Heaven Knows
By A.M. Glass
April 22nd, 2000
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Author’s Note:
Welcome to song stories one-oh-one. The song in question is called, “Lost In You.” It’s written by Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick and Tommy Sims, you can find it on “Chris Gaines Greatest Hits” cd.
Spoiler: There be no spoilers here matey.
Special Note:
This is for two people actually, Monique and my niece Nastassja...Gee I hope I spelled her name right... you have no idea, I keep adding a letter... some aunt I am. One for letting me know it's okay to write what I do, just remember to come home every now and then. And the other waiting so long to read something without wondering why? I wrote it. I know it makes no sense to you out there... but I had to put that in.

Giles knew one thing in his heart, something so true, that he was tired of fighting against it any longer.

There’s no more waiting...

Holding out for love

He wasn’t going to wait any longer. She would be here later, on the pretense of helping him research a demon he had made up on the spur of the moment.

You are my Godsend...

That I have been...

Forever dreaming of...

My angel from above

And that’s what she was to him. An angel in his life, someone who had raised his miserable existence and made it more than he thought it ever could be. No longer was he aimlessly walking in the shadows of his own mind, she had brought life to him once more.

Heaven knows...

I’m head over heels...

And it shows

So much so, that Buffy had finally come to him and told him in so many words to do something about it.

‘Tell her Giles. Now. Before someone else sees her for what she is and you’ll lose her. Trust me. You don’t want that’.

I’ve played every field
I suppose that there’s
something about you

There were many things about his enchantress that he could easily spend all night listing them.

When you’re around baby...

I have found that I get lost in you

He sighed. There had been many times when he had to cover his lapses in concentration whenever he was near her.

What is this feeling
I’ve never known before

There was an inkling of recognition he had felt it before. And to feel it again after such a loss was a rare experience, and he hoped to be able to hold on it for years to come.

That I should dare to
swear to surrender unto you evermore

He was more than willing to surrender his life if need be for her. He was willing and able to surrender his heart to her.

That’s what I came here for...

‘Well... actually, she’s coming here,’ he thought to himself.

Heaven knows...

I’m head over heels...

and it shows

I’ve played every field
I suppose that there’s
something about you

A knock on his door brought him from his thoughts. Opening the door, a smile made its way to his face.

When you’re around...


I have found...

That I get lost...


“Oh... yes. I’m sorry Willow, please,” he said, stepping out of the way.

In your wonderful gaze...

Lost in your wonderful ways...

Heaven knows...

“So, what are we researching?” she asked him as she entered his apartment.

“Actually. Umm... that wasn’t the real reason... why... why I asked you here tonight,” he explained rather badly he thought as he closed the door.

“Oh. I... I don’t think I understand,” she said sitting down on his couch and looking at him for an explanation.


When you’re around...


I have found...

That I get lost...

“I... I thought... we might have dinner?”

“Is that a question or a statement?” Willow asked as her heart jumped for joy. She couldn’t believe it, he wanted to take her out for dinner. ‘YEAH!’

“Willow, would you like to have dinner with me?” Giles asked, swallowing nervously.

“I would love to have dinner with you Rupert.”

He smiled. She hadn’t turned him down as she had every right to, and the way she said his name, sent shivers down his spine.

Heaven knows...

I’m head over heels...

and it shows

“I’ll... I’ll just get my coat...” he said, rushing upstairs.

I’ve played every field
I suppose that there’s...

‘Not anymore,’ he told himself.

Something about you...

He came downstairs, coat in hand and paused, mid-stride. He gazed at her, the way the waning sunlight came through the window and fell upon her. Casting her in a halo of light, that left him breathless. ‘She is beautiful,’ he thought.

When you’re around baby,
I have found that...

“Shall we go?” he asked when he finally made his way down.

“Okay,” Willow replied getting up from the couch and walking towards the front door.


“Yes Rupert?”

Once again, she had managed to make him smile.

“Just...” he said as walked to her and bending down slowly, placed his lips on hers.

Willow felt her arms wrap themselves around his shoulders and liked the way they seemed to belong there. The kiss was a validation of the feelings they both shared for each other.

“That... was... nice,” Willow sighed, when they finally parted. She let her arms move slowly down his back until they rested around his waist. She placed her head on his chest, hearing his strong heartbeat in her ear.

Giles kissed the top of her head and basked in the afterglow of the brief kiss. And as much as he wanted to stay where he was... “Dinner?”

“Yeah... right,” Willow agreed reluctantly.

I get lost in you

Giles let go and went to the stereo and turned off the cd he had been listening to. “Shall we?”

“Yes Rupert, we shall,” she told him.

He blinked in surprise and wasn’t quite sure if she had answered an unasked question. He opened the door for her and walked into his future.

The End

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