Title: "The Heart's Desire"
Author: fieryangel_522
Pairing: Willow/Giles
Rating: 18 (to be on the safe side)
Challenge Response to PhenDog's Fabulous Finals Challenge.
Summary: Based off the Finals Challenge. Willow takes a strange test with fun results. Just a little W/G fluffy fun.
Notes: This takes place sometime in season four. However, in my world, Oz left Willow because she would not sleep with him. Tara does not exist (doesn't that make the world a happier place!?). Willow grieved over Oz, but not to the extent that she did in the show.
Disclamer: I do not in any way own these characters, although I would enjoy borrowing Rupert Giles for a bit.
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Giles sat at his table, pinching the bridge of his nose, squinting. He was sure that he had heard of a prophesy that was fated for the near future and had asked the group for help. But that was, of course too much to ask. Spike had told him to "sod off," a quite inappropriate reaction in Giles' opinion. Xander and Anya did show up, but spent the entire night kissing in the corner, until he had told the two to go home. Buffy had complained that between slaying and her college finals, she never had any time for a social life. Apparently she was infatuated with some TA in one of her classes and she just had to go to this halfway-through-finals party that someone had said he said he might be at.

Giles let out a quiet sigh. He always could count on one of them he thought as he saw the beautiful redhead sitting cross-legged in his arm chair, a large dusty text in her nimble, delicate hands. Yes, his Willow was always there when he needed her. The ex-watcher shook his head slightly at the possessive term. She was not, had never been, and would never be his Willow. Nor should a washed up, unemployed, half drunken old man think so possessively of this young, intelligent woman.

"Willow," Giles said tiredly. His voice trembled slightly as he battled with his feelings. He was just a foolish old man who should know better than to fall in love with one of his charges. But that is exactly what he had done. Since that first day she walked into his library and since she learned the truth about the world and chose to help instead of hide from it, he had been gradually falling deeper and deeper in love with her. How he wished he could just reach out, brush his fingers through her fiery hair and express all the love that resided in his heart for her.

"Yes Giles?" The petite woman asked, looking at him through tired, emerald eyes. Her soft voice pulled him from his thoughts.

"I doubt we will find anything tonight. You look tired. I'll understand if you want to g...go home, get some sleep."

"Well," Willow said with a yawn, "I actually still have some studying to do. I have my last two finals tomorrow and I need to study some more for my last one."

"By all means, Willow, go back to your room and study." Giles hated for her to go, but he could not be responsible for her failing her finals.

"Well, actually Giles," Willow said, looking slightly uncomfortable and biting her bottom lip, "If I go back to the room, Buffy will come home and have to tell me all about her night andI'llnevergetanythingdone."

Giles let out a small laugh. She was so adorable when she became nervous and started to babble. "Willow. Calm down. What are you saying?"

"Can I...can I study here?"

"Of course Willow. You are always welcome here. Make yourself comfortable. What are you studying? May I help?" Giles asked, trying not to sound too happy that she was staying. At his questions, he noticed his Willow blush slightly, making her even more beautiful.

"It's ummm...it's my Human Sexuality class."

"Oh," Giles imitated her blush with his own and began to nervously clean his glasses. "I doubt I could help. I... I mean in my day we did not study that subject."

"That's ok, Giles. I'll just study with myself. I have my book with me," Willow said, uncrossing her legs and bending over the arm or the chair to unzip her bag. Giles' eyes traveled down her back to the small area of exposed flesh as her pink sweater rose slightly. That small patch of skin seemed so soft. Giles just knew that if he reached his hand out and stroked her, he would find her softer than fresh rose petals.

Trying to put these fantasies past him, Giles shook his head and started to move away, heading towards a safe place, the kitchen. "Willow? How about some tea?" With that he escaped from the room to where his beautiful Willow could not haunt him.

"Yeah right old man," he mumbled to himself. "Like I am ever free of her."


