Title: Convenient
Rating: 18
Summary: Just read it!
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Author's notes: I wanted to prove to myself I could write a different plot line and this is what happened. . .
Author's notes Part 2: Olivia doesn't exist in my universe--she never does.
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Special thanks goes out to my not-so-identical twin, Z, who was kind enough to beta this while Angela was neck deep in “Deja Vu.”


Willow stood in the communal dorm bathroom desperately trying to make her hair behave. She frantically combed it from one side to other but nothing seemed to work. It simply flopped back into it's normal straight flat form, but turned up at the ends. Willow stuck her tongue out at her reflection. < I thought short hair was supposed to be less trouble. > Why couldn't she ever look any different? She tried changing her image, but it never seemed to work. Willow had almost completely stopped wearing overalls, but she still looked like the same frumpy little girl.

“Ugh!” She threw her brush at the mirror. This was all Buffy's fault. Buffy always looked beautiful and glamorous. . .always. Maybe that was a secret slayer talent. After all, before Faith went into that coma, she always looked pretty hot too. It just wasn't fair.

Every time she went out to the Bronze or library or out of her room Buffy had guys looking at her, smiling at her, trying to give her their number. Not that Buffy ever noticed, of course, which was part of the reason it was so frustrating. She was always too preoccupied to notice all the male attention. She had school and slaying. . .and Riley. Willow had resigned herself to the fact she basically had the dorm room to herself with all the time the pair spent together--that is when they weren't *using* it.

< I wish I had a Riley. . .well not exactly a Riley. He's really not my type, but some one soft and huggable I could spend all my waking and sleeping hours with. Some one smart, funny, and nice. Some one who won't leave with barely a word to go “find himself” or spend years right next to me and barely notice I'm there. There *has* to be such a person. > Willow was sure of it. She just wished she could find him before she was too old to enjoy it.

Willow gathered her toiletries and headed back to her room to get ready for bed. Her hand reached out to the door and then she saw it. Buffy's high school graduation tassel was looped around the knob.

“Just great,” she said aloud. That was Buffy's symbol for Willow to most definitely *not* come into the room for any reason. Willow checked her watch. It was nine thirty. Nine thirty on a Thursday night and Buffy had decided to get busy with her new little boy toy, and Willow knew from experience the tassel would stay on the door for the next couple of hours. The slayer's stamina was the stuff legends were made of.

< There's nothing I can do about it > Willow reasoned. < Xander should be getting home from work soon. I'll just go and hang around with him for awhile until it safe to go to bed. Yeah, that's a good plan. > She went back to the bathroom and set all of her stuff underneath the sink, hoped no one would take anything and headed back out of the dorm. < Xander will be stupid and silly, and in no time at all I'll be “Happy Willow” again. . .I hope. >

Soon she was at the Harris's house. She knocked on the door. In a few minutes Xander's mom answered, a Lucky burnt nearly down to the tip hanging out of her mouth and a Pabst Blue Ribbon in her hand.

“Hi, Mrs. Harris,” Willow greeted her. “Is Xander home?” Mrs. Harris grunted and opened the door the rest of the way and let Willow into the house. < A joy as always, Mrs. Harris. > Willow headed to the basement stairs and down to Xander's room.

“Hey Xander,” she called as she rounded the bottom of the stairs. “OH MY GOD,” she yelled and turned her back. < That was something I did not need to see. > She tried, but she couldn't get the vision of Anya's naked body riding on top of Xander out of her head. “I'm just going to go,” she said and ran back up the stairs.

