These Dreams
Author: GylzGirl
Rating: 18
Pairings: Buffy/Giles, Willow/Giles, C/G
Spoilers: Sometime in between Revelations and Lover's Walk.
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"Buffy you're late!" Willow pulled up the hood of her dark red robe as Buffy bounded into the room.

"Sorry, I just ha..."

"Shh, nevermind that now. We've got to get this done. We don't have a lot of time left."

"Sorry!" The blonde girl slipped on a ceremonial purple robe and caught the light as she joined her two friends in the wildflower petal circle on the library floor.

"Geez Buffy way to go," Cordelia spoke from behind the hood of her gold robe. "We agreed to do this spell for you cause you've been whining all week about how the heatwave is giving you nightmares. Is there any point in trying to whammy you into hot Angel dreams if you're getting some in real life anyway?"

"Cordy, you wouldn't say that if you'd been having some of the dreams I've been having. And it's not like you're not going to get "hot dreams" of your own in payment. And I'm not "getting some" remember? That particular item has been taken off the menu."

"I guess you're telling the truth since no bodies have turned up."

"You little..."

"GUYS! If we're going to do this, we have got to hurry up. Neither of you are Homecoming Queen remember? Feud over. Focus!" Willow leaned forward and lit the two white candles before her. "We pray to Morpheus, Lord of Mindscapes. We call Aphrodite, born of sea. Combine your power, on us let shower, passionate visions, blessed be!"

"Blessed be," Cordelia and Buffy chimed in unison.

"Okay guys, now close your eyes and think of your dream lover. When you have a good picture of him, tell me ready."

Willow, practiced in the visualization required of spellwork, quickly conjured a picture of Oz, smiling enigmatically, in her mind. She opened her green eyes and picked up the book of matches, readying one to strike over the red pillar candle before her.

Cordelia pictured Xander in the tuxedo he wore to the Homecoming Dance. Smiling, with her eyes shut tight, she whispered, "Ready."

Buffy imagined Angel's arms coming around her as she practiced his Tai Chi poses with him. Her mouth quirked into a smile. "Ready," she said brightly.

Willow struck the match and held it just above the candle. "Goddess Hecate, hear our spell, trinity trinity work it well. Dreams of desire, hearts of need, as we will it, so mote it be."

"What the hell is going on here?!" All three girls snapped to attention, staring as the Englishman yelled into the room, flipping on the light.

"Giles?!" they all said at once, startled and embarrassed at how much he might have heard.

The flame of the forgotten match lapped at Willow's fingers. "OW!" She dropped it, shaking her hand out. It landed perfectly on the red candle, igniting the wick with a blinding spark. "Uh oh," Willow observed.


"Buffy I know already," Willow paced in her room trying to balance the phone against one ear and brush her hair out at the same time. "We'll know tonight if it worked or not. Whether it was worth the scolding Giles gave us. And if Giles interrupted us too soon, then we'll try again when the three day cycle has passed. We can do it Saturday actually. My parents just told me tonight they're going to Phoenix this weekend. We can recast it here if necessary."

The redhead passed her mirror and brushed a piece of lint off of the front of her orange-sleeved, knee-length, baseball jersey style gown. "Buffy, none of us are going to know until we get to sleep." She smiled as her friend tried to elicit a promise of full dream disclosure the next day. "We'll see. Goodnight." Willow hung up the phone, climbed into bed, turned off the light and cuddled with her stuffed panda bear.


Buffy hung up the phone and went to her closet to change for bed. She'd called Willow as soon as she'd come in from her last patrol of the night. Now it was Faith's turn since the brunette had insisted on shifts instead of back to back slaying after the incident with Mrs. Post. 'That girl has a lot to work out,' Buffy thought as she crawled under the covers. 'Okay you're stalling. But you're aware of it which makes it slightly less pathetic yes?'

Sunnydale had been having an unusually hot spell recently, each day seemingly becoming warmer. As a Slayer, Buffy was prone to nightmares anyway, and unfortunately the worst ones usually came true. However lately, they had been of a sufficient level of weirdness that negated them being prophetic. Buffy smiled at the memory of the look on Freddy Krueger's face as he faced a Slayer, and then frowned again remembering her friends had not faired so well against him.

She lay in the dark of her room, staring up at her ceiling. Buffy had mentioned the dreams to Willow, and Willow being Willow, she had presented her not two hours later with a spell to chase away the bad dreams with surround-sound erotic ones. A "Double bonus" Willow had called it: no scary dreams and a chance to be with Angel again, in a way; a non-soul losing, safe way.

