One Word
By A.M. Glass
‘PG’- just to be on the safe side.
September 27th- October 1, 2001.
Joss Whedon, Fox Studios, Mutant Enemy, et al, have something to do with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. The story along with any/all original characters are the sole property of the author and can not be used without expressed permission first.
I’ve made mention of a few episodes, from the pilot through “Anne”. I’ve hopefully followed the episodes in order. As I didn’t start watching the show until the latter part of the second season, I hope you’ll forgive any MAJOR faux pas. The story deviates from the show prior to the fourth season. I don’t make any mention of the college years.
Yep, it’s a song fic. And the song in question is called, “You Had Me From Hello”. It’s written by Kenny Chesney and Skip Ewing, you may have heard it if you saw the movie Jerry Maguire. I haven’t, but I knew the song was in it.
Author’s Note:
This story will jump around a little bit and I hope it’s not too difficult to follow.
Special Thanks:
To Stacey for her comments and suggestions. She’s helped me out before in a different genre and I’m glad she decided to take a dip into this pond.

One word...

That’s all you said...

Giles turned his attention from the book in front of him and listened carefully. He could have sworn he’d heard something. Shrugging his shoulders, something he’d never let anyone catch him doing, he continued to read the ancient text. He did wish that the Slayer would show up so that they could begin training, he hadn’t seen her yet, but it was only a matter of time.

“Hello... is anyone here?”

Something in your voice
caused me to turn my head

This time there was no mistaking it. Someone was in the main part of the library. “Of all the bloody times,” he uttered softly as he walked out of his office, heading towards the checkout counter. “Yes, can... I...”

Your smile...

Just captured me...

“Umm... hi. I didn’t think anyone was here,” he heard her say as she smiled.

And you were in my future...

Far as I could see

“Ah... yes. I apologize. I was reading... in my office,” Giles stammered as he motioned behind him. “I thought I heard someone...” he continued as he pushed his glasses up. He took a deep breath, hoping to calm his heart that was racing in his chest.

“You must be the new librarian,” the vision in front of him said. “Yes,” Giles answered, taking his position very seriously. “Yes, I am.”

And I don’t know
how it happened...

But it happened still

“That’s neat.”

Giles cleared his throat, “Was there something I could help you with?”

“Oh... yeah,” Giles watched as the young woman reached behind her and brought her backpack to the front of her body. “I... I’m looking for a book of poetry...” she said as she rummaged through the pocket.

“Ah, yes. And whom would the poet be?”

“Here it is... umm... Lord Byron.”

You ask me if I love you...

If I always will...

“For English class, I take it?” he asked as he walked up the steps that led to the upper portion of the library. He started scanning.

“No. Not really.”

Giles paused briefly and poked his head around the stack. “No?”


“Is there anything wrong?” he asked as she looked down. “Really... miss,” he began saying as he moved towards her. “I’m sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“Willow. Willow Rosenberg.”

He smiled inwardly. His angel had graced him with her name. “How do you do, Miss Rosenberg. I’m Rupert Giles,” he said holding his hand out.

Willow gave him a startled look before saying, “Hello, Mr. Giles,” and shook his hand. She knew that he was different. She realized this as soon as he came down to check on her. She smiled.


You had me from “Hello”...

I felt love start to grow...

The moment that I looked
into your eyes

“Now... about Byron?” He watched as she blushed.

Giles found that he looked forward to Willow’s visits...

Even if she was accompanied at times by her two friends...

Her two male friends.

He would watch from afar as Willow hung onto...

‘What was that boy’s name?’

Nevertheless, she hung onto each word, as if they were a delicacy to be savored.

Of course there were the other times, when she came to the library...


You won me...

It was over from the start...

You completely stole my heart

He longed for those moments, sacred memories etched in his mind and burned in his heart, times when it was just the two of them.

She glowed when a new shipment of books from England arrived. How he ached to share them with her, only to put off her inquires with vague promises to let her look at them more thoroughly later.

And now...

You won’t let go...

I never even had a chance you know...

You had me from “Hello”

His heart seized in his chest, he panicked briefly, looking for someway to help. He’d never felt such terror in his life when Buffy, The Slayer he had been sent to train, pointed out a vampire, only to realize that Willow was, according to Buffy, Seizing the moment.

That was before Buffy raced down trying to get to her newfound friend prior to Willow becoming the blood-sucker’s snack.

Inside I built a wall...

So high around my heart
I thought I’d never fall

He couldn’t imagine just how quickly relief could turn into despair until Buffy told him that she’d lost track of Willow.

Giles wanted to drop to his knees when Willow entered the library.

He wanted many things...

But duty came first and...

