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By the author's request, all non-PG stories have been removed from this website as of May 16, 2009.

Christmas in New York - PG
Summary: This is a future fic. Willow finds out that people can change...
Chapter: 1-5 | 6
Status: Incomplete

The Knowing - PG
Summary: Future Fic. Everything that happened in the show happened here, though this story picks up years from where the show ended. Giles and Willow had a romantic relationship while the gang was living in Cleveland, but Willow took off one day. (Includes Willow/Ethan)
Chapter: 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-15
Status: Complete

          The Knowing - Prequel - PG
          Summary: After writing and posting The Knowing I received a lot of feedback that said I left out a lot of things. So here is my attempt
          to answer some questions. NOTE: This is a Willow/Ethan story.
          Chapter: 1-5
          Status: Complete

Secrets And... - PG
Summary: AU - This story takes place in the future, when the majority of the gang has reached the age of 30. Buffy died at the end of "The Gift" but she was never brought back to life. The explanation of what happened between that year and the time of this fic will unravel in the story. It starts off a little slow, but I promise all the characters will be introduced.
Chapter: 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-13
Status: June 15, 2005 --> Updated

Slayers and Werewolves and Harts, oh my! - PG
Summary: Crossover with Hart to Hart - Willow and Giles are together and, once again, that scamp, Ethan Rayne is wreaking havoc.
Chapter: 1-2
Status: Incomplete

Somewhere Down the Road Series - 15 (overall)
Summary: This story takes place long after the gang has gone their separate ways. Buffy was never killed, though. The gang just sort of ... broke up.
Chapter: Somewhere Down the Road | A New Life: 1-5 ~ 6-10 ~ 11-15 ~ 16-20 ~ 21-24 | Sex, Lies and Repercussions
Status: Complete












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