Title: All We Are
Author: The Library Girl
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: FRAO for much graphic sex
Pairing: Willow/Rupert

Summary : Willow is still in her funk over Oz. She goes over to check on Rupert only to find that he is more depressed than she is. Can they offer each other some comort?

Spoilers: A few for the beginning of season 4.

Disclaimer : This is where I put the statement saying that I do not own Buffy, Giles (Heh! I wish!), Sunnydale, or anything relating to the show. No one is paying me to do this and if you feel the sudden urge to send me gifts, you might want to talk to someone about that. Joss Whedon owns all things Buffy and has not given me permission to use these characters as I have so if you have problems with the story, please send the pretzel bombs to me, not him.

Author's Notes : I wrote this for the Hurt/Comfort ficathon on Tweed and Tea. I chose the Rupert/Willow challenge in an effort to try something new.
Thanks need to be given, and here is where they go. Thanks to Joss for creating characters so fun to watch and to borrow for a bit. Thanks to Tony Head for making Giles so amazing. I tried to fight it, but he was just too remarkable not to fall for.
To Jen and Jess for the betas. I appreciate it! To my other half, Ann, I could have never written this without your help and support. I cannot thank you enough for all you do and all you are in my life.Thanks to my amazing husband who not only doesn't get upset when my writing takes over, but who doesn't freak about the men who live in my head.

All We Are

Willow Rosenberg sat on her bed hugging her pillow and staring off into space. This had become a common thing with her lately and while she hated that she did it, she just couldn't seem to help herself. Since Oz had left a month ago, whenever she was alone, her darker thoughts just took over, leaving her lonely and depressed.

She was getting better about it. At least now she could be happy when she was with her friends. She felt a bit guilty for having been the black cloud of doom around them and even worse for the spell she'd accidentally cast in a failed attempt to get Oz back. She knew things would get better and tried not to let her darker thoughts fill her head. But when she was alone in her dorm room, like she was now, they all swirled around, making her feel wretched.

Today had started out as a good day. She'd gone to her classes, where she'd discovered that she'd gotten the highest score of anyone on her Chemistry test. She'd had lunch with Buffy and then had come back to her room to write a paper for her history class. She loved writing papers and had lost herself in the magic of the past. It was a chance word she'd run across in her research that had sunk her into her current state. She'd been reading about a military action in Britain that had been led by a Captain Michael Osbourne. The spelling caught her attention. Most people didn't spell it with an e like Oz did.

Thinking about Oz led her to thinking about his leaving. He had given her all sorts of reasons, most of them being that he needed to get his own life in order before he could be with her. To Willow, they all came down to one thing. He didn't want to be with her. She had felt the two of them drifting apart and if she were completely honest with herself, she had been starting to go her own way as well. If he hadn't left, they would have probably broken up soon anyway. But he did leave. And that had hurt. No matter what face he put on it, it boiled down to the fact that he didn't want her anymore. And in moments like this one, Willow didn't blame him.

And that was really the biggest problem. Not that Oz had left, but that he'd left her , confirming that she wasn't exciting enough, or sexy enough. And those were the thoughts that ran through her head as she sat, hugging her pillow tighter. She would never look like a fashion model. Her legs weren't long enough, her breasts not big enough. She wasn't smart enough or funny enough. She wasn't a Slayer or a werewolf, or even a sexy singer for a band. She was just plain old Willow and that wasn't interesting or exciting. No one would ever want her.

A knock at the door pulled her from her dark contemplations. She sighed deeply, trying to shake the mood as she rose from the bed to answer the door. Xander was standing in the hallway, shifting from foot to foot.

“Oh hey, Wil,” he said, smiling at her. “I'd just decided you weren't here.”

“Sorry,” Willow said, trying to sound distracted instead of depressed. “I was working on a paper.”

She stepped back, letting him into the room. Xander walked in and looked around, finally sitting on the edge of Buffy's bed.

“Nose to the old grindstone, huh?” he asked.

“Something like that. What brings you here?”

“Well, actually, I was just over having coffee with Buffy,” Xander said, looking down at his hands. “We realized we hadn't seen or heard from Giles since the Gentlemen were here and after much guilt we started to worry.”

“We should call him,” Willow said, walking over to the phone. “It's not like Giles to be quiet for a whole week.”

“We did try to call him,” Xander said as she picked up the phone. “Buffy tried to call from the coffee shop and he didn't answer.”