"Sure, that sounds great," Willow said, slightly relieved to have distance between the two of them. How stupid could she be. Like she would ever get any studying done around him. She blushed again looking at her book. She couldn't even be studying Math or Psychology. Oh no, she had to be studying Human Sexuality only a room away from Rupert Giles.

Thumbing through the pages, Willow continued to become redder and redder. She had never felt as much a virgin as she did at that moment, looking at the various illustrations of various sexual positions. Visuals of doggy style and missionary position assaulted her as she continued. She became even more flustered as the visuals became wilder, portraying positions only for the truly daring.

Willow gave a quiet laugh. Only she would be studying positions she had only imagined doing in the house of the man she had imagined doing them with and to.

Ah, Rupert. She never thought of him as Giles anymore, though of course she still called him that. Willow could only imagine what everyone would think if she called him Rupert, but that was how she thought of him. He was Rupert, her Rupert. She knew it was silly; most would think it was nothing more than a crush, but she was in love with the former Watcher and librarian. Since the first time she had seen him, trying to adjust to the new surroundings of the library, she had been enthralled. His books had seemed so exotic, his voice flowed with intelligence, halting every so often as he would nervously stammer. Of course, his accent had captured her. What girl could hope to resist his proper British speech; proper, but not stuffy or snobbish? Rupert looked at her not as a child, but as an equal and had always treated her as such.

When Willow had first learned about the truth about vampires and Buffy, she had claimed she wanted to help because of her budding friendship with the blonde Slayer and later because of what happened to Jesse. She even had said it was because it was the right thing to do. Sure, those were all true. But what first made Willow want to help was Rupert Giles. The concept of spending almost every night in the library with this sexy and sweet man was one she could not resist. So, she became a slayerette and fell deeper and deeper in love with the older man, never acting upon her feelings. At first it was simply because of legal issues and her certainty that the feelings could never be reciprocated. Then Jenny entered the picture.

Willow's smile faded at the memory of one of her favorite teachers. Although she was envious of the woman, Willow had been almost happy with their relationship. Willow had known that she would never have Rupert and wanted to see him happy. Jenny had made him happy. So Willow had turned to Oz. She really had liked him, but he just was not who she loved. She had never felt she deserved him.

He deserved a woman who would love only him. Willow still wondered if she had been trying to sabotage their relationship when she and Xander had their stupid kisses. She had almost told him to move on when he told her he could forgive her, but she didn't want to be alone.

She had always felt alone. Her parents were never home. Willow just couldn't stand the loneliness anymore. And of course, Rupert was still not an option and now he had a hole in him that belonged to Jenny. Willow was sure that he would never be able to truly love any woman again after Jenny. So she had thrown herself into being Oz's girlfriend, that becoming her identity. But something was missing. Everyone had thought they were happy, unaware of the pressure he placed on her to sleep with him; unaware of the jealousy and anger he showed when she wouldn't. That was what really broke them up. That is what caused him to leave her, telling her she was lucky he had even wanted her; telling her how stupid and useless and what an immature baby she was.

Everyone thought she was upset because she loved Oz so much. What truly upset her was that she could no longer hide from her love for Rupert.

Willow, shook her head of these thoughts and turned back to the pornography in her arms. This virgin tried to grasp these positions that haunted her fantasies, reminding her of what she could never have with the wonderful man fumbling with the teapot in the kitchen.

"Here's some tea," Rupert said in his soft voice as he returned from his kitchen, bringing out of her embarrassed fantasies. "Um...So exactly wh...what part of human sexuality are you studying? Reproduction? Safe sex?"

"Yes all of those. But, umm," Willow whispered, "we're mainly focusing on the various positions and uh fetishes."

"What!?" The handsome Brit in front of her exclaimed as he moved closer, his cheeks reddening as he looked over her shoulder, his muscular chest brushing against her, sending warm tingles through her body. She wanted him so much.

"What kind of text book is this trash," Rupert said. Willow thought his voice seemed awfully strained.

