that she'd made another mistake, and partially to stop himself from worrying about how they were going to get back.

"I'm sorry Giles...." her voice was quivery.

He interrupted her, "Well I did fancy a bit of travel this week."

"This week?"

"Well, I just wanted to wait until the weekend." He smiled at her. They started walking down the road

Out of the dense jungle arose a kingdom of wet roofs and clay. Giles had already removed his coat and tie. The humidity rose from the ground in great clouds of steam. Willow was lagging behind, her hair dripping with moisture and her face was red. Giles noticed and stopped walking like a madman in the noonday sun, "Sit Willow. It's no good if we arrive in that village fainting like tourists."

"I'm sorry. I..I...."

Giles interrupted her, "It's done. There's nothing to be sorry for." He crouched down beside her. "This is an adventure, so put on your best face, and go." His voice was tender, holding a note of laughter.

Willow smiled for the first time in an hour. "I wish Buffy were here. She's better at adventure." Willow giggled a bit, "and stronger."

Giles pondered Willow's obvious lack of self esteem. She was weaker than Buffy that was true. Hell Giles was weaker than his Slayer. But Willow made up for it by being intuitive, smart, and magical. Had no one mentioned this before? "Well we have our own advantages." he said patting her on the knee. "We're quite smart you know."

Willow beamed at this slight compliment from Giles. It was interesting to see how a little praise went a long way with her. He was unclear as to how to define his relationship with her. It wasn't a father-daughter connection, nor was it totally a mentor-student association. Giles relied on her researching abilities, and companionship. Their relationship was more of a friendship, than anything else. Still, when they were together, he found himself smiling and laughing more often.

Giles respected her intelligence, and she was a pretty girl. He often wondered what she was going to be like when she was his age. Or, if he were her age... He sighed, warning himself not to go there, romance couldn't be a thought between them.

"Rest period over. Time to go." They walked a bit slower that last mile to the village.

Mara struggled with a thousand duties forgotten in a rush to get things organized. The most honored guests would need clean quarters, new bedclothes, servants. She'd already chastised three of her girls for going slowly. She was notified only an hour ago when the strangers were seen crossing over the bridge to the village. An hour wasn't time enough to get a dinner ready, let alone a feast and organize sleeping arrangements

At least this man had a woman with him. So calling a girl to service him wouldn't be an issue. However, the Prince had already left Mara orders that this girl would have to sleep with the other concubines. This would mean new clothes for the girl.

"Abda!" she yelled across the room to a small woman dragging out a cot. "The girl will not be sleeping here. Just sweep up and change the bed. I must see to the feast!"

Part 2

Willow and Giles came across the bridge that led directly into the village. Once out of the jungle, cool breezes flowed in and around them. At once, they were surrounded by little brown children, all laughing and yelling. They touched Willow's long red hair, and made funny faces at Giles' glasses. The language they chattered in was not similar to anything Giles knew.

Willow felt like she was being herded. The little brown tide was pushing them to the center of the town. "Giles?" she asked, slightly alarmed.

"Its alright. Patience." he said calmly.

He let the children lead them. When they stopped, it was at the very center of the village, and the gateway to the magnificent Palace they had seen miles before. There were six men there waiting for them, three with weapons, three wearing ornate robes of varying colors. The tallest of them stepped forward and waved his hand imperiously. The children scattered.

He bowed, slightly. "I am the Vizier." he declared in dulcet tones. "I am here to welcome our honored guests."

He had rough brown skin, like suede. His eyes stared out from under a bulging forehead and looked like poached eggs, all yellow and covered with a thin film of white. He spoke perfect English.

"You were expecting us?" Giles asked, surprised.

"Your coming was foretold by our Prince." The armed men formed a half circle around Giles, Willow and the Vizier. "He was told by the Great Ones that you would be bringing ancient magic with you to best the darkness that surrounds this kingdom."