Willow nodded as she listened to the phone ringing in her ear. After six rings she hung up, turning back to Xander.

“We should go check on him. What if he's sick or something?” Willow frowned as she thought about that.

“That's why I stopped by,” Xander said quietly. “Buffy has a class and I have to go to work. Can you go check on Giles?”

Willow looked at him, trying not to feel too hurt. Xander had been avoiding her since the whole “my will be done” spell and while she couldn't really blame him, it still stung her.

“Yeah, sure,” she said, swallowing her pain. “I'll head over there now.”

“Thanks, Wil,” Xander said, standing up and taking her hand. “I really appreciate it.”

“Well, you now owe me ice cream, mister.” She forced a smile onto her face.

“Deal. I have Friday off. We'll hit the Ben and Jerry's after lunch.” He started for the door and stopped, turning back to look at her. “Tell Giles I say ‘hi' and if he needs anything, call my house and ask for Anya. She'll know where to find me.”

“I will. Have fun at work.”

Willow closed the door behind him and sighed as she went to her closet to change her shirt. Just what she needed. She was upset and she had to go check on Giles. Well, maybe a walk would do her good.

Willow stood outside the door to Giles's apartment frowning. She'd been knocking for the last five minutes and there was no answer. She'd thought maybe he'd gone shopping, but his car was there. She had still been in a bad mood when she'd gotten here, but it was quickly morphing into worry. She didn't want to just go home, not knowing if he was hurt or something.

She tried the door and finding it locked, she made a decision. She had a key; they all did. She would check his house and if he wasn't there, she'd leave him a note telling him to call her. She opened the door and walked in, surprised to see how dark it was. All the curtains were drawn and the resulting gloom was very un-Giles like.

She walked around the downstairs, her worry growing every minute as visions of finding him dead filled her head. The sink was full of dishes that looked like they hadn't been washed in a while and papers were scattered all around the living room. When she didn't find any sign of him, she decided to try the upstairs. Maybe he was in bed sick. She refused to listen to the nagging voice that said he'd either gone back to England with Olivia or that she was going to find him dead somewhere. She stifled a shiver and took the stairs at a pretty fast clip, not sure if she was hoping to find him or not and was startled to see Giles sitting on his bed.

She froze at the top of the stairs taking in his condition. He was sitting, leaning back against the headboard. A bottle of Scotch was on the nightstand and he was sipping some from a tumbler. His eyes looked a bit glassy and she wondered just how much Scotch he'd had. She stepped closer, slightly alarmed that he didn't even look in her direction.

“Giles?” At the sound of her voice, he slowly turned his head. “Giles, are you okay?”

He just sat, watching her, not saying anything. She walked over to the side of the bed. After a minute's hesitation, she sat on the edge of the bed looking at him. After a second she leaned over and took the glass from his hand and set it on the nightstand. He didn't react at all.

“Giles, what's wrong?” She was really starting to worry now. He wasn't saying anything and that was very unlike him. “Please, talk to me? You're kind of freaking me out here.”

He was still intently staring at her, but at her words he shook his head and looked away.

“I'm fine, Willow.” His voice was just above a whisper. “There is no need for you to worry.”

Well, he was talking, he knew who she was, and his voice wasn't even slurred, so he couldn't be that drunk. It was something.

“Giles, why are you just sitting here in the dark? We called and I was knocking on your door for like five minutes. Didn't you hear me rummaging around downstairs?”

“I did.”

“So why didn't you come down?”

“I knew that if you needed me, you would find me. What do you need me to research for you?” He still wasn't looking at her and there was something about his voice. It sounded strained and empty.

“Nothing,” she said quietly. “We were worried about you. I'm here to make sure you are all right.”

“I'm fine,” he said in the same dead tone of voice. “No head injuries and I haven't fallen. You needn't worry about the old man.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked gently, reaching out and softly touching his hand. He turned to look at her.

“Willow, I don't really need your pity. You've done your job. I'm alive and I'm here should Buffy need me for anything. You can go home now.” His voice was quiet and he refused to look in her eyes.

“Giles, what is wrong?” she asked, lightly squeezing his hand. “I'm here because I care about you, not because I feel sorry for you. What's with this old man talk?”

“Willow,” he said with a sigh. “I know that you all have lives now and I'm not a part of them. You mustn't feel you owe me anything.”

“Feel we owe…what are you talking about?”

“I know that I don't fit into your worlds anymore. You shouldn't feel guilty about it.”