"It's what Professor Cox wanted us to get. And yes, I understand the name is pretty funny for her and all, but she really isn't that bad ,she just wants us tobeprepared andeducated." Willow felt like an idiot. She hated when she babbled and was sure that Rupert must think she was such a baby. So she was surprised to hear his soft chuckle, the one she lived for, and a see a smile grace his sexy lips.

"Willow, it's all right. I just can't believe that she would assign such, well I'm sorry, but such smut. When I was at Oxford, we never would have studied such subjects. I would have been kicked out for such a book."

"I'm surprised you didn't then," Willow said with a wink, taking advantage of his good mood. She knew that she was the only one he ever talked about his past with. She rather liked knowing he had flaws and a checkered past. It made him sexier, more human. Unlike some people (Buffy) she didn't want a godlike man who was unattainable and unreal.

"Well... I may have had a few, but never like that. You've beaten me," Rupert said with a slight wink. That wink melted her.

Willow knew that if she didn't leave right then, she would throw the ex-librarian over his table, books and all, and ravish him.

"Well," she said with a yawn, only half real, "I am getting tired and if I don't know this uhm material now, I never will. I uh better go."

"Oh yes, of course. Get some sleep," Rupert said as she gathered her things. "Do you need me to walk you back?"

"I have my cross, my stake, and holy water. I should be fine. But thanks for worrying." With that she gave him a kiss on the cheek and bolted out the door.


The next afternoon in Willow's Human sexuality Class:

Willow's yellow pencil drummed against the desk nervously as Professor Cox began to hand out the test booklets. Her first test had went well, but then again, that class was easy. Truthfully she hadn't been able to concentrate on studying for this exam. Every time she tried, images of Rupert "teaching" her each position filtered in. Her dreams had even included the theme. Not that Rupert's appearance was unusual. Her nights were often filled with visions of the man she loved. The unusual part was that in this dream, she and Rupert were being watched and graded by Professor Cox. Willow just wanted this exam over with.

"Good luck," a girl to her left whispered as Willow was handed a test.

"You too," she answered, slightly startled to hear a small disruption below her in the lecture hall where those students had already begun. Willow shrugged and looked down at her own booklet which was not basic white paper, but instead a swirl of multiple colors that drew her eye and filled her mind with everything she had studied in the book. At that moment every one of her deepest desires flooded her and she stood up, filled with a burning need. She had to get out of there.

Around Willow, other students were leaving, with hungry looks in their eyes, while others were ripping off clothing. Several groups were groping and kissing each other. Willow ignored all of them; didn't even see them really. Only one thought remained present in her mind...

Rupert... She had to get to Rupert.

Professor Cox smiled at the scene around "her." Such wonderful mayhem and chaos. And all from such a simple enchantment. She saw the redhead witch leave, guessing where she would be heading. This was going to be fun.


Giles sat in his arm chair "reading" a book, or at least trying to. He really couldn't concentrate, especially in this, the very chair his redhead witch had sat the night before. He leaned deeper into the chair as her soft scents of vanilla and apples surrounded him.

"Your a masochistic fool, Rupert Giles," he chuckled sadly to himself, "and an old fool at that." He had barely been able to sleep the night before. Visions of his lovely Willow has haunted him. And that damn bloody book hadn't helped. He had not been able to believe that sight last night. His sweet Willow reading such a book, and for a college class no less. He smiled a little, remembering the rose in her cheeks as they had spoke about the book.

Everyone said that Willow and Oz, that stupid mutt that had thrown away the precious jewel that was this woman, had been very much in love and intimate. They said she had been heartbroken, but he didn't agree. Actually he had seemed to rebound surprisingly quickly. She was often happily laughing, but maybe that was just around him. And as for how "in love" the two had been... Well, Rupert suspected that Willow was still pure. But maybe that was just wishful thinking on his part.

How he wanted to be her first lover; first and only if he was to be truthful. He so wanted to take her in his arms and love her; to teach her things she would never learn in that book of hers. He could just imagine...

