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Plot Bunnies

Want to write the next great Willow/Giles story, but don't know where to start? These ideas are up for grabs.

When you use one of these bunnies, please a) credit the person who put the bunny up for adoption and b) let them know that you've used their idea so that they can read your story.


From angelaask (angelaask2004@yahoo.com)

1) Band Candy

During Band Candy Willow and Giles have sex (coerce or mutual). Later Willow finds out that she is pregnant and she may or may not choose to tell Giles about her condition. Eventually Giles and the Scooby finds out, but not necessarily at the same time. Giles struggles with the guilt of getting a teenager girl pregnant and his growing romantic feelings for a girl half his age. He must make a choice between his duties as a Watcher or his responsibilities to Willow and their child.

Genres: Romance, Angst, hurt/comfort
Rating: NC-17

Please contact angelaask2004@yahoo.com if you choose to write this story. I would love to read the results.


From Vernon Bruce (the.pearls@hwcn.org)

1) Spin off series to The Witch and the Watcher


From Jen (bookwormjen@gmail.com)

1) Sometime in the late 2020's Xander falls in love with Willow and Giles' daughter. Willow & Giles are freaked at first, but after it is pointed out to them what hypocrites they are being they accept it. The story should include a flashback about when and how Willow & Giles got together and how everyone reacted.


2) After "Restless" Giles asks all of the Scoobies to start keeping detailed dream journals. He looks through them every couple of weeks, searching for patterns that could be Slaying related. The only pattern he ever notices, however, is that Willow never dreams about Tara but frequently dreams about him. This gives him the courage to approch her.


3) During the summer between seasons 4 and 5 Tara tells Willow that she is into BDSM, specificly that she is submissive. She asks Willow to be her Dom. Willow tries, but is not comfortable in the role. She ends up confiding in Giles and asks him for advice. He reveals that he is a Dom and after much soul-searching offers to teach her. After a few lessons she realizes that she is happier with Giles than Tara (in general) and much more aroused by being his sub than by being Tara's Dom.


4) Giles is teaching a Saturday morning self defense course at the YMCA (or similar organization). Willow enrolls, not knowing who the instructor is. Because of their obvious friendship the other students assume that they are an item and it gets them thinking. This could be set in any season or summer, although the later it is set the more plausible I think it would be.


5) The original four Scoobies are all in a hot tub soaking away the latest battle. One of the girls complains of sore feet and Xander offers to rub them for her. Giles says something along the lines of "make sure you give her the right type." Everyone looks confused at him and he explains about the 2 types of foot rub: Type-A: the receiver says something like "oh, that feels good."; Type-B: the receiver says (or thinks) something like "Oh My God, I need to have sex with you right now!" Giles ends up teaching Xander how to do both types, using Willow to demonstrate. This might work best if everyone is either sleep deprived enough to be silly or just a little bit tipsy.


This one is a very small bunny, but it still might trigger a story...
6) When ghost!Willow came through the wall in "Halloween," Giles was locked in his office daydreaming (fantasizing?) about her.


7) As he was leaving town after "Band Candy", Ethan cast a spell on Giles that locked him into his Ripper persona. Willow is spending lots of time with him trying to break the spell. They are becoming very close and romance and/or smut happens. Soon after that the spell ends, leading to fallout.

I can see the romance/smut happening in any of several ways:
1) "Fluke"-type kissing in the corners that neither one of them has the self-control to stop.
2) Willow breaking up with Oz to be with Ripper.
3) Ripper is a manipulative jerk who just wants another conquest and so seduces Willow.
4) Power games, with Ripper drawing Willow ever more under his thumb.


8) The Plot Bunny Part: What if when Willow was talking to Giles in Something Blue , she had said "no ones notices me" instead of "you don't see" (I forget what the exact line was, but I know it was similar to that.) This leads to her becoming effectively invisible & inaudible.

The Challenge Part should have several of these elements:
1. Willow should end up stuck in the room during an intimate moment (how graphic is up to you) between either Xander/Anya or Buffy/Riley.
2. She should learn something important to the slaying and have to figure out a way to tell the others.
3. She should learn something personally important (maybe that Giles is crushing on her).
4. Mention of the Y2k bug.
5. Mention of a song that was current during late 1999.
6. Someone talking about a (non-slaying related) book that they have read recently.
7. An argument about whether Taco Bell counts as Mexican food.
8. Giles complaining to at least 4 separate people that he can't find Willow and needs to ask her something. Willow should be right there, hearing him complain, every time.


9) After "The Pack" Willow turns to Giles to talk about what happened. She says that her crush on Xander is starting to fade, partly because of what happened. She also says that she is starting to have feelings for someone else, but blushes and starts an all out babble. Giles wonders...


10) In "Nightmares" Willow's fellow singer is Giles. The nightmare isn't just stage fright, but also of not having her feelings returned and/or how outsiders would respond.


11) Willow's Homecoming dress (the "clothes fluke" dress) literally caused the fluke. It's spelled to cause existing but unacknowledged attractions to flare up. It only works some of the time. (Randomly? Every six months? Every new moon? Some other trigger?) She wears it again to a formal party over the summer between seasons 3 and 4. Giles is also at the party, and there is more fluking.







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