“Giles, I'm not sure what's going on, but you are our friend.”

He snorted and she looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“You only come here when you need something or out of some misplaced sense of duty,” He said, his voice tense. “That isn't friendship. It's obligation and I don't need it.”

“What happened?” Willow asked gently. “Why do you suddenly think we don't need you and that you're old?”

“You don't need me. And you don't want me around. I don't begrudge you that.”

“Why would you think we don't want you around?”

“Because you don't. You are embarrassed to be around me, such as that night at the Bronze when I came to spend time with you and none of you wanted me at the table. You never come here unless you need me to research something.”

“Oh,” Willow said in a small voice. “Giles, it wasn't that we were embarrassed by you…”

He cut her off with a wave of his hand.

“You don't need to explain, Willow. I'm not angry. I understand.”

“What is it that you understand?” she asked, looking at him.

“I wouldn't have wanted to spend time socially with someone so old when I was your age. It's fine.”

“Why do you keep insisting you're old?” Willow asked, her voice heavy with exasperation. “I personally have never seen you as old.”

“Because I am old. And dull. And only useful in researching.”

“Giles, what happened?” Willow asked. When he looked down a thought came to her. “Giles, when is Olivia coming back?”

“Why would you ask that?” he asked, his head coming up to look at her.

“Just curious. When is she coming back?”

“She isn't,” he replied quietly. “My life is too…stressful for her. And I don't blame her. Asking her to accept this is really too much. And she is too young to be stuck with an old man. I understood.”

It all made sense to Willow now. Olivia had left him. He was feeling like she did, like it was all his fault. Instead of feeling like he wasn't sexy enough, he felt he was old. She looked at him.

“So she left because you are old?”

“She left because my life is too dangerous. The fact that I am old and unattractive only added incentive.”

“Giles, you aren't old and you aren't even close to unattractive.”

Her heart hurt for him. She completely understood how he felt. Even if it wasn't his fault, he would feel it was. Maybe personalities like theirs needed to feel like what failed was under their control. Personalities like theirs. Willow hadn't thought about it in a while, but their personalities were very similar. It was one of the things that had attracted her to him in high school. She loved his intelligence, his dry wit, the way he handled a weapon and was always her white knight, coming to the rescue. She loved his accent and his eyes. Now as she looked at him, sitting on his bed dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, she found that her interest in him hadn't really waned much over the years. It had merely been sublimated by her relationship with Oz. An interesting revelation. Too bad he would never look at her that way.

“You are being kind and you needn't be.” He said, turning to look at her.

“I'm not being kind. You are a very attractive man.”

Willow blinked as she watched his face. His eyes were fixed on her face, but as she called him attractive, they momentarily strayed to her chest. She had to have been imagining it. Giles would never look at her chest, would he?

“Thank you, Willow.”

She was still looking at him, though now she found herself wondering. If he was as lonely as she was, maybe…but that was just silly. He would never be attracted to her. She had to have imagined his interest. But maybe…how could she find out? If she asked him, he would deny it and if he wasn't interested, it wouldn't matter how lonely he was. She sat up straighter, thrusting her chest out a bit and swore she saw him looking out of the corner of his eyes. Well, what did she have to lose?

She got to her knees and scooted across the bed until she was right next to him. He looked up at her, startled.

“Giles,” she asked, her voice just above a whisper. “What do you think of me?”

“You…you are…” he seemed to have trouble gathering his thoughts and Willow noticed his eyes were a darker shade of green than usual. “You are brilliant. Your intelligence always amazes me. You are sweet and caring. I admire that in you.”

“Am I…attractive?” Willow asked. “When Oz left I was sure I wasn't.”

“He was a fool to leave you, Willow. You are beautiful.”

“Am I sexy?” She leaned forward a little, noticing his breath catch as she did so. “From a guy's point of view. I know I'm no model, but am I sexy?”

“You are…” His voice caught and he swallowed hard. “As a man I think I am safe in saying that you are very attractive.”

Willow nodded. She reached out and gently touched his face.

“What would you say if I said I thought you were incredibly sexy too?” It had taken all her courage to say that and she frowned as he closed his eyes.

“I told you that I don't need your pity,” he whispered.

She leaned down, putting her lips next to his ear.

“There is no pity here. You have to know that I've wanted you from the first day I met you. That hasn't changed. You are so sexy. Let me show you?”