He was awoken from his thoughts by a tapping on his door.

Groaning slightly, he stood up and went to see who was visiting him. He was startled by the redhead on the other side almost tackling him as he opened up.

"Wil..Willow! What are you," Giles was cut off as his lips were captured by her soft ones. He left her kick the door shut as her slender fingers began tracing up and down his back. He wanted to just melt into the kiss and let go, but his sense of responsibility stopped him, causing him to gently push the love of his life away.

"Willow what in the world are you doing?" The extremely confused, but aroused, ex-watcher asked, fear creeping into his voice at the look of pure desire and almost insanity in her usual calm emerald eyes.

"I want you Rupert," Willow purred as she moved closer to him, causing Giles to back up. "I need you."

"But. Willow what... About your exam?" Giles asked following a hunch he didn't fully understand.

"Not important. I was sitting there, looking at the swirling, colors on the page and then I saw what was important. I saw what I needed. You. I can't hide my feeling any longer," she continued moving closer as he continued to back away.

"Feelings?" He asked as his back met with the wall. Now there was nowhere to run.

"I want to make love to you. I love you silly," Willow smiled as she ran her hands up and down his chest.

Her soft voice, overflowing with an almost giddy laughter soothed and excited Giles at the same time. But it was her words that effected him the most. She loved him! He wanted to jump for joy and throw her to the floor and make passionate love to her right there until he remembered everything she said. A test booklet of swirling colors. This former sorcerer recognized that for what it was; a simple but powerful enchantment. At this realization, Giles' heart began to sink. She was under a spell. She could never feel this way for if she was not.

"Willow. Please don't," he begged gently pushing her away, "You don't truly mean that and you have no idea how your words affect me." With that Giles weaved away from her and strode towards his stacks of books, particularly towards the large volume on common enchantments. He had to figure out to break the one on his sweet Willow. Glancing over at the redhead beauty moving slowly towards him, a seductive pout on her supple red lips, Giles knew he had better find the solution fast. He did not know how long he could resist.


Giles' House less than an hour later.

"About bloody time," Giles muttered as he at last found the page he had been searching for and not a moment to soon. The entire time, his lovely Willow had been sitting on the table, her feet kicking innocently. Every so often she would lean over to look at the book, her sweater plunging just low enough to tempt him with the soft flesh hidden under the cotton.

"You find somethin Rupert?" Willow said, her voice deep as she moved from the table to stand behind him, her nimble fingers softly stroking and massaging the tight muscles in his neck and shoulders. Giles couldn't help but lean into the gentle caresses. Her light touch felt so heavenly.

"Um yes. This is it," Rupert said as he then began to read the passage aloud:

"The Heart's Desire Enchantment.
This powerful spell clarifies human emotion by eliminating all inhibitions, causing those under it's spell to go after that which it yearns for the most. Once the desire is sated, the spell ends. Although this enchantment reveals emotions, not create them, it can be as, if not more damaging than those simple spells that do create the illusions of love and desire. The chaotic consequences of this spell can be devastating and embarrassing. Although a few select sorcerers have stumbled upon a way to break the enchantment, the best way is to let the spell run its course."

Giles gulped slightly at the words. It appeared that there was no way to break the spell and part of him wanted to just let it "run it's course." But he knew he couldn't. He'd find a way to stop it.

"Rupert," Willow's soft voice pulled him back to reality and caused him to turn to where she had stood behind him. Giles thought he would melt at the vision in front of him. While he had been reading the passage, his sweet redhead had slid out of her clothing and was now standing in front of him completely nude. Her soft pale skin glowed slightly. Her red hair framed her face and gave her a sultry, yet angelic look. His gaze drifted from her face down her beautiful form. Her breasts, so pert and soft fell freely, begging to be touched. Her belly was flat and firm, yet just soft enough to entice his fingers and lips to feel the silken skin. Unable to control himself, Gile's eyes drifted even lower, to Wilow's soft red curls and what laid beneath.