Buffy had questioned whether or not that was such a hot idea when she had mentioned the spell had to be cast by three (as it lasted for three nights) and suggested Cordy be their third. Now that it was too late, she questioned the wisdom of this even further. Why play with fire, almost let herself be with Angel again, but not really? Wasn't that just asking for the desire to be too strong again? Or would it serve to diffuse it? There was only one way to find out. Buffy took a deep breath, closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Cordelia Chase finished putting on her lipstick and looked into her make-up mirror. "God! What am I thinking?! I'm going to bed, not going on a date!" She picked up a gob of cold cream on her fingertips and held it near her face, hesitating. The conviction that sleeping in make-up ruined the skin made up her mind. She quickly scrubbed away the last half-hour's careful work. She stood from her vanity, clean-faced and reached for the light. At the last minute, she sat back down, applied a light coat of a slightly plum-colored lip gloss, turned off the lamp and jumped into the bed.


A verdant hilltop hugged by low fluffy morning fog emerged before Willow's eyes. In the distance, amidst the foliage, she spied towering white Doric columns made of pure marble. She advanced towards them. When she got close enough to touch them, she noticed that they were so polished she could see herself in them. Her red-hair was all in wild curls and hung down to her waist. She wore a thigh-length dress made of thin white material, pinned over one shoulder with a broach. It was belted with a cord of silver. She saw that she carried a single white rose and turned back towards the structure; recognizing it now as a temple.

Willow proceeded in and approached the altar. She knelt and lay the rose down atop it, bowing her head. The next thing she knew, she felt hot breath on the back of her neck and an equally warm body in close contact behind her.

Startled, she moved to stand only to have a strong arm circle her waist and pull her back onto this stranger's lap. "Now now, none of that."

The husky whisper of the voice did little do disguise the English accent. "Giles?"

She felt a kiss planted on the side of her neck. His hand, wearing the onyx pinkie ring that proved his identity to her, came up onto the altar and touched the flower there. Its snow colored bud transformed into red before her eyes. She gasped. "Willow, Willow, Willow...what have I told you about conjuring?" She found herself lifted into the air, held tight in his arms. He pulled her to him and walked outside with her. She got her first good look at him; no glasses, hair a little longer and slightly tussled. Her hand went to his shoulders. She clutched to his bare chest, laying her head against the soft hair there. His smell infused her nostrils, the musk of his skin. On instinct, she snaked her tongue out and lapped at one of his nipples.

He growled in pleasure low in his chest, a sound she felt as well as heard. Giles carried her into the trees. When he found a tiny clearing, he stood her on her feet. Able to appraise him fully, she realized he was naked and gorgeous that way. She ran her hands over his arms, unable to take her eyes from his body and mentally cursing tweed for hiding this treasure from her for so long.

Giles' nimble hands went first to her belt and untied it, dropping it onto the grass. Next, they moved up to her shoulder, unclasping the broach there. Her dress fluttered to the earth and left her standing as naked as he was. His gaze seared her as he appraised her, as she had done him. The appreciation was evident both in his look and elsewhere, as he hardened before her amazed eyes. He gently cupped her face, stroking her cheeks lightly as his tongue plundered her mouth.

Willow ran her hands slowly down his chest, over to his hips, pausing there to gather courage. She then slipped her hands down over the bare ass she had pondered the feel of since she had first met him. The warmth of his skin was like electricity under her palms. Willow broke off the kiss and met Giles' eyes carnally. She held his gaze, crouched down and lay back against the cool grass, her legs spread wide for his approval.

He grinned, almost evilly and kneeled between them. He leaned over, a worshipper at her temple, and placed a sucking kiss directly on her clitoris. Her hips came off the ground. Giles grasped them and pinned her down, leaning farther over her, letting his tip graze her just enough to drive her crazy. Willow's hands reached up and wrapped around his neck. He released her hips, leaning on his elbows, very tenderly brushing a lock of hair from her face. His fingers trailed down to circle her nipples, waiting patiently for her implicit permission. She gave it with an arch of her hips and a silent pleading behind her emerald-colored eyes.

Giles kissed Willow once, gently. He kissed once more, harder and open mouthed. He kissed her a third time, taking complete possession of her mouth. At the same time, he penetrated her. She moaned into his mouth and he withdrew partway then slid inside of her again, deeper. He set a steadily building rhythm, bringing her higher and higher. Her inner thighs squeezed his outer ones in an attempt to bring him further inside. Giles threw his head back, sighing as he came. Willow felt her body begin to shudder in release. Her inner muscles clenching, she moaned loudly as she climaxed...and woke herself up.

"Willow are you okay in there?" Sheila Rosenburg's voice called, breaking the silence.

'Oh Wow,' Willow thought, 'Wow Giles? Wow!' "I'm fine!" She shivered as the cool night air caught the sheen of sweat coating her body. She curled her legs up and could feel that her panties were soaked through.

"You were moaning!"

"Leg cramp! All better now! Going back to sleep! Night!"

"Good-night!" Willow waited till she heard her mother's door shut then made her way to the bathroom with a clean gown and underwear.


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