Willow tapped Giles on the shoulder. He leaned in to hear her whisper. "Why do I think the Vizier is talking like a puppet?"

He thought Willow's observation was astute. The Vizier was talking in a grand manner, but his words sounded clichéd, and stilted. It was as though he was being forced to talk this way in order to make Giles and Willow understand. The Vizier was not finished. "It is said that the stranger would bring with him a 'willow' for sacrifice."

She gasped audibly. 'Does he mean me?' she thought.

Giles gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, knowing what she was thinking. 'Not now.' he willed her to understand, 'When we are alone.' He took her silence as confirmation.

"Who is the Little Orchid?" the Vizier gestured to Willow, who stood shock-still, with wide frightened eyes.

Giles put on his most regal tone, "She is my assistant. Colleague?"

"Oh, she is without a master, yes?" the Vizier's eyes sparkled. "Then she belongs to us."

"Huh?" Willow exclaimed.

"That is the law. It says that a woman entering this kingdom belongs to the Prince, or her husband, or her master. Since you are not husband nor master," He indicated Giles. "Then she belongs to the Prince, or whomever will take her."

Giles observed the raw lust on the faces of the men there. Willow was a delicate sweetmeat to be devoured by these men. They saw in her an innocent quality. "Did I say colleague? I meant concubine." He stole a look at Willow, who was still stupefied.

Giles hoped she understood the reason for calling her his concubine. "Well if that is the reason. Shall we enter the Palace?" The Vizier pointed the way.

Willow felt the rough hands of the men grab at her, lifting her up. "Hey!"

Giles was at her side instantly. "What are you doing?" his voice was smooth, but his smile indicated danger.

"Women must not touch the sacred grounds outside the palace." the man grunted.

"There is no danger here." the Vizier tugged on Giles' arm. "Your property will be safe in the hands of Amir." Willow wasn't sure she liked the word "Property".

Part 3

The path that led up to the palace was lined with rough stones. Their unevenness made walking smoothly difficult. Giles traversed the way as fast as he could, trying to match the Vizier's long strides. He frequently looked back at Willow who was slung over Amir's shoulders, like a sack of rice.

When they emerged from the dark canopy of green that covered the path, the view was breathtaking. The buildings of the palace gleamed in hues of pink and gold. The steam rising from the surrounding jungle made it look like it was shrouded by a veil. The Vizier's party stopped by a huge fountain of cavorting naked women carved in stone. "Wait." the tall man said

Willow was set down on the flagstones, and immediately ran over to Giles. He almost scooped her up in his arms, but checked himself at the last minute and held her hand instead. He wished he could comfort her, to ease her anxiety. He was confused, trying to figure out just what was going on, and why they were expected.

Giles soon got his answer. The Prince emerged, flanked on both sides by guards. And he was hardly a stranger. Willow gave a short squeal, and Giles gulped. The Prince looked like a younger and stronger Professor Samas!

The smell of cooked lamb filled the kitchen. Mara finished slicing the cucumbers and was slowly adding them to the soup bubbling on the brazier. The kitchen was full of women either slicing or cooking. Four young lambs were turning on the spit. The juices from them were dripping on the roasted vegetables below. Mara directed two young women frying sweet nuts over a low fire. The bread was done, and already on the low feasting tables.

Someone was yelling for her, and Mara scurried out of the cooking area with stern warnings not to let anything burn. She ran into the concubine area. All the girls were crowded around the new girl, laughing and poking at her.

They were doing it tease her, and to be friendly. But the new girl was almost crying, slapping angrily at the other girls. The Mistress of the girls, a flighty woman Mara always referred to as "The Bird", called her over. As usual, she could not control the situation.

"She will not undress!" she wailed.

"Why are you letting the girls undress her?" She was impatient with the The Bird. Mara strode into the center of the women.

