Chapter Five

The next morning Willow sat in the passenger side of the car with her eyes closed. It usually only took her ten minutes to drive to the coven's meeting place, so she when she opened her eyes after it had been fifteen minutes she was surprised that they weren't there yet. She looked out the window, but didn't recognize the road they were on.

She turned questioning eyes to Giles, "Where are we? This isn't the way to meet the coven."

"Slight change of plans," was all he offered at first. When Willow started to protest he continued, "It occurred to me that we might be able to get better answers from the source - from the horse's mouth, so to speak." When Willow still didn't understand, he added, "We're returning to the glen."

"Oh, okay. Good idea. I wonder why I didn't think of that."

"Well, you do have a few other things on your mind," Giles smiled.

"That's no excuse. It makes complete sense to return to the scene of the crime to look for clues." Realizing what she said she rushed on, "Not that I think that what happened was a crime, because it SO wasn't. Just that that's where this all started so naturally we should go back there to try to figure out how this happened. I mean I know *how* it happened..." Giles pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned in his seat to watch Willow's babble with an amused grin on his face. Willow hazarded a glance at him and paused mid-babble, "Why did we stop?"

Giles let a chuckle escape as he leaned over to kiss her. "Because you are so adorable when you needlessly start to babble that I had to pull over before I ran us off the road." Willow frowned at his apparent lack of interest in the content of her babble. "I knew what you meant, therefore the babble was unnecessary," Giles clarified.

"Fine," she pouted.

Giles rolled his eyes, once again marveling at the fickleness of youth's emotions. He took a deep breath before reaching to brush his hand along Willow's folded arms. When he reached her elbow he was able to disentangle the arm nearest him and brought her hand to his lips. He kissed her knuckles and apologetically entreated, "Forgive me for calling your babble unnecessary." He turned her hand over and kissed her palm. "It wasn't my intention to belittle your words," he kissed her wrist, "or to make you feel bad for saying them." He kissed the inside of her elbow, earning him a giggle. "Can you ever forgive me?" He whispered into her neck.

His breath sent a shiver along her spine. Willow turned to face him, a mischievous grin in place, "Perhaps, with some convincing."

Both were smiling as their lips met. Before long they were both panting from the intensity of the kiss. Willow clawed at Giles' shirt, pulling it out of his pants, desperate for the feel of his skin. Giles slid his hands under Willow's top to rub her already hard nipples through her bra. When Willow started opening his belt and pants reality suddenly hit Giles as to where they were.

With great difficulty he pulled away from temptation. Panting harshly, he pleaded, "Willow, we have to stop."

"Why?" she inquired, rubbing the evidence that he really didn't want to.

"Look at where we are?"

Willow looked around the car, then at the deserted road they were on. "So? All I see is two people on the side of a deserted road in a car with foggy windows. Don't you want to?"

"Lord yes, but..." his breath caught as Willow leaned forward, her head inches from his groin as she reached under his seat to slide it all the way back from the steering wheel. He released his breath as she straightened, then groaned as she straddled him.

Once settled Willow finished releasing Giles' now very hard erection, pleased that there were no more objections. She kissed Giles, guiding his hand under her skirt to show him just how ready she was. She bit his lip as one finger slowly entered her.

With a wicked glint in his eyes Giles pulled back from the kiss to ask, "What happened to your underwear young lady? I distinctly remember watching you put them on this morning."

Willow nodded her head to her seat, "Took them off while your eyes were closed."

Giles risked a glance at her seat to see the small wadded up piece of cloth. He couldn't suppress the moan from Willow's light touch on his erection. He caught her gaze as he withdrew his finger and helped Willow guide himself inside her.

The car echoed their mutual groan of contentment. The short forceful movements the limited amount of space afforded heightened their arousal. Once Giles lightly began to rub her clit it didn't take long for Willow to come. The contrast of his delicate touch with the force of his thrusts thrilled her and she cried out his name moments before he did the same.

After several long moments Willow pulled back to sit on his knees.

"That was intense," she breathed.


Willow slipped back into her seat and wriggled back into her panties as Giles straightened his own clothes.

"On to the glen?" he grinned.

"On to the glen," Willow agreed, squeezing his thigh.

Chapter Six

The drive to the woods took roughly forty minutes once they got back on the road. Then it was another hour's trek to the glen. Both were apprehensive about what they would find in the glen. Unconsciously their hands sought the other's as they stepped into the sunshine.

"Oh Rupert," Willow sighed. "It's as beautiful as I remembered."

"That it is," he agreed, watching Willow's joy. He slid his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

Slowly they made their way towards the center of the circle.

Willow looked up at Giles, "Now what?"

"I'm not really sure. I suppose that we should call on the Spirit."

"Hello," Willow yelled, causing Giles to pull back from her for a moment. "Is anyone here? Spirit?"

"A little warning next time perhaps?" Giles suggested, squeezing Willow's shoulder.


"And not so loud next time," came a voice from behind them. "This is my home, I am always here."

They both spun around at the voice, eager and nervous to see their matchmaker.

"Greetings Spirit," Giles began. "Thank you for speaking with us."

