Title: Willow in a Box
Author: Andrea
Email: aegermaine@yahoo.com
Rating: 18
Pairing: Willow/Giles 
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters
Distribution: SB, Arwen,Emilie, Nickie, Fever of Fate, Bite Me Please, anyone else just ask!
Spoilers: The Initiative
Summary: Willow gives Giles a special present for his birthday.
Thanks: Kat & Derek for betaing
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Note: If this looks familiar to some, its because it is. This is one of the fantasies at The Boudoir section of my site. I just added on more smut.

Note 2: For story purposes, Willow and Oz never had sex. i'm in denial.

Giles unlocked his door, grumbling slightly. Today had been a horrible day so far. First, he had to go all the way down to the college to help with some second rate professor, who didn't know Keats from shinola. Then, Buffy decided that since he was already there, if he wouldn't mind copying some pages for her while she had some fashion crisis to attend to.

And on top of all that, no one remembered his birthday. Not that he expected them to. After all he knew no one should have since he didn't mention it to anyone, but for some reason, he let himself hope that at least Willow would have remembered.

'Why did you expect her to remember, old boy?' he thought to himself. He knew he shouldn't have hoped but he thought Willow would have been different from the others. She was, after all, more caring, more thoughtful and more respectful towards him than Buffy or Xander. He foolishly let himself believe that she cared enough about him to at least make a mention.

He shook his head. "Why are you obsessing about this?" he asked himself, as he pushed his apartment door open.

As soon as he stepped inside, he noticed a large packing box on the ground in front of him. Locking the door, he approached the box carefully. Written on it was 'To:Rupert Giles  From: Someone who loves you'

He read it again. "Someone who loves me? Who could that be?" he muttered. He tried to lift the package but it was a little heavy. Looking around to find something to open it with, he spotted a knife on the counter and grabbed it. Ripping through the masking tape, he slowly opened the box. Taking out some of the foamy material, he felt the box rustle and stepped back, afraid.

Suddenly without warning, two arms popped out along with the rest of the body. He gasped at the sight. She was wearing nothing. No that wasn't true. She had on a green satin ribbon tied around her chest, barely covering her breasts, while she had another one slung low on her hips, this one too just barely covering her sex. She was grinning ear to ear, the smile he loved so much lighting up her face. She was beautiful.

He whispered softly, "Willow?"

She grinned. "Happy Birthday, Giles. I wanted to give you something special for your birthday. Someone who loves you." her voice lowered, "Me."

He couldn't believe his eyes. He stood there in awe, not believing that she would give herself to him.Or that she loved him.

She took his silence all wrong. She frowned. "Don't you like it?" she asked her voice teary.

He beamed. "Willow, this is the best present I've ever gotten. I love it." his voice lowered softly. "And I love you."

She grinned sexily. "Aren't you going to unwrap me?"

He flashed her a Ripper grin and stepped toward her predatory-like. As he got to her, he lifted her out of the box and into his arms.

"I'm going to do more than unwrap you, love." he leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips. "I'm going to ravish you."

She groaned and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as he sprinted up the stairs to his bedroom.

Laying her down gently, Giles stepped back to appraise her. She lay there like a nymph from a Botticelli painting. Delicate and lovely, her porcelain white skin stood out against the forest green ribbon and the navy blue sheets.

Her fiery red hair sprayed out, like a halo around her head, while her emerald green eyes gazed at him with so much love and passion, that his heart melted. His eyes roamed over her body, taking in all of her, no part left unseared. Her arms were thrown casually out to the sides, one of her smooth hands was palm up, gesturing for him to come over.

His eyes skimmed down past the second ribbon, down to her legs. Her beautiful, long smooth legs that seemed to go on forever. Before this night, nothing would have pleased him more than to stare at her all day, watching her, loving her. But now, this gift, his fantasy gift that he'd always wanted but never thought he could have, was not only being given to him, but being given by the gift herself.

Noticing Giles watching her,Willow moved slightly to her left side, sliding her right leg over her left, her body languidly shaped in the form of an 'S'. She fingered the bow that was across her chest, rubbing the satin between her fingers slowly, tantalizingly. Seeing her suggestive moves, Giles wanted nothing more than to lose himself in her soft, sweet embrace. Letting her take him away from everything, focusing only on them.

Unable to stand there any longer, Giles yanked his shirt over his head, his undershirt following. Hearing a gasp, he faced her concerned. all he saw was the look of awe on her face as she admired his firm, solid chest. His heartbeat sped up and his cock hardened to an aching stiffness from her wanton gazes.

Unzipping his pants as fast as he could, he slid them along with his boxers to the floor, yanking them and his shoes off. Throwing the clothes to the side, he turned back to face her, noticing the appreciative glances she was giving him.

Willow had never seen anything or anyone so beautiful in her life. He was like a Greek statue, regal and proud, his body firm and well developed, especially in one prominent area. Broad shoulders , muscular arms, long well defined legs were to be found on this man. She wished he would turn around, so she could see the strong line of his back. She'd noticed his back before, her eyes riveted to the way his cotton oxford shirts were able to show enough of his muscles to tease but not enough to satisfy. Now, with Giles naked, she'd be able to see all of him, every inch that had haunted her dreams on so many nights.