Willow stood in the middle of the room, trying to defend herself. These women wanted to take off her clothes! Suddenly the girls scattered, and someone gathered Willow up in their arms. "Don't cry little one." she was enfolded in soft feminine arms and leaning against a comforting breast. Willow inhaled a wonderful smell of cinnamon and sandalwood. "Now Pet, tell Mara what's wrong."

Willow hesitated a bit, "Well..th..they want to take off my clothes!"

Mara laughed, and hugged Willow closely. "Silly one, they want to dress you up for the feast," she said stroking Willow's hair. "Don't you want to look nice for your Master?"

Willow wanted to say that Giles was not her master, but she and Giles hadn't had time to talk. As soon as "Prince Samas" came in the courtyard, she was whisked away and deposited here.

Mara held her at arms length. "You're a pretty flower. You do your master credit."

Willow blushed fiercely at this woman's comment. Oz thought she was cute. Xander never paid her a compliment unless he wanted something. Mara smiled at her, "Now what is your name Little Orchid?"

Little Orchid is what the Vizier called her. Willow decided it wasn't the time to tell them her real name. She remembered the prophecy. Willow bowed her head and said shyly. "I like being called Little Orchid."

Mara laughed, "Little Orchid it shall be! Abda, fetch The Bird." She pulled Willow's hair back from her face. "The girls won't hurt you, I promise." Somehow, Willow believed her.

Part 4

Giles nervously wondered where Willow was. He couldn't escape to find her, Samas' hand was on his shoulder. And the Vizier was standing right behind him. "......the delights of the Palace are yours to explore." Samas was saying. Giles wasn't paying any attention.

"And I must sample your private delight." he went on. "You will share, yes?"

Samas smiled and Giles barked a terse, "Why yes, yes of course." as he craned his neck searching for Willow in the movements behind the Prince's shoulder. little group stopped, and all looked at Giles, who suddenly came out of his "cloud". Samas clapped him on the shoulder. "You, my friend will have my First Concubine!"

"Excuse me?" Giles knew he agreed to something, but didn't know what.

Samas gestured to the Vizier. "Show my new friend to his sleeping quarters. and give him the finest robes we own. You my friend are in for a treat!"

Mara was in Giles' quarters placing candles around the room. More young girls came in and dropped off clothes and jewelry. She bowed deeply when Giles walked down the few steps that led to the sleeping chamber. "What is your pleasure Master?" she said reverently.

Giles was still deeply confused, however his first thought was of Willow. "My, er..compani... ah... c.. concubine...Where is she?"

Mara took Giles' coat and tie, and set them on a chest by the bed. "Your Little Orchid is safe and with the other girls."

"Is she safe?" The anxiety in his voice was evident.

"Very safe my Lord." She started to unbutton his shirt, he put his hand over hers.

"I think I can handle this myself." Giles grabbed her hand. It was warm and soft, and he instinctively knew he could trust her, although he didn't know why.

"As you wish. I shall prepare your bath." She stepped into the bathing chamber. Soon he could hear water rushing and splashing.

His mind was racing and he sought to attain some clarity. His thought were still on where they took Willow, but even more disconcerting was the sudden arrival of Samas, the professor, the Prince. Who or what was he really? And why were they being treated like royalty?

"And what did I agree to?" he mumbled.

Mara was at his side. "You agreed to let your flower spend the night with the Prince. That's what you did."

Giles suddenly had the whole conversation laid out before him. Samas telling him that they were looking for him, the portents were there. Himself nodding, still thinking of Willow. Samas saying that he hoped he could help him with the Dark Powers, then agreeing to let Samas share.....Willow?

Mara had his shirt off and was working on his trousers. "Please not to worry." She navigated his belt buckle smoothly. "Your Little Orchid will be yours this evening. The Prince won't have the strength after the feast."

Mara had his pants down and Giles stepped out of them, standing in front of her in his boxers. "Now go, your bath is ready. I will see to your precious." Mara cooed, shoving Giles towards the bathroom.