“Willow--,” Xander called after her but she didn't stop running until she was out of the house and half way down the block. < Is everyone having sex but me? > She had find a place to hide out. Some place safe. Somewhere she was sure people wouldn't be giving in to their carnal urges. < I know > she thought suddenly enlightened, < I'll go to Giles'. He hasn't even had a date, much less a girlfriend since Miss Calendar died. There's a big ZERO chance of fornication happening there. >

Happy with her new plan Willow headed purposely toward Giles' apartment (with her wooden stake ready, just in case.) It was just after ten-thirty before she reached his house. Willow reached to ring the doorbell, but hesitated. < He's probably asleep. . .but what other choice do I have? > She rang the bell. She heard footsteps on the stairs inside. < Damn, he was asleep. > The door opened framing a pleasantly rumbled Giles wearing a pair of dark blue satin pajamas.

“Hi Giles,” she said, and noticing his wardrobe, added, “Nice Pj's.” She ducked around him and entered the apartment.

“Willow, is something wrong? Has something happened to Buffy?” Giles asked instantly going into Watcher mode.

“Something's definitely *happening* to Buffy,” she said spitefully, “. . .and to Xander. . .,” as she continued her mood went from angry to upset, “and to everyone else but me!” Willow collapsed on Giles' couch and started to cry.

Giles watched her sob and was utterly confused. He went over to sit on the chair beside her. “Willow, what's wrong,” he asked. She only sobbed louder. “Come on,” he coaxed, “If you don't tell me, I can't help.”

Willow let out a harsh laugh over her sobs. “You want to know what's wrong? I'm totally and completely wretched! That's what's wrong.” She buried her face deeper in the couch and continued crying.

Giles shook his head. < Lord save me from hormonal teenagers. > “Willow,” he began in his most fatherly voice, “You are not ‘wretched.' What would ever give you such a ridiculous idea?”

“Everyone is having sex but me,” she said into the couch.

“Oh,” was Giles' witty reply. . .that wasn't exactly what he was expecting. “I'm sure that's not the case.” Willow looked up at him. Her face was red and tear stained.

“That's what you think. Buffy and Riley are fucking right now as we speak.”

“Willow!” Giles said aghast at her choice of language, but she ignored him.

“I can't even get into my room. And. . .and Anya and Xander. . .you don't even want to know what they're doing. I know way more than I ever wanted to.”

Giles stood, removed his glasses, cleared his throat and began to pace. He hated this part of his role. It was bad enough they had all grown up in front of him, which never failed to make him feel extremely old on a regular basis, but to be forced to deal with the fact they were all adults like this. . .it was just too much. Willow was right. He didn't want to know what Xander and Anya were doing. *Ever.*

Willow threw herself back into the couch and resumed sobbing. Giles stopped pacing and stooped down next to her. “There are many men who would find you attractive.” She rolled over turning her back to him.

“Why?” she asked wiping her eyes and nose with the edge of her shirt. “I'm too skinny and clumsy and plain.” She reached up and grabbed a hunk of her hair and held it up for his inspection without ever turning around. “And my hair is stupid and straight and never does anything cute.” She curled into tight ball.

“You are not clumsy or a plain, a bit skinny perhaps,” he had to admit, “but that's not necessarily bad.” He reached out and stroke her hair. “Your hair is beautiful. It's soft and fiery, just like you. Any man that doesn't think you're beautiful is obviously blind.” She rolled over to face him.

“You really think so?” she hiccuped.

“Absolutely,” he replied. Willow pushed herself up on one elbow.

“Do you think I'm beautiful?” she asked her chin still quivering. Giles gently touched the side of her face.

“I have never thought anything but,” he said honestly. Willow looked into Giles' eyes. He looked so sincere and concerned. < At least Giles thinks I'm beautiful. . .Giles thinks I'm beautiful? Giles thinks I'm beautiful! > Before she had the chance to talk herself out it, she flung into Giles' arms and plastered her lips to his.

Giles froze in shock. He put his hands on Willow's arms to push her away, but at that moment Willow opened her mouth and licked her tongue across his lower lip. Abruptly Giles' attitude changed. His arms were around Willow pressing his body to hers and kissing her savagely. Willow's arms were around his neck and her fingers entwined in his hair pulling his mouth closer to hers. The intensity rapidly increased, both were out of breath, but unwilling to break the kiss for even a moment.