"Wil...Willow. We can't," Giles said in a soft pleading whisper.

"Shhhh," she said in a soothing voice, moving towards him, her body brushing against him. Her nimble fingers reached out to him. One hand moved down to untuck his shirt from his slacks while the other one began to unbutton it. Her smile widened as the ex-watcher moaned contentedly and closed his eyes slightly. "Yes we can, Rupert," she said.

Giles trembled slightly at the way she said his name. She pronounced that one word as if it was the most important in the world. He tried to struggle, pull away from her, but his body mutinied from him, wanting her touch.

"Let go Rupert. I want this and I know you do too," Willow whispered as he fingers moved from his now open shirt to his face, tracing over his chin. "This is right. Please don't fight it. I love you."

Any thoughts of resistance fled Giles at her words, especially the last three. For so long he had fought the feeling building in him. He couldn't any longer. More important, he didn't want to.

"Oh Willow," Giles said as he pulled her even closer, his mouth descending in hers. His lips gently brushed against the soft ones under them. His eyes closed in pleasure as Willow deepened the kiss, her soft tongue breaking through his lips, searching his mouth and finally joining with his own tongue.

Willow's hands grasped his zipper and began to open his pants. Giles released her and shrugged off his shirt and began to help her with his pants. His clothes were thrown, leaving him in nothing but his silky blue boxers.

"Mmmmm," Willow purred, running her hands over the material before dropping to her knees and tugging them off. Giles eyes widened as his Willow grasped him, causing his erect member to grow even larger. She looked at up at him, a twinkle of mischief and curiosity in her eyes. He recognized that curiosity as her "research mode," a look she used whenever she was trying to learn and understand something. Part of Giles told him to be worried while the other part guessed he'd enjoy her "exploration."

A second later, he knew the latter part was correct as her pink tongue darted out to lick his very tip. Her licks then became more forceful; hungrier. Glancing up once again, the redhead open her mouth and sucked over half of his length into its moist recesses. Her lips wrapped around him and Giles had to grab the table to stop from falling. As she sucked him deeper and deeper, her tongue trailed over the underneath of his shaft, causing him to moan softly and softly repeat her name.

"Oh dear God, Willow. Oh please don't stop. Oh my," Giles breathed as she opened wider and took his entire length into the back of her throat. "Where in the world..." He gasped as she quickened her pace, sending tremors through him. He knew he wouldn't last much longer. Giles closed his eyes and gripped the table tighter as the pressure increased.

"Willow, I'm going to..." he said trying to back away from her. Willow's mouth gripped him tighter, her fingers stroking his testicles as she sucked deeper and harder. Giles breath became even more ragged and he let out a strangled cry as he exploded in her mouth. His eyes opened and he stared at this girl who swallowed the liquid with a slight cough.

"Salty," was all she said.

"I taste good?" Giles asked her, receiving a small nod. "Well, me see how well you taste." With that the muscular naked man pounced pulling the redhead to her feet and sweeping her into his arms, his mouth meeting hers as he placed her on the edge of the table. In one movement, he swept the books off of the surface and gently pushed Willow back, parting her legs seductively. Giving his love his sexiest "Ripper" grin, he began licking her inner thighs, purposefully avoiding her center. He almost chuckled as she softly growled at his teasing.

Deciding to give them both what they wanted, his tongue slowly licked up and down her wet slit, moaning softly at the sweet taste of her. Giles lapped faster and plunged deeper, enjoying her warm wetness. Reaching up, his fingers began to massage and tease her engorged bud as he continued to lick with an unquenchable hunger. He could feel her getting close and began to quicken his movements, to deepen them an bring her on the edge. Suddenly, her soft moans became a passionate cry as he lags tightened around his face and he could taste her climax.

"Delicious," he said with a smile.

"Rupert?" Willow said, her voice almost pleading.

"Yes luv, what is it?" He asked smiling as he untangled her legs and moved towards her, his had wiping his face clean.