The women that surrounded Willow looked like brightly colored birds. Their clothes drifting around brown bodies that glimmered with every movement. There were others however, that she averted her eyes from, as they wore nothing except thin gold chains that swirled around their necks and waists. These girls were unself conscious, and constantly laughed and whispered behind their hands. They giggled and tried to play with her. After her talk with Mara, Willow felt less frightened of these strange women.

They held her body in place, as they unsnapped the tops of her overalls. "Hey, I can do that!" she protested batting their hands away, but her protests were ignored.

Soon Willow was standing naked in front of them, trying vainly to cover herself. The women patted and pushed her over to a brightly tiled depression in the corner of the room. She stood there wishing she had more hands to hide herself.

Buckets of cool water poured over her and she stood there shivering. It had a heavy scent to it, like cucumbers and melons. Again and again the solution coursed over her body. After the heat of the day, this sudden coolness was a relief. Her hair was bathed in more scented liquid, washing away the dirt and the grime of her long walk with Giles.

Hands started to massage her tired muscles and scrub her dirty hair. Two of the women were also in the well with her, pressing their bodies to hers. Gentle hands flowed all over her body, creating a soapy mass. The scent of the soap and the water infused Willow's senses, and she forgot to be frightened. She closed her eyes letting the women wash her.

The girls encouraged Willow to grab on to the bar that hung above the alcove. she shivered as one of the girls started rubbing her sex. Instinctively she avoided the touch. More water was poured over her, the scent stronger this time. She wearily tried to turn away from the touch, and received a pinch from one of the girls. The girl stroked her face, and kissed Willow furtively, as if to say, "don't be shy." The other girl massaged Willow's breasts, plumping them, and caressing them.

She didn't know if it was the scented water or the tender caress of the women, but Willow relaxed and let herself be touched. Her thoughts became fuzzy and muted. She experienced a curious floating sensation. The pressure of the women increased, and Willow found herself leaning into one or the other. A gentle hand caressed her clitoris, bringing her to arousal.

Willow couldn't herself from moaning, the sensation causing all her awareness to be concentrated on her sex. On the edges of her senses she heard a sharp voice and a discordant clapping. Willow shrank away from it, she was on the boundary of a sharp orgasm.

Cold water suddenly splashed over Willow and it was like a slap in the face. She instantly came to herself again. The realization of what she was about to do brought a painful blush to her face. Mara was there again with fluffy towels. "My sweet. There, there... I know..." she said, Willow was teary eyed and embarrassed. Mara held her face in her hands.

"It's a shame that the Prince...." she broke off and looked around at the laughing girls. Mara thought the better of what she was going to say. "You do your Master credit." she said, buffing Willow's body with the towel. "Never be ashamed of showing this side."

"He is not....." she began.

Mara put her finger to Willow's lips. "Don't say... I understand, but others will take advantage."

Part 5

Giles lay in the cool water of the bath letting the liquid ebb and flow over him. He could hear the sounds of the Palace echoing in the distance. His mind however, was full of questions, so he could not fully relax. First there was the riddle of Professor, or rather Prince Samas. It was obvious that Willow's spell had propelled them back in time, and that Prince/Professor Samas could be one and the same. His intentions towards Willow was obvious in both time-lines.

He closed his eyes, and let himself be supported by the water. Hands suddenly curled around his neck and shoulders and he heaved himself out of the water. "W... w..what are you doing?" he stammered.

"My Lord Prince told me to attend to your...." the young girl he was staring at bowed her head. "... needs." The girl was so very young, and kept her hands behind her.

He realized that he was naked, and hastily sat down. "Y.. y... you may leave. I can attend to m... m.. myself thank you."

The girl still stood head bowed. Then, in a rush she ran towards him with something in her hand. Her arm was raised high, and Giles deftly grabbed it as it was coming down on his shoulder. "What in bloody hell?"

"Please sir! Please!" The girl struggled in his arms. "My Lord Prince said you would kill me if I did not give you the drug!"

