Title: Of Rescues and Nakedness
Author: Andrea
Email: aegermaine@yahoo.com
Rating: 18ish..but kinda of funny in a way
Pairing: Willow/Giles
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters
Distribution: The usual W/G archives, WSRC, SB, and anyone else just ask!
Spoilers: None
Summary: Xander and Buffy think Willow's in trouble.
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Dedication: To Elissa, who issued this challenge. And to Jocelyn, remember K.I.S.A?

Notes: Based on a challenge by Elissa to use the following quote from Charmed, " We're rescuing you from a tall, dark, naked man."

Notes: Also, Buffy and Xander..well lets just say they are not using all their marbles in this fic.<G>


"Yes, Willow?" he replied, his nose in a book.

There was a strong chance that a  demon was to be making itself known in the coming weeks and Willow and Giles were spending their free time researching. So far, they hadn't come up with anything conclusive. And Willow was growing tired.

She stood and stretched. "Let's take a break." she raised her arms over her head. "I feel like a pretzel."

Giles looked up, a sly smile appearing on his face. He silently watched her stretch, admiring the way her long lithe body moved. Sleek and sensual, she was as graceful as a panther and as aggressive as one too. 'Especially in bed' he mused, his body warming up. An idea formed into his head and he smiled rakishly.

Standing up, Giles crossed to her, wrapping his strong arms around her waist. Willow jumped a bit, surprised but elated. "Rupert?" she asked softly, leaning into his embrace.

"Sshh..." he muttered, nuzzling her neck. His experienced tongue darted out licking the silky flesh. He gently nibbled her neck, his teeth grazing over her pulse. "I thought you wanted to take a break."

Willow nodded wordlessly, his machinations unabling her to speak. She could feel him smiling against her skin as he continued his tender assault. She tilted her head back allowing him even better access to her.

"Shall we take this upstairs?" he asked enticingly, blowing into her ear for emphasis.

"Yes." she whispered huskily, her mind and body lost in his ecstasy.

Wordlessly, Giles scooped her up into his strong arms pulling her close to his body. She wrapped her arms around his neck, loving the feel of being in his arms. Every time he did this, she always felt like a fairy princess and he, her knight in shining armor.

As she leaned in to plant a kiss on him, the phone rang. "RRRRRRRRRRRRIIINNNNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!"

The ringing startled them both causing Willow to tighten her arms even more as Giles almost dropped her.

"Ignore it." he replied, heading for the stairs.

"It might be important."

"More important than this?" he uttered before kissing her passionately but briefly. Releasing her, he arched his eyebrow. "Well?"

Breathlessly, Willow said. "Normally no but we did send Buffy and Xander to investigate and it.."

"And it might be them with some news." he sighed dramatically.

She nodded as he carried them back to the sofa. Plopping down, he cradled her in his lap as she reached over to pickup the phone.

"Hello?" she answered as he began to kiss her neck. Covering the phone, she hissed. "Rupert."

"Hmm?" he mumbled as he placed wet kisses along her neck and all the way down to her collarbone.

Sighing helplessly, Willow said. "Hello?"


"Xander? What's up?"

"We're at the museum."

"Museum?" she said distractedly as Giles began to unbutton her blouse. Halfway undone, he reached in and unclasped her bra, pulling the material away from her silky skin. He captured one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger rolling it gently while placing his kisses farther down her neck.

Willow closed her eyes, allowing herself the briefest moment to lose herself in the exquisite torture he was creating.

"Wills? Wills!" Xander asked. "Are you there?"


"Wills!" Xander screamed into the phone. "What's wrong?"

While Giles' hand was busing itself with her upper body, the other was exploring her lower body. His experienced hand slid under her skirt, running up her firm thigh to the edge of her underwear. He moved his long fingers closer to her moist heat, the tips of his fingers teasing her gently. She shifted forward trying to force him to press harder but he resisted.

Willow moaned." No..don't.."

"Willow." Xander yelled. "What's happening?"

Giles whispered laschivously into her ear. "What's wrong, love?"

