Title: The Giles Raid
Series: Silken Robes, Silken Ropes 1
Author: Jerri
Rating: 18
Summary: Willow gets brave and surprises Giles.
Disclaimer: Joss owns all, I own none. I do try to not to break them to badly before I return them.
Distribution: If you have it, take it. If not, ask.


The tiny redhead sneaked a guilty peek around her as she slipped the purloined key into the lock of Giles' apartment. Quietly, she turned the key, gaining access to her deepest fantasy. The witch was amazed that the spell had given her enough courage to carry this out. Her spells never quiet worked. She shuddered as she remembered the results of the "her will be done" spell. Spike still ragged on her about having the taste of slayer in his mouth. Let's not even mention the sun spell that gave them the nifty troll to whip their asses. "Enough procrastination, Willow, get in there and seduce Giles."

The living room is so familiar to her, the pile of old books on the table, the half-empty bottle of Scotch next to them. It smelled of leather, ink, and Giles. Silently, Willow started up the stairs to the bedroom, removing her outer clothing as she went, leaving a trail behind her. Underneath, she wore the results of her latest trip to Victoria's Secret *tm*. The green satin picked up her emerald eyes, making them look like pools of water, deep in the forest, limpid and enticing. The demi-bra and thong set were guaranteed to make any normal man choke on his tongue, but Rupert Giles was anything but normal. The watcher had a English reserve, and a go-to-hell reputation from his earlier, rebellious years.. Willow knew that if she could just bring Ripper out to play, she would win. How to get Ripper out of his shell, that was the 64,000 dollar question, now wasn't it.

She, slowly entered his bedroom, being careful not to wake him. Gently she pulled the covers back. Old instincts nearly roused him, but Willow's gentle touch and soft murmur soothed him and he remained asleep. Slowly she slid into bed with him, molding her soft body, to the hard planes of his. *who knew that training Buffy had given Giles a set of muscles that any younger man would enjoy*

He snapped awake, automatically grabbing the stake that lived under his pillow. The sharpened piece of wood was pressed to her full breasts over her heart before he realized that he was about to stake Willow. *a very close to naked Willow.* His baser feelings think that it is important that he take note of her nudity. "Willow, what in the bloody hell are you doing here?"

Willow's voice was a sultry moan she asked "Are you going to stake me, or are you going to make love to me?" She traced his full lips with the tip of her tongue.

His mind wasn't quite working. He was sure that there was a short circuit somewhere, no doubt a result of all the concussions that seem to be a professional hazard. However, that is still Willow and she's still naked. *Surely, I'm just dreaming. This makes no sense. It's just a dream, and I know it's not the first time I've dreamed of Willow. Yes, it's just a dream.* His body is desperately trying to wake him up, if only to preserve his sanity. The stake fell from his limp hand, hitting the floor with a small thud. He was becoming very aware of her soft, warm, body and began to respond almost against his will. Her busy little hands were caressing his muscular chest, one hand dropped to his aching groin, petting and stroking him, while managing to miss his hard prick. He blinked, trying to find words, only to find them as well hidden as his stake had been, his voice came out as a low, almost inaudible growl. "Willow..."

"Yes," she purred, barely above a whisper. She stopped his mouth with her own, at first gently sucking his bottom lip, then her tongue, began to duel with his. "I need you Rupert, I need you to fill me and make me whole." He can't help but return the kiss, though nothing made any sense at all to him at the moment. It had to be a dream, it couldn't be her body he was touching. He was growing aroused but, the dream felt so real, she couldn't be here--could she? He lost all focus as her tongue plunged deep into his mouth. She nipped at his tongue and Giles moaned as he responded, involuntarily. She withdrew her tongue from his mouth slowly. "It's not a dream, it's real and I really want you to make love to me." He thought she might have been reading his mind. He shut his eyes, trying to catch his breath and to get a handle on what she was doing too him during the brief respite she gave him.

"Willow, this...it...isn't...right" he said, as his hands unconsciously, smoothed over her body. He groaned as he realized that he wanted-no, needed to have Willow right where she is, even if he wasn't willing to admit to quite yet.

"But it is right. It makes me feel so good." she writhed against him, "Doesn't it make you feel good?" She pouted at him as her hand firmly grasped his swollen testicles.

His moan was a deep sound, as he tried to regain his voice; "I didn't say that..." 

He looked up into her eyes searching for something, some reason, to make sense out of this encounter. Maybe she was drunk, or a spell. Maybe she'd cast another spell that had gone awry. Ripper focused on her eyes, no, on her soul and saw nothing but want and need. He whispered in the back of Giles' mind, "If you won't take her, move out of the bloody way and I will." 

Giles realized that he wanted this, but she was one of his charges, one of his children, he couldn't do this. As he started to tell her that she must go home. Something snapped inside of him and he could feel the Ripper in him assert himself. He ground himself into her burning core as he recognized the want in her eyes. 

