Title: Knowledge
Author: Angryteabag
Rating: PG
E-mail: Angryteabag@gmail.com
Summary: Willow thinks about her feelings towards new discoveries.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy characters
Distribution: Please ask first.

I love to learn. I love the feeling of fulfilment when you learn a new little titbit.

All you need to encourage a child to learn is to give it a good enough reason, and boy did I have one.

My parents left me to find my own way, to fine my own path. Nothing I could do was ever enough though.

High school has kept with me my two solitary friends, Xander and Jesse.

But they are the type to read and go out of there way to learn, so they are too sweet, so young.

I want to fulfil my hunger for knowledge. I want to devour books whole, want t engorge myself on the flowing stanzas of comprehension and statistics.

My friends can't help me do this.

But there is someone who can.

He is new.


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