He turned to her, his face inches from hers. She thought he was going to argue, but he leaned just a bit forward and then they were kissing. It was gentle and tentative at first, but it quickly turned into something uncontrolled as her lips parted and his tongue sought hers. Her hands went to his shoulders to steady herself as his went to her hair. He tangled his fingers in her hair, nipping lightly at her lower lip. She gasped and he deepened the kiss, his mouth tasting hers. When they finally broke apart, he was breathing hard and she smiled at him. Wordlessly, she moved to settled herself on his lap, straddling his hips. He looked like he was going to argue, so she leaned in and kissed him again. When she sat back, he was watching her.

“Let me show you how much I want you, Rupert; how much I care.” At the use of his name, he pulled her to him, kissing her again.

For his part, Rupert didn't know how to react. He had been sulking for days, feeling more and more that Olivia leaving had as much to do with how undesirable he was as with his crazy life. By the time Willow had let herself in this morning, he had settled himself in for some serious drinking to forget the subject. He'd only had two drinks by the time she'd come up the stairs; enough to relax him, but not to make him dizzy yet. He'd been intent on sending her away so he could go back to his forgetting, but she didn't seem inclined to leave.

When she'd asked if he thought she was attractive, he didn't know how to answer. He had always liked Willow. She was clever and funny and had always been kind to him. More than the others, she had seemed to enjoy his company. This year, after school had started and she had been to see him, he had been ashamed to admit that he had noticed more about her than her mind. Somewhere along the way she had grown up and in some very interesting ways. The shirts she wore showed off her chest and he found himself looking at it and thinking about what it would be like to taste her. Those thoughts had made him feel like such a pervert; until now.

When she said she wanted him, he had tried to find it in himself to argue. When she called him “Rupert” he pushed down the last of his resistance. She wanted him, he wanted her; what else was there? He would show her how attractive he really thought she was.

He pulled her to him, sweeping his tongue into her mouth and tasting her. She moaned and his whole body responded. He could feel her need and desire tingle across his skin and he gasped in response. She whimpered and moved closer to him, grinding her hips against his. He broke the kiss, throwing his head back, groaning loudly, his breath catching in his throat.

“Are you okay?” Willow asked, looking at him in concern.

“I am more than okay and will be even better when I am moving inside you,” Rupert responded, his voice husky with desire.

Willow smiled at him and snuggled closer, slowly pressing herself along his erection again. He could see that she wanted another reaction, so he eagerly obliged, flipping them over and pinning her to the bed in one fluid move. He grinned wickedly at her startled gasp.

“Is something wrong?” He asked, punctuating each word with a thrust of his hips.

“Only that we aren't naked while you're doing that,” Willow said, closing her eyes and arching herself against him.

The move had the effect of baring her neck to him and he took advantage of it, leaning in to nip and lick at her throat. Her hands went under his shirt, slim fingers running along his heated skin. His head began to swim as his need for her grew and he sat back, quickly pulling his shirt off and throwing it to the floor.

“Better?” he asked, nipping just below her ear.

“Much,” she gasped, running her hands through his chest hair and lightly pinching his nipples. She was rewarded with a deep growl. “Like that do you?”

“Very much.”

She pinched harder and his breath quickened, coming in short pants against her skin. He needed to feel her, taste her. With a growl of impatience, he sat back, bringing her with him and pulling her shirt over her head. After pausing for a moment to admire the view, Rupert leaned down, gently kissing a path from her collarbone to the swell of her left breast. He was gratified to feel her heartbeat speed up under his lips. He moved his attention to the other side, kissing back up to her neck.

His hand moved to her stomach and he slowly traced a path up to cup her through the bra. She moaned, arching into his touch. Rupert sat back, looking at her flushed skin and listening to her erratic breathing. He was awed to know he brought her to this state and there was an amount of pride that he could do this to her. After a pause, he casually flicked open the front clasp on her bra. He stared at her chest, feeling his pulse quicken. He'd dreamed about this, but that was nothing to the reality.

She lay back against the pillows, beckoning him to join her. He followed her down, kissing and licking a trail to her breasts. He once again paused, the floral scent of her skin assaulting his senses, making his heart pound. It was something right out of his recent fantasies and he gave into his need, tasting her once more. Every nip and kiss fueled his desire and soon he was lost in the sensation of her.

She was writhing under him, gasping and crying out as he lavished attention on her chest. The sounds she made went straight to his groin and soon he was moaning with her as he sucked her nipple with abandon.

“Oh Rupert, yes!” she cried, leaning into his touch.