He whispered, "Willow" softly, his accent slightly rougher.

 He rolled, his weight pinning her down, her soft body cushioned him. She arched into him, savoring his hard frame as he crushed her into the firm mattress. His lips took hers in a fiery kiss, his tongue played across her lips to slip unhindered into her mouth. Her moan, as her aching breasts rise to meet his hard chest, was lost in his mouth. Her hands slipped around his hard body to grip his tight butt, pulling his groin into hers in a unsatisfying imitation of the act of love that she wanted so desperately. His hands moved over her body frantically, caressing her sides, hips, under her arched back. He managed, with great dexterity, to remove her demi-bra, as he pulled her up to meet him. His lips broke from hers to move down her throat, nibbling here, biting there as he worked his way down to nip at her breasts, teasing her taut nipples with his teeth and tongue. He drew one nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth, while he teased the other with his blunt fingernails. 

She was quaking with desire, her alabaster skin flushed as the hot blood coursed through her veins. Her hair was a fall of red fire against the pillows, as she tossed her head. 

"I have to taste you, see if you taste as sweet as you smell." muttered Ripper, as he swiftly removed her thong. 

He slid down her torso to the nest of auburn. Carefully, he parted her curls to expose her pouting labia. He grinned up at her, then he ran his tongue into her moist, heat, savoring the sweet flavor. He let the tip of his tongue cup her swollen clit, as he ran two fingers up her slick channel. She screamed as he bit her clit, pushing her over the edge to her first orgasm. Sliding back up her body, he felt her nails dig into his firm bum, as she ground her molten core against his erection. He slid into her warmth, a corner of his mind screaming NO at him, but he was completely overridden by Ripper. As he felt her stretch around him, he paused to allow her time to get used to his girth. She wiggled and he slowly started to rock his hips towards her, enjoying the warmth as her slick folds enveloped him.

Using a trick that Buffy had taught her, Willow flipped Giles and herself over. She raised herself to her knees, and plunged down on him. She established an erratic rhythm, teasing both him and herself. In a, seemingly random pattern. she brushed her sensitive nubbin on his pelvic bone, gasping at the feel of the rough hair on her tender skin. His breath, coming in short gasps, he pulled her down to engulf one swollen nipple between his lips, biting and teasing the other with his fingers. He grinned as he thrusts his hips up, lifting her from the bed.

In a rough voice Ripper muttered "Stupid Git, wanting to turn this down."

 The rest of his murmur was lost as he wrapped his lips around her nipple, sucking gently on it while her pelvis worked down onto his pubic bone. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, he bucked his hips up to meet Willow's, burying himself further inside of her hot core. As she neared her completion, she began to rock against his hardness, groaning as his counter thrusts lifted her off the bed. Her slick walls began to spasm as her orgasm overtook her and she convulsed, clenching her cunt tightly around his cock. Her convulsions drove him over the edge and he felt his balls tighten as he realized he could no longer forestall his own orgasm. As he felt her explode around his hardness, he filled her with his boiling seed, luxuriating in the feeling of heat between them. The redhead collapsed against his muscled chest, her muscles milking every last drop of salty goodness from him.

"I know that you think this is wrong, but I have wanted you for a long time, and I am an adult now, I won't give you up." She wrapped her arms around him as if to hold him there forever. He held her close against him, gentling her with long strokes over her back.

"We need to talk about this. You are much to young for an old man like me. You need to find someone your closer to your own age, though it truly pains me to have to say so."

"I've tried people my own age, twice and it ended horribly both times. I love you and I need you and I want to be with you. I have waited until I was twenty. I'm old enough to know what I want and I want you. See my resolve face. I'm gonna win this one. Sleepy now." He wrapped his arms tightly around his redhead he allowed himself to fall asleep, determined to deal with it in the morning. ___________________________________________________________________________

As Willow turned over, she bumped into something hard. *There isn't a wall next to my bed* She put one hand out to explore and jerked as she felt warm, muscled skin. Warily she turned her head. *Giles, who put Giles in my bed, not that I'm complaining or anything* She blanched as the events of the past night began to filter into her mind. *Goddess, Giles wasn't in her bed, she was in his. What must he think of her? What would he do to her for her behavior? Why was she babbling in her thoughts?* Just as she decided to sneak out of his bed and hide where he could never find her, a deep voice said, "Going somewhere?"

*Ulp* " To Alaska, maybe you won't find me there. Giles, I'm so sorry..."

"Do you regret what happened last night so much, that you won't face me." A warm hand grasped her shoulder, firmly. "Are you sorry that you made love with me?"

"Sorry, Giles, I can never be sorry that we made love, but I seduced you against your will. I took away your choice."

