Title: The Birthday Gift (#1 E.C. Series)
Author: Andrea
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Rating: U
Spoilers: None
Pairing: Willow/Giles
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Summary: Willow and Giles at a concert
Special Notes:  This is based on a challenge by Brenda a couple of years ago. Write a story about Giles, using the words:Eric Clapton, television, sorceror, computer and chicken. Would have posted soon but I was on vacation.
Feedback: Yes!  This has only been beta-read by my roommate and is my first ever attempt at fanfic.

"What am I going to get Giles for his birthday?"Willow muttered as she booted up the computer.

She typed in her password,'sorcerer' and was logged on. She sat there tapping her fingernails on the keys,thinking. Giles' birthday was next week. He tried to keep it under wraps but she managed to find out anyway. When she approached him on what he wanted to do for his birthday, he politely stated that he would rather forget about it. However, when she told Buffy this, she suggested a party. Willow remembered trying to talk Buffy out of it.

"Buffy...no.I don't think Giles would like a whole bunch of people gathering around and yelling 'Surprise!'",she said.

"Will, we're not inviting a hundred people. We're only inviting five."she said, holding up five fingers."You, me, Xander, Oz and Cordelia, if she can come. That's all."

Willow had finally agreed and looking back now, wished she had pressed Buffy not to have the party. She felt she knew Giles well, probably more than Buffy did, and she knew that he wouldn't like all the fuss. He probably wanted to celebrate it by himself in peace and quiet. Not donning a party hat and having to listen to Xander tell his chicken crossing the road jokes all night long.

Then there was the issue of a present. They had at first decided to chip in to buy one, big joint present but that became complicated as well.All of them throwing around ideas.

"How about a television?"

"A new wardrobe?"

"A pen?"  

This went on for hours. They finally decided it would be easier to just buy individual gifts for Giles. It was easier than trying to agree on one big present together. So, now Willow was researching.

She wanted to get him something that he might not expect. Something not Watcherish. Something that he wanted but not necessarily needed. A totally fun gift.

She continued to punch away at the computer, trying to find the perfect gift. She racked her brain, trying to remember any hobbies or interests he had that didn't revolve around him being a librarian or a Watcher.

A light suddenly went on in her head. She swiftly started typing and surfing until she found what she wanted. Logging off her computer, she left her dorm room whistling.


"Open my gift next, Giles!"Xander exclaimed. Giles smiled and picked up the brightly colored package. 'The party was going rather smoothly', Willow  mused.

It ended up being just the three of them. Buffy, Xander and herself. Oz had a gig with the Dingoes and Cordelia found an acting job that conflicted with the party. But they both sent their regards along with their presents.

Willow had to admit that Giles looked like he was having fun. He had a uncomfortable look on his face when they had surprised him at his apartment, waving streamers and blowing whistles. But, the look quickly passed when he saw how happy they were for him.

"Giles, can you possibly open the gift any more slower?"Buffy asked.

Giles just grinned and went even more slower than before. Buffy just rolled her eyes.

The presents were actually good. Buffy had given him an engraved silver plated bookmark; Oz had given him a collection of Agatha Christie mysteries; Cordelia gave him a tea basket filled with various tea items(kettle,4 types of tea, 2 cups with saucers, scones, biscotti..). The presents were good, but as Willow suspected, had to do with either being a librarian or Watcher. Willow smiled to herself and jumped up and down in her seat. 'Wait till Giles sees what I gave him' she thought.

"Xander, this is very nice."Giles held up a bright blue and red tie."Thank you."

Xander smiled."No problem, G-man."

"Here's my gift, Giles. I hope you like it."Willow said shyly.

Giles smiled warmly at her."I'm sure I will, Willow." he said, reaching for the small package. As his fingers touched hers, he felt an electric tingle go through him and shuddered. He looked at Willow to see if she felt it too.

As soon as their hands touched, she felt her body turn to liquid. She could barely breathe and began to blush. She ducked her head slightly, hoping no one had noticed.

"Giles, please? Can't you go any faster?"Buffy pleaded.

Giles shook his head."What? Oh..umm..yes." He tore into the wrapping and lifted the lid off the small box.

Inside was an envelope. Giles picked it up, his eyebrows raised, and looked at Willow. She just smiled. He opened the envelope and removed two tickets.