She turned and gave him a reproachful look. A look that promised retribution later. Giles just smiled wickedly at her frustration. Willow leaned back more against him, the receiver cradling her ear. She turned her head and lightly nipped his earlobe.

"Ohh.." Giles groaned, loud enough for Xander to hear.

"What the hell was that?" Xander shouted. "WILLOW!! Who's there?"

Buffy, standing next to Xander, tugged on his sleeve. "What's going on? What's up with Willow?"

Xander turned to face her."I don't know. I just keep hearing moaning."

"Moaning?" Buffy asked confused. "Is she hurt?"

"I don't know." Xander continued. "Willow?"

Willow smiled shyly at Giles' reaction. It served him right for teasing her like that. "Like that?" she squirmed on his lap, feeling his burgeoning erection against her. "Oh, you did."

Giles looked at her and saw her smug smile. 'I'll show you, love.' he thought right before he moved his fingers under the elastic of her underwear and plunged two of his fingers into her welcoming heat.

"AAAHH!" she screamed right before she dropped the receiver on the ground.

Both Xander and Buffy heard her screams. "WILLOW!" they yelled at once. "WILLOW!"

Willow grabbed Giles' head and kissed him ferociously. She dug her fingers into his hair, scratching and pulling at the scalp. He opened his mouth and she darted her tongue in, tangling it fiercely with his own. Soon, they battled, tongue and teeth, trying to dominate. So caught up in their kiss they forgot all about the phone call and lost themselves in their shared passion.


"WILLOW!!!" They screamed again, fear creeping up at her inability to answer them. "WILLOW!"

Hearing nothing but faint groans and moans, they hung up the phone and left.

"We have to do something." Xander yelled frantically. He pointed at Buffy. "You're the Slayer, do something!"

"From here?" Buffy shouted back. "Willow's the magic lady, not me. I am not Bewitched here. I can't just 'poof' and hightail it to someone's home."

He nodded his assent. "I know. But, we have to do something."

"We will." Buffy replied determinedly. "We're going to save Willow from whoever or whatever is attacking her."

"Right." Xander said as he led them down the street. "By the way, where is G-man? Isn't he supposed to be researching with Willow?"

"Yeah, but he probably left to get some ancient book or something." Buffy explained. "Besides, do you think Giles would just stand there and let Willow be attacked?"

He nodded. "You're right. Ripper would come out and play if he saw Willow in trouble."

"Yeah. Giles is protective that way." Buffy said. "Now, quit talking we need to save Willow."

At that, the two Scoobies broke into a run racing towards saving their friend from whatever was hurting her.

The calvary was on its way!


15 minutes later at Giles' apartment....

Buffy and Xander ran down the last flight of stairs, huffing and puffing. Well, it was Xander who was huffing and puffing, with Buffy hardly breaking a sweat.

"Wait." Xander coughed." I need to catch my breath."

"We don't have time." Buffy said as she raced to Giles' door, Xander limping behind. They could hear some faint sounds, ones of an animalistic quality.

"Open the door!"

"It's locked." Buffy said as she tugged on it. An idea popped into her head and she ran away from the door.

Xander looked at her strangely. "What are.." he started to ask as she launched herself at the door. "..you doing?"

Buffy, leapt into the air, her right leg extended straight out in front. It connected solidly with the oak door, her Slayer strength almost ripping the hinges off the door. The door slammed open, banging against the apartment wall.

"What the hell?" Willow exclaimed, popping up from behind the couch when she heard the door open.

Xander quickly rushed in screaming. "Willow, we're..." he stopped when he saw her naked form peek out from the back of the couch."..here.."

"Willow are you.." Buffy asked, stopping dead in her tracks as soon as she saw Willow." ...all right?"

"Yes." Willow replied angrily. "What the hell are you guys doing here?"

Xander couldn't take his eyes off of Willow's half naked body, her breasts captivating him. Willow noticed him ogling her and wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to cover up. She stared at the two intruders pointedly, waiting for them to say something. "Answer me, you two."