"Willow, Luv, I had a choice. I could have chosen to say no. I wanted last night as much as you apparently did. I confess that I am confused as to what would make a beautiful young woman such as yourself want a stuffy, British librarian, but I'm not sorry that you came to my bed."

"You're not?" The redhead turned to face the man that she had loved for so long. "I thought that you would hate me. I mean, I didn't play fair. I snuck up on you while you were asleep. I"

" You made me feel like no other person ever has. Like I could conquer the world. I know that you are to young for me, but I'm not letting you go without a fight. I am, in the words of Spike, keeping you. I do have to know what possessed you to sneak into bed with me though?"

"Um...I kinda cast a spell."

"What kind of spell, pray tell?"

"A courage spell. I didn't think I could do it without some help."

"Luv, I think your wardrobe was all the help you needed. I have never seen anything as beautiful as you last night. Until this morning seeing you warm and tousled. You look like you have been thoroughly loved, Darling." He pulled her into his embrace, lowering his lips to steal a warm and thorough kiss. She arched into his hard body as he deepened the kiss. "I do foresee one small problem however."

"And that would be?"

"Telling Buffy and Xander that we are together. They won't be amused. Remember how well Buffy took the band candy incident. She still watches me like a hawk anytime Joyce and I are in the same room. I expect that she will be difficult. Xander will just be furious. For all his involvement with Anya, he still feels very possessive of you. Not that I blame him, but he had his chance and muffed it."


"Last night you called me Rupert."

"Rupert, you have to let me go."

"I think not."

"No, you have to let me go. I need to use the..."

Reddened cheeks glowed for a moment. "Oh, of course. Sorry." He released her and she grabbed his robe, wrapping it around her small frame and headed for the bathroom, privacy and a chance to process the conversation. *Goddess, he really seems to want me. I can't believe it. I thought he would hate me. Uh, babbling again there Willow. She could practically hear Xander's dry voice saying. Great now my subconscious sounds like Xan. Please, Goddess, could you at least change the voice.* She took care of her personal needs and washed her hands. *Oh my, I left my clothes scattered all over Giles' apartment.* As she quietly opened the bathroom door to retrieve her clothing, she met Giles with a stack of her clothes in his hands. "I thought you might need these" was all he said.

"Thank you, I don't suppose that you have a spare toothbrush do you?"

"There's one in the cupboard. Would you like some breakfast?"

"I can do breakfast. I think there might even be coffee left in the kitchen, from our last research party." She accepted her clothes and retreated to the bathroom to dress and brush her teeth. *My but Giles looked wonderful in that navy silk robe.*

Just as Giles reached the bottom of the stairs, the front door of his apartment slammed open. Buffy and Xander stood framed in the open door. "Giles," Buffy exclaimed, "we can't find Willow anywhere. We were at her house and her parents are gone again, and it looks like her bed wasn't slept in. We think something might have happened to her."

A voice from the top of the stairs, replied, "Something did happen to her."

Two shocked pair of eyes looked up to see their friend, standing there, wrapped in Giles' robe. They swiveled around to look at Giles', who appeared to be both apprehensive and amused. "I think the cat's out of the bag, Luv. Why don't you finish getting dressed and I'll rummage through the kitchen for breakfast. I assume you'll both be joining us." A pointed look at the stunned faces of his slayer and Xander. They nodded.

Buffy appeared to regain the power of speech, because she looked at Giles and said, "Lucy, you got some splainin to do." ___________________________________________________________________________

Giles looked at Buffy and Xander with a faintly amused look on his face. "You have questions, yes."

The tiny blonde shook her head as if to deny what she had just seen. "Was that Willow, my Willow? And, what was she doing in your robe? What's wrong with this picture?"

Giles grinned, "No, that was my Willow, but I imagine I could be convinced to share on occasion."

Xander looked as if Giles had just hit him with the poleax, leaning in the corner. "What do you mean, your Willow." His face brightened for a moment. "Did I hear you mention breakfast, food would be good, I really need chocolate now, but food would be good."

Giles said, as he moved into the kitchen, "If you'll just have seats, we will answer all your questions over breakfast." With just a hint of a snarl, he added, "And don't harass Willow for answers until we are both present."

Xander and Buffy looked at each other as they moved to take seats at the dining table. "Are you as wigged about this as I am, Xander?"

"Oh yeah, there is much wigging going on. I don't understand, I mean, I knew the breakup with Tara was rough, but Giles. I mean, Giles is a great guy and all, but he's old." He thought for a few seconds, "She looked happy didn't she?'

The blonde looked at him, remembering, "Yeah, she looked way happy. I guess we have to be grownups about this, huh."

"Well, a happy Wills won't be casting spells on us," he shuddered, "I so never want to be more of a demon magnet again." He rested his broken arm on the table. "Things have a tendency to go wrong around an unhappy Wills."