Giles' hands searched until he found the edge of Willow's sweater. She broke their kiss long enough to let him pull it up over her head and brought her mouth back to his. She sunk her teeth into his lip, and Giles groaned. After discarding the sweater his hands returned to her torso. He could feel the baby tee that separated him from her bare skin. He hated it. Roughly he pulled it away from her body and ran his hands along her back and stomach. Her skin was hot and soft to the touch. Willow pressed herself into his hands, urging him on. He took the cue and began to bring his hands toward her breasts.

Giles stopped for a moment, stunned. She wasn't wearing a bra. He growled with desire and let his hands completely cover her small breasts. Willow gasped as he dragged his thumbs over her nipples. She broke their kiss and let her head hang back, lost in the sensation. Giles took advantage of her new position by placing wet kisses along the length of her neck. Willow's hands were still in Giles' hair. She tightened her grip and pushed his mouth lower. Giles lapped his tongue over her nipples through her shirt, soaking it. It wasn't enough. Frustrated, Willow pulled the small t-shirt over her head and threw it aside. Her hands returned to Giles' hair and she forced his head back to her breast. Giles accepted her direction without complaint. His mouth surrounded her tight nipple, sucking eagerly and running his teeth along its tip. Willow groaned.

But it still wasn't enough. Willow turned them both around and pushed Giles back onto the couch. Within seconds she was on top of him, straddling him. She pulled her skirt up higher and higher, so she could spread her legs and get lower and closer to him. She rocked against him. It was Giles' turn to roll his head back with pleasure. Willow continued to rock back and forth. She could feel him hot, hard and huge through her rapidly dampening panties and his pajama bottoms.

Willow brought her hands down to the tie of his pants to quickly release it and free his swollen cock. Drawstrings could be so convenient, especially when someone didn't wear underwear to bed. She let her hand travel up and down the velvety skin, stopping to concentrate on the right spots, enjoying Giles' sharp intake of breath. Not being able to stand it any longer he snatched her hand away from him. Willow stood and pulled her panties down and off her body and then rejoined Giles on the couch. The few moments of separation were too much for him. His hands rubbed furiously over her body as if trying to touch all of her at once.

Willow grabbed his hand and brought it down to the apex of her thighs and rocked again, but only slightly this time, silently begging. Giles knew what she was begging for. Expertly he found the center of her desire and rubbed his fingers along its edge. Willow moved her hips with the tempo of his hand. He lifted her higher and higher. . .and then abruptly stopped. Willow looked down at him ready to kill. He grinned wryly and started stroking her again. She was so lost in the sensation that she didn't notice Giles change his position on the couch ever so slightly. With his free hand he guided his cock to her wet and ready opening. Then slowly, so slowly he gently pressed inside.

But Willow didn't want gentleness. She rocked her hips as hard as she could against him so she could take him fully inside her. She gasped and stiffened, her body trying to adjust to Giles' size. He could feel her most intimate muscles tightening around him and nearly lost all control.

“Don't stop touching me,” Willow whispered into his ear as she brought her hips up and down over him. Giles resumed movement with his other hand. The feeling of him buried so deep inside her, coupled with what his hand was doing, was nearly too much. She rode him furiously coming closer and closer to orgasm until her entire body began to shake. He could feel her coming all around him. He placed both of his hands on her hips and drove as hard as he could into her until he was wracked with the release of orgasm as well. Willow collapsed onto his chest. She had never felt anything so intense.

They sat motionless on the couch for several minutes, chests heaving from exertion. Willow gathered what strength she could gather and pulled herself upright to look into Giles' face. His head rested on the back of the couch and his eyes were closed. He looked completely content.

< OH MY GOD! > Willow thought, her mind finally wrapping around the concept of what she had just done. Abruptly she got off his lap, grabbed her sweater, pulled it on and ran out of his apartment. Giles was left staring at the closed door behind her, more confused than he had ever been in his entire life.