"Well, we're here to rescue you." Buffy offered in explanation.

"Rescue? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Willow shouted.

"It certainly is." a voice under Willow said. He grasped her hips and lifted her off of him and set her down on the couch. Forgetting his nakedness, Giles stood up and faced them. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Well..."Buffy said openmouthed. She couldn't help looking at Giles naked. Her naked Watcher. 'Damn, he's fine.'

"We're rescuing you." Xander pointed at Willow. "from the tall, dark and naked man."

Giles finally realized he'd stood up naked and quickly retrieved a pillow from the floor, where they had hurriedly tossed them to the ground minutes before. He'd been so angry at the intruders for interrupting his alone time with Willow. Between his new job and her schooling, they rarely had time to be together. And so they took as much advantage as they could.

Now, it was ruined.

Giles eyed Xander darkly, a Ripper glint in his eye. Xander swallowed at the older man's sneer and unconsciously moved back a few paces.

"Xander, Buffy." he turned to Buffy, who was still staring at him in admiration. "Buffy?"

She shook her head. "Sorry. I was just...wow Giles. You look good."

"Thank you." he blushed, while Willow eyed Buffy. Giles, finally noticing Xander gazing at Willow, menaced. "Xander stop looking at Willow."

"Yes." Willow agreed. "Buffy, stop looking at Giles."

Buffy smiled sheepishly as did Xander. They were still in awe, first at seeing them together in a more than mentor kind of way and second, naked. Not that the thought hadn't crossed either of their minds, a fact they would never admit but to see first hand Willow and Giles like this still shocked them to their core.

"Okay, no more looking." Buffy offered.


"But," she continued. "We want to know. Why are you two..together?" she gestured with her hand.

"Yeah. And for how long?" Xander piped up.

Giles looked at Willow and a silent communication passed between them. They had been dating secretly for months, but had opted not to say anything. They knew that the two of them as a couple might not go over so well. Case in point.

"Well..." Willow started as Giles grabbed her hand for support. "A few months ago."

"Few months?" Buffy and Xander exclaimed at the same time.

Willow nodded as Giles continued. "Yes. I won't go into specifics of how we came together because it's none of your business. " he said pointedly at Buffy and Xander. "But, it's been the happiest months of my life." he grinned happily at Willow.

"Mine too." she kissed his hand.

"Okay. Enough lovey-dovey." Xander motioned to their joined hands. "But, why didn't you tell us right away?"

"Why should we?" Willow shot back. "To get a reaction like this?"

"What do you mean?"

"She means that the primary reason we didn't tell you was because we knew that the two of you wouldn't take it so well." explained Giles.

"Well, what do you expect? Giles..you're.."Xander sputtered." And Willow...you're.."

"What I think Xander is trying to say is that you guys are perfect for each other." Buffy grabbed Xander's arm and yanked him toward the door.

"They are?" he looked at Buffy in confusion.

"Thank you, Buffy." Giles said gratefully. "I'm glad to see you mature about this."

"Me too." Willow said warily. "I thought you would throw a tantrum about us."

"Well, " Buffy replied as she and Xander were halfway out the door. "I'm still slightly wigged about you guys but not so much as seeing you guys naked right now." Willow and Giles realized they were still naked and scrunched behind the couch. "Besides, one of us.."she gestured to Xander." has to be the mature one. And I'd thought it should be me for a change."

"But.." Xander yelped. "they're..naked.."

Buffy wrapped an arm around Xander. "Yes, I see. Now, we'll leave them alone. "she waved to Willow and Giles. "Bye, guys."

She closed the door behind her as she went out, Willow and Giles could hear the two outside bickering.

Willow turned to Giles who looked just as stupified as she. "Well, they took it well. And least Buffy did."

Giles nodded in agreement. "I think Buffy was more shocked at us being naked than us being together." He pulled Willow into his lap and began to nuzzle her neck. "Besides, who cares? They're gone, aren't they?" he kissed his way to her mouth. "Now, where were we?"


The End

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