"I want...I need you in my now. Please," she begged sweetly.

Giles halted slightly. After that last activity, he was even more certain that he would be her first. He didn't want to take advantage, but he ached to be inside her.

"Willow, are you sure?"

Her yes met his, calming and exciting him at once. Those eyes told him she trusted him, while making his ache for her grow. Without responding, she pulled him on top of her and began to kiss him passionately, in what he could only take as a yes.

Gazing at her, he broke away and positioned himself at her entrance. He could have sworn he had seen fear flash in her eyes and he once again asked for permission. His fiery redhead simply nodded. As he began to sink into her warmth, Giles caressed her skin and ran her fingers through her hair. He wanted to plunge right into that tightness, but stopped himself when he reached her barrier.

"I love you Willow," he whispered as he captured her lips and sank fully into her, his mouth catching her cry as he took her virginity. Giles waited for her signal to start moving, letting her adjust to him. At her nod, he began to make slow love to her. He had never felt such emotion in the act before, He had never felt such pleasure. With every thrust and kiss, he was rewarded with her soft moans of pleasure. Their hands roamed each other as their pace quickened and they both found their releases, calling out each other's names.


As Rupert rolled off of her, Willow snuggled into his arms. She wasn't sure why the enchantment had been put on her, but oh was she happy it had happened.

"Aren't you glad I took that class?" She teased as she looked at Rupert next to her on the strong table. Boy, research would never be the same again for her after loosing her virginity on this table. A small laugh escaped her until she saw the look of anguish and shame on her love's handsome face. "Rupert? What's the matter?"

"What's the matter? How can you ask me that? I took advantage of you while you were under a spell. I stole your virginity, Willow" Rupert all but cried at her. His soft eyes held tears and his lips were twisted in a frown. Initially she just wanted to soothe him. Then her anger caught up with her. He "took advantage!" She wasn't a child. She was an adult and had willingly given herself to him. How could he of all people think so little of her.

"Rupert Giles, how dare you think that. Do you really think that my feelings were because of that silly spell?" At his silence, she hopped off the table and picked up the book in which he had found the enchantment. "I want you to read this aloud one more time and realize how idiotic you're being," she yelled, pointing at the passage.

"The Heart's Desire Enchantment. This powerful spell clarifies human emotion by eliminating all inhibitions, causing those under it's spell to go after that which it yearns for the most. Once the desire is sated, the spell ends. Although this enchantment reveals emotions, not create them..." Rupert read until it seemed to finally hit him. "You mean..."

"Yes you idiot," Willow said with humor and love in her voice, "every single emotion and desire was genuine. And you didn't steal anything. I gave it to you. Hell, you're who I was saving it for in the first place. I love you Rupert."

Hope and joy filled his face, making him even more handsome, "You love me?"

"Since I was 16 years old you sexy, silly man." With that Willow once again embraced her "lover." That one word brought her so much joy.

"And I... I have loved you, my dear Willow, for an indecently long time, especially for an old man like me," Rupert said with a chuckle.

"Not old; experienced, wise maybe. But definitely not old," Willow said as she began to stroke his bare chest to illustrate her point.

"I love you too dear. I love you too," Rupert said as he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her into his arms and proceeded to carry her, still naked, towards the stairs. "Lets go upstairs and let me show you just how 'experienced' I am," Rupert said in a sexy voice as Willow squealed and giggled with glee.


Outside Giles' window one figure looked on with pride and satisfaction. Ms. Cox grinned at the pair as they headed upstairs. She had known that that enchantment would work on them, and she had been able to create chaos on the campus as well. Looking once more in the window, Ms. Cox decided to go back to the campus before the enchantment wore completely off. It would be a pity to miss all that fun. Laughing, she mumbled a few words to drop the glamor and reveal her true self as she headed down the street.

"Have fun Ripper. You owe me one," Ethan Rayne laughed as he headed to Sunnydale U. There was more chaos to see and create.

The end.


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