Willow ran the entire way back to campus and all the way to her room without checking for Buffy's tassel. Luckily, Buffy was the only one in the room. She was sitting on her bed and brushing her hair.

“Hey Will,” she greeted her. “Where have you been? It's almost midnight.” Willow looked over at the clock on the table next to her bed. 11:48 PM. She had spent less than an *hour* with Giles. <Oh my God!> This was the only coherent thought she'd had since she'd left his apartment.

“Uh, no where, really,” Willow lied. “I tried to come back earlier, but you had the tassel on the door, so. . .” Buffy blushed.

“Sorry. But Riley left an hour ago.” Buffy put her brush away and got under her covers. “Since you obviously know what I did with my evening, what did you do with yours?” Willow avoided Buffy's gaze by going to her dresser to retrieve her pajama's. She shrugged.

“Nothing. I tried to visit Xander, but he and Anya were. . .well. . .busy.” Buffy laughed in spite of herself.

“I'm sorry,” she apologized again, shaking her head. Willow ignored her.

“So, I just walked around and then came home.”

“You were ‘just walking'?” Buffy asked incredulously. “Will, you know that's not safe. This is Sunnydale.”

“I was careful,” Willow mumbled and tried to change the subject. “Why aren't you spending the night at Riley's?” Willow asked desperate for a new subject.

“He's got this Commando training thing that starts at some ungodly hour in the morning. I wasn't really in the mood to wake up before the sun had even considered it, so here I am.”

< Leave it to Buffy to be home on the one night I truly *want* to be alone. > Willow sighed. “I'm going to brush my teeth,” she announced and with pj's in hand she headed back to where the entire evening had begun, the bathroom.

She retrieved her things from underneath the sink, thankful they were all there, and rooted for her tooth brush and paste. She found them quickly and went to the sink. After a glance at herself in the mirror, she dropped them into the basin and placed her hand on either side to support herself. All of the feeling had just left her legs.

< I had sex with Giles > she said to herself staring into her reflection < Giles! What the hell is going on? I went over there to get away from sex and I end up having it. . .with Giles? I didn't even take off my shoes. The only thing I took off was my sweater, shirt and OH MY GOD! My panties are still at his apartment! What is Giles going to do with a pair of my panties? If this is a dream I really want to wake up now. . .I think. >

Willow couldn't help but remember the intensity of their love making and they way the orgasm had ripped throughout her entire body. She had never experienced anything like it before. < Sex with Oz was fun and good > at least she thought so < but it's not like I had a lot to compare it to at the time. > After sex with Giles, everything she experienced with Oz was about as exiting as a ferris wheel ride. It was fun, but nothing to write home about. < With Giles. . . >she didn't even know where to begin. < It was passionate and furious and exciting. > She felt herself getting aroused at the mere memory. < It was intense. . .and I want to do it again. >

The last thought shocked her. She was still reeling from the fact she had sex with him at all and already she was thinking again? < No, that was just a fluke. Like the clothes fluke with Xander. . .only a little more extreme. . .yeah, that's it. It was a one time thing. Giles certainly won't want to. . . Will he? > Willow shook her head, not knowing what to think.

She went into a bathroom stall to change into her pajama's. She knew it was silly, but she didn't want to change in front of Buffy right after what she had just done. She and Giles hadn't even talked. . . No, wait Giles hadn't talked, but she had. < Don't stop touching me. I can't believe I said that. > She couldn't believe how bold she had been with him, but at the time she hadn't felt bold. She had felt like she'd die if he stopped.

Willow gathered herself and her stuff and went back to her room. Luckily, Buffy was already asleep. She quietly crept into bed and closed her eyes. Visions of Giles throwing his head back in ecstasy filled her mind. < I'm never going to get to sleep > she thought, but in a few moments she was. The night's activities had completely worn her out. . .in more ways than one.

