Title: Stolen Kisses are always the sweetest
Author: Angryteabag
Rating: 12 to be safe
E-mail: angryteabag@gmail.com
Summary: Stolen Kisses are ALWAYS the sweetest.
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Distribution: Please ask first

"Rupert come on. You know how Buffy hates it when we are late!" Willow rushed back into the house to grab her husband's hand.

"Willow dear, Buffy expects us to be late. We always are, and she knows why." He grabbed her and pulled her into a quick embrace.


"Come on dear, stolen kisses are always sweetest." He kissed her. Slowly letting his tongue into her mouth. She moaned softly before pulling away

"That they are Rupert" she kissed him on the nose and pulled by his hand. "Anyway you know how much Maddy hates sitting around doing nothing. She's just like her Dad."

"Oh god, she'll be rifling through the presents!" Willow smiled as he rushed off towards the car to stop their inquisitive 3 year old.

She pulled the door closed behind her and made her way to join her family in the car with a delighted smile on her face.


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