Wanting him to come over, she whispered softly, "Giles..."

He walked over, his body confident and predatory. He lay down beside her, reaching out a hand to smooth her hair from her face. He traced an index finger down the side of her face, to her chin, then up to her lips, where he traced the outline of them before gently placing his mouth over hers.

As soon as his mouth met hers, Willow wrapped her arms tightly around him, her bow brushing against his chest. the combination of the rough satin and her soft skin against his rough chest, was such an exquisite torture that they both moaned at the contact.

He took her into his arms gently at first, but as the kiss grew heated, his hold tightened crushing her to him. She ran her hands up and down his back, her fingers tracing his spine causing him to shudder. She slipped her leg between his, rubbing against him enticingly.

Pulling away for air, Giles looked down at her, tenderly. She returned his look, her hand reaching up to brush his hair back, marveling at how soft it was.

"Shall I unwrap you, now?" he asked huskily. She nodded, smiling.

Taking his left hand, he repeated the same gesture she did earlier. He fingered the satin bow, rubbing it between his fingers before slowly unraveling it, teasing both her and himself.

Pulling the ribbon away, he tossed it to the side and turned to her, gasping. She was even more gorgeous than he thought was possible. Her breasts were perfect, firm and soft, the pink nipples hardening quickly from the air and his stare.

Grinning at her, he lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking softly. Willow let out a deep throaty moan and involuntarily thrust her breasts towards him.

Licking and sucking, nibbling and scraping, he feasted on her breasts like a man who was having his last meal. The taste of her skin was nothing he'd ever experienced before. Sweet and exotic, her skin tasted like a passion fruit that could only be found on the remotest of islands.

Moving his mouth southward, he continued his feast down her flat stomach, dipping his tongue into her navel causing her to softly giggle. He swept his lips over her hipbone, then down to her pelvic bone.

Reaching the second ribbon, he glanced up at her, hoping to catch her eyes. She looked at him, a warm smile appearing on her lips as she raised her hips slightly, gesturing with her body for him to finish his unwrapping.

Maintaining eye contact. Giles unraveled the ribbon the same way as he did before, slowly and seductively, taking his time in savoring her. After it was completely undone, he looked up at her once again. Catching her eyes, he proceeded to drag the satin ribbon slowly, teasingly down over her sex, causing her to lift her hips to maintain contact.

The feel of the rough satin against her core was both pleasurable and torturous. Moaning deeply, she pleaded, "Giles..."

Clucking his tongue, he answered her. "Not yet, Willow."

Dragging the last few inches of satin over her, he tossed it aside where it joined its partner. Running his hands up her creamy thighs, he opened her wider for his passionate exploration. He ran his long fingers up and down her thighs, scraping his nails down her inner thighs , causing her to babble incoherently.

Not able to torture her or himself any longer, he moved his head so that he was inched away from her sex. Breathing softly, he blew on the red hairs, making them sway gently. Using his thumbs, he opened up her core to his gaze. He could see the juices of her excitement and he wanted nothing more than to taste all that was Willow. Snaking out his tongue, he ran it up one side of her lips, then down the other, catching the juices on his tongue.

At the first contact of him she cried out sharply, raising her hips for more of his touch. He continued to do this, just running his tongue up and down before flicking it finally across her clit. That gesture caused Willow to arch off the bed, her orgasm coming hard and quick.He lapped up the juices hungrily, like a man who has been out in the desert for days without water.

"Giles.." Willow begged, her hands digging into his hair, trying to pull him up.

Raising himself up, he pressed his body to hers, wrapping his arms around her. He kissed her reverently before pulling back to look into her yes for approval.

And that's what he saw.

Her sparkling eyes gazed at him with such love that he thought his heart was going to burst. Reaching down, he guided himself to her, and slowly pushed inside till he got to her barrier. Looking down at her one last time, she nodded  and he crushed his lips to hers as he thrust all the way in, filling her to the hilt.

Crying out sharply, she bit his lip, causing it to bleed a little. He moved back, wanting to see if she was alright.

"Willow, are you.." he trailed off as she placed a finger on his lips.

Swiping the blood from his lip, she answered, "I'm ready."

Smiling, he rocked inside of her slowly at first, letting her become accustomed to him. Soon, she was taking as well as giving, allowing him to sped his thrusts up. He pulled out before slamming back into her again, his thrusts rubbing her clit each time. She wrapped her arms tighter around him, holding him to her. He bent his head, capturing her lips in a bruising kiss as his thrusts increased even more. Unable to hold back any longer, Giles let himself go, filling her. The feel of his orgasm was enough to push her over the edge as well. She groaned against his mouth, her arms tightening to the point of rib crushing as her climax took over. Shaking violently, Giles and Willow held on to each other as the last waves of their orgasm left their bodies.

When he'd finally came down somewhat, Giles eased himself out of her embrace, just enough so he could stare into her face. Willow smiled up at him, love evident on her face.

Reaching up,while her hand stroked gently down his cheek, she said."Happy Birthday, Giles."

The End

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