Okay...challenge was to write a fic in 300 hundred words..I kinda went over..but the number 300 is mentioned.

Title: 300 Roses and Kisses
Author: Andrea
Email: aegermaine@yahoo.com
Rating: U
Pairing: Willow/Giles
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters
Distribution: All the usual sites...Myrddin,Crystal..etc...anyone else just ask!
Spoilers: None
Summary: Giles has a surprise for Willow

Dedication: To Monique


"Flight 300 from London is now arriving at Gate 30." the announcer said over the loudspeaker.

Willow jumped up out of her seat and hurried out of the restaurant. she was scheduled to pick up Rupert at 3:00 . She had been so excited to see him after 3 weeks of him being away, that she had arrived at the airport two hours early. She couldn't wait at home any longer.

Rupert had told her that he had a surprise for her when he came back to Sunnydale and she wondered what it was. They had been dating for 3 months now, having finally admitting their love to each other after all these years. They had become closer than ever before, both physically and emotionally, two parts to a whole. So, when he had to take an trip to England, she had been so lonely without him, counting the days until he came home.

As Willow walked to Gate 30, she heard her name being called out from the gate desk. "Miss Willow Rosenberg? Is there a Miss Willow Rosenberg, here?"

"Yes! Yes!" Willow waved her hand. "I'm Willow Rosenberg."

The attendant smiled knowingly at her. "Miss Rosenberg, could you please stand here?" indicating where she should stand.


"It'll all be explained soon enough." the attendent said as she maneuvered Willow to stand directly in front of the gate.

"Okay." Willow said, wondering what was going on.

Suddenly, the door to the gate opened and the passengers started to stream out. The first saw Willow and handed her a beautiful, long stemmed rose. "Congratulations." he said before moving to the waiting area.

"Whaa?" Willow started to ask, but before she could, another passenger, then another, and yet another gave her a rose, each one offering their congratulations. Soon, her arms were filled with roses, dozens and dozens. She still had no idea what was happening.

Finally, after about 300 or so roses later, she saw Rupert coming through the gate and her heart melted. She wanted to welcome him with a hug but her arms were overflowing with the roses and spilling out onto the floor.

"Willow." Rupert said lovingly, smiling at the sight she made. She looked breathtaking.

"Rupert." Willow exclaimed. "What.."

"Sshh..don't say a word." Rupert told her as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a ring. Getting down on one knee, he said, "Willow, you've made my life complete. Like a rose, our love has blossomed into the most magical, most beautiful thing in the world." he took her hand. "Willow, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Tears streaming down her face, Willow answered. "YES!! Yes, I'll marry you."

And as the crowd from the plane cheered their happiness, Rupert swept up Willow, roses and all, into his arms, bestowing upon her 300 kisses of love.


The End....

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