Part 2

Willow slowly awoke the next morning. She was alone in the room. < That was a freaky dream. No more Mexican food for me before bed. > She looked at the clock. It was ten thirty. She never slept this late! Luckily the only classes she had on Fridays were in the afternoon. She got out of her bed and went to the closet to find something to wear. As she walked she could feel a slight soreness along her thighs. < An active freaky dream > she dismissed it.

“Morning, little Miss Sleepy-Head,” Buffy greeted her as she came into the room her school bag flung over one shoulder.

“Morning,” Willow mumbled back. She pulled a patchwork dress out of her closet and laid it out on her bed, and went to get her underthings out of her dresser.

“Your big walk last night must have worn you out, huh?” Buffy asked.

< Walk? > “Yeah, I guess so,” she answered and pulled off her pajama top to get dressed.

“Willow! Oh my god, what happened!” Buffy cried and ran over to her. Willow turned her head to look at her.

“What?” she asked confused. “Nothing happened. What are you talking about? Buffy's hands grazed over the skin on Willow's back.

“Your back, it's bruised!” Buffy exclaimed. “It looks like someone grabbed you. . .someone with big hands.” Willow turned to look at her back. Sure enough, light purple, finger shaped bruises lined both sides of her lower back. The vision of Giles clutching her hips as he tried to penetrate her deeper flooded into her mind. < It wasn't a dream?! > She slumped down onto her bed.

Buffy was still waiting for an answer. “What happened?” she asked again.

“Nothing,” Willow said refusing to face her and quickly put her night shirt back on. “They probably just appeared there. I'm sure it's nothing.”

“Bruises do not ‘just appear' on people while they're sleeping,” Buffy reasoned. “Some one or some *thing* has to be attacking you.” Willow remained silent, not answering. Her lack of reaction was scaring Buffy. < Is she hiding something, protecting some one, or does she really not know? > None of these possibilities gave her warm and cozy feelings. There was only one thing to do at a time like this. . . She grabbed the bag she had set down only a few moments ago. “I'm going to get Giles.”

“No!” Willow jumped off the bed, panicked. “Don't bother him. I'm sure this is no big deal.”

“No big deal!? Whatever. I'm going to get Giles. He'll be able to figure out who or what did this to you.” Buffy kissed Willow quickly on the cheek and gave her an encouraging look. “It will all be OK,” she reassured her. “Giles will know what's going on.”

Willow watched her leave. “I have no doubt he will,” she said wryly and threw herself onto her bed. < What am I going to do? I had sex with Giles. . .wonderful, intense, earth shattering sex. . .with *Giles*! How am I ever going to face him again? How am I going to face never having that feeling again? > Her brain paused for a moment to regroup. < Come on! Get a hold of yourself. It's not like you love him or anything crazy like that. . .right? >

Memory after memory of Giles filled her mind. Giles smiling and laughing. Giles bent over his books researching. Giles sipping tea as he leaned against the kitchen counter at his apartment. Giles taking off his glasses to think. Giles worry about her. . .helping her. . .encouraging her. . .the way he always did. Giles was always there for her no matter what, and had been for so long. Willow couldn't imagine her life without him. < I love Giles! > she finally admitted to herself. < Now what am I going to do? >


Giles' morning after wasn't going much better than Willow's. He awoke with a clear recollection of what they had done the night before, but had no idea what to do about it. < I made love to Willow. . .to Willow! But there's nothing really wrong with that, is there? > he tried to reason. < After all, we are both adults, even if just barely. And she wanted what happened between us as much as I did. Didn't she? > Giles remembered the way her hips had rocked against him, pushing him deeper, and was instantly hard again. < Yes, she definitely want it to happen. > Now what was he supposed to do? Giles needed to talk to her, see her again, *have* her again.

< Don't be a fool > he chastised himself. < The girl was beside herself last night. She would have done the same thing with any available man. I just happened to be there. She wouldn't want to be with an old man, at least not again. > But he still felt he should say something to Willow. . .if he could think of something it would be much easier.

