Hypnotize The Moon
By A.M. Gass
August 7, 1999
Rating: ‘U’
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Fox Studios, Mutant Enemy, et al, have something to do with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. The story along with any/all original characters are the sole property of the author and can not be used without expressed permission first.
Author’s Note: This is yet another ‘song’ story, I like to write them. The song for this story is called, “Hypnotize The Moon” and it’s written by Steve Dorff and Eric Kaz. You can find it on the cd “Greatest Hits” or “Hypnotize The Moon” it’s sung by Clay Walker, he’s a country singer in case you don’t recognize the name.
Special Thanks: Goes as always, to Tracy.

He tugged on his collar once more, before straightening his coat. He took a deep breath, letting the cool air settle his nerves. He watched as other couples climbed the steps towards the front door. The windows were ablaze with light, and he could hear the faint sounds of music wafting from the house. ‘More like a mansion,’ he thought.

He couldn’t believe he had accepted the invitation; he had so much to do, but he quickly changed his mind when he heard ‘she’ was going to be there. ‘Let’s get moving,’ he told himself. He walked up the steps and pulled his engraved invitation out of his pocket and handed it to the doorman.

“Welcome sir and enjoy your evening,” he was told.

“Thank you,” he nodded as he stepped into the house. He looked around, noticing the decorations, as the sound of conversations hit him. He didn’t think it was going to be a large party but he could see he was mistaken.

“May I take your hat sir?” he was asked.

“I’m sorry?”

“Your hat? Can I take it for you?” a young woman said.

“Oh... yes, yes of course,” he said handing it to her.

“Enjoy the party sir.”

He nodded. As he walked down the hallway his footsteps were muted by the rug, pausing he felt someone tug on his coat sleeve, so he turned his head.

“Hi, I’m glad you decided to come after all. Everyone else is here,” his hostess told him.

“Good evening Cordelia, you look lovely.”

“Thanks, I had the dress made for the party. Gotta say Giles, the uniform looks good,” she told him, linking her arm in his and leading him into the main room.

“Thank you. I... I wasn’t sure that I would find one in time,” he replied following her.

“I know, Xander had a hard time finding one,” she said walking through the door.

The room opened up to reveal a huge fireplace, which wasn’t lit at the moment. Men attired in formal wear stood around talking, a drink in their hands, and there were uniforms aplenty.

Everyone was in costume.

The theme: The Civil War.

The ladies were elegantly dressed, some fanning themselves.

“Take a look around, I’ve got to find Xander,” Cordelia said patting him on the arm.

“Of course,” he replied absentmindedly. He spotted Buffy talking to Angel, laughing at something he said. They both looked quite at home in their respective costumes. He made his way to the ballroom.

There were couples dancing, a string quartet played a waltz.

He eyes took in the festivities and noticed the chandeliers were lit with candles. He was about to leave when he stopped dead in his tracks.

She knew she caught my eye...

He inhaled sharply. ‘It can’t be?’ he thought as he took in the sight before his eyes.

And that was all it took.

His heart began to race in his chest.

Ain’t it strange how forever changed
with just one look.

She smiled at him, and said something to the men who flocked around her.

‘And why not?’ he pondered. She was beautiful, her dress shimmered her hair glowed in the candlelight. He noticed as she walked towards him a small book hanging off her wrist. ‘Her dance card,’ he thought to himself.

The magic filled the night...

“Hello Giles. You look nice,” Willow said. What she wanted to tell him was that he took her breath away when she first saw him. He wore the uniform well... Very well.

“Tha... thank you Willow. You... you look lovely,” he said. ‘She’s perfection itself,’ he told himself.

“Some party huh?” Willow said as she looked around.

“Yes, yes it is. I’m not sure how Cordelia pulled it off,” he replied, never taking his eyes off her. Giles had not seen Willow as often during the last year. He had gone to England to take care of some personal matters and she had been busy with Oz.

He had found out from Buffy recently, that Willow and Oz were no longer a couple. She couldn’t tell him why, only that it had been a clean break and that they had remained the closest of friends. Oz had asked Willow to meet his new girlfriend, Tracy, they seemed to get along quite well.

He wished he could have been there, when the break up had occurred. ‘Why? What would you have done? Comfort her?’ his obstinate inner voice asked him. He had admitted to himself finally while in England that he had fallen in love with her. He thought he always would be.