Jessie-her friend-was missing.

And if they, rather Buffy, could get to Jessie before anything happened to him, then in some small way he might bring a smile to Willow’s face.

He had already taken her innocence from her...

By telling her about things-creatures-thought to be simply make believe, stories told to children to make them behave, were all too real. More real than those portrayed in countless movies and books made to feed upon the innate curiosity of the public, inasmuch as the creatures fed upon the unsuspecting victims.

One touch...

You brought it down...

The bricks of my defenses
scattered on the ground

Giles knew the outcome as soon as he’d seen the two troubled teenagers enter the library.

Buffy had been too late to save Jessie.

And both Xander and Willow joined in the fight against evil. There was no way of stopping them.

And he hadn’t been able to put a smile on her face then, but he would do whatever it took to see it again.

And I swore to me
I wasn’t going to love again...

The last time was the last time...

I’d let someone in...

“Giles... hello?”


“I... I just wanted to know how you’re doing,” Willow asked him as she sat down next to him.

“I’m... I’m fine. Thank you for asking,” he replied, a brief smile gracing his face before he remembered he didn’t have a reason to smile.

“Are you sure?” Willow couldn’t believe that Miss Calendar was dead, and that it was Angel, or Angelus as he called himself, that killed her. She knew that both Giles and Miss Calendar had been dating, and she had a feeling that he was falling in love with her former computer science teacher.

“Yes... quite,” Giles answered, bringing Willow back to the present.

“You know... if... if you ever want to talk...”

Giles looked down then turned towards the young woman whom he had allowed to make a place in his life without hesitation. He saw, then felt, the warmth of her hand on his.

And his defenses...

His stiff upper-lip crumbled liked ancient papyrus in the wind.

Willow held onto Giles as his body shook as the waves of grief rolled through him.

Giles couldn’t believe the turmoil he was going through. He was shocked and angered by Jenny’s death, it was a blow to all of them.

But, as Willow cradled him, he wasn’t crying for Jenny alone.

The tears that cascaded down his cheeks unchecked were for himself as well.

For the love he felt for the young woman unselfishly giving her compassion, and asking for nothing in return.


You had me from “Hello”...

I felt love start to grow...

The moment that I
looked into your eyes

Willow had just left and it took every ounce of restraint that Giles possessed from taking her into his arms.

The Scooby’s, as they had named themselves, had taken over patrolling, as Buffy was M.I.A. He had no idea where Buffy was and had searched for her wherever there was a reported sighting. She had left after closing the portal, killing Angel in the process.

He sighed.

He thought back to the words Willow had said earlier, ‘You’d get cranky.’

That wasn’t the only thing he’d be if anything were to happen to her.

You won me...

It was over from the start...

As far as he was concerned, loving Willow Rosenberg, albeit from afar, was a bittersweet situation at best.

You completely stole my heart...

And now you won’t let go

A part of him yearned for her...

Wanted to make her see how he felt for her.

But, he had no idea how she felt for him.

I never even had
a chance you know....

Then of course there was Oz.

He sighed again.

“Really? Do you really think so Buffy?” Willow asked her best friend.

Looking at Willow then towards Giles who stood silently in the background wondering what was happening.

“Oh yeah,” she replied earnestly. “I think he has for a long time.”

“I... I should go to him,” Willow told Buffy as she started walking towards her destiny.

She hadn’t seen him in years, not since...

She shook her head.

That was in the past, and she knew that when he said he was happy for her, he’d meant it.

He had let her go.

And now, as each step drew her closer, she knew she’d live the rest of her life showing him that his patience had paid off.

You had me from “Hello”

“Hello, Giles,” she said as stopped in front of him.

That’s all you said...

“Hello, Willow,” he replied, unable to gaze upon her beauty without fear.

He was afraid that she would see right through him and see how he felt. Even after these many years he still loved her and no one else.

“Giles...” Willow reached out and took his hand in hers, squeezing it gently before bringing it to her lips. “I love you too,” she whispered, hoping that it wasn’t too late.

Something in your voice
caused me to turn my head

Giles looked up sharply...he hadn’t really felt her lips on his hand... He didn’t hear her whispered plea, one that tore into his heart and made his knees tremble.

“How long, Rupert?” Willow asked.

He hadn’t said a word since she’d told him, which was worrisome. But he hadn’t made a move to leave either.

You had me from “Hello”...

You had me from “Hello”...


“How long?” he repeated.

Willow nodded.

Giles brought her into his arms, fairly crushing her body to his. Pulling back briefly, he told her, prior to kissing her for the first time, setting his heart free to soar... “I’ve loved you from hello.”

The End.


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