The use of his given name sent fresh waves of desire through him. For so long he had been nothing but the Watcher, the teacher, the textbook with arms. No one had seen him as a person, let alone a man. To hear her call him by his name instead of just ‘Giles' made him feel wanted for who he was, not what he could contribute. He embraced the freedom and wanting, feeling his love for her grow and with it his need.

He ran his tongue around her nipple, teasing her, one hand caressing her other breast while his free hand worked to unbutton her jeans. She pushed her hips up and he tried to slide the offending material down, unwilling to remove his hand from her chest. After a moment, he pulled back with a growl of frustration.

Willow stifled a giggle as he moved back just enough to allow her to slide the jeans off and toss them to the floor.

“Having a little trouble?” she asked with a grin.

“Not wanting to stop enjoying myself,” he replied, pulling her back down and resuming his actions.

She trembled and gasped, as his mouth returned to her breast.

“Rupert?” He could hear her swallow and pull in a breath. “What about you?”

“I am enjoying myself very much,” he replied.

“No…your jeans. As much as I like how they look on you…” She broke off with a gasp as he lightly nipped at the round swell of her left breast.

“If you can worry about what I'm wearing, I must be doing something wrong,” Rupert sighed. But he left her side and stood, removing his jeans and boxers. He felt a surge of pride as she stared at him with undisguised admiration. “Better?”

“Oh yes,” she breathed out, not taking her eyes from him.

He chuckled and lay back down, placing kisses along her stomach in an effort to get her attention again. When her breath came in hitches and gasps, he moved his place of attack, running his tongue down and over her pink lace panties. Her reaction excited him even more, as she grabbed his head, pulling him closer to her. He heard her whispering his name repeatedly under her breath and as he ran his tongue over her center, he found himself moaning in response to her.

He quickly tired of the cloth barrier between his mouth and her, and hastily divested her of the offending panties, uncharacteristically tossing them over his shoulder as he moved back in, his whole body trembling. He had wanted to taste her for so long and as he dipped his tongue into her he groaned loudly.

Willow was writhing and panting while he licked and sucked, thoroughly enjoying himself. Her taste was amazing and the noises she made excited him almost beyond endurance. He paused for a gasping breath, his head spinning with need and desire.

“You…do that so well,” Willow breathed, her whole body trembling. “I've never…no one has ever…”

“Oz was a bigger fool than I thought,” Rupert replied, his breath ghosting across her heated skin. “I can't get enough of you. You are so sexy and you have me close to coming right here, just from the taste of you.”

He went back to what he'd been doing, his tongue swirling around her.  She groaned loudly and he gasped

“A few more sounds like that and I will.” His voice was deep and strained from the effort of holding back.

This time as his mouth resumed tasting her, he stroked her with a gentle finger. That was all it took to send her over the edge she'd been riding and she came, screaming his name. Rupert moved to lay next to Willow and took her in his arms. She was still trembling slightly and her face was flushed as she looked at him with glazed eyes.

“That was…I don't even have words for how good that was,” Willow said in a shaky voice.

“I agree,” Rupert replied, gently stroking her face. “There aren't words for how wonderful it felt to do that to you.”

Her smile was slightly embarrassed as he leaned in to kiss her again. He wanted her so much and feeling her warm skin against his stoked his need to a fire. Soon he was once more kissing down her neck, his hands roaming her body.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” he murmured against her throat.

“Oh, I might,” she replied, her voice slightly teasing, as her hand ran up his thigh and grasped his erection.

When she touched him, skin to skin, he gasped and swore under his breath, his face strained, his breathing labored. As she began to stroke him he found it hard to breathe. Shocks of pleasure jolted through his whole body and he knew he wouldn't last long.

“Willow,” he gasped, his hand stilling her actions. “Please…”

“Am I doing something wrong?” she asked, looking concerned.

He brought her hand to his lips, kissing her fingers.

“Exactly the opposite, love. What you are doing feels so wonderful. I just…when I come, I want it to be inside of you.”

Willow's eyes widened at that.

“Oh yes, please,” she gasped, leaning up to kiss him.

Rupert pulled her to him, putting all his passion into a breath-stealing kiss. He leaned back, opening the drawer of his nightstand and pulling out a condom. He paused for a moment, looking at her. He wanted to ask if she was sure but was suddenly terrified of her answer. It must have showed on his face.

“Rupert,” she said, reaching out to touch him. “I want this so much. Please?”

