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If you don't know what a beta does, then you most definitely need one. A beta reader is one of the best assets a writer has. This is someone who will go over your story before you post it to make sure that it is coherent, your spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct, as well as someone to bounce ideas off of when you get stuck. Please, don't rely on your computer's spellchecker - just because a word is spelled correctly, don't mean that it's the correct spelling for the way you're using it.

The following people are offering their services to help make your stories the very best that they can be. Don't be afraid to contact them - they have volunteered their services for this very purpose. At first contact, please give them an idea of what you're looking for in a beta before sending them your fic to make sure that you'll be a good match.

If you're willing to offer your services as a beta, please visit the Submissions page for the form I need you to fill out.


Name: Angryteabag
Email: angryteabag@gmail.com
Specialty: (Ex: spelling, grammar, context, etc.) anything.
Preferred Ratings: anything
Time Availability: Deepends on the size of the chapter.


Name: Emmy
Email: emmy7792@aol.com
Specialty: Characterization, spelling, grammar, plot and flow.
Preferred Ratings: 12-18 (Teen to Adult)
Time Availability: I am usually available weeknights and on the weekends, but email first to make sure.
Notes: I don't like rape fics, or heavy D/s themes.








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