At that moment, a glowing and bright red Willow appeared at the top of the stairs. Dressed in a tiny baby tee and a short tight skirt, she made her barefooted way, down to the pair at the table. "So, I guess you guys want to talk to me." She cocked her head toward the noises coming from the kitchen. " I had better go make some coffee, or it will be tea all around."

She ducked her head and disappeared through the door to join Giles. She badly needed some moral support before she faced Xander and Buffy alone. Goddess, she was scared. What if they ...no, she wasn't going to think about it.

She slid behind Giles at the stove, wrapping her arms around him. He turned to embrace her, spatula in one hand. She tilted her face up to him, loving his besotted expression. As she leaned into his hard frame, tilting her face up for a kiss, she murmured, "I love you."

He locked his arms around her, deepening the kiss. As he explored her sweet mouth with his tongue, his hands moved down to clutch her delectable behind. Xander and Buffy watched from the door as their best friend and their mentor stood in a torrid embrace. They looked at one another, nodded their heads and quietly closed the door. Silently, they moved back to the table and took their chairs.

Looking down at the table, Buffy mused, "I guess that answers our questions, doesn't it Xander."

"Yeah, I'll stay out of it as long as she's happy, and she is happy."

"Want to go get some doughnuts for breakfast, I have a feeling breakfast is the last things on their minds right now. They don't need to have to answer to us now. That can wait until later." Xander nodded. He moved to the desk and wrote a brief note, which he placed on the table. They quietly left the apartment.

Willow steeled herself to go out and face her friends. She found an empty room and a note which read.

Willow, Be happy. Buffy and Xander. P.S. I want details later. Buffy. ___________________________________________________________________________

Willow opened the door to the kitchen and stepped inside. "Rupert."

"Yes, Luv. Are the natives getting restless? Although Xander's always restless when there's food involved." He muttered softly.

"Actually, the natives have left the building." Willow grinned at her *Goddess, he was hers, wasn't he.* lover. "They left a note that said, for me to be happy. Oh, and Buffy wants details." Giles sent her a look filled with amazement and fear. "Don't worry, I'm not going to give them to her. She can use her best torture on me and I'll say nothing."

Giles shook his head, "Luv, you are absolutely incapable of lying to anyone, much less Buffy when she gets inquisitive. I should like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation."

"I didn't say I was going to lie to her, just that I wasn't going to answer her. Or, if she gets to persistent, I'll threaten to cast a spell on her. She generally shuts up or runs the other way at that point." The redhead giggled. "It's my greatest weapon, and none of the Scoobies know that. But, it always works, except sometime on Spike. He just growls at me and bitches about tasting Buffy. Or threatens to kill me."

Giles said in unison with his redheaded lover, "When I get this sodding chip out of me head." Unable to resist he moved the pan off the burner, then turned and grabbed Willow by her shirt, pulling her into his embrace. "You know that I love you." He ran his hands underneath her short skirt to caress the bare flesh beneath it. His hands kneaded her bottom as he swept her into a passionate kiss. She moaned softly as he ravaged her mouth, paying close attention to her pouty bottom lip. One hand delved into her shadowed cleft to find her wet and wanting. He flicked her clit with one finger until she gasped then sank two fingers into her eager lips. He continued to tease her sensitive nubbin, until he felt her tight walls convulse around his fingers. His manhood jumped at the thought of being buried deep within that tight heat.

Her body sank into his as the power of her orgasm sapped her strength. Unable to stand without support, she clutched at Giles strong frame. He gentled his kisses to allow her to catch her breath. When she could support herself, he lifted her into his arms and sat her on the kitchen counter. Leaning over her, he lifted her skirt, hardening even more at the delightful aroma of her arousal. Using his hands, he spread her thighs wide. As he exposed her sex, he blew gently across her clit. Her shiver enthralled him. Unable to resist, he lowered his head to her sopping cleft to taste her delicious nectar. His tongue snaked into her slick channel as one finger returned to torment her swollen clit. He was determined to make her cum for him at least once more, before making her his, in every sense of the word.

Willow could feel her breasts swell with desire, as her stomach muscles rippled. She clutched Giles' hair and held him against her as her thighs tightened around his head. As she reached completion, she loosed a throaty scream. Pulling her closer to the edge of the countertop, he sank his erection to the depths of her clenching cunt in one thrust. Willow's breath hissed out as she felt the head of his cock bang against her cervix. Giles, slowly pulled out of the gasping redhead until only the head of his manhood remained in her passage. He began a swift and merciless rhythm, forcing her to the edge of climax and holding her there. As he felt himself losing control, he knew that he couldn't last much longer. Dropping one finger to her core, he pushed her over the edge, just in time to go with him. Her third orgasm pushed her to the edges of unconsciousness.

As she began to come down from the experience, Giles' asked, "Well, now that I've had breakfast, do you think you'd like some," he looked at the stove with some dismay, "cold sausage and eggs?"



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