Giles tried to stay busy. He read the morning paper, cleaned his glasses, did the dishes, cleaned his glasses again. He couldn't seem to stay focused. Flashes of Willow's naked breasts filled is mind. It was as if he could still feel the softness of her breasts, taste the salt of her skin, and hear her desperate order of “don't stop touching me.”

Giles went into the living room to start cleaning there as well, when he found them. Willow's panties and tiny t-shirt were still lying on his coffee table where they had been discarded the night before. He ran his fingers along the fabric, vividly remembering when they had been removed.

He turned his eyes skyward, as if asking the Gods for some kind of answer. He had to talk to her, to tell her. < Tell her what, old man? That you've been in love with her for years, but had never let yourself admit it? That you'd like nothing better than to “not stop touching her” for the rest of her life? > He wanted to, oh how he wanted to, but Giles knew it was impossible. With the way she had run out after it was over, he was sure that was not what Willow wanted to hear.

His thoughts were interrupted by Buffy barging in to his apartment, who as always didn't bother to knock. He stuffed Willow's under things into his pockets to shield them from Buffy's view.

“Giles, we've got trouble,” she stated.

< Back to business as usual. > “What has happened?” he asked putting on his best concerned expression.

“Something attacked Willow.” This got his attention.

“What? Is she all right?” Buffy sat down on the couch, her worry spelled out on her face.

“That's what's worrying me. She's trying to act like it's no big deal.”

“But *what* happened?” he prompted.

“When she woke up this morning she had these bruises on her back like someone had grabbed her. They were right above her hips and she couldn't remember what caused them.”

Giles knew what caused them. . .he had. In the heat of passion he had forgotten how fragile Willow could be. He must have hurt her when he-- Giles wouldn't let himself finish the thought with Buffy in the same room.

“Oh,” he said and sat down on the chair next to her. “And Willow said she couldn't remember the. . .attack,” Giles was trying his best to sound casual.

“No, but you have to find out,” Buffy stood up and walked towards the door to leave again. “No one hurts Willow and gets away with it. Not while I'm around. You're going to figure out what did this to her, and I'm going to kill it.” With that Buffy left as quickly as she came.

“This is going to be fun,” Giles said aloud in the empty room. < I can't believe I hurt her. She must be furious. Maybe I should just leave her be and give her the time to calm down. < Then > he promised himself < then we will talk about what happened. >


Willow was quiet and withdrawn for the next few days, and everyone was getting worried. Buffy was convinced it was all part of some sort of spell. The same spell, she was certain, that had caused her mysterious bruises. Unfortunately Giles wasn't any closer to figuring out who was doing this to her. Buffy insisted that he do something, because they didn't know when the evil would strike again. Giles agreed that it was a problem and promised Buffy he would give Willow a talisman of protection until everything was straightened out.

When Willow got back from class Buffy was waiting for her.

“Hey Will,” she greeted her.

“Hey,” Willow mumbled quietly in response and headed to her desk to start doing homework.

“No, now is not a time for studying,” Buffy stopped her.

“Why?” she asked curiously.

“Because you need to go to Giles, right now,” Buffy insisted.

“No!,” Willow exclaimed. Buffy looked at her curiously. She took a moment to gather herself. “I mean, why do I need to go over there?”

“Giles has some sort of protection thingy for you. It should help against what ever attacked you.”

Willow sighed. “I told you. Nothing---”

“Just go and get it anyway,” Buffy interrupted her. “It will make me feel better. How am I supposed to concentrate on school when I'm worried about when you'll get attacked again.” Willow could tell by the look on Buffy's face she wasn't going to let this slide, but Willow wasn't willing to give in so easily.

“If your so worried, why don't you go and get it for me?” She would use any excuse to keep her from Giles' apartment.

“I can't,” Buffy replied. “I have a test in about an hour I have completely not studied for and then I have to patrol.” Willow knew if she pushed the issue Buffy would get suspicious.