He smiled at her as he rolled the condom on and moved between her legs. He balanced his weight on his arms and leaned in to kiss her again, his tongue caressing hers. He had wanted this for so long and his whole body felt the need. He wanted to just pound into Willow, but he didn't want to hurt her, so he leaned in, slowly entering her. She cried out, arching up to meet him, pushing him further in. He closed his eyes, her warmth and tightness threatening to overwhelm him.

Rupert slowly pulled out; unable to restrain himself he thrust in again, quickly establishing a rhythm and losing himself in the sensations of her. Willow moaned, bringing her legs around him, pulling him closer. Every stroke sent shocks through him, bringing him closer to the edge as he fought to keep control.

“Oh God, Rupert,” she gasped. “This is…you feel…oh, please don't stop.”

Something about her desperate, needy tone set his blood racing and he picked up the pace, pounding into her. Her cries of ecstasy fueled him on and he could feel his orgasm building. He changed the angle of his strokes slightly and she was trembling beneath him. She cried out, her whole body clenching and then she was screaming his name. He watched her tumble over the edge, her cries of pleasure igniting the fire of his own climax.

It washed over him, pulling him under. His head was spinning from the pleasure and even he was surprised at how long it lasted. He slowed his rhythm as he began to get his breath back and he looked down at Willow. She was smiling up at him.

“That was amazing,” she whispered, her fingers tracing up his arms. “You were amazing.”

He felt himself blush and he looked away.

“I wasn't…” Her fingers came up to his lips, silencing him.

“Don't,” she said quietly.

“Don't what?”

“Put yourself down. You always do that.”

He sighed, pulling out of her and leaving the bed to dispose of the condom.

“It's not putting myself down if it's the truth,” he replied, standing with his back to her.

“What truth are you seeing?” she asked.

He looked down at the floor afraid to face her, afraid for her to see his weakness.

“Willow, I know that you are hurting over Oz right now…”

He just about jumped out of his skin when he felt her soft touch on his arm. He hadn't heard her cross the room.

“Is that why you think I did this?” Her fingers were tracing along his skin. “Because of him?”

“I would understand if you did. You were upset.”

“It had nothing to do with him,” she said, moving around him until she was looking into his eyes. “He wasn't the man I was with today. He wasn't the man I wanted to be with.”

Rupert looked at her, his heart beating hard in his chest. He wanted to believe she meant it, that she could want him. But why would she? She couldn't have Oz, but she could have any other man she wanted. Why would she ever settle for him?

“Willow, you deserve…”

“Don't you even tell me I deserve someone better than you!”  The look of anger on her face startled him. Her lips were pursed together and he thought she was going to continue to yell. He blinked as he saw tears well up in her eyes. When she spoke again, her voice was gentle. “How can you say that you aren't good enough? You are everything I've ever wanted. I loved you before I understood what love was. And you have always been there for me, keeping me safe, supporting me, loving me back. I want you so much. Rupert, I need you so much.”

His eyes widened as he saw the truth of it on her face.

“Please,” she said, her voice quavering. “Let me love you?”

He brought his hand up to caress her face.

“Only if you let me love you back,” he whispered.

He leaned forward and touched his lips to hers, closing his eyes and losing himself in the feeling as she deepened the kiss, pressing against him. Her hands began to roam over his body and he swept her up in his arms, carrying her back to the bed. He broke the kiss, laying her back on the pillows and she smiled up at him.

“Do you know how long I've wanted this?” she asked. “How much I've wanted you?”

“Why didn't you ever say anything?” he asked, reaching out to caress her face.

“At first I was too young. And then…well, why would you ever want me?”

“Why wouldn't I?” he said, smiling at her. “You are amazing and I never dared hope…”

She stopped him by placing her fingers over his lips.

“Well, you have me now. And I'm not going anywhere. So, what are you going to do with me?”

Rupert let his eyes roam over her naked body and he smiled suggestively.

“Oh, I have quite a few ideas. Shall I show you?”

Before she could respond, he leaned down, taking her lips in a kiss. He could feel her smiling against his mouth and he gave in to his happiness. She wanted him, she loved him. What more could he ask for? He grinned, suddenly feeling free and playful, kissing her deeply as he brought his fingers up to tickle her. She jumped against him, laughing and pulling him closer.

“Oh, you are so going to pay for that, mister!” she said, nipping at his jaw line.

He gasped closing his eyes, losing himself in being with her.

“A price I will happily pay,” he whispered. “As long as I have you.”

The End


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