Giles held the girl by the hands. "What drug?" It was then he saw the discarded syringe floating in the bath water. "Do you mean this?" he showed it to her She shook her head yes.

"Its for you...It will make you calm." The girl was little more than a child, and had the same bright eyes as Samas. She was trembling, but Giles suspected it wasn't because she was frightened, but because she was excited.

"I don't need it." Giles forced the girl to look at him. "No one is going to get killed. Go back to..." What was that woman's name? " To... to.. Mara! Yes! Back to Mara! Tell her that you have served me well."

The girl rushed out of the bathing room. Giles, relieved, leaned back into the water and looked at the syringe. "Hmmm quite a modern object we have here." he mumbled. It was then he became afraid for what was happening to Willow.

Mara led Willow to another corner of the room. There was a large curtain that separated this part of the room from the main area. Mara pulled the fabric shut, and took the towel off the still shivering girl. "Little Orchid, now we dress you to befit your status." Mara smiled and patted Willow on the cheek.

"Please tell me what is going to happen? Where is Gi...I mean my Master?"

Mara brought two older girls from an alcove, each holding several pots of liquid. "Sweetness, your Master is waiting for you at the feast."Willow felt less alone, but still nervous. Mara knew this, and tried to calm her. "Do you need something to calm down?" she asked more motherly than ever.

"N..no. I'm okay." The curtain was pulled apart, and a girl ran in speaking quickly in a language Willow could not follow. Some words were clear, "new master" and "drug" she could pick out, but that was all.

Mara looked at Willow, frowning, "Don't worry Little Orchid, I will be close by." she left her alone with the two women.

His clothes were laid out on the bed, the dirty ones he arrived in were nowhere in sight. Hitching up his towel, Giles picked the jacket first . It was long and V necked, with three tiny mother of pearl buttons a quarter of the way down. He ran the silky material through his fingers, a sigh of satisfaction escaping his lips. The jacket was threaded with gold that matched the threading on the pantaloons.

"How in the bloody hell...." He mumbled looking at the fine lengths of cloth to wrap around his head. Rather than get dressed he sat on the bed and studied the syringe. He shook it slightly and the liquid glistened and swirled. 'What would it have done in his bloodstream?' he wondered.

As if on cue, Mara came into the room, with a pensive look on her face. "Expecting something?" Giles said, wryly. "Perhaps you'd like to sample this?" he offered the syringe to the woman.

Mara stepped clear of his offering. "Are you... well?" she asked hesitantly.

"Despite the Prince's gift. I feel very refreshed." The sarcasm in his voice was obvious. He towered over the small brown woman. "Where's Willow?"

Mara was still frowning, looking at the syringe he held in his hands. "Your Little Orchid is getting ready." She stressed the words "little" and "orchid" to Giles with a warning glance. She went over to the clothes lying on the bed, and picked up the jacket.

She tugged the towel off him deftly. "Please madam!" he said, quickly covering his exposed parts.

"My Lord you have nothing that I haven't seen before." she laughed at his shyness. "You have to be there early." she said, easing the jacket over his shoulders. "You must not appear nervous. You must not drink from the flasks that are offered you. The food however, is not touched by anyone but me."

She handed him the pantaloons and gathered up the lengths of cloth to be wrapped around his head. Giles had the pants halfway up when she suddenly turned, and pulled his head down to her level. "You must call your lady, Little Orchid. Never call her by her name, her life may depend on it."

She stepped back from him, and appraised his appearance. "Mara, what's going on here?"

She smiled, and looked around. "Don't be too smart My Lord. And leave as soon as you can." she started wrapping the cloth. "Your lady is in flower, and My Prince loves to pick beautiful flowers."

"Sounds like advice I would give to my Slayer."


He smiled and bowed his head slightly. "I.. I...Well its not important. Where's the party?"

Mara pointed to the world beyond the archway. "Just follow the music."


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