Title: Chemistry
Author: Angryteabag
Rating: 12
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Summary: Willow dreams in lessons, and well one thing leads to another.
Disclaimer: I own nothing from Buffy. I only own the voices in my head, and well even I can't control them.
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Author's Notes: I actually started writing this in a chemistry lesson, but in the end it's come to mean something more. Also text in Italics is Willow's dream.
Website: www.fanfiction.net/~angryteabag (I have some older fics there that aren't great or I just not continuing.)

Willow POV
Jeez, I usually love Chemistry but I just can't concentrate. We are revising extraction of metals. Again. Reduction, Electrolysis I know it all. Maybe it's the fact we only covered this last month, or maybe it's the fact that I just can't be bothered, but I can't concentrate. My mind keeps wandering to the library.

The library is a haven in Sunnydale High; it's a beacon of good – despite the fact of the Hellmouth beneath it. Sure people have been killed, better people that most in this backwash town, but frankly in the end it doesn't matter. It's still the same old library, with the same old smell of books and sandalwood; it's still the same old librarian. Well ok maybe he isn't old but he's still always there. Ploughing on though the pain and death he's always there, masking his face, masking his feelings. But yet he keeps it all up. His façade, and he does it for us.

They were researching the newest big bad, some kind of demon that with killed with a 'thingy-ma-bob on his knuckles' as Buffy had put it. Xander had laughed and made Wolverine jokes as usual, and well Giles.

Hmm Giles was worried.

This new ooglie-boogiley had Giles all flustered. Giles flustered in never a bad thing, unless he gets too stressy. That's bad. But as he says I need to concentrate on other things.

Remember Chemistry. Ok, I know this, cathode and Anodes, chemistry. Chemistry is good. It's full of protons and neutrons and structures. Structure is good. What's not good is thinking about Giles. Also not good is how hot it is in the lab. Cordy keeps shooting my looks and kicking me gently under the desk.

Ok, concentrate Willow, just put your head on the desk and let the Science wash over you. Yes washing is good.

Whoa! How'd I get into the library? Must have gotten here after chemistry. The desk im resting on in higher than usual, weird, it's not usually so high up. Straining my ears towards Giles' office I can hear movement. Pulling myself up heavily I take slow cautious steps towards it.

But as usual, in his chair he sits, pouring over some ancient text.

"Oh hey Giles, whatcha doing?" He stood up.

Something was different, Giles doesn't hold himself like that. Giles stands like an oak, strong and sturdy, but he wasn't. He is standing with an edge towards him. His glasses are off, and then I look down and realise why he is standing different.

He is wearing leather pants.

“Giles doesn't usually wear leather pants” I couldn't help but think, yet instinctively yet cautiously I stepped closer. He came round the side of his desk and leaned against it.

"Willow, hello" Wow, leather Pants, not half accentuating Giles's crotch. He in standing a foot away. He leans forwards and places his lips millimetres from my ear.

"Willow, I want you"


"Willow Rosenberg! I would never have expected this from a student of your ability! From now on all of your lessons will be done in the library, get out of my sight!"

I lift my head groggigly only to find her withered face glaring down at me. "Oh Sorry Ms O'Keefe. Erm I don't feel so good, maybe dehydrated. Going to get some water."

"Don't come back Miss Rosenberg, to the library." He snapped and returned to the front of the classroom.

"Yes, Ms" I hang my head as I walk out. Try to look ashamed but I know that actually I'm happy to be gone.

Happy to go the library.


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