“Fine,” she said, huffed and headed out of the room, “I'll go.”

Willow was nervous. < What am I going to say to him? I love him and he probably thinks I was a one night stand. >


Giles hung up the phone. Buffy had just called to tell him Willow was on her way over. < What am I going to say to her? > he thought. < I love her and she probably considers me no more than a one night stand. >

Giles went into motion quickly picking up his apartment. He had thought of nothing else but Willow lately, and it was showing. In far too short a time there was a knock at his door. Giles went to the it and put his hand on the knob. He paused for a moment to take a deep breath. < This had to happen sooner or later. I might as well get it over with. > He readied himself for rejection and opened the door.

“Hello Willow,” he said trying to place a pleasant smile on his face. Willow was standing outside the door concentrating very hard on the ground. Giles couldn't believe how incredibly sexy she looked. What he would give for one more touch, one more. . .

“Hi Giles,” she said never lifting her eyes. Giles opened the door the rest of the way to let her in. Willow entered the apartment and crossed over to the other side of the room away from him. She was afraid if she actually looked at him, she wouldn't be able to control herself. She *needed* to touch him.

“So,” said Giles.

“So.” Willow agreed.

“Ah, how have you been?” he asked not knowing what else to say.

“Fine. And you?”

“I have been fine as well.”

“Giles.” “Willow.” They said over one another. Silence filled the room.

In an instant they both had crossed the room and were in each other's arms. Willow's hands were tangled into his hair, as Giles put his hands on her waist and slowly lifted her off her feet. Taking the cue, Willow wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed furiously and passionately, a battle of lips, tongues and teeth.

Giles pushed Willow's back against the living room wall. His attention moved from her mouth to the skin of her neck. He ran his tongue down its length, savoring the salty taste.

“Giles,” Willow gasped, “should we really--that feels so good--be doing this?”

“Absolutely not,” he replied between nibbles. “It's far too--” Willow chose that moment bite down gently on his earlobe.

“Complicated,” Willow finished for him.

“Quite,” he agreed nearly breathless. He could feel the heat coming from the apex of her thighs. It was driving him nearly mad with desire. Willow's mouth was on his again demanding response. He gave it enthusiastically.

“But then love is never convenient,” Giles reasoned between kisses. Willow stopped and drew her head back from his.

“Love?” she said going a bit wild eyed. Giles went bright red. He hadn't meant for it to slip out like that.

“Yes,” Giles admitted not letting his eyes meet hers. “I love you Willow.” Willow threw her arms around his neck.

“Thank God,” she whispered into his ear, “I love you too.” She leaned back and kissed him again. Giles was so shocked, it took his mind a few moments to comprehend what she had said. Then the realization washed over him. His arms tightened around Willow and he returned her kiss with as much vigor as it was given.

A few hours later they finally made it to Giles' bed room. They lay naked on top of the spread without inhibition. Giles was staring up at the ceiling unable to get the stupid smile off his face. Willow lay with her head on his chest blissfully happy and tired.

“Did you even have something to give me?” she asked.

“What?” he said confused.

“Buffy said you had something to give me--to protect me,” she explained.

“No,” he admitted. “Why do you need protection?”

“Only from myself,” she said and smiled. She sat up sharply. “Buffy!”

“What about Buffy?” Giles didn't want to talk about his slayer at a time like this.

“What are we going to tell her? And Xander?” Willow asked worried. “They're both going to be majorly wigged by this. She waved her hand over them gesturing to their naked forms.

Giles gently pulled her back to him. “Most likely,” he agreed. “But I'm not planning on letting that stop us. Are you?”

“Well, no.”

“Good, because I don't think I could live without you, like this, in my life.”

Willow turned her head to look up at him and smiled. “Neither could I.”

They fell asleep in one another's arms. All that mattered now was that they were together. The rest. . .well, it could wait until tomorrow.


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