"Tickets?"Xander exclaimed."What did you give him tickets for, Will? The annual all-you-can-eat librarian pancake breakfast?" Buffy jabbed him.

Giles turned the tickets over and gasped at what he saw. He couldn't believe it. 'How had she known?'he thought to himself.

"C'mon, Giles give. What are they?" Buffy whined.

"Two tickets to see Eric Clapton in concert." Giles managed to say.

"Eric Clapton? Who's he?" Xander asked.

"He was a member of Cream."Giles stated, still unable to take his eyes off the tickets.

"All right." Buffy said."Who's Cream?"

"Cream was a rock group from the 60s. Eric Clapton played the guitar. After the band's breakup, Eric Clapton played with other bands and eventually went solo." Willow stated, beaming. She was excited. She wasn't sure if  Giles was going to like it, but seeing his reaction, she knew she had made the right choice. "Do you like it?" she asked.

Giles looked up at her in wonder and delight."Like? I love it , Willow. Thank you." he exclaimed, standing up and hugging her. Willow hugged him back, silently saying thanks to whoever was listening  that she had made the right choice.

"So, G-man, there's two tickets? Who you're gonna take?" Xander asked.

"Me, of course." Buffy replied before Giles had a chance to answer.

Part 2:

'Buffy's going?' Willow thought. Her heart seemed to deflate at the thought of Buffy and Giles going together.

'What did you expect, Willow? He'd ask you?' she said to herself. Actually, if she was honest with herself,that was what she was hoping he'd do. But, she should have known that it would be Buffy he'd take. After all, she was the slayer and he was the Watcher.

Giles looked at Wilow, wondering what she was thinking. The minute he saw the tickets, he knew who he wanted to invite.


He still couldn't believe that she gave them to him. It must have taken alot of time and effort to get this gift and it seemed only natural that he would invite the giftgiver.

What a bunch of bull.

The real reason he wanted to take her was...quite frankly, he wanted her. After denying his feelings for far too long, he finally admitted to himself, that he was in love with her. He knew it was a possible longshot that she would return his feelings but the gift gave him hope. Of course, Buffy had to open her mouth and blurt out that she was going before he had the chance to ask Willow. Now, looking at Willow, he knew that he might not get another chance to act.

"Ummmm, I hate to rush you, Buffy. But, don't you have to patrol?" he asked.

Buffy grimaced. "Yeah. I guess." Giles raised his eyebrows. "I mean, I know."

"I should go too, Giles. I told Anya I'd meet her at the Bronze." All three looked at Xander. "What?"

"Anya?"Willow squeaked.

"I know..I know. But, she's not bad. Once you get over her manbashing side, she's actually quite fun."

"Okayyy.." Willow stood up gathering her things.

"Umm..Willow. Could you wait? I found some more information on Yamor that I wanted you to scan into the computer." Giles said.

"Sure. I don't mind."replied Willow. 'Great. Research girl again. Is he ever going to see me as anything else?' she wondered as she sat back down.

"Well, Happy Birthday again, G-man."Xander said, clapping him on the back.

"Thank you all for a wonderful birthday. I couldn't have asked for anything more."Giles exclaimed.

"Your welcome, Giles."Buffy hugged him."Can't wait to go to see Eric Clinton."

Giles made a face. "Clapton. Eric Clapton."

She waved her hand. "Whatever. It better be good. That's all I have to say."

As soon as they left, Giles turned back to Willow, his expression grim. She had the computer all ready and was looking at him expectantly. "Giles?"

"Hmmm what?"Giles muttered. "Oh yes.. Yamor." He located the book and handed it to her.

Same as before, the second their hands touched, they both felt a shock. Willow looked up immediately and caught Giles looking back at her with the same expression on his face.


She bent her head and proceeded to scan the book. Giles studied her for a moment, debating . Should he or shouldn't he ask her to the concert. 'If I don't ask her now, I might never get another valuable opportunity again.'he thought.


She raised her head."Yes?"

"I was wondering. Would you like to attend the concert with me?" he asked.

Shock registered on her face. "Concert?"

He smiled."Yes.The Eric Clapton concert. The one you gave me tickets for?"

"I thought Buffy was going with you."

"Buffy assumed she was going. I never officially asked her."he took her hand."Please, Willow. It would mean alot if you would go with me."

She thought her heart was going to burst with happiness. "Yes, Giles. I'd love to go with you."

He beamed. "Good. Then, it's a date."

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