He felt her hand on his, a concerned look on her face. “Giles...?”

She touched my soul like no on else...

“I’m sorry Willow. Were you saying anything?” he asked.

“I was wondering if you’d like something to drink?”

“Actually I would,” he replied smiling. He held his arm out she took it and let him escort her out of the room.

Yes, the way that woman made me feel...

He felt ridiculously happy.

Left me talking to myself.

‘You are just getting her something to drink with her you dolt... that’s all,’ he told himself.

“Giles, I’ll be right back,” Willow said, seeing Buffy with the others.

“Of course, I’ll get your drink,” he told her feeling the loss of warmth as soon as she left his side. He walked over towards the refreshment table, picking up a crystal punch glass. He looked at her, entranced as he drank.

You better run for cover...

You better hide your heart...

He had done that for far too long.

‘Cause once you start to love her...

He did love her, with every fiber of his being.

You know you’ll never stop.

The only way he thought he ever would, the only way he could conceive was death... and even then... It might not be enough.

Willow walked over toward Giles, seeing an expression on his face that she had never seen before. She wondered what it was.

She shines like a diamond

When she walks into a room...

‘She is a diamond, brilliant, sparkling...’ he let his thoughts drift off as she came closer. He turned around briefly. “Um... your drink,” he said handing her the glass.

“Thank you,” she replied taking it from him, feeling the tingly sensation in her fingers when their hands had brushed against each other.

She could charm the stars

Hypnotize the moon.

“Um... yes,” he said flustered, wondering if she had felt the same spark. He glanced down towards her wrist. “Ah... yes, I... I don’t, I don’t suppose you have any spots left open?”

“Excuse me?” she replied puzzled by his question.

“Your... your dance card. I was wondering...”

“OH... oh, that, yeah, um...” Willow place the cup back on the table before turning back to face him.

“I... I shouldn’t have asked. You’re probably booked. I understand,” he told her.


“No?” he couldn’t believe what she had said. It was impossible that no one had asked her to dance yet.

“No, I don’t have anyone. I mean... I’ve been asked, it’s just, I’ve been waiting for someone...” she said.

“Waiting?” he asked. ‘Perhaps she’s waiting for her date. Of course, she would have never come here alone, he hasn’t arrived yet,’ his heart sank at the thought.

“For you,” she whispered.

“For me?” he asked incredulously.

She nodded her head a faint blush covered her cheeks.

“May I have this dance?” he asked, his mouth becoming dry as he thought about her statement. He couldn’t fathom that she wanted to dance with him.

“Yes,” came the simple reply.

They went to the ballroom. Buffy and Angel were already there, dancing, lost in each other’s eyes. Cordelia and Xander were sitting next to each other, there heads bent towards one another, whispering.

Giles stood in front of Willow and bowed.

Willow curtsied.

He held his hand out she stepped closer.

Once I held her close

I knew just where I stood...

He knew he couldn’t let her slip away from him.

Not now...

Not ever.

No you never get a second chance

To ever feel so good...

He knew he had to let her know how he felt. He was surprised when Willow leaned into him, laying her head on his chest. They danced that way for another moment or two when Willow looked up into Giles face.


“Yes Willow.”

Then and there I knew

There was something in her eyes. Something he’d only seen in his own reflection whenever he thought of her.


“I love you,” she whispered.

These words were etched in stone

“I love you as well.”

If you can’t feel the power of
the greatest love you’ve ever known...

They stopped dancing and stared at each other as everything around them faded to the background. He bent his head. Lips pressed against each other, softly, briefly. He looked into her eyes they sparkled. He smiled. They kissed again, longer this time, unhurriedly.

You better run for cover

‘Never,’ he thought.

You better hide your heart

‘She owns it,’ he told himself.

They left the dance floor oblivious of the stares their friends gave them.

‘Cause once you start to love her...

You know you’ll never stop

“How long?” he asked as they left the party and walked to his car.

Stopping, she gazed into his face before she answered. “Since the first day. I knew there was something there, but I couldn’t put my finger on it... then Oz...” she stopped when he placed a finger on her lips.

“Shh... it’s enough to know that you do,” he said before he kissed her again.

She shines like a diamond,
when she walks into a room

She could charm the stars

Hypnotize the moon.

The End.

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