"Yeah, thanks," Willow added.

Willow wasn't sure what she expected to see, since the last time she was here the Spirit was inside her. The translucent woman that stood/floated before her was breathtaking, with a timeless beauty. She glanced at Giles and he was as awed as her.

"I suppose you are looking for answers," the Spirit prompted.

"Yes, we are," Giles confirmed. "If you don't mind our asking, we do have some questions... regarding the baby."

A smile spread over the Spirit's face. "Then you did conceive."

"Yes I 'conceived'," was Willow's sarcastic response. "You knew that we would conceive, so don't act like you didn't know."

Giles tried to pacify Willow's anger but the Spirit stopped him.

"It's all right Rupert. She has every right to be angry, as do you. I hope that you can forgive me once you've heard my story. Please, make yourselves comfortable." The Spirit gestured to a blanket spread beneath an apple tree.

Giles sat leaning against the trunk of the tree and Willow sat leaning against him. Silently they agreed to hear the Spirit out before asking any more questions.

"What I told Rupert last month is true," the Spirit opened. "Fewer and fewer people still practice white magicks. There are covens here and there, and a sprinkling of individual practitioners. Unfortunately many of them do not have much power and will not pass it on to the future generations, especially as they mate with people with no magickal abilities. We, the spirits of nature and the elements, have been fading over time. With less people to reciprocate the natural energies we produce, the weaker we become. Much like a plant in a vacuum - with nothing to breathe in the oxygen produced, and nothing producing the life sustaining carbon dioxide, it will die.

"You may be asking yourselves, 'Why us? We have both been seduced by the dark side of magick.' The answer lies within the question. You are both very powerful. Granted, you have made mistakes, but you have also learned from them. You, better than anyone, know what it takes to properly use magick, and will be able to pass these lessons along to your children."

"Children?" Willow squeaked.

"Yes, children," the Spirit continued. "I see you having several children together, although I won't have a hand in the conception of any others, I promise." Willow blushed and Giles kissed her head.

"What about this child?" Giles ventured. "A member of the coven told Willow that she was three months along. How is that possible when we were here but a month ago? Is it going to continue to grow at this alarming rate?"

"The speed of the child's growth is my fault. My presence in Willow's body at the moment of conception altered the newly created life. You can wipe the worried looks off your faces; the child is and will be healthy. With all of our energies combining in that instance, something was bound to happen. Your child is going to be very powerful, perhaps even more so than you Willow."

Giles squeezed Willow's hand, satisfied that their assumption was being confirmed. Still, Willow interrupted, "But what about its growth? How long will it be before I give birth? And if it is growing so fast inside me, is it going to keep growing fast after birth?"

"While the child is inside you it will continue to grow at an accelerated rate. I am a spirit of nature - of growth and nourishment. There are residual magickal energies that were left in your womb from when we shared your body. These energies are being absorbed by the child and will leave your body at the time of birth - which will be in approximately two more months."

Willow and Giles nervously glanced at each other at the time frame.

Tentatively, Willow raised her hand. "Am I going to balloon up overnight?"

"You could say that," the Spirit laughed. "Your body will need to change to accommodate the life growing inside you."

"Boy or girl," Giles soberly asked.

"Do you really want to know?" They both nodded. "You will have a son."

"A son," Giles whispered, placing his hand over Willow's belly. She placed her hand on top of his.

"Is there anything else that we need to know?" she inquired, ready to be alone with the father of her child.

"Not at this time. I do have a favor to ask of you though." They looked back up at the Spirit. "Please return to this glen often, both before the birth and after."

"That I can definitely do," Willow sighed.

"Why, may I ask?" Giles couldn't help asking, ever the skeptic.

"This glen is a haven. As both of you have felt, there are strong magicks here. This is the perfect environment to nurture your child... son's magick, as well as your own. I know that you are still relearning to work with your magick Willow. This is a safe environment to practice. Besides," she winked, "I would like to be able to watch the boy grow, along with his siblings."

Chapter Seven

"So how do we tell Buffy and Xander?" Willow asked when they got home. "I mean, we haven't even told them about us, and now we're having a baby!"

"I doubt they'll be thrilled, on either count." Giles frowned.

"I wish I could tell them in person. This is too big to say over the phone."

"Per-perhaps," Giles stuttered. "We could fly them out here, for the wedding?"

"Isn't that going to be expens... Wedding?" She looked into his eyes.

"Our wedding," he clarified. "If you'll have me?" He removed a small velvet box from the desk drawer.

Before he could open the box Willow was in his arms, kissing him fiercely. "Of course I'll marry you," she declared when she finally released him.

Giles removed the ring and placed it on Willow's left ring finger, then kissed her hand. "Thank you."

The next several minutes were spent in a happy silence, just holding and kissing each other.

Eventually Willow broke the mood by asking, "So when are we getting married? I mean, it should be before the baby is born and I'm gonna get really fat really fast."

"Let me talk with Buffy. If the Hellmouth can spare her, how does next week sound?"

"It sounds wonderful," Willow sighed. "Call her now. I've got a lot of planning to do if we're going to have guests next week and plan a wedding," she practically bounced.

"All right," he smiled, pleased beyond imagination at her excitement. He reached for the phone and dialed the Summers residence in Sunnydale, California.



"Giles," she squealed. He could hear her call into the house, "Buffy, Giles is on the phone."

"How are you Dawn?"

"Oh, you know, fine. Same old, same old. How's Willow?"

Before he can answer, Buffy takes the phone from her sister, "Giles, what's wrong?"

"Hello to you too Buffy. Nothing is wrong. Why does something have to be wrong?"

"Because you only call when bad things happen," she complained.

"Everything is wonderful. In fact, I was calling to see how things are going on the Hellmouth. Do you think you, Dawn and Xander could get away next week?"

"Actually, yeah, we could. We were pretty busy last week, but it's calm right now. Dawn has school, but if it's important I suppose I could write her a note. Xander's been working on a big project at the high school, but he could probably get away. Why, what's up?"

"It's a surprise. For Willow. Willow has been doing so well in her magick training that I thought it might be nice to surprise her with a visit from her friends."

Willow covered her mouth with her hands to keep from laughing. Giles was lying to Buffy, but this was better than the truth.

"That's a great idea. We all really miss you guys. I'll call Xander and get back to you."

"Wonderful. I'll start making the arrangements."


Five days later Willow was nervously wandering around the house, taking care of any last minute tidying. Giles was due back from the airport with the gang any minute now. They had decided that it would be best if Willow was sitting behind her desk when their guests arrived. Not only was the visit supposed to be a surprise for Willow, but she was definitely showing now.

When she heard the car pull up she took her place at her desk, feigning studying.

Giles opened the door, having already cautioned the other to be quiet. Playing his part he called out, "Willow? Are you here?"

"I'm in the study," she called back.

Giles led the gang to the study where they burst through the door, "Surprise!"

"Buffy, Xander, Dawn," she squealed, standing. "Surprise."

Three jaws dropped. Giles made his way over to Willow, but kept his distance, for now.

"Wha... Willow, you're preg..." Xander spluttered.

"How? Who?" Buffy demanded. "When?"

"Wow," was all Dawn could manage.

Willow blushed but kept her composure. She knew all of these questions were coming. "I know this is a shock, but if you'll all sit on the couch I'll explain."

She tried not to laugh as her dearest friends moved as in a trance to the couch, mouths agape. She took a deep breath and began.

"I guess I'll start with who since how is pretty self-explanatory and when is kinda complicated." She reached her hand out to Giles who nervously stepped up to her. He slid an arm around her waist as she did the same to him. He anxiously smiled at their friends.

"Who is it?" Buffy demanded.

"Who knocked up my Willow?" Xander continued.

"Actually," Giles corrected. "She's my Willow."

Silence. No yelling, no accusations, no congratulations. At least for a few minutes, then the floodgates opened.

"No way!" "Giles?" "How could you?" "He's so old!" "How long has this been going on?" "You're not even married."

"Enough," Giles roared. Once the questions stopped he continued. "Please, allow us to try to answer your questions."

"First," Willow began, "I want you to know that we love each other."

"Very much," Giles interrupted.

"We got together a little over a month ago." She held up her hand when Buffy was going to interrupt. "I know Buffy, I'm more than a month pregnant, and I'll get to that. I will say straight off that Rupert is the father. Okay, now this won't make a lot of sense, but here's what happened." She continued to relate the story of what had happened with the Spirit, leaving out a couple of the more intimate details.

"So you're gonna be a mom in less than two months?" Dawn summed up.

"Yes," Willow smiled.

"That also brings us to why you all are here," Giles broke in. "We wanted those closest to us to be here for the wedding."

"Wedding?" three voices squealed.

"We're getting married," Willow held out her left had, showing off the ring. "In two days."

"Isn't that awfully fast?" Xander cautioned.

"Not really," Giles replied. "I have been in love with Willow for years. And there's the baby on the way..."

"Yeah," Willow added. "I'm getting bigger every day and I want to be married when our son is born. I love Rupert, and I don't want to spend one minute more than I have to not being his wife."

The three friends could feel the love between Willow and Giles - it was palatable.

"I just have one more question," Xander admitted with a quirky grin. "What am I going to call my nephew?"

Both Willow and Giles breathed a sigh of relief.

"We've spent a great deal of time discussing this," Giles started.

"In Judaism," Willow continued. "It is customary to name your first born after a deceased loved one, using the same first letter of their name. If it's alright with you," she looked at Dawn and Buffy, "we'd like to name him Jason, after your mom. She was more of a mom to me than mine is anyway. This also in memory of Jenny."

Giles squeezed her and continued, "Jason also means 'healer' in Greek. We thought it especially fitting as he was conceived to help heal magick."

"That brings us to his middle name," Willow picked up. "Timothy means 'honoring god' in Greek. We will be raising him in the practice of witchcraft and magick, honoring the Spirit's request."

"And after Tara," Dawn guessed.

"Yeah," Willow confirmed.

"Jason Timothy Giles," Buffy